Chronixx - I Know Love Lyrics

In the beginning
According to the old book say
There was nothing
Then the great spirit came down
And said it, let there be
And there was
That's how it all began, yeah
Yet still we ask
Where did the universe come from?
Everything in existence
From the sky to the depths of the ocean
Every shape, every colour, every pigment
Every sound and every vibration
This old earth, the solar system
Everything you hold so sacred
By the hands of lord we were [?] created

And I know love
Lifted me
And I know Jah Jah, yeah
Set me free
Love break the chains, yes
Set the captives free
Love break the chains
Set the captives free

Wa da da da da da da da

So if there was nothing
Whose voice it was that said let there be light?
Who seperated the day from the night?
Created me, created you?
I believe it was love, oh yes
Still we want to know
Where did the universe come from?
Everything in existence
All yuh temples, yuh mosque and yuh churches
All the saints and the gods that we worship
The holiest of writings
The thunder and the lightning
Everything you hold so sacred
By the hands it flowed, it was created

So I know love, yeah, yeah, yeah
Lifted me
And I know Jah Jah, yeah yeah
Set me free
Love breaks the chains
Love breaks the chains
Set the captives free, yes
Love breaks the chains
Set the captives free

Call it what you may
L-O-V-E can be found in you (can be found in you)
And its all over me
Jah is love no matter the name
It's one and the same


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Chronixx I Know Love Comments
  1. Ras Mamey Flagman Jr

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jah! 🙏🏽❤️ Beautiful

  2. Dancing Dakini

    A guy I have a crush on gave me this album and this!

  3. Suhayb Ahmed

    Who someone Believed has a changed for the bob Marley from the Jamaicain 🇯🇲 Artsy
    I think for me chronixx

  4. Suhayb Ahmed

    Which one do you like Always leasing the song About The chronixx

  5. Sonko Sheriff

    Love from the universe, Humble bro 💞💞💞

  6. lawrence mc farlane

    Look to the east. If you know the truth you know the....... So seh BLESS and BLESSINGS EVERLASTING

  7. julio ceaser

    music that speaks to the soul. one love from Uganda.

  8. Yolanda muiños

    Love chronixx❤

  9. TruckerBoy So_Unique


  10. Charmaine Sister Asheri

    Powerful song chronixx 💋💋💋💞💓💗🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  11. Humble love

    Rajay James. The Boy your music Awoken from Flanka

  12. Mejied Kyrpang

    This song makes me sure of Jah... Long live chronixx...peace be with you

  13. Jah Warrior

    THIS is my favorite song on the album.. but it might not be for alot of people cuz it's deep. ❤️❤️ OneLove. "Jah is LOVE no matter the NAME it's one in the SAME!"

  14. Josephine Baugh

    Ekia dead rip 😞😢

  15. Miche Cloete

    Sending love from South Africa Cape Town , real music for the soul .<3

  16. Tia Lee

    Wow......just wow💙💚☀🌕🐝🌺

  17. Kazmo Musiq

    This song is teaching me a million things
    Big up chronixx every⌚

  18. Kay Mainval

    Swear this song makes me feel at peace every time i listen to it

  19. Haiamai realIST

    this is such a POWERFUL sound. Give thanhks Chronixx.


    I feel so blessed to be part of a generation where great music is created Like this and will be Played for years to come...there is definitely more to come from Chronixx...only the beginning

  21. Sydney Muregwi

    peculiar artistry
    dope sweet vibes rocking my bones
    straight outta Zimbabwe

  22. Yaneque Thomas

    Love this song

  23. Edz a'kete.


  24. Vincent Riservato

    This song picks me up <3 LOVE IT !

  25. Vicious Vybezzz

    Young legend

  26. mohammed hardi

    This album is a masterpiece. Chronixx is an amazing artist . Keep inspiring us

  27. Richard Bailey

    Jah bless yes

  28. babyboo9340

    What a beautiful song! “I know love lifted me” yes Chronixx

  29. Orima Alexander

    Nice Music For The Soul !!!

  30. Josephine Baugh

    Hey man you good

  31. Kandidly Keely

    This songs takes me to such a peaceful place. Still

  32. Edz a'kete.

    Free indeed

  33. Mark Starks

    So Good👍🏿

  34. SallyJC

    sneaky :)

  35. DJ Ras Imon

    Love the Vibes !!! