Chumbawamba - Give The Anarchist A Cigarette Lyrics

Albert! Bobby! For gods sake burn it down!

Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help
Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of . .

Give the anarchist a cigarette. Cos thats as close as he's ever gonna get
Give the anarchist a cigarette. Bobby just hasnt earned it yet
Give the anarchist a cigarette. The times are changing but he just forgets
Give the anarchist a cigarette. He's gonna choke on his harmonica, Albert!

Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help
Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of . .

Give the anarchist a cigarette. A candy cig for the spoilt brat
Give the anarchist a cigarette. We'll get Albert to write you a cheque
Give the anarchist a cigarette. And he'll be burning up the air in his personal jet
Give the anarchist a cigarette. You know I hate every popstar that I ever met!

Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help
Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help

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Chumbawamba Give The Anarchist A Cigarette Comments
  1. marcin rychlewski

    my Entrance.

  2. shake544

    bought this album new from the discount bin of my local supermarket (at around 1996?), the looks on young salesclerks' faces were priceless when they noticed the cover image :)

  3. Robert e. Metzger

    This is Funny !! Fuck Albert Where is Rupert ?? LOLOL

  4. Daniel Martins

    Im in love with Lou Watts!

  5. D Garcia

    Fuck bob dylan

  6. G Thegrimreaper

    chumbawamba for president 2020.

  7. Dat Fishe Boi

    I say, you wouldn't happen to have...

    A match?

    Ed Peck

    reminds me of the time someone claimed Steve Bannon was a Leninist

  8. Cali Braxus

    Haha, just been down the thread. Forgotten how fucking irritating and idealistically stagnant anarchists are. "Anarchy is this . . "
    "No, I think you'll find anarchy is that . . . "
    Get three or more in the same place, and they're like squabbling toddlers. Can't even agree on what colour the friggin' sky is, let alone any cohesive political agenda. "You can't be an anarchist and a Christian/Conservative/Liberal/Serviceman/Catholic . . . . " Haha, "Smash the State"
    Yeah man, go and do it. Have a revolution. Cast down the nasty old oppressors, with their Crowns and their Armies, burn out the rot once and for all. Does that mean you've won? We've won? Who's won? Choose your new flags everyone, and we'll have a headcount shall we? Fucking idiots. Can't be Christian AND anarchist . . ? Unless of course, you are actually . . . Jesus. Jesus is a better fictional anarchist than today's shower of intellectual spastics.

  9. Anna Palava

    who of you has a hater in his/her** family? thats horrible.. Anarchists rule

  10. UAE Ya Emarat

    Ojamajo Doremi Who Killed Goyang Heboh 2012 Manga And 2016 PC-98

  11. FSSZilla

    I really have to wonder if this song meant to parallel Enough is Enough.

    Give the Anarchist a Cigarette.
    Give the Fascist man a gunshot.

    Clara Chernaya

    FSSZilla yep, this album was structured brilliantly

    Wyrd Liam

    All the years I’ve been listening to Chumbawamba and I’d never made that link 👍🏻

    Addison Morton

    I’m pretty sure it’s a bob Dylan quote

  12. FSSZilla

    So Bobby is Bob Dylan in this song, who is Albert?
    Edit: Found him, Albert Grossman, Bob Dylan's manager.

  13. Spencer Max

    "Give the Anarchist a Cigarette" - Bob Dylan

  14. James O'Blivion

  15. Al Holdcroft

    There's some tripe spouted in the comments here. We're talking about the British! Anarchy to us means deliberately putting something recyclable into the general waste or doing 42mph in a 40 zone. If you want anarchy with the high body count and 'new social orders' then you've got the wrong people. We can get shedded and rock with the anarchic songs without feeling compelled to execute the wankers running the show, which is why the characteristics of our social strata arn't massively different from a thousand years ago, most of the Plod aren't armed, and ultimately it's not a bad place to live for most, in most areas, all things considered.

  16. Joseph Robertson

    Every fire needs a little bit of YOU! (: (: (: <3

  17. ZER0

    Got a light mac? No but I've got a dark brown overcoat.

