Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Blame It On This Song Lyrics

Another summer counting clouds
Singing songs we love too loud
Regretting all our sunburnt shoulders
Guess I'll go home when I'm sober
Wishing you could see me now
A part of me is freaking out
What I will and won't remember
When it fades unto September

You know that we can stay if we want
Cause I don't wanna leave now

I can't forget the summer I fell into it
I can do this with one eye open
If I don't come back, blame it on this song
All I'll regret, the summers that we never spent
What do I make of the situation
If I don't come back, blame it on this song
(Blame it on this song)

Another sunset stretched for miles
We were all in such denial
That all these moments last forever
Taking pictures that I'll remember
Probably won't forget about how many times I called
I should've known better, people are bitter
But we have to learn to move on

Woah, woah
You know that we can stay if we want
Cause I don't wanna leave now

I can't forget the summer I fell into it
I can do this with one eye open
If I don't come back, blame it on this song
All I'll regret, the summers that we never spent
What do I make of the situation
If I don't come back, blame it on this song

I've had some time now to reflect
This raging storm inside my head
Wondering where else would I go
Asking questions no one knows
Is home where I lay my head
Or is it in this empty bed
Crushing all my crazy dreams
And everything isn't what it seems
Crushing waves sweep me right off my feet
When I wake up from this nightmare
I am finally right where I want to be
I'm finally right where I want to be

I can't forget the summer I fell into it
I can do this with one eye open
If I don't come back, blame it on this song

I can't forget the summer I fell into it
I can do this with one eye open
If I don't come back, blame it on this song
All I'll regret, the summers that we never spent
What do I make of the situation
If I don't come back, blame it on this song

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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Blame It On This Song Comments
  1. J Hittle

    I'm listening to this summer song in dead ass winter

  2. Aya Afterlife

    "So what got you into easycore?"
    Blame it on this song

  3. Space_Majutsu-shi

    Can i call my self a og fan if i remeber there my space?

  4. Guilherme Nogueira

    holy fuc, i miss these mfs :(

  5. brad dyess

    I dont think these guys realize how much their shit is loved haha

  6. Jono Bennett

    I'm guessing, depending on how well this song did, that it determined whether or not they were going to keep things going.

    You guys are consistently listened to on my Spotify workout playlist, so I would appreciate some new Chunk songs SOON!

  7. Brandon Sky

    His best thing he did in my mind was his screaming. Did he quit screaming or?

  8. David Contreras

    Where are you guys?! I need the rest of the album!!

  9. trevorjilka

    Three years later, no return in sight. D': I blame this song. >:(

  10. Dani Dale

    Tuesday,June 30 2019

  11. Alexander Midgard

    Guyyysss I NEED YOUU ALLL, WERE DID YOU GO?? cmon i need i NEW ALBUM!!!

  12. Stephen Stilwell

    Please come back

  13. Giaochino Geronimo

    It's 2019. Where mah boys at???!??!??

  14. Matteo D'Aliesio

    They actually didn't come back. This summer I'm gonna miss u guys so bad.

  15. VigilantGames

    Disneycore is best core

  16. Tyler McCarthy

    I MISS CHUNK :((((((((

  17. Rikurosnov

    still waiting for new song....

  18. Crimson Caballero

    Chunk please come back...

  19. Stephen Stilwell

    2019 :( will chunk return


    Doesn't look like it :'( Maybe in 2020 they'll grace us with some new material.

  20. Joshua Whitley


  21. KAsian!

    come back again please

  22. Miguel Gutierrez

    We're about a month away from 2019, how come there's no new album

    Alex De La Cruz

    2019 and still no album :(

  23. Matt Rusnak

    When are you guys dropping more music mannnnnn 😔😔😔😔. Like this comment to bring back Chunk no captain chunk


    It's in the name dude blame this fuckin song if they ain't comin back

  24. GlassBoxofDeath

    These guys are the absolute fun I need in my life right now.

  25. Andrew Galeener

    This won't make make sense to most, but make America chunk again!

  26. Slippy Jones

    This song really measures the Warped Tours of past. If you don't know, you don't know the meanings. These guys are like Mest, minus the darkness. These guys made me want to learn French. Just so they couldn't fuck with me later on..LOL.

  27. ScottTheLad

    Reminds me of Motion Sickness and Kali Ma by Neek Deep.

  28. vilemanguy

    Jammed this at Applebee’s

  29. Rudi Setiawan

    C'mon release new album guys

  30. DjWarner182

    Ok but where’s a new album?

  31. Munx

    And I thought the French were boring.

  32. Venus

    So it's been almost 2 years since we've gotten a new Chunk song. Did these guys split up or something?

  33. Wade Watts

    Where’s the fucking new CNCC album!?

  34. Drunken Yeknom

    Wow his English has improved tremendously


    Was thinking the same thing. And my name is also Kenny lol

  35. Alexander Tsagareyshvili

    is this cover?

  36. Aliyah English

    Please go on tour again sometime soon in the US! I miss you dudes!


    are they even a band anymore?

    lebron james funny meme

    Green arrows Arrow Yeah where have they gone:(

  38. Andres Esquivel

    I've been out of pop punk for about a year now and ugh everything new by bands I loved has been shit...

  39. Friends Over Fame

    Well I guess they're not coming back. Not enough buzz about this song.

  40. HadesLordofDeath

    Who/what else can I listen to with a similar sound to this? I fucking love this.

