Chronixx - Rastaman Wheel Out Lyrics

Rasta man wheel out
And know you have it there
Rasta man wheel out
And come over here
Officer ease out, don't you have no fear?
Officer ease out and don't you judge me by my hair

I was yadding down the lane
And I buck up in an old blue seem
And he ask why my eye so red
I said it's the good old cally green

Rasta man wheel out
And know you have it there
Rasta man wheel out
And come over here
Officer ease out, don't you have no fear?
Officer ease out and don't you judge me by my hair

Him see my hair have tie like a Taliban
And him swear seh mi got it man
And him a search fi a spliff couldn't find it
Never know seh mi is a challis man
This a no recent thing and a no Chronixx one
It is an ancient tradition
It is a gift to the wise
And a long time dem a scheme in a Afghanistan
Indian and Pakistan, not to mentioned African
The best thing weed in a west indies
Burning by the rivers of babylon
Westmoreland have the baddest one
Weh send yo brain pon a magic corp
So mister office meck wi talk yaw
Because a the same one in a Chronixx pon

I've being steaming from morning
Till my eyes got red
And I don't got no money
What can I do for my self

Rasta man wheel out
And know you have it there
Rasta man wheel out
And come over here
Officer ease out, don't you have no fear?
Officer ease out and don't you judge me by my hair

I was walking down the street
And I buck up in a old DC
He said that's the smell of the good old trees
Rasta man what can you do for me

Rasta man wheel out
And know you have it there
Rasta man wheel out
And come over here
Officer ease out, don't you have no fear?
Officer ease out and don't you judge me by my hair

Regular walking pon Sunday morning
Everything nice and ease
Mi just charging fi go a mi yard
Fi go put on mi rice and peas
One Martinique up the road wid me and the old blue seem
All who fret up on get release already
So DC don't disturb my peace

Officer ease out cause money no grow pon tree
Officer ease out after you no cunning like me
And him seh rasta man ease out
Don't run up in the jeep
And I say officer cool out
Yo cyaa faster than me

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  1. Giordano Romoli


  2. Ticha-Ticha Kawuki

    Much love from Uganda 🇺🇬 Kampala Africa

  3. albert Lees

    you cant be steaming and cooking at the same time, now u out on the road a face old babylon

  4. Dave Bottz

    Love d Aroma 🔥

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    He drop d empress not d

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    One of the greatest video eva

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    @[email protected]

    Mohammed Amjed

    [email protected]

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    Respect man

  10. Dismas Ngicho


  11. Ingram Peters

    Crown prince of reggae, Jamar Rolando Mcnaughton. Spanish Town's Finest

  12. paul mendy

    bad artist of all times luv dem yuth man Paul from Gambia

  13. Dancehall and Reggae Music REACTIONS!!

    Still here in 2019

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    Buff things here make me laugh no matter what awful the going on so thank u Fe this, so nice,, even tho........

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  17. leul amorab

    chronixx a young guy mind of 70 yr old wise guy, who saved roots reggae from becoming extinct. this song C L A S S I C !!! hope one to visit Jamaica

  18. Jah Ni Morghan

    i wonder what you have just given yo friend

  19. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Smiling big Love always bless!

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    Real Africa life style. Reggae music to the max. Too much chronixx

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  25. Official Artiste Grabbadan Weekly TV

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    Looks like some life, peaceful happiness.


    Africa ,Jamaica and rasta love self people and the creator blessings.

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