Chronixx - Like A Whistle Lyrics

Can you hear me when I say
Put your lighters in the air
Lighters in the air
If you know your heart clean like a whistle
Like a whistle
Heart clean like a little Whistle

Me and me bredda dem good
Me never grudge Teflon
Family me deal wid
Me bun yes man
Ina interview them ask nuff question
Dem want know weh me born
And weh me come from

Tell dem
DeLa Vega same time
Dehso me born right on di trainline
Ten and a Half say Chronixx a game time
And if a bread and a half
Me say me will share mine with them

Share it like a good news
Cause me love me family like a cook food
Late ina hours a night we cook food
Every plate affi full up a rice and good stew

So let me see some lighters
From you know say you feel alright
Me say love defeat all evil
Dah song yah affi clean heart people

hear me when I say
Put your lighters in the air
Lighters in the air
If you know your heart clean like a whistle
Like a whistle
Heart clean like a little Whistle
clean like a whistle
Like a whistle
Heart clean like a little Whistle

Easy nuh shades no watch no face Daddy Barnes
Clean like a whistle and a same so we born
Yuh believe ina me and everywhere me perform
People a see say ono dear to me heart
zion, Kelisa dont say a word
Zinc fence dem cant say we sound never work
Teflon all a di crown dem a yours
Couldn't help but fi write it down ina words
Because me certain ono nah trade me fi none a di pearl dem
Nuff people a walk pon road ina clean clothes
But dem heart it want detergent.

So mek me see some lighter
If you know say you feel alright
And me say love defeat all evil
Dah song yah afi clean heart people

hear me when I say
Put your lighters in the air
Lighters in the air
If you know your heart clean like a whistle
Like a whistle
Heart clean like a little Whistle
clean like a whistle
Like a whistle
Heart clean like a little Whistle

Easy yuhself enuh Esah
Every cake yes yuh afi get a piece ah
Settle yuhself Kesnande, callico
Easy Jahcoola
Memba yuh tell me fi straight like ruler

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Chronixx Like A Whistle Comments
  1. Sidy mouhamed Seck

    Jah bless old Time Love and armony and armony and bless old

  2. young boss

    if your heart clean like whistle drop a like

  3. Kascia Walters

    2019 Heart clean like a whistle ❤️❤️

  4. Frederick Atanley

    Dread whistle

  5. Jahceel_

    2019 October?

  6. inote inote

    Sound new to me 2019 september

  7. Krysto Snare

    Ya man. Real vibe

  8. Ann Andersson

    Whissle more 🔥🌎🌍🌏💫

  9. Derek Mohammed

    Heart mind an soul clean

  10. Benaldinho Masaba


  11. Tashni J

    Heart Clean like a whistle

  12. Bentos Lucian

    Love defeat evil. 2019 let me see some like/light💧💧💧

  13. Chakula Kimani

    Give thanks for the messages you convey to us. Jah bless.

  14. troy adrian

    probably cause it name clean like a whistle

  15. troy adrian

    this song so well mixed

  16. I am Capochino

    This song lives forever🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Heyo

    Clean like a whistle

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    Fell in love with this.

  19. miss London

    Amazing  u  all  I missed sum day  💚💙🖤❤🧡🖤💗💝🖤🧡💛🖤💓💖🖤💟❣

  20. gamehackerYT gamehackerYT

    This song sound when u driving early in the morning with the cool breeze

  21. COOCOnation

    2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Trippy Sitt True man

    Who still here in 2k19 clean sinds the beginning like if you still clean like a whistle

    Shianne Thomas


  23. Ronny ten Holder

    One love

  24. Tana Rowe


  25. bernard forde


  26. B 008

    Nuff ppl walk in clean clothes ...but their hearts dirty....or sometime their minds jus too corrupt & Sinikin!!!!!!!💔😫💔💔💔💔💔💔💔🔪🔪🔪😅😇

  27. ADRIAN Passley

    2019 and still fire🔥🔥

  28. Staffy Lover

    positive vibrations

  29. Yasmin S

    Clean heart ❤

  30. Crisonya Powell

    There's Nothing Called "CAN'T" But There's Something Call "I CAN"!!!!