  41. Zach Moore

    Do you think they will ever actually release this album?

    Stupid Remote

    Mr X C1utch lol no. Maybe next year or never again

  42. Tanshie AMV

    This ain't easycore it's disneycore BIATCH!

    Stupid Remote

    Tanshie AMV like 6 years ago some douche said this to me about chunk.

  43. Abel

    i wanna hear these guys speak french! because i speak french too

  44. Pop Punk Not Zits

    I saw these guys and Your Favorite Franchise play on the same stage at Warped Tour. Been a fan ever since.

  45. Ensidia Music H/C

    This is the Miami Florida 1980s Scarface Easycore cover picture.

  46. Leoven-Ron De Gracia

    so GROOVY yet HEAVY!!! well done C!N,CC!

  47. Sauce Bears

    still my fav song lol

  48. Eleonora

    I am so glad I ran into this band

  49. Jeremy Groen

    Frat boy punk

  50. Viktor Vrabec

    Ok, is this like "Sleeping With Sirens meets A Day To Remember"? Especially at the beginning, the voice sounds absolutely like Kellin Quinn. Anyway, The song is really awesome and I’m definitely going to check out some more of these guys. I love that you can actually hear bass here!

  51. Autumn

    thx pop punk's not dead!


    It's Easycore.

  52. bmthafiz

    Stoked to see this band on jakcloth

  53. Jake Schubert

    Groovecore just became my new favorite thing

  54. Stephen Acuna

    Don't let this distract you from the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead

  55. Braven


  56. James Trujillo

    2:49 to 2:55 rifts ezy sleazy

  57. Snypr18

    This is like, weapons-grade catchy.

  58. فرزاد غفارپور


  59. Zevxo

    Not enough friendship

  60. nuki sensi seeds

    cest francais ca ? chapeau

  61. i電話

    im japanese,but i like them songs!

    Ray Racing Films

    i電話 what does your race have to do with liking music?? 😂



    Ichor Lupus

    Language and/or cultural differences?

  62. Main Lis

    never die

  63. Michael Melton

    Cncc meets fight fair.

  64. C Martini

    Who do I blame for this song?

    Stupid Remote

    C Martini the song

  65. Kris Goes

    Perfect amount of friendship in this song <3

  66. Phillip Anthony C. JR.

    100+ listens since August. oh how you make me smile.

  67. Main Lis

    best brand

  68. Ales Freitas


  69. Josh Alonzo

    summer vibes

  70. Hope is Bullshit

    always same sound and effect

  71. Jono Bennett

    That lead guitar reminds me of Chocolate by The 1975 as soon as it comes in.

  72. Mr Satan

    Feels like watching kamehameha!!

  73. Jono Bennett

    Listening to this on my headphones changes everything. So much ear candy. These guys really are a cut above the rest for a reason. Insanely tight.

  74. boothps

    the riffs in this song is basically a ripoff of after the burials - berserker

  75. Aditya K Putra

    Finally right where I want to be.

  76. Albie

    Still waiting for them to rerecord milf

  77. AJ 's

    The new song's amazing! greeting from Indonesia.

  78. philip hawker

    awesome song no doubt. would like a little more weight though...

  79. Steven Sonderen

    beginning reminds me of aerosmith

  80. com truise


  81. David witte

    Lost the best boyfriend i ever had this summer. I"ll blame it on this song.

  82. Brian Mustee

    Bring back the moog synth

  83. Matt James

    I like the voice I just don't like the band name...I mean like hey who's your favorite band? Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! like what?..

    Matt James

    Shane Murray no I don't. I usually think of Captain Crunch the cereal, but there's a reference?

    Shane Murray

    Blood Rose its a line from the goonies

    Matt James

    Oooooh okay, well I haven't seen the movie so I should probably watch it now haha thank you!

    lebron james funny meme

    haha that shouldnt put you off a band though lol, its just a name

    amin 아민

    Go listen to your taylor swift!

  84. Joseph Cottrell

    Catchiest fukin thing...

  85. Logan DeMott

    a cool song next song i would play it at pent water,grand haven, and holland and last grandrapids

  86. An Aardvark


  87. James Bergeron

    make another album please!

  88. Zeus Caboose

    These guys are so good and i haven't found anyone else quite like them, if someone has please comment on this so i can check them out! Can't wait for the new album and for them to go on tour again around the US.

  89. valiantred

    Has anyone tried up-tuning Chunk songs to see what they would sound like?

    Zeus Caboose

    so you mean playing the song in like, drop B instead of Drop A#? because i've done that with Captain Blood and it sounds good, not as low obviously, but definitely can.

  90. Super Chill

    Sweet :)

  91. Nick Luciano

    Honestly, I don't care what genre of music it is. If the producing is clean, I love it <3 With Roots Above and Branches Below and Disgusting are great examples of albums that are just clean ands sound sexy. Hopefully this is better than the last, and is actually easycore.

  92. Braven

    Disney core!!

  93. geoff3610

    easycore... interesting...

  94. J Mark

    Smash Mouth on crack

    Adam Taylor

    ?? Smash Mouth sucks though.

  95. Gidi Bayu

    Easycore !

  96. Amir Syazley

    POP PUNK 😍

  97. Chunk

    ayyyy lmao

  98. Darb Yesmar

    dog! his vocals have never sounded so good!!!

  99. Undead Paradox

    This is my favorite song these guys have made so far, it's so catchyyy