Chumbawamba - Enough Is Enough Lyrics

Open your eyes, time to wake up
Enough is enough is enough is enough
Open your eyes, time to wake up
Enough is enough is enough is enough
Enough is enough is enough
Give the fascist man a gunshot
Enough is enough is enough
Give the fascist man a gunshot
Trying and trying again to get this damn thing done
It can't done
Come shoot the fascist with a gun
'Cause it's stopping us from unity
We cannot see reality
Just vanity insanity Fusion cannot stand it see
No man fascist man will ever get me outta the land
So understand Fusion plan to stop them with a bang
We sang and sang to make the people all unite
Not fight but fight because the leaders don't think right
You burnt us in the past you know it won't happen again
So black and white take a stand and all try to defend
All of the people and the children who are living in the past
Just blast and blast don't make the fascist man last
[Repeat chorus]
On and on and on you know the feeling's so strong
So long
It's wrong
I'm telling you it's wrong
Destruction confusion and blaming it on the color
I wonder in horror 'cause the people start to follow
All the leaders and the rulers who are putting up the fence
It's dense immense and you say you're talking sense
Bull, bull I want to say it full
But people on the radio you know will make a pull
So I try to tone it down to make the whole world know
That the language of my violence will proceed in my show
Flow, flow to make the fascist man know
that unity is here and unity will grow
[Repeat chorus]
I want to wake up, I want to wake up
I want to wake up, I want to wake up
Open your eyes, time to wake up
Enough is enough is enough is enough

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Chumbawamba Enough Is Enough Comments
  1. Γιωργος Έλλην

    Fuck all the kind of fascism right or left

  2. Matt Bartlett

    Still here! UK GE 2019 or 2091... and so it goes!

  3. Dreamsjamaan

    Nice dub factor in it. Like Black Uhuru: 'Facist at the dock, we'll fight them Bob'

  4. Skiamakhos

    ¡No Pasaran! Still relevant in 2019

  5. SpoopySquid

    " The Nazis changed but they never went away"

  6. Samuel Kerschl



    Well, it's 2019 and now enough is REALLY enough - greetings from (via Poland) Toxic State aka New Jersey.

  8. Matt Grimm

    Anfifa Germany

  9. Rat King

    antifa, are just modern nazi's

  10. Sterben1942

    Nazis accepted fascism but they were socialist. Nazi stands for nationalist socialist

  11. Gandalf The Grey


  12. Graham Zvi

    do you really know what fascism and nazi means ?

  13. YPO6

    Why don't they like that prehistoric symbol found in Mezine, Ukraine?

  14. 91 Kitson

    The nazi party died long ago. Now a days if u see a white, you see a nazi. Just say what u mean. You are anti white and you hate us.

  15. FloDerBro CR

    Without your nazis you wouldnt have the Money for Smartphones you pricks

  16. xVegan CommunisTx

    Antifa from Montana US! Bash the fuckin fash! Alerta alerta antifascista

    #guerrillawarfare #fcknzs #161crew


    Ah, a fellow Montana citizen of culture

  17. Dalvittra

    Left leaning parasites fk off

  18. HagenVanBesen

    So, why do those ANTIFA retards exist?

  19. marsoos 1


  20. hüseyin doğanay

    greeting from erzincan anarcist


    Pres. Ronald Reagans inaugural speech clearly said the solution is not the government, the government is the problem & then the asshole Hillbilly sent all the space shuttles out in space & launched a bunch of satellites to experiment with all of us and pollute our heavens with their hillbilly garbage heaven so called technology to there new killing fields.

  22. Leoncyo Pluciakoncyo

    Open your eyes, lefties!

  23. Nathan

    "The Nazis changed but they never went away", still relevant today.

  24. Katrina K

    This song is in need of loud replays right now. The nazis are in power.

    Veikka Kaasalainen

    Katrina K hahahahahha

  25. The good guy

    sadly Greece as you saw on the video is full of nazi scumbags


    get rid of TRUMP the anti Christ



  28. sant yyc

    I've had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!

