Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Reasons To Turn Back Lyrics

It's safe to say that no one is waiting for you
To draw your lifeline, and
One million voices are begging you to follow the lines,
And you keep on thinking that

We're all falling down or wasting our time,
If we're chasing our childhood dreams,
Where's the glory?
If there's nothing to see!

There's not a storm in sight
There's nothing we can't fight,
But you gave up countless times.
There's no hope in your mind,
No dream of a lifetime,
Only reasons to turn back.

You focus now on the comfort of your fate,
This fragile world that keeps you in this state.
You just look back on these fading memories,
Sitting alone, while hope keeps me singing:

"We're not falling down or wasting our time,
As we're chasing our childhood dreams,
Here's the glory!"

There's not a storm in sight
There's nothing we can't fight,
But you gave up countless times.
There's no hope in your mind,
No dream of a lifetime,
Only reasons to turn back.

My words ring in your head each and every day,
We're still oceans apart and miles away.
Now, you'd better forget what you leave behind,
This could be your last chance to make up your mind.
I can't get over it!
It's time for you to trust in yourself,
Drop your doubts!

There's not a storm in sight
There's nothing we can't fight,
But you gave up countless times.
There's no hope in your mind,
No dream of a lifetime,
Only reasons to turn back.

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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Reasons To Turn Back Comments
  1. Marce Ulloa

    1:17 creí que arrancaba Norte de Ocala xd

  2. Andy Dobson

    2018 still jamming 👊

  3. YamiJai

    Anyone else think this could be an anime opening? I think it’d go perfect with a sport anime

    Raymundo Aguilar

    sounds more like an Ending to me! but absolutely yes

  4. Sean Krekel

    This is the first song from CNCC that i ever heard. It came across my pandora one day and I thought "holy shit, this is heavy, yet beautiful." I love the chords and melody that they chose for this song. Havent heard something like this since ADTR.

    Adam Taylor

    Everyone says this sounds like ADTR and you're all right...... but this vocalist has way catchier vocals and the music is way better in my opinion. ADTR is alright but not even as good as silverstein! ADTR shouldn't be as popular as they are.

  5. chudear wjuok

    I like it when you find songs with lyrics that describe exactly how you feel

    Nick Nicolaides


  6. 229

    10 people didn't turn back

  7. Iky Rizky

    good song

  8. alvin muhammad

    this song is good

  9. Alex Menendez

    The opening riff sounds like Entities


    what song?

  10. i Schwak

    This song never gets old.

  11. Nick Glowacki

    This song is so underrated, it's so good...

  12. William Cook

    Best song. 

  13. Jacob Miller

    this album is almost more pop punk than the last one. its heavier, and pop punkier at the same time. i love it.

  14. hepunk876

    got my vote haha

  15. Xpmett

    Can everybody help me thumbs down this comment? Seriously.

    Kyla Reid

    Xpmett why

  16. The Danger

    fucking tool.

  17. Jon

    I think if the track was from 2:14 on it would still be the best song

  18. Xpmett

    Yes, because people who die come back to life
    herp derp

  19. hilarious182

    This is pop punk. But gay is really, really not the good word, change it by fun.

  20. AkashiCover

    Joey Sturgis gold hands.

    Chunk! No, captain Chunk! and For the Fallen Dreams are examples.

  21. Dan Chapman

    Chunk Did a guest appearance for Truth Under Attacks new song "All My Friends Are College Dropouts" Its pretty good! Its on you tube here somewhere!

  22. DarkxxHeartxx Eaterxx

    sooooo amazing.. they are so awesome.. i love it so much.. tumb up..

  23. Jollibee Leong

    my favorite song <3

  24. jonathan picado

    soo much hard words >_>

  25. TactiKTaNTruM

    You found this video how?

  26. nick sadowski

    couldn't ask for a better way to start my day than with some Chunk!

  27. mrbluejean

    i love hearing such a good song for the first time and instantly becoming obsessed with it

  28. thenobleflame

    HALLELUJAH !!!!!!!!!

  29. Ninjatastik

    I'm not sure you actually know what that looks like.

  30. Katana Sekai

    It's EASYCORE ... not gay shit ... srsly get your facts straight --'

  31. Rich Wise

    I got the singer to sign the cd booklet, I had him write make me a sandwich in French. It was for my girlfriend. He didn't get the whole sandwich thing. Poor guy.

