Chuck Berry - Route 66 Lyrics

Well, if you ever plan to motor west
Jack, take my way, it's the highway, that's the best
Get your kicks on Route 66

Well, it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than two-thousand miles all the way
Get your kicks on Route 66

Well, it goes through St. Louis
Joplin, Missouri
Oklahoma City looks oh-so pretty

You'll see Amarillo, a-Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona, don't forget Winona
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino

Would you get hip to this kindly tip
And take that California trip?
Get your kicks on Route 66

It goes through St. Louis
A-Joplin, Missouri
A-Oklahoma City looks oh-so pretty

You'll see Amarillo, a-Gallup, New Mexico
Flagstaff, Arizona, don't forget Winona
Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino

Would you get hip to this kindly tip
Take that California trip?
Get your kicks on Route 66
Get your kicks on Route 66
And I'll meet you
On Route 62
Get your kicks on Route 66

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Chuck Berry Route 66 Comments
  1. vlogs do Bê

    | |
    | |
    | |
    Route 66

  2. The eyes

    Chuck berrr

  3. No se 123

    Is hard to accept this, but yes, Chuck Berry is the real king of Rock n’ roll.
    He deserves it

  4. 6655321

    get your kicks on I44

  5. Kris Buwan

    I’ve been looking for a fast version of this song. Like it’s not nightcore. It’s not that much faster, but the part where it’s like “ now you go through saint louie ....” that parts speed up kinda. Idk, if anyone know what I mean plz drop the singer in the comments.

    Chris Simon

    Well, you try listening to the John Mayer one.

  6. Milly

    Sang this song during my roadtrip across Route 66. Screamed it while driving past monument valley

  7. Mathilde Zaninotti

    Don't forget Winona 🙃❤

  8. Ronald Cammarata

    Few seem to realize this song began its life as a jazz song.

  9. youtube user

    I'm 21 now but I swear my soul is a part of his time.

  10. Marina Matos de Barros

    Route 66

  11. Rafy Ragahraya

    1,25x thx me later

  12. Lucas DoBrazil

    Génial !

  13. Sharat Singh

    Seared in my mind????
    Hell yeah!
    I love the classics...🤓🤓🤓

  14. Wendy's Twitter

    I never knew how hold this was. It’s from 1946. And until now, I thought the oldest song I listened to was from 1958. And of course, that song from 1958 is the other famous Chuck Berry song. Johnny B. Goode.

  15. 《Alien The Neila》

    *get your kicks on route 666*

  16. Josh E C

    This song is so catchy it’s insane.


    Johny B godd

  18. gabrielle1p_


  19. MagmaPlayer ROUSSETT

    i have been to Barstow before and i went on it yeah yeah i know 😎

  20. Aria Sweetfeather

    OML. My teacher played this song in class when we were sharing American Homework, I'm in the U.K., and when it said Oklahoma City, everyone turned around and starred at me since I've been to Tulsa and Eufala… It was so embarrassing xD I've been on Route 66 over a million times apparently xD

  21. Iara Cristhisne


  22. Adventure Sonic

    Imagine if this was heard this in a jukebox at a route 66 diner!


    My parents took us on a drive from Ontario(Canada) to California(US) back in the 1980's and we drove it, there was a diner that had this on a jukebox in Oklahoma. Sadly it was closed down when I drove it back in 2002, but with more people rediscovering that good ol' americana maybe someone's reopened it.

  23. виталий хаустов

    chuck is true legend

  24. Alex Rolon


  25. nosssjk humør

    One of the greatest songs ever

  26. Anthony Mitros

    It's ashame he is one of the greatest but got convicted of the man act.

  27. Abhilash `Nox` Baruah

    When you tryna find Winona :v

  28. S G

    Don’t forget Winona

  29. nissi k

    Super smooth 😎

  30. Nosam Housni 2

    route 40 0 people ever drove there route 66 billions of epople are driving right now and it does not stop

  31. Adilson De Jesus Rezende

    nem inglês

  32. Adilson De Jesus Rezende

    máster sou brasileiro tá gente não americano

  33. Pinguini _

    Alguém , brasileiro ?

    MR. D4V1


    Luis Gustavo Stackfleth

    Hello , you BR ????🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


    Saintsjorge Peters

    "Melhor que uma ferrari"

  34. B Tsiiyupovi

    this songs cute Shout out from Gallup NM 2019 song still rocks better than the stones

  35. Roman Strickland

    Blasting this song as you drive past the Route 66 sign

    Then you epically fail and crash in front of everyone

  36. Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channel

    Chuck Berry was from Wentzville Missouri

  37. Jurilla

    Came here because Winona said her name was on this song

  38. Bubble Senpai


    madison harressey

    Bubble Senpai lol yes!

  39. AnDhiiz KuN

    Quiero animar la fiesta de mi pequeño y esta canción vine muy bien 😄✌

  40. Death By Koala

    It really is a shame modern rock and roll seems to choose between rock or roll.

  41. elisew62

    Et ça doit faire une bonne 100ene de fois que j'écoute cette chanson pour un devoir d'anglais, il faut faire avec la musique d'après mon prof !

  42. Amadeu Xavier da Silva

    Chuck Berry is the king!!!!