  18. Frank Gerlach

    These dudes suck the big one!

  19. Antifa Hotline

    Hey could we use this during our next show, really good song by the way.

  20. heavenDenied

    Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help...

    Mr. Starch

    Sometimes it's natural, sometimes it was me


    Give the anarchist a cigarette, it's as close as he's ever gonna get

    Blake Louthan

    I also listened to the song

  21. Jimikby u

    BRUTTO - Папяроска

  22. marko moracha

    moze li ovo malkice vise glasnije

  23. sean Decastro

    My favorite song from them!

  24. harri ET

    Anarchy in the Uk, its coming sometime maybe

    Farahen Den

    Theresa is making it happen faster then she realises it....

    biji rojava

    Theresa May is Alice Nutter in disguise and she is accelerating us towards anarchism.

  25. SpoopySquid

    Is this video supporting anarchists or making fun of them? I honestly can't tell.

    ambient mothman

    chumbawamba was entirely an anarchist band lmao, check out the lyrics to the songs on their Revolution EP


    thanks for clearing that up. it's been bugging me all week X3

    gno nimo

    It's a diss song against Bob Dylan who famously said "Give the anarchist a cigarette".


    I finally saw the clip from Don't Look Back where he says it. The song makes so much more sense now

    Thicc Smoke

    Thanks lol I had the same problem. Unless you know about dylan reference it sounds like the song disses anarchism heavily lmao. Which was weird cuz I thought they were anarchist rock band.

  26. Fernando Iluminato


  27. Alexey cherniak

    the lizard brought me here

  28. Jay Collie

    midnight becomes the first day of history and the beginning of the insurrection against

  29. Aron puma

    Am I the only one here primarily because this song sounds awesome? Not even the lyrics, but the effective vocal melody over that tense bass line and the trumpet and the lead guitar seem to switch the rolls that most conventional music that's not jazz would do, having guitar, then adding horns, while they have horns, then add guitar as the flourish.

    Not to mention that solo. This song really takes a lot from jazz and is all the better for it. It's a tight track that keeps a tense anger that really lends power to the message. This isn't my favorite Chumbawamba album or song, but I can just feel this.

    Ratko Martinovic

    You know i HATE each Pop star, have ever meet...enough????

    Tomasz Wójcik

    F*** lyrics as me do. Enjoy what is worth the admiration - the awesome multilevels music. And that's enough for me.
    And I don't think, they have found an inspiration in Jazz music. Of, course, with no doubt they know this kind of music and use it somethimes. But for me rather in old and new dance music from GB.

    kiezer soze

    Oof watch out here comes the nerd. Lol yes it's a well made song. There for the message is amplified. YOU FOOL.
    But yes very cool, you have a mild understanding of music theory.


    You're just pseudo-intellectually describing the various different parts of a song lol

  30. Love Conquers All

    Earth liberation Front brought me here

  31. Δημήτρης Σπ

    great song

    Anton Sokolov

    Greece! I loved Exarcheia in Athens

    Δημήτρης Σπ

    @Anton Sokolov i was at exarcheia some years ago now i m in thesaloniki. long live our struggle for anarchy

  32. happy Jon in happy van

    it's just a wannabe pop song folks. Get over yourselves.

    Danie P.

    You really to the time out of your day to write comments on these videos? Wow.

    Jorge Castillo

    @The Vicatorian but you didn't!? lol

    Danie P.

    @Jorge Castillo Not you, the other guy. He's commented on several other Chumbawamba videos spewing hate.

    Horacio Toro

    He's 12 dude. "Every child needs a little bit of help"

    Kedric Fisher

    It not GEORGE don't be so CROSS

  33. Ant Stead

    Stay in the EU poor folk. The middle classes demand it, and here are their pet band to tell you. Bless...

    Arianrhod Hyde

    Ant Stead What the fuck does this mean this song was written in the 90s and it's about bob dylan

  34. Rei

    Viva la revolution!