  32. awesmpossm

    Just ordered the cd on amazon(yes I still buy CDs don't judge) it's gonna be a long 4 days

  33. Hobbit from Space

    They make me so proud of my country *-* <3
    I thought French couldn't do good music anymore, I was wrong ! :D

  34. Sirocco Weed

    Who said french sucks ? ah !

  35. Kody Price

    This whole album is sheer perfection

  36. Kody Price

    I am a Christian as well, but random much?

  37. Matt Wallak

    Most underrated song on this album.

  38. Niklas Luther

    great work (:

  39. ashley sutherland

    awwh You're quite welcome!

  40. georgedrumz93

    Awwh, sarcasm! I'm flattered. You shouldn't have!

  41. bryan flores

    maybe cuz your gay!! >.> *go listen to your boyfriend justin bieber*

  42. Kiara Nolasco

    I have the biggest smile on my face listening to this. It just makes you so happy :D

  43. musicobsession

    This one is so sick live. So glad I got to hear it on their headlining tour last month!

  44. John Dougherty

    its like music and angels are having sex in my ears <3

  45. Tasha B

    Literally not a bad track on this album.

  46. ashley sutherland

    Wow Einstein! Thanks for correcting me! I obviously didn't mean "no1curr" seriously.

  47. georgedrumz93

    I said you're fucking butthurt over the fact that someone said CNCC never impressed them. Lets analyze this: 'no1curr'. Firstly, that's not even remotely close to a word or phrase. If anything, it indicates sub-human levels of intelligence. Secondly, 'no one care' implies that, indeed, nobody cares, but obviously if someone is stating his opinion (and someone is pathetically retorting with 'no1curr'), than, again, someone must care.

    Am I childish and asinine enough yet? Owaiiitno1curr.

  48. Becca Freeman

    Probably my favorite song lyric-wise on the album.

  49. kaitlin424

    this song makes me so happy. it makes me want to go out and live life. the lyrics are great.

  50. georgedrumz93

    D'aww buttmad

  51. santamurder

    This may be the best song on the album, if there was a song to describe Chunk, I would play this one. I could sit here and type out everything that is great about this song, but you should just listen and see for yourself :D

  52. Elodie Kidd

    Going through the album and this is my favorite so far.

  53. Jerrel Carpio

    This is happycore = punkpop/hardcore

    Kyla Reid

    Jerrel Carpio it's easy core

  54. EKx Kas

    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Best of pop punk hardcore

  55. Stef

    Another great song with some great lyrics. (:

  56. ashley sutherland


  57. Sébastien Prevot

    Best song of the album , definitely

  58. randall blalock

    my new fav song by chunk

  59. apologeticpink

    one of the best tracks on the album

  60. palman18

    I was skeptical about them when I heard some of their first album, but after seeing them live with Of Mice and Men, I gave this album a chance. I was surprised that they were this good.

  61. TaioFox

    amen to that brother :)

  62. marco adiletta

    I'm glad these guys are still true to their pop punk roots.

  63. Janco Morales

    Nice lyricwork, and with that guitar? They are getting somewhere big for sure(:

  64. Mónica Iturrioz

    Favourite song in the album

  65. mafiaalejandro

    these guys know how to make a fucking album!

  66. Jordan McClain

    Amazing album, genuine lyrics. Great music

  67. Shelby Gallagher

    cncc made the right choice going with joey sturgis this album is glorious

  68. Taddie

    No he's just here cause he's bored.

  69. Peyton Beard

    I got to hang with Paul and Bertrand a bit before one of the Fearless Friends tour dates and C!NCC has certainly grown as a band. So proud to know these boys, they're gonna go far!

  70. Spagoob

    its one of those albums where you're like "damn i wish these songs lasted longer"!

  71. JoshyGotStyle

    haha good one :)

  72. JoshyGotStyle

    Why do u keep hating do u have a life ?

  73. Ninjatastik

    It does sound rather happy doesn't it?

  74. lucy williams

    Ive been waiting for this album for so long!!!

  75. Frosty Duck

    Unbeleivabe Album Fellas!

  76. Marc

    captain chunk + joey sturgis <33

  77. Peyton Weir

    My favorite song. <3

  78. natesmith083

    Finally! I've been waiting to hear this song since Warped Tour 2012!