Chuck Berry - Have Mercy Judge Lyrics

Have mercy, I'm in a world of trouble now
I'm being held by the State Patrol
I am charged with traffic of the forbidden
And I almost finished doing my parole
Now, I'm on my way back down town
Somebody help me, have mercy on my soul

I go to court tomorrow morning
And I got the same judge I had before
Lord, I know he won't have no mercy on me
'Cause he told me not to come back no more
He'll send me away to some stoney mansion
In a lonely room and lock the door

Ow! Have mercy on my little Tulane
She's too alive to try to live alone
And I know her needs
And although she loves me
She's gonna try to make it
While the poor boy's gone

Somebody should tell her to live
And I'll understand it
And even love her more
When I come back home

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Chuck Berry Have Mercy Judge Comments
  1. Matt P

    And he did send him to a stoney mansion

  2. Matt P

    Racist judge.. He even said one less n!"#:! Perverting the white girls or similar as he passed guitly plea. Mans act.. Only guy in 90 yrs to be charged. Bs! Hail hail chuck berry!!!!

    Caz Gerald

    It's the Mann Act, not Mans. There have been numerous people convicted of the Mann Act, even in recent years.

    The Appellate Court agreed that Chuck Berry received an unfair trial because of the judge's remarks, and ordered a new trial. Chuck was convicted in the second trial and lost the appeal for the second trial. Here's the court's opinion from the second appeal


    Chuck turns in a Blues master piece here. Dig the emphasis on the ''same judge I had before''