    +Dilon Richatdson people of the world unite

  35. thatguyHapa

    forest fires start on their own all alone all the time.

    raven kelly

    +thatguyHapa get their help from the climate init ;p


    Nope. It needs the sun.

    Enas AllaLeon

    ZER0 certainly. That's why every time the sun is shining upon a forest, it gets burned


    Actually a lot of idiots cause them by throwing beer glasses etc on the floor in forests

    squiddy mc squid face

    This band is British, it rains too much over here for anything to catch, unless it's indoors or in that one week of August/September every year when it's just sun.

  36. Johan Nilsson

    fuckin fat, till fascist burning down every refugee house in sweden...

  37. TheMansfieldlad

    what a load of fucking shit. hated em when they came out hated them even more when they sold out like i knew they would from the start


    +TheMansfieldlad "In 1997, Chumbawamba's biggest chart hit, "Tubthumping" (UK No. 2, US No. 6), which featured an audio sample of actor Pete Postlethwaite's performance in the film Brassed Off,[7] was followed up with "Amnesia", which reached No. 10 in the UK. During this period Chumbawamba gained some notoriety when, provoked by the Labour government's refusal to support the Liverpool Dockworkers Strike, they performed "Tubthumping" at the 1998 BRIT Awards with the lyric changed to include "New Labour sold out the dockers, just like they'll sell out the rest of us", and vocalist Danbert Nobacon later poured a jug of water over UK Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, who was in the audience.[3]A few weeks later Nutter appeared on the American political talk show Politically Incorrect and advised fans of their music who could not afford to buy their CDs to steal them from large chains such asHMV and Virgin, which prompted Virgin to remove the album from the shelves and start selling it from behind the counter.[8]"In the early 2000s Chumbawamba founded their own label and returned to putting out music independently.

    Gus Mullin

    +TheMansfieldlad WELL! You shittalker.. what have you done to advance the cause? Sold out yet mate? Given up the ghost? Doing anything aside from bitching and shitposting? Yeah,.. didn't think so.. arse..

    Psychic GG

    +TheMansfieldlad Demos are old hat and useless. Undercover direct action is the way forward. Not that i'd ever break the law or encourage it. Har Har!


    Shhh-it ;)


    +Psychic GG yep direct action. still go to demos though

  38. Pate Kalpio

    Got a light?

    Malachi Orr

    +V. Dargain I don't smoke

    V. Dargain

    I don't either . I don't know if Chumbawamba want to kill him with ling cancer or congratulate him for his decadence . Anarchy sucks .

    Pate Kalpio

    Anarchy not but you may... I dont know you personally so...


    Sure. Just gonna use it first... 😉

    Trent Rubenacker

    @V. Dargain "nothing burns down all by itself." So give the anarchist a cigarette...

  39. stinkypants

    I used to be young...

    Moon Burgle

    @stinkypants weren't we all?

    Glenn グレン

    Some of us still are


    age is the trick of the body, trying to fool the mind we aren't young anymore, but that is only the illusion of perception

  40. outatis ater

    Smoking is bad for health 

    Dylan chillin' like a villain

    outatis ater, so is fascism, historically, lol.

    joe boyden

    So is getting old :/ fuck it

    hridyesh rawat

    Maa chuda

    Jay Clouston

    So is sex. Leads to more little motherfuckers, mothers and fuckers. And if course Herpagonasyhilaids, nob lurgy etc. The state hates deaf people people because it gives them...wait for it

    ...hearing aids!

  41. ajjna04

    :<3: All the love from Romania!

    Gundel Gaukley

    geklärt ist die beste Freundin und und

    Roy Daintith

    ajjna04 sparks from UK!

    Reese //

    Scuze că răspund patru ani mai târziu, dar mă bucur că mai primesc și ei respect aici în România!

  42. 2bit MarketAnarchist

    Anarcho Capitalists represent!

    Arianrhod Hyde

    2bit MarketAnarchist choice between exploitation and starvation is no choice at all

    Arianrhod Hyde

    2bit MarketAnarchist nah

    Arianrhod Hyde

    2bit MarketAnarchist Is that the only thing you care about? fuckin hell


    you are not anarchists, anarchists are anti-capitalism, you just want the freedom to oppress


    @Arianrhod Hyde

    Eat my titz.