  31. teetah love.


  32. Bonkanyde's Verse

    lighters in di air, no tough talk

  33. Shotta Mar

    Love this song

  34. Ari the girl that sucks at everything

    This song needs more views it's such a lovely song ❤

  35. Tony Brown

    Love it clean and pure

  36. Ismaila Njie

    Dutty heart but the song is belong to heart clean people

  37. Frank Banda

    Love defeat all evil

  38. Jesus come to my lifr Sippi

    Germany love you so much

  39. Jesus come to my lifr Sippi

    big song chronixx you are the best world wide

  40. Oh So Crispy #Let'sDoThis #Let'sDoThis

    2018 and still get💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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    1000% Ratings 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Clean my heart jah

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    selassie i, jah rastafari

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    Love you

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    🎵🎵Ina interview dem ah ask nuff questions🎵🎵

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  47. Serena Potter

    saw him live on saturday. he was amazeballs

  48. Whitfield Joshua

    Listening from Antigua

  49. Leechine

    E ppl dem just corrupt look how e song nice mn

  50. sunflower jam

    My good memories of Jamaica come back to me listening to Chronixx and his beautiful music:)

  51. Dee Dee

    When ur artist have di baddest album out but U still haffi come play di old chune dem. ❤️

  52. Rain Imar

    Lighters in the air

  53. Ira Henvile

    Keep the fate.

  54. zRii jdndj

    Thiz song clean like god mind

  55. Afieshammm vvbb b Paul

    🔥 bun dem haters more chronixx

  56. killa Don Don

    Enjoy all your songs💕💞💗💖

  57. shashamane gaskin

    204 duttymind ppl hate this song

  58. Yanique Sawyers

    204 dislike Uno heart waan detergent

  59. crave me bar Animations


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    yea i'm jamaican go chronixx

  61. tumusiime allan

    am realy clean like a whistle are you jahbless

  62. Josiah Fergus

    Good song cronixx

  63. Papa Lowe

    Please you guys who dislike this song try to listen to the song well if you know your heart clean don’t dislike the song

  64. Vendetta Str8

    i rreally dont understand how someone can dislike this

  65. Ali princess

    Love you chronixx keep up the good music

  66. 0look0in0not0out

    192 hearts weigh/way heavy with bad minding leading to wrongdoings in lifetime and tip the scales of Ma'at against her feather, forever scribed by Djehuti .... keep your heart clean and pure and light as the feather, be well all.

  67. Monica Duprey

    Nobody is perfect but we should strive for that!! Love u Chronix

  68. Kevin Pitham

    This song yah fah clean heart ppl❤️✨

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    2017 🔥🔥

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    romane in a clarendon bad up up

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    This song always makes me cry (memories) baad love it

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    182 dirty heart people don't like the song a who you

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    this sucks rasta

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    Still listening! #cook food😝

  75. t Dawkx


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    fyah !!!::::)

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    dirty heart them need detergent to clean it jah know😎

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    165 dutty heart people dislike this amazing song. do it Chronixx.

  79. Lamin Ndow

    Song for all clean hearts ppl big up and dirty hearts too mi still believe inna you fi change you know

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    bless chronixx

  81. Elijah i Conrod

    up clean heart people

  82. Patrick Moloney

    Just discovered this , and im blown away , love this , beautiful melody , lyrics and sung from real time

  83. Lennox G Lee

    i love this song bro keep it up😮

  84. Tarique Charles

    clean like whistle 2017 loving it

  85. Sarai Bascombe

    150 not clean like a likkle wistle

  86. Ninsiima Muhwezi

    i love this song so much i love u Chronixx


    "di ones wit di dutty heart too, we still believe inna yu, we still have faith inna yu" #BLESSUP

  88. Brandon Cabralis


  89. blair smith

    heart clean like a whistle...big tune🎶

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    Love your music chronixx

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    #7Big Tune Respect.......!!!