Chuck Berry - Soul Rockin' Lyrics

Moving out to California, I've been living in Missouri too long
When the sun sets tomorrow your soul rocking love'll be gone
And I really doubt that I'll be back because I'm taking everything that I own

Bright lights, big city, I am ready, ready, ready for you
Bye-bye, Alma Mater, I've got to see what I can do
Just tell the folks back home I'm on a soul rocking rendezvous

No more yak-a-ty yak-a-ty, farewell, my best to you
You know you kept on teasing me just to see what I would do
Now, I've got a soul rocker baby, see if you can get yourself one, too

Oh, soul rocking, baby, you know you make my head act up
Oh, send me, send me, deliver me into your world
Let me loose, let me live, let me love a soul rocking girl

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Chuck Berry Soul Rockin' Comments
  1. Saverio Alberti

    For me Chuck Berry was the best. I m Born in 1968. I m strange?

    Saverio Alberti


  2. Francisco Martinez

    El mejor legado para el rock chuk berry

  3. Charles Demetri

    RIP King......

  4. Marcelino Rocha

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lov'you chuck... and speak of the BRAZIL!!! CARALHO, PORRA...

  5. Robert Riddle

    Chuck Berry still kicks ass love you Chuck R.I.P.

  6. Jarski J.

    When this was recorded ? Maybe Mercury- sessions. 66- 67 ?

    David Rotherham

    Off an album called St Louie to Frisco, the last Mercury album I think about 68 or 69. Got some great tracks on it, both typical like this and Little Fox, and stretching out, like I Love Her I Love Her, a six minute blues-funk track with a serious lyric.

  7. AlwaysPrisms

    he s  got the moves

  8. Brian Hackert

    picked the right one for thumbnail, bud!!!

  9. Alma Carolina Olate

    Bye dear Chuck! Rest in peace

    Graziella Zorzetto

    Alma Carolina Olate n

  10. Houston we have a problem Band

    Why does he use that intro so much?!!!


    I guess you could say that he invented it (at least in contemporary music), so it's "his" intro, so I suppose he can use it as often as he wants...anyone else using it is copying it from him.


    Houston: He liked to sign his work.

    ryan smith

    never know what song gona play when you hear it. all you know its chuck. imagine hearing the guitar intro and all smiling takeing guess at what it gona be. its your heads up to turn up the radio

    today is not yesterday

    @sjoldtimer he didn't invent that intro riff he popularized it....Carl Hogan guitarist of the Louis Jordan orchestra played it before Chuck...


    @today is not yesterday I am pretty sure that is what I said, just a little differently. Carl Hogan is not "contemporary", so by that definition, it belongs to Chuck Berry...he added the double string bend, making it into something a little different, even if it is a note for note copy of the Louis Jordan recording of "Ain't It Just Like a Woman". Berry, at one time, included that song in his live performances (there is even a YouTube video of Berry performing it [audio only]. I seriously doubt that there is anything "new" in popular music, regardless of what generation it comes from, regardless of who invents it.

  11. Jamey Simms

    Love this song. He's the shit, the true King of Rock and Roll.

  12. G.A.B.

    Damn this is like an orgasm right in my ears. Listen to that confident voice, listen to that soul, listen to that guitar play.

  13. Federico Mereu

    grazie di tutto chuck!

  14. 0011jmha

    Heard this for the first time in 1969, got hooked on Chuck Berry forever.

  15. on4abh

    Pure guitarsound,no boosters,no effects,no studioworks,thats what i like !

  16. Nichoals Dalton

    0 dislikes...LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY!!

  17. allaboard70

    Really one of Chuck Berrys best songs.

  18. 66badsign

    Great song and pics !