  43. LewisX

    Lol the comments

  44. Voluntary Virtues Network

    I would prefer a joint to a cigarette thank you very much


    @schneiztiachl Nothing un-anarchist about weed. Nothing anarchist about Walter fucking Block though either.

    Marco Vezzari

    Always criticizing


    Watch out, lads. We've got ourselves a rebel over here.

    He said he would like drugs! Drugs!! Can you believe it??


    petrichor i heard he may even have a weed on hand. Watch out

    Jay Clouston

    @petrichor Maybe he meant meat?

  45. Sue Jones


  46. SvartTK

    Christian Anarchist? Isn't that an oxymoron?

    Ben Atteberry

    Jesus was an anarchist....

    Scrumpy Cider

    They are not a Christian band. At least do some research on them. They are a punk band. Moron.


    @Scrumpy Cider Religious punk bands exist just like religious anarchists do. I'd suggest checking out The Kominas' first album (Muslims, I say their first album as, while I like their other albums too, they deviated from the punk musical style, although they very much still have the attitude. Wild Nights In Guantanamo Bay is the only album of theirs' I'd definitively call punk. Check out taqwacore in general for more Muslim punk bands), Bad Brains (Rastafari), The Psalters (Christians), and Moshiach Oi! (Jewish) for some examples of religious punk bands.

    Although you are quite right to state Chumbawamba aren't Christian, using the justification "they are a punk band" as a rebuttal to the idea of being Christian doesn't really work. There has been a Christian Punk scene since the late 70s. Calling someone a moron for suggesting they may be Christian, especially when Chumbawamba have sung old Digger songs before (the Diggers being a Christian group whose proto-anarchist views came from their faith) has rather muddied what was a surprisingly insult free and informative youtube comment section. You could have chosen to not be aggressive in your rebuttal to the idea of Chumbawamba being Christian, but you did, which is sad :'(

    Lets just have a dope time listening to a great band :)


    Great question! You can be an anarchist and religious at the same time. But yes, you must also demote god... or promote yourself. We do it in Greece for thousands of years. Since them Christians killed our sexy funky gods, with whom our ancient heroes used to fight all the time (the coolest story here defo is Prometheus, who stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to us, a reverse Molotov cocktail if you like lol). An anarchist would most definitely fight against the organized churches and religions. And he/she would also be ready to clash with his gods at any given time. Not accepting authority is one thing. Accepting the fact that there are many things that you do not know is another. But quite possibly, the creation of the concept of god by humans as a mean of creating better societies is greatly undervalued here. You need to create gods in order to kill them.

    Jay Clouston

    No. Oxymoron play German street punk *barum-crash*

  47. xlipasx

    Jesus anarchist? Hm more socialist then anarchist. ..


    You can be both, you know. Anarchy = no rulers. Socialism = no rulers in the workplace.

    Sam Pagano

    The two ideologies are actually pretty close to each other. Anarchist groups are almost always atleast allies of socialist organizations and the two tend to get along much of the time.


    Anarchists are a type of socialists even. The split between Marxists and Anarchists happened at the end of the 19th century, they disagree on the topic of organisational structure. But yes, considering the socialist part is the same, they often work together on issues of class warfare or anti-fascism.

    Sam Pagano

     Which being the primary things they do, basically means they work together most of the time. Honestly I've never seen why the American left has never been able to organize a CNT-FAI style Anarchist-Socialist coalition. I mean admittedly that's as mythical as the "united front' but still, it'd help the cause a long way to be able to have an event like that and an immage of uniting around a common cause. Divided the far left can't do anything, but united theres the resources there to start mattering.


    @Sam Pagano In the US, the Industrial Workers of the World are starting to get organized pretty well. Of course not close to the size of CNT, but it's something.