  43. santiago lopez

    Porrrrr laaaaaa 66!!!!! Aguante pappo carajooo

  44. Youngchuckle

    This marvelous song, and Chuck Berry's version in particular, reflects in its rhythm, the turning motion of tires and wheels as one rolls along this great open road. We miss you, Chuck, one of the founders of rock n' roll.

  45. Luca from Wii Sports

    My chorus class is doing this song and it’s so fun

  46. Данила Америка


  47. Jim Adams

    Rock & Roll til death!!!

  48. Dercy Gonçalves

    thats real song......

  49. Leonardo Dos Santos Da Silva

    Vim pelo Renato russo!

  50. HGbriel

    Today's been 2 years since Chuck Berry died. Rock in peace, man!

  51. Mark James Meli

    Chuck OWNS this tune!!

  52. Eliss Hui

    Am I the only teenager who listens to this?


    I'm listening to this too, in love with jazz, rock n roll... all old music :)
    Btw im 17 ^^ see ya mate !

  53. LIPFI

    Depeche Mode👌

  54. J.P.

    Man I'd get my kicks on route 66.

    And I'd kick a weeb too.


    Johno The Gamer I don’t know if this is inspired by something but ok

    Kaliel Santos

    U forgot the furries!!!

  55. Jeremias Uran

    la de pappo es mejor

  56. Henrik Thor

    Chuck Berry was the Soul of Rock & Roll

  57. Andrea Zanetti


  58. Santiago Restrepo

    And also, this amazing music vid is uploaded in 2009 and next year in gonna be 2019, so this awesome vid will, become 10 years old

  59. eLFi Channel

    2 0 1 9 :)

  60. Bayman Less

    I love his Duck Walk!

  61. Thomas McDaniel

    I lived in Vegas for 3 years, from 86-89. I drove this old nostalgic road many times. Cruising along at about 30-40 miles an hour. Yes, I got my kicks on Route Six-Six!!

    Mopp Watter

    Omg 30-40?! I hope you're more careful these days, you rebel you.


    shittymusicperson so what. Just let him enjoy it how he does. Doesn’t matter how fast he goes. It’s his choice

    Mopp Watter

    @Juice_wrld*2 i agree. I don't condone speeding. Lol

  62. Stefan Cocciolone

    Get down, wid ol Cyndy

  63. Klaus Toth

    iconic. it is said that chuck had big hands to handle his guitar. you can hear it if you listen closely. chuck has been the one and only johnny b. goode.

  64. 0x3

    Rest In Peace, Chuck.

  65. Prof. J.M. Partinnin-Lowe

    This show is over 50 years old, and I never heard this version - maestro Berry was, indeed, talented.

  66. Walter Karling

    The only version of Route 66 with a rumba beat. Can I get a witness?


    Finally! Someone who gets it! It’s almost like Chuck was channeling Professor Longhair.

  67. C Charlie

    Love <3 from Thailand

  68. Amir Khalid

    I think I understand now why the Rolling Stones decided to cover this song.

  69. PrestigeMusic

    miles in smiles! ;)

  70. Michael Benedict

    better at 1.25, got that rock feel to it more


    Michael Benedict Listen the depeche mode cover.

    Joseph Trippy

    1x is too slow but 1.25x is also too fast but not by much

  71. Vardik

    Fuck Elvis, Berry is the Really King

  72. prettyuglymonster

    Can't go wrong with Chuck.

  73. scoutnite 66

    I love old music

    Santiago Restrepo

    Me too!!!!


    Me too ^^

    El Rayito Gabriel

    who does not?

  74. Phillmore Brandt

    Respect the classics man

  75. Fishy!Fishy!

    y no one say Chuck King of rock n roll?

    Squig Rattlehead

    cause the king was elvis
    chuck was the GOD of rock


    This is Music

  77. Maggie Jimenez

    Can we please bring this music back! Todays music is GARBAGE!

  78. Blues Rain

    Route 66!!

  79. Guilherme Grandi

    you get your kicks on route 66???

  80. Bean Soap

    trappin on this beat


    Very cool version, but the Andrews Sisters is way cooler because it came out more than 10 years earlier and sounds tighter with the big band.

  82. Mark Gassen

    This is the epitome of cool.

  83. dejan vunic

    chuck chuck berry

  84. __ Chapman__

    The choir at my school sang this song (we live in Oklahoma) and literally everyone started singing along

  85. Fred Cooper

    Who was the Fat Guy? Who can"t dance..

  86. garyp4205

    Chuck Berry makes Bobby Troup's little jazz standard come alive!

    Always a treat!

  87. techmalwaregaming


  88. The Beast From The East

    the 101 people who disliked this awesome song should consider suicide. This is way better than music today. F85K YOU WINK 106 AND POP!

  89. Pyro19903

    I live on a part of route 66 missouri

  90. kari

    My 8th grade algebra teacher would always play this song when we walked into class. I miss his class.

  91. Desert Diggers

    13 years old started loving 50s and 60s music when I was 11 I FREKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  92. Joke Bot

    I was born in the wrong damn century

  93. Soul Much Musik

    This song gets me out of bed in the morning