  29. Platypus Paws

    Nice to see I have stumbled on a PRO-SJW YouTube site!
    Good. Now, if anyone here can commit to having a respectful & sincere engagement, and trust me when I say that I'm not judging or trying to make you feel bad here.......
    THEN may I ask how many of you are aware aware that you strongly influenced people to Vote Trump, (if you Hate Trump & his Supporters AND Act on that) ?

    The Natural Law that I believe is at play, is "Love your Advesary".
    It is easy to see one's Adversary's subculture is doing this, but difficult if it's one's own.
    So to the extent you hate your enemy, and act on that, that encourages them to be worse in response.
    (E.g. all here would agree that fighting terrorism, with rage, fear, hate & acting on it...makes it worse).

    Conversely, all real progress (I.e. not fake progress), happened to the extent that a lesson, a principle about Love got learned, to he extent their was " love of Advesaries ".

    Platypus Paws

    I'm a bit of a Jordan Peterson Fan (among other things), & I feel SJW Principles & practices are unethical & have a destructive effect on Society - so I guess you may see me as your enemy. Perhaps you claim MUST be a Fascist or "Enabler" because of this, but I put to you that is imaginary & without evidence..... & often part of an attempt to manipulate people's fear, particularly a person's fear of judgement & attack.

    BUT BUT I don't expect agreement, nor expect or demand that you change.

    Cheers.....From Australia

    Mystery West

    @Platypus Paws hey there platypus paws. I don't mind having a discussion, but I'm not sure what you're trying to say. What's Jordan Peterson have to do with anything? I feel like this may have just been a long ramble of how you feel stumbling on to this song? It is quite early right now so I could be getting this all wrong.

    I would appreciate clarification.

  30. KSK_Nico

    Socialism failed.

  31. MustDelete TheRulingElite

    Stockport has a growing Far-Right problem. Anyone in the area of Manchester, UK and capable of helping us stop the far-right surge in Stockport, please drop me a response to [email protected] Thank you.

  32. La Reina del Brillo Updates

    Anti nazis greetings from Spain ✊

  33. Adolf Hitler

    Why are you throwing me away!!!!!!

  34. chelsea fisher

    Hi other antifas from Omaha NE 😙

  35. Notsosmartguy 625

    Today August 12 2017 President Donald Trump refused address a neonazi driving a car into a crowed of protesters during a white nationist rally as a terrorist attack. The Alt right/Neo Nazis wants to make nonwhites less than again and undo decades of social progress but I aint going down without a fight. I wont be driven back into the shadows. Open your eyes, time to wake up!!!!!!! Enough is enough is enough!!!!!!!!!

  36. Chris C

    Greeting from Scotland ANTIFA

    Mad Jack Churchill

    Nice mate.

    Richard Valentine-Briggs

    Doesn't Scotland have enough anaemic junkies living in disused office squat digs banging on about no borders and free shit for everyone? They don't need more useful idiots.

  37. White Boy

    Open your eyes time to kill antifascists!!

    fxck your System

    Fuck you

    Max B.

    @fxck your System you want to take a chopper ride my friend?

    cHE yA bASTA

    @Max B. i think you will get one for Free! Scum Max shit

  38. Little Ladybug00

    My Mom showed me this when I was a little Girl. I am so gladfull for this.

  39. KELLY f

    greetings from greece

  40. Connor Acosta

    The fascists of yesterday are the antifascists of today

    Chris Fox

    Its a nice quote for propaganda - but it was made by someone who had a bit of a bias. Just because something is said doesn't make it truth.

  41. Lolli Pop

    Relevant in 2017 which is so sad. 'The nazi's changed, but they never went away'...

  42. J_Tanzanite

    Fascism and Communism... Different side of the same authoritarian coin.
    The only thing I give communism credit for is nice suits and music.
    Greetings from a former "antifa" member~

    Chris Fox

    There is more to the left than authoritarianism.