    The problem is that anarchists and marxists don't mix very well in permant organizations. Anti-fascism is a temporary coalition that gets disbanded after the action is complete. But permanent organisations bring forth the differences between the different types. Therefore the coalition organisations you'll see are usually limited to left-communist marxists and don't include marxist-leninist type marxists.

  48. xlipasx

    Jesus anarchist? Hm more socialist then anarchist. ..

    Manny Theiner

    @Eoin O'Connor Never said capitalism could get rid of poverty. Just said it's providing more people with a good (as opposed to the "minimum" standard provided by Communism, for example) standard of living than any other system before it. Never said it's perfect.

    As for 4 million dying in India, I'm not sure what that refers to - maybe get a bit more specific about who intentionally killed who? (British? Muslims vs
    Hindus? Surely the Indian govt didn't itself do that to its own citizens - if so, when?). Not denying there's plenty of genocides: but I mean, Western imperialists wiped out way more native Americans with smallpox without even knowing it, than the ones they actually realized they killed. But as you said, Leninist and Maoist murders far outstripped the Nazis. Yet so did
    Genghis Khan and Tamerlane.

    Anyway, we're never going to agree on much. But here I do have a quote
    that perhaps you may appreciate - it's from my favorite novel as a younger
    reader. Enjoy and see if you can guess what it's from without Googling:

    "WIth the myth of the state out of the way, the real mutuality and reciprocity of society and individual became clear. Sacrifice might be demanded of the individual, but never compromise. For though only the society could give security and stability, only the individual - the person - had the power of moral choice, the power of change, the essential function of life."

    Voltairine Kropotkin

    Capitalism has always created far more misery and scarcity than it has a good standard of living. It structurally engineers poverty so that a few at the top - we in the Global North (and most of all the ruling class of the Global North) - can live what appears to be a good life while the rest of the world is turned into a living hell, with an occasional bandage slapped on so that the capitalist class can pat themselves on the back for helping to solve a problem their system created in the first place.

    It's rather like beating someone half to death and being commended for driving them to the hospital later.

    You're clearly confusing me with someone else (or making things up and claiming I said them) as I never said the Communist regimes killed more people than the Nazis. They did, but I'm not the one who said this to you. And it's worth pointing out that had the Nazis succeeded, the body count would be somewhere approaching half a billion, not the 100 million the consensus figure seems to be regarding Communism.

    The 4 million excess deaths per year caused by capitalism in India were not due to intentional killing, but to a simple lack of basic necessities such as food and medicine, which capitalism can't allocate effectively. That's the thing when people compare the deaths caused by capitalism and Communism, capitalism kills more people, but more gradually and over a more spread out period of time. It's similar to that old story of a frog not hopping out of a boiling pot if the temperature is raised slowly. Communism on the other hand killed fewer people, but more spectacularly and over a shorter period of time, so it tends to be regarded as worse.

    Capitalism is structural genocide (and ecocide). And anyone who's aware of how destructive it is and chooses to support it anyway is clearly nothing short of a sociopath.

    Manny Theiner

    @Eoin O'Connor Well then, there must be hundreds of millions of sociopaths. Or maybe you're just using too strong a verbal condemnation.

    Skeptical about that India thing. Sure a ton of people die there of the kind of circumstances that arise from it being such a cesspool, but to attribute it entirely to capitalism (and not, say, the caste system, religious bias, or just political corruption as old as time) is a bit un-nuanced.

    Interesting you mention the Global South because I'm hearing that Brazil's
    middle class, for example, has grown quite large (leaving much of the favelas behind, of course, which I'm sure you'd point out). Most of the fastest growing economies are in the South, including India, Indonesia, Kenya, Phillippines, Nigeria, Colombia, Malaysia, Peru and Mexico. Others are already pretty developed, like South Africa, Argentina and Chile (yeah, I know, the Mapuche, etc. ) Although I'm sure you'll point out how many people are left out of the prosperity.

    Voltairine Kropotkin

    Most people _don't_ in fact realise just how capitalism operates. They only accept its existence out of the (false) belief that there's no better alternative to it after state socialism proved a failure. Like what Churchill said about representative democracy as a system of government, they believe "capitalism is the worst possible system, except for all the others".

