Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Set It Straight Lyrics

Woah, woah
Woah, woah
Let's set this straight

Heard it all before
No excuses anymore
You're a broken record in my head
I take it back, every word I ever said
It's the truth I got you figured out

Yes I read you like a book
With all the pages ripped out
All the chances that I took
Never got a second look
So now I'm turning it over

Take me back to where we started
I'm not the one who ripped apart your heart
You're just a lost cause
That's what I'm sure about
Your personality is something that I can learn to live without

And now I lie alone
Without a strand of hope to my name, no
I'm doubting it all

So let's set it straight

Before I write another line
Before the words come to mind
I'll be here writing you off
The only thing I'm sure of
I'm finally turning around my mind
I'm finally moving on this time


I've been through it all
To take the fall
And I swear this time
I learn from my past
And choose to take the higher road from now on

And know though, to wear the sun down slowly
Before the stakes can raise
(I'm doing just fine turning myself around, lifting it up on the other side of town)

Let's set this straight

I'm not the one who ripped your heart out


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