    Greetings from an anarcho-syndicalist :b

  43. God Himself

    Antifa are the real fascists. they silence free speech and assault people with different opinions/ideas. open YOUR eyes, Antifa, and realize what you're actually doing to people


    Show bobs and vagine

  44. Reverend Howl

    Digon yw digon, cyfarchion o Gymru.

  45. meteosurreal

    HELP, BUSH CYRIS Bland Johhny-come-lately Hellcrap!!! HIDEN'FIGHT!!! THORNBUSH!!!

  46. Peter mc carroll

    Scotland... refugees welcome...bash the fash

  47. cucking funt

    Never mind your leaders, it's your media that is the problem.

    Look what they are doing to Corbyn in the UK. You would think he is the Antichrist the way they carry on.

  48. F Gievski

    ANTIFA from Australia

  49. strumbad stroller


  50. sezai çetinel

    Mustafa Kemal said peace at home, peace in the world.

  51. Rob Corbett

    Remember to kick it over!!!!!!

  52. Niall Kirk

    I knew before looking at the comment section there would be people bashing trump despite the left being the ones actively trying to shut down free speech, fabricate documents as fact (propoganda) , perpetrating one ethnicity as all societies woes (white people) , attempting to overrule a democratic election to put their preferred leader in power, justified from facts gathered from their own propoganda, are supporting BLM, a movement that attacks white people and kill cops (video evidence for all of this) most black people are denouncing it but the only ones who aren't denouncing the killing of state police and an ethnic group are surprise surprise, the left and recently during the inauguration started damaging property of anyone pro trump so if we would all like to keep drawing comparisons to nazis, that's reminiscent of the night of broken glass.
    But yeah they aren't the fascists, Trump is for being insensitive towards immigrants one time and talked about how easy it is to get women when you are famous, yep it's black and white here


    Just about everything you've said is dead wrong. Couldn't be more wrong. Might want to change your 'news' sources.

  53. D. Lawrence Miller

    I don't understand what the red circles are for. Who are the people in red circles?

  54. Jorge Castillo

    2017 AmeriKKKa: "OPEN YOUR EYES! TIME TO WAKE UP! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!... give the fascist man a gunshot!... The Nazis changed but THEY NEVER WENT AWAY!"

  55. Fabrizio Ergigolo

    Ur ally were the British Empire, USA, Soviet Russia etc lol u're capitalism left arm, and u're fuckin empire was worst than fascist italy. Hope to kick ur lazy ass soon


    Fabrizio Ergigolo anarchy cant have an empire, its right there in the name anti-fascism

  56. Aglin Dailani

    ANTIFA FROM ALBANIA!!! Greetings everyone!

    Milos Stevanovic

    Serbian and Albanian antifa together against the fascist scum

    Leoncyo Pluciakoncyo

    But Antifa became fascists, isnt?

    Mad Jack Churchill

    @Leoncyo Pluciakoncyo Nice meme.

    Panos peterpan

    Fuck albania.

    The good guy

    I have many albanian friends here in Greece hello my friend! :)

  57. andid

    One of so many songs that became 10x more relevant since 11/8/2016.

    Anarchist Mugwump

    You were literally using the same excuse not to trust my sources as the other guy used not to trust yours. You absolute hypocrite. I love how you seem to think Hitler didn't surpress unions when that's a well known fucking fact. It's not a conspiracy it's well established, that's info you can find fucking anywhere. No socialist would do that! Oh but Hitler must be socialist because it's in his party name, yeah and I suppose you think the British Freedom Party actually stands for open democracy. It was a tactic to detract attention from Marxist parties. If Hitler was SOOO socialist then why'd he send so many of them to the death camps? Or is that a Communist BBC lie as well?

    Anarchist Mugwump

    Pull the other one.

    Lawrence Sumpter

    Nazism is stupid. Fascist scum

    Benjamin Ljunggren


  58. Ihor Wulf

    chumbawamba is most beuatiful anarcho punk band of all:)

    Jorge Castillo

    I don't know about the 'punk' label...

    Ihor Wulf

    @Jorge Castillo
    yea this not many punk in this..