    Re: India. Just about any excess mortality at all under Leninist regimes was decried as a "crime of Communism" (with other variables never counted) yet the same standard is rarely if ever applied to capitalist regimes. If capitalism didn't abolish those other variables you blamed (eg: the Caste system) then they can be counted as components of capitalism, not external to it. Capitalism, after all, uses whatever repressive or progressive elements it needs to in order to secure class power and the continuing accumulation of capital.

    As for the Global South, that's not "prosperity", that's continuing class warfare being extended from the wider global stage and made more internal to each peripheral country. The growth of a middle class isn't something to be welcomed, the dissolution of classes is. A larger middle class inoculated from the worst effects of capital and the state (which disproportionately affect the working classes) means greater support for pointless consumerism, artificial scarcity, ecological destruction, repressive statism against the poor, and imperialist plunder so that the new professional-managerial layer can maintain its wasteful western-style consumerist lifestyles.

    Voltairine Kropotkin

    +Jamil Tomerowi They aren't anarchists. They just call themselves that. In much the same way that intelligent design advocates call themselves scientists.

    All anarchists are economically a species of socialist, in that they want a cooperative and participant-directed economic system without profit as the impetus for production or private (or state) ownership of the means of production.

  49. Carmine Naugahyde

    Fellow Christian anarchist here.
    You're being obnoxious. Shut up.

  50. izaakimagery1978

    I could consider myself an anarchist, but then the organised anarchist will ask me whether i am a communist anarchist or a more egoist anarchist. And i d be ... why do you need a system of thought for not having a government? I just trust humanity in being able to govern itself.

  51. MrQuaker62

    I understand most of you HATE anybody who is not athiest but i don't care...why should i care who you hate...truth is the FIRST anarchist was Christ. peace Live and let live, hate if you want but i think i'll chose love!

  52. MrQuaker62

    Christian anarchy is we ain't going anyplace! love ya!

  53. MrQuaker62

    Get over it ... wir sind alle Fanatiker Mann! LOL .... peace dude! Gott segne!

  54. Frank HB66

    I Give the Anarchist a Cigarette! Solche religiösen Fanatiker sollten sich doch verpissen.

  55. MrQuaker62

    lol..chill ....hang in there. Peaace!

  56. Girl with a Knife

    When did anarchy stop being political and Christianity stop being religious?
    Or, when did politics and religion become the same thing?
    What on earth are you on about??

    Francisco Lopez

    Burn baby burn, burn baby burn

  57. Anarchogatos

    You don't get it man. I never said "it doesn't exist" i'm just saying that the term "Christian-anarchy" although it does exist (as a term AND as a movement) is incorrect! Same as "Anarchocapitalism" (which also exists)... It is like saying "goodevil" , "brightdarkness" or "leftright"...What kind of fool invented these terms in the first place anyway?

  58. MrQuaker62

    Sorry but Christian Anarchy does exist, do some research on it, it is easy to Google...i know you will reject it as is your right but to deny that it is a strand of anarchy seems rather pointless.....Peace

    Kill me pls

    Yeah anarchy is about abolishing unkust hierarchy, having a literal fucking god to worship and whose orders to abide by is very much the opposite of anarchy

  59. Anarchogatos

    Exactly my point! This ain't "anarchy"... This is the Christian way. You can't ou aid someone that his "mission" is your destruction... I am not judging your beliefs, ia ma just trying to make it clear on what is anarchy and what is not..

    Trent Rubenacker

    They're not anarchists. They're communists. But "nothing burns down all by itself." So "give the anarchist a cigarette."

  60. MrQuaker62

    Jesus asks he followers to love their enemy. Is it easy? Hell no...but that's my problem to deal with. I would stop and render aid to ANYBODY in it a cop,boss or fascist.

    Kill me pls

    Helping fascists is not a good trait

  61. Anarchogatos

    Let me ask you a question: You claim to love all the people but not the institutions right? So you don't like capitalism for example but you do,actually love a ruthless capitalist that is sucking the blood out of his employees? Or a faschist that is attacking immigrants? Or a cop that might attack YOU? You see, in most cases people actually ARE what they serve... Anarchy came up as an opposite to capitalism so yes, id does require to hate capitalism-sts...

