Chronixx - Protect My Soul Lyrics

If mi no live till mi old and dead
Mi a full joy life while mi young
If mi no live till mi pass hundred
Mi a full joy life while mi young

Suh oh Jah, protect my soul
Protect my soul
A whole lot a pagans a pree mi from yo rise mi
But show dem a God control

Oh Jah, Jah, protect my soul
Protect my soul
A whole lot a pagans a pree mi from yo rise mi
But show dem a God control

[Verse 1:]
Jah protect mi every step weh mi meck
Step weh mi meck and every single breath weh mi tek
Yow a lightening, pon every devil in a flesh
Yow dem a pree fi si yo settle in a mess
So when dem come around here wid dem evil promoting
Hey let dem know we are the most high chosen
They'll never every live to see wi body frozen
Most high God wi give wi soul king


[Verse 2:]
As I walk through the valley of the shadows of death
Fear no evil all dem a send threat
Dem cyaa meck wi sit down and fret
None a dem can't meck wi sit down and fret
Yow it's a concrete jungle out there
Don't take wi simple through wi humble out there
A whole lot of mouth wi have to feed out there
If dem try fi eat wi food out there

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 1]

[Chorus x2]

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Chronixx Protect My Soul Comments
  1. ZymixProductions

    Sounds like in 1:58 the Artist is saying (Reparations) in the lyrics they wrote (Relations) Did anybody else hear this? Please let me know what you heard.

  2. Robert Williams

    This is wicked!
    This is Pure Fire!

  3. meda weer

    Still 2019.🌷from.🇱🇰

  4. Orlando Brown

    King in the making

  5. Kevin Austin

    Anytime a song reflects or resonates with the listeners it would forever be etched in the minds of those on that frequency...
    This song will travel the distance

  6. Shaakira Najam

    My soul wanted this song this mawnin

  7. Arthur Zidek

    Quinta Roots - Curió - Fortaleza CE - Brazil

    Mikael Barbosa

    o melhor da cidade!! sequência titi roots!

  8. Black Moonflower

    I’m still banging this! 🖤👑💃🏽

  9. ReGgAnDo A ViDa CoM AmOr

    reggae massa .. dahora. ki vibe .viajei na melodia no comeco da musica kkk. goods vibes

  10. Vanessa Souza de Oliveira

    Peeeeeeedra 💚❤💛

  11. Nicholas Ashby

    What's the name of this riddim anybody?

  12. Michael Robles

    My local dispensary Brought me Here!😉👍💯... 'Big fan now'

  13. Lynette Dukes


  14. Angela Maria

    Escutando essa musica e viagem de mais🍀🍁🍁

  15. Angela Maria

    Massa brasil fortal


    No lie, though, this the JAMS💣💣💣💣


    Nah worries we spread the music of greatness here in the 808. Huuuuuraaaaahjaaah

  18. Uptwn Dntwn

    Nare', fire, consciously irie. Jah lives, gota👊

  19. She1000 Steppin

    2019 and still listening; this sound sooooooo.... mad and never get the real forward it deserve??!!!

  20. Conrad Yukio

    I feel this in my soul

  21. pacosilecta

  22. Father Forgive us

    Love this jam

  23. Auwiz Kayne

    best best keep it 🎸🔥🔥🔥🔥 protoje

  24. Jody Ramsingh

    I vow to protect my own in this jungle we roam...wit the blessin of rastafari....blazing

  25. Danilo Saldanha


  26. Pablo Valverde

    A cachete solo buenas vibras!!!

  27. Jazer James

    Song starts at 0:24

  28. Jazer James

    I always play this song on my radio

  29. Nathan Taylor

    Sharp like the thorn crown pon christ head , but you know the flow hard dough like sliced bread , lyrics melt the butter fi make a nice spread , butter no margerine , I put the margin in and stretch the margin out and if you marching out , and you inna doubt you march without me , I'd rather march alone than fi march back home, tell mi queen seh me lost the throne , no this was built on the power of the truth , discovering the cowards and empowering the youths if you give them a minute them devouring the fruits , and within an hour call it sour chappy roots you know , see it , no skill like bibbi pon mi feet , but drop me pon di rhythm watch di clarity me speak dem no parity between what we have and what we need , so strength out to the wise and protection for the weak ....

  30. Malgas Lauret

    👆number one 👌

  31. RawLyfe Musiq

    this song bad no rass

  32. Morgane Ceulebroeck

    x fons vdb

  33. Morgane Ceulebroeck

    dikke skijf aaaaa

  34. Brandon Persad

    nuff raspect to proteje bless

  35. Co Trey4l

    Jah Rastafari we go rise

  36. whatif

    A classic tune

  37. akpnw76

    The youth will teach the wise. Jah Rastafari

    Dereck Lambert

    Love this song

  38. Fatimah Jones

    @logodogo#Peace Indeed....

  39. Deanielle Green

    And look who's back again to comment on this amazing song... Flow hardough like slice bread! #GoodVibes #ProtectionFiDiWeak #StrengthToTheWise

  40. charles carvin

    big tym hit look nd dont touch aaaooooh

  41. DaTreze MC's

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇯🇲🍁😑

  42. Feinth Blanc

    coulda #neva be a prooooo to gay!!!


  43. Deanielle Green

    Still in love with this song...The vibe, the blend, the lyrics... Buss couple blanks and hol' a medz #GoodTunes

  44. Jewel Love


  45. Dj Khronic-Ja PromoTv JA

    how this nav a video to it..?

  46. JakeTheDog

    Some of the lyrics are wrong..Btw this song is fucking awesome I want to know why it doesnt get more recognition


    Still my favourite song..My fucking jam ❤❤

  47. Dub Proof

    i love this song!

  48. Adisa Cumberbatch

    didn't even realise👍

  49. Adisa Cumberbatch

    reparations and such.good job though

  50. AAR suufi

    Proteje knows what the hell him doing from day one, give thanks for the soul full vibez,

  51. pleasing1975

    is this a sample from John Holt Police ina Copter

    valentin garcia

    uhm, no?

    Tyler Bergeron

    It's the same chords and when he performs it live he sings Police in Helicopter honoring John Holt

  52. Deanielle Green

    nuff respect mortimer!!!!!! i pray God blesses you and your work love.

    Daniel Kalulu

    releast talk, da yut him ah maaaaad

  53. natalie punyarit

    At this moment in my life this is Too True

  54. rajae bandoo

    Cuz out here in dis jungle we roam, every king has his throne, but if u enter I zone, I vow to protect I own!

  55. HistoriasDeUnGamer


  56. Lola Santiago

    Great song!

  57. sasuke naruto

    give taanks