  59. Fred Bush

    keep your eyes and mind open for the future

  60. jam

    enough is enough :3

  61. Allan Menzies

    I just love how they got famouse for tubthunping and they are a radical as fuck punk band. good on you chumbawumba.

    Jorge Castillo

    I don't know were the 'punk' comes from? They WERE anarkos!

  62. Petr Hudec

    Antifascist greetings from Czech Republic!

    Diana SUNSHINE Wulf

    Antifascist greetings from Nebraska

    Daniela Lehrmann

    Antifascist greetings from Germany

    Platypus Paws

    Petr Hudec
    Hello Petr,
    I was wondering if you could read my comment above (made on 7/3/2018, AEST).

  63. Itsmeeman1

    To combat the rise of the National Socialist Fascists, we now have the domination of the Marxist Socialist Fascists. Different arse holes, same shit.


    You keep using that word, but I'm certain you don't know what it means.


    @veiledAutonym Your ignorance must be bliss.


    @***** You're day dreaming in your own little fantasy world. Wake up and see what this shit actually looks like in the real world and then STFU


    @***** Reality, if you care to take a look at it, is the argument you're crying against.


    @***** Reality is not specific for you? That says it all!

  64. churchofme

    Hi LeftNews, this is a brilliant version, different to the album. Is it the 12" or something? where'd ya get it?

  65. Jorge Castillo


    Chris C

    RIP Jo Cox

  66. jane dow

    thank you hope others wake up

  67. Patti Shouldice

    OiOi! !!

  68. this juice

    Damn, never realized how awesome and underrated chumbawamba is. All I knew was that stupidly likeable tubthumping, but they were an amazing punk band.

    Jorge Castillo

    I'm not sure if they'll get 'punk' as praise or insult. Probably insult!

    Alvar Grøtting

    @Jorge Castillo Their style has changed, but they were definitely a punk band

    Doubtful Guest

    @Alvar Grøtting Punk has nothing to do with how you look or sound. You're confusing punk with posing.

    I remember being blown away discovering Revolution tho - I'd never imagined that the Tubthumpers had ever made less poppy music.

  69. Cyril Lopez

    Malheureusement pas pris une ride ...

  70. Carl Elias

    greetings from the Bolham Brigarda (Tivvyultras) ANTIFA

  71. soleil vert

    Amitiés internationale de France.

  72. Jorge Castillo

    Wow! We need Chumbawamba back in the USA 2016!

    Jorge Castillo

    2017 and my liver is starting to 'feel'. I'm just wondering if it's better to burst my liver or 'give the fascist man a gunshot'?... lol

    John Doe 878393719

    +John Doe 878393719 True. But organization and mobilization go a mile. Like I said, given that they are armed, disciplined, and well-concealed, a few good men and women would do. But still, though, this is America, God damn it. I am not totally convinced that of the millions of persons of real moral conviction in this internally-great country, none of them would be willing to sacrifice hope of any sort of peaceful or long-lasting life in defense of their fellow Americans and of their children's future. American people really are great people. We've just never had a war, thank God, on our soil. War, as the cliché goes, brings out the worst in some men and women and the best in others. If Poland, France, and Czechoslovakia rendered Europe an antifascist partisan resistance to be reckoned with and all three countries' peoples are now far closer to twenty-first century fascism than America's people will ever be, then God damn it, so can the American people put up a fight Gitler's spoiled nephew and his dignityless Nazi opportunists won't soon forget! We're in a far better position at present than Europe was when it faced Chancellor Gitler, but even if the lights go out on Planet Earth, be assured that there will be blood.

    Its Just an Apple

    @Jorge Castillo So if we give a gunshot to every nazi and a fascist the world peace will dawn?

    Andrew Stillerman

    @Its Just an Apple absolutely not, everyone else greed & lust will prevail.

  73. celestialbuffalo

    Let's make trump obsolete.

    Griffin Wirtz

    So you are one of the people who got us into this handbasket headed to hell!

    Griffin Wirtz

    Do you even know where the term "liberal snowflakes" came from?

    happy Jon in happy van

    The answer is not where the virus came from , administering anti-biotics is !