    Trent Rubenacker

    Nah. They're just wrong about something. Either they have a worldview based on alternative facts and logical fallacies and/or priorities based in emotion and personal experience. I don't hate them. I'll hang them from the lampposts if need be. For the greater good. But I don't hate them. I understand that I was born just a few cosmic accidents away from being one of them.

  62. MrQuaker62

    I do love all people,but not the institutions they serve. Anarchists are not required to hate anybody. Hate the capitalist if you want, I hate Capitalism. Christianity is hardly full of love...all" institutions" are corrupt none more so perhaps than organized religions.. But that does not mean all followers of Christ or Muhammad or Vishnu are corrupt or that all atheists are pure. It is far too easy to demonize people we disagree with & forget that our complaint is w/ the system they serve.

  63. SuperHappyanarchy

    speak for yourself comrade this anarchist needs cigarettes. Love you x

  64. Anarchogatos

    Obviously you "love" the oppressers,the police,the bosses,the capitalists and the faschists too (and you got every right to do so) which is exactly my point on why the word "anarchy" should not be present in the words you choose to describe your beliefs! Now,if you love me or not,well... i bet you love me just like every good Christian! In fact,your religion (in theory but through history too) is so full of love! lol!

  65. MrQuaker62

    I said many "anarchists" not christian ones like myself. I didn't say fuck off...i love you...I try to love all people. peace!

  66. Anarchogatos

    P.S. "fuck off Anarchogatos"? Now that doesn't sound very "christian" does it? lmao!

  67. MrQuaker62

    Christian anarchism is a movement in political theology and political philosophy which synthesizes Christianity and anarchism...Christian anarchists are pacifists and reject the use of violence ,,Leo Tolstoy's The Kingdom of God Is Within You is a key text for modern Christian anarchism. Study may want to build a wall around what you call "anarchism"...go ahead if you want but there are many anarchists who will say fuck off Anarchogatos and let me think for myself! Peace in Christ!

  68. Anarchogatos

    Nop bro. Each and everyone is free to believe in any God he chooses but doing so means that he is NOT an "anarchist". "Anarchism" just like any other social/political idea is very specific. You can't just interpret anarchism the way it suits you most. For example: Immagine someone claiming that he is a communist but he believes in capitalism, it's the same thing as claiming to be an anarchist AND a Christian...

  69. Anarchogatos

    One can't be "Christian", "pacifist" AND "an "Anarchist", being an Anarchist means that you refuse the existence of ANY authority and Gods/religions are a supreme form of authority. Being an anarchist also means that you are aware that we are at class war (so long pacifism). People like you need to understand that "Anarchism" just like any other social/political idea is very specific. You can't just interpret anarchism the way it suits you most. So give us all a break you damn hippie!

  70. NeonlightRebel

    Yeah, because it's so wrong to make money as a musician. Gotta live off something, honey!

  71. ownershipis9tenthoftheproblem

    MrQuaker seems pretty decent 2 me and im a anarchist... at least hes not a ancap

  72. MrQuaker62

    sorry if i do not fit in your box my friend...but alas we are not all exactly the same! peace Now I will listen to more of this great music...I hope you will read up on anarchism and maybe even learn about it's many flavors, so to speak... doubt you will because I believe you are just a poser, pretending to be something that you don't even underestand.

  73. Ian Darby

    Google Gerrard Winstanley, George's Hill, Surrey, 1649

  74. Matt Aanestad

    What is sad is how much a lot of you proclaim anarchism, yet you judge the criteria of others with different personal beliefs and perception of the world based on their own choice and freedoms.

    I am nothing but a human on this planet who decided to believe in God and Jesus christ. Am i perfect? not in the least..
    but i find it sickening to watch people say wake up, when they are still asleep.

    try and define my comment, but unless you take it as it is, you will only be stuck.

  75. Mike. A. Irving

    Hey Louise Jones, Hello x :-)

  76. MiPiaceStarnutire

    I guess you didn't understand what they meant with "nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help".

  77. Markus Samnell

    Though it would of course be impossible to combine with the authoritarian, stateloving, patriarchal, biblethumping christianity which seems to be the mainstream strain. If people read a little though, one will realise that there has always been aberrations to this stale, monolithic belief system and that the problem with christianity simply is NOT that they believe in God but rather all the real political implications of their earthly beliefs.

  78. Markus Samnell

    Though I certainly wouldn't call myself a christian (or even believer) I wouldn't denounce the idea of "christian anarchist". If your parents created you it doesn't mean they own you either. If christian anarchists somehow have worked out a theology or even crazy hippie vibe in which the paternal authority of God is NOT the one procclaimed by common christianity, I don't see why you could not believe in a classless, stateless society while still believeing the universe has a creator?

  79. Mulder

    @Nathan Reiber dude you can't argue with the guy on the oatmeal box.. he'll take all the maple brown sugar packets outta the assorted oatmeal boxes out of spite.

  80. MrQuaker62

    I understand you are very young and everything is black and whiteYou no doubt hold some views that in years to come others would find very outdated...PEACE

  81. MrQuaker62

    Nathan Reiber Vs Gandhi....LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. MrQuaker62

    In fact...he wasn't. ...believe what you want but you can not change the truth. :-) Gandhi will always be honered and you? the hell ARE you? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace!

  83. Hannah Wright

    "Nothing ever burns down by itself, every fire needs a little bit of help." - Definitely going to get that tattoed.

  84. MrQuaker62

    OH relax...this goes over your head. Peace!

  85. Allyson Andrews

    lol 0:08 I want you by Bob Dylan XD yay

  86. MrQuaker62

    Good question. i guess anarchists want a stateless society with non-hierarchical associations. Christian anarchists denounce the state as violent, deceitful and, a form of idolatry. Most, like myself are pacifists. Gandhi was a hell of a christian anarchist ...
    .even if he was a hindu. :-)

  87. MrQuaker62

    I should have not confused you with my wording, anarcho-communist would be a better fit, as for being a Christian anarchist?...Have you not heard of Leo Tolstoy,Dorthy Day,Ammon Hennecy,Philip Berrigan, etc? We don't all fit in the box others may construct...peace!

  88. Younger Dryas

    This song is actually about Bob Dylan

    Frank Gerlach

    those assholes( chumbawamba)couldn't carried one of Dylan's guitar picks. Their trying to get noticed is all it's for, then oblivion!

  89. MrQuaker62

    Hey...i did'nt
    say I cant put myself in a box...maybe i want to thats my business......just live and let live Namaste

  90. helpmycatsonfire

    If I didn't know Chumbawamba were anarchists, I'd have thought this was a song attacking anarchists.

  91. MrQuaker62

    Mutualism,Individualist anarchism,Social anarchism,Collectivist anarchism,Anarcho-communism,Anarcho-syndicalism,Green anarchism,christian anarchism,buddhist anarchism,Pacifistic anarchism,blah,blah,blah....there are many types..i happen to be a christian,communist,paicifist and an anarchist. But please don't put me in a box.

  92. Jewellee Collins

    If any of you listened to the words of the song... all these comments about blunts and tobacco companies wouldn't be here. There's a use called for with that cigarette and it's not smoking it...

  93. Jewellee Collins

    the first three words of your comment have aversions to each other ...just sayin'

  94. BlazedBastar666


  95. MeatTycoon

    Well, grow 'em out. Unless they're thinning by now, in which case shave them all off, grow a beard, and look just as cool.

  96. raversmiracle2

    you make me sick. you're the reason terrorists exist.

  97. Blyah Blayh Balyh

    Damn, degenerate stoners. When will you understand marijuana is fucking crap?!

  98. MrQuaker62

    well...sorry about the teen years. Still, I hate the tobacco industry and the way it lies and expolits and kills people, they don't get my money...peace