    Jorge Castillo

    He was born 'obsolete'. Did you see how his french and UK pals where blown away in the elections? UKIP: 4% JOKERS! The only question left is how hard will trumpo fall?!

    Platypus Paws

    Hello Celestial Buffalo - I was wondering if you could read my comment above (made on 7/3/2018, AEST).

  74. Matthew Rowe

    Love the song but very sad that the vid transfixes on a symbol! sorry but the swastika is a very old religious sign taken by the socialist Nazis in Germany to define their creed if you cannot see that then read deeper !

    shady hawk

    +Matthew Rowe do you really think those of us that know about and listen to this song dont already know that? if you dont you're just as much of a fool as you think we are. also, considering the swastika a religious sign doesnt mean it or its religion gets a pass.

    Infralalenshka The First

    Matthew Rowe Well the symbol is specifically tilted to represent the nazi party. the swastika has a different orientation and isn't tilted

  75. dagie4a

    greetings from greece ANTIFA

    91 Kitson

    Bahaahahahshs what a faggot you are. Nice profile pic too. A dictator who put gays and everyone else he didn't like in concentration camps. But let me guess. His communism wasn't communism.

    Panos peterpan

    Χεζω τον τάφο του φυσσα.

    Gandalf The Grey


    katw to kratos

    @Its Just an Apple no one is raping in Greece you stupid fuck
    We will not let thé sons of traitors who where snitching greek rebels to the nazis

    koko mploko 4

    PAOK Antifa 4A αδερφέ

  76. notnowliberty

    Solidarity! Gegen Fascismus! Unity!

  77. Sun Tzu

    I get why people hate Nazis but really think about it, get all that political correctness out of your head just for a minute. think of all the good that the Nazis did for the world, if i wasn't for them we would not have; computers, radio control, nuclear energy, rocket power, space travel, assault rifles, working submarines, sonar, night vision, jet power, Israel, animal conservation, welfare programs, affordable cars, motorway/freeway/highway/autobahn, Hugo Boss, boy scouts, the Olympic torch relay, the banning of chemical weaponry, airplane black boxes, stealth planes, microwave cooking and inflatable sex dolls. Also Europe was dangerously overpopulated due to all the babies had due to the first world war, so the Nazis helped with that as well. Okay, you can switch your PC censer back on now.

    Sun Tzu

    @Peter Ney What?

    S Ghosh Dastidar

    +Sun Tzu good acts don't invalidate the wrong ones

    Sun Tzu

    @S Ghosh Dastidar Then nobody is good.

    S Ghosh Dastidar

    +Sun Tzu ahh well....isn't that the hypocrisy of all things?

    Mystery West

    Radios, ak47, space travel, rocket power, (satellites, maps, women's rights, racial equality) were all things championed (for the time,) in the USSR.

  78. Susan Burnett

    Dedicate to Donald Trump and all USA

    Bill Warren

    It  would be like the 1950s when Communists were excluded from the USA or the immediate
    aftermath of WWI when foreign born Radicals,especially Anarchists were deported back to Europe if one can make an analogy between religion proper and America's  idealogical Messianism.


    if dt wins ww3 has begun

    Wouter Vandevorst

    What is the difference?

    Kary Knudtson

    +Wouter Vandevorst no shit...

  79. PxS72

    Anti nazis greetings from poland



    Irrational Culture

    Greetings from Canada.

    Mad Jack Churchill

    God speed to you, comrade.

  80. Timo Miki

    Fuck all these motherfuckers

  81. The Death Squad

    Isnt it strange how these cretins speak of shooting people but would be the first ones to start squealing when Jeremy Clarkson suggested doing exactly the same to their type!

    The Death Squad

    @Outcast115 Thanks for the political lecture, but the fact remains this band of cretins are inciting murder, islam is considered by many as a 'fascist' ideology with its mysogyny, anti semitism, homophobia and and their general attitude towards the unbeliever (kuffar), are chumbawumba extending their anger and disgust towards them or are they just the usual bunch of scruffy cowardly brain dead lefties?

    Funny how these cretinous social justice warriors NEVER address the far more fascistic mindset that is islam.


    While I agree that islam (along with christianity and judaism) are inherently enemies of the people, what was the point in bringing that up? None at all. (Incidentally chumbawamba has dealt with the problem that is religion in their songs, you clearly have never listened to any of their music, so this conversation is over.)

    The Death Squad

    @Outcast115 Why bring religion into it? Well these idiots sing about 'killing fascists' in their shitty songs and you cant get more fascistic than islam can you with its embedded anti semitism, mysogyny and homophobia, or is that type of bigotry acceptable when its not white christian people espousing it?

    Leftie anti racists - hypocritical idiots!


    @The Death Squad  Reading is clearly not a skill that you are capable of using. Good day. 


    +Outcast115 "stalin's corruption of bolshevik ideology." WTF. Bolsheviks were killing people like animals before Stalin, he was just one of greatest among them. People have real problems with understanding the basic facts about communism....Also, arguing that "fascists deserve death" it as stupid as can be as long as the definition of fascism is dependent on one's view (many leftist acuse of fascicm everybody who they do not agree with). Congratulations, you just stated that killing people different than you is ok. Coming from the country damaged by leftist ideology after II W I just cannot stand these bollocks.

  82. Gus Mullin

    Shut the hell up you ignorant n?????s!!! Come on baby.. let's do the revolution!

  83. Stefan Soppe

    Very good ! ( )

  84. k mc

    but what do we as a tolerant liberal society do with the threat of religious Nazi's. We do indeed need to open our eyes and recognize that not everyone shares our laissez faire tolerance. If we don't, then we will be slaughtered for our naivety. .


    +kevin mckie
    We need to lose our tolerance for every idea in existence, because some ideas are pure evil.


    Anyone who tries to call you a hypocrite for not tolerating intolerance deserves a slap round the face. There's a reason we have laws against speech designed to incite violence--because we realize actions have consequences.

    We just need to realize, as people and a society, that there are so many other ways to incite violence than calling for it outright.

  85. Jimmy Reynolds

    great group, stupid name

  86. Ray Maritz

    Fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory . . . both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state.

    MustDelete TheRulingElite

    ... You've clearly never read any Communist works. And you're clearly ignorant of the Stateless Communism. Communism isn't "Collectivist"... It's a balance of the Collective with the Individual. You really do need to read up on philosophy and economics mate. What are you? An "An"Cap?

  87. Justin Callaghan

    I remember ol days in thirlmere drivin past a farm hearin you show us the way....

  88. tachikoma747

    Don't worry, socialism will save us all.

    Nincs Név

    National socialism saved you haha

    Platypus Paws

    Hello Tachikoma,
    I was wondering if you could read my comment above (made on 7/3/2018, AEST).

    MustDelete TheRulingElite

    "Socialism will save us"... It's not the ideology that will save us, it's the workers and the underclass, the women and the LGBT+ community, the people of colour and any other downtrodden marginalised group, taking complete control of the economy and re-purposing the economy to run on the principle of mutual aid, all is for all<3.

    MustDelete TheRulingElite

    Also, Socialism, and not the right wing co-opted gimmick, is inherently Internationalist. Nationalism is inherently opposed to the ideals of Socialism on the basis that the working class, nor the underclass, nor any subclass within, know no borders. Class and sub-class/intersection far-out-stretch any national borders... Solidarity with the whole world, except the Fascists, the Falangists, the Propertarians, the Capitalists and the National "Socialists" (By the way, Privatisation was a term coined to describe the economics of Nazi Germany and the other Fascist states who were in support. Perhaps you lot should learn history, ja?) These guys are the enemy, and if they don't learn after tasting the bottom of my boot, then they deserve to be sent far, far away. Like the moon. Without a space suit. Fuck Rightists. =]

    Leoncyo Pluciakoncyo

    Strongly recomend to stop taking more drugs. Open your eyes, time to wake up, enough is enough.

  89. Marwin Dikeriech

    How can we be proud of our country with these people in charge?


    +Marwin Dikeriech The interesting thing is that so many people in so many countries are saying this.


    +Marwin Dikeriech How can we be proud of our country - fyp. There is absolutely no reason to love/be proud of artifical borders that separate human beings and label you british, french, german,...

    Marwin Dikeriech

    @meandmyself1600 I 100 % agree. I was referring to the conservative, nationalists and far right parties that have come to power in many of the European countries. I am a internationalist like you and I would be glad to see a world without borders.


    +Toogle Google First of all, I don't know Marwin Dikereich at all, secondly, my native language is spoken by roughly 5.5M people worldwide so I'll stick to my second language, and third, I'd love to speak Spanish and Portuguese with my Chilean, Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian friends and discuss the human rights situation. Brazil doesn't have a good record on the rights of indigenous peoples, and most of the other South American suck at least as much.

    Marwin Dikeriech

    @Dreadios It is mostly the Imperialist wests fault. US supported al-Qaeda. Daesh became strong after the intervention in Iraq

  90. Pate Kalpio

    Remember to open our eyes :)

  91. steven warner

    the british zionist were the first natzis

  92. steven warner

    don't forget the british were far more extreme than the natzis ever were.

    Richard Abbott

    @davidpop1 I don't completely agree but I'm glad you made the point. Cheers!

  93. Manny Theiner

    Fascism in Europe?
    Hmm...people are dying on boats in the Mediterranean trying to escape *actual*
    totalitarian/fascist countries like Eritrea, Sudan, and Syria. Meanwhile, Islamofascism insinuates itself in Europe, and Putin dreams of restoring ultranationalist empire.
    I'm not saying anyone should vote for Golden Dawn or Le Pen, but who is the actual problem? Anarchist punks like to compose songs about small street battles between antifas and neo-Nazis, but isn't the real issue the banks and corporate interests which dominate the European Superstate?

    Anarcha Media

    @Manny Theiner What the fuck do you think fascism is?It`s the collusion of state,religious and corporate power,extreme nationalism and extreme racial supremacism.There are many states here in the U.S. explicitly promoting fascism without even realizing it because we`re so propagandized to associate fascism with left-socialism when in reality the two ideologies are precisely opposite of one another:Left-socialism promotes common humanity and global brotherhood whilst fascism promotes corporate hegemony,dehumanization of so-called 'inferior' races and national supremacy.Fox News implicitly condones fascism by constantly defending cops who kill young African-Americans, pushing for further interventionism in the affairs of other nations in order to promote 'free market' values(Which in right-wing parlance is typically code for corporate hegemony which as I`ve noted is one of the primary components of fascism) and  right-libertarians such as Murray Rothbard,Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friedman have explicitly funded fascist regimes like that of General-Commandant Augusto Pinochet in order to crush the democratically-elected Communist government of Salvador Allende.

    shaman Jason

    @Mutualist Freedom Fighter 3 so well said

  94. Philip Smith

    Open your eyes

    Its Just an Apple

    3rd world people are literally destroying europe. Media, politicans and the system is on their side.
    And you are still pro immigration?

  95. noonsight2010

    Death to Nazis!

    Tony Nero

    YEAH! Apart from the Grammar Nazis.


    +Jenny Neumann Bit of a fuckwit, are you not?


    Using grammar to exclude people or ignore them is elitism and an attempt to remove those deprived of substantive education by capitalism from the conversation.

    Un Bekannt

    No, the most important part of being left is to give your opponent the chance to change and to become a friend.

  96. Flemming Lauritsen

    Love it ...strong lyrics. 7.26 min of joy.

  97. Chris Bowers

    Tried to share this ..........but 'You-Tube'........wouldn't let me??????/

  98. Charlie Dingle

    Cheers for the upload.. fantastic live  Chumbawamba .. :)

  99. b kooo

    i'm sorry, but Nazi's didn't invent fascism. it's so funny how many fascists point at Nazis as the pinnacle of all that's wrong with the world and fail to look in the mirror.  

    Barend D

    So what, Mussolini fans blame the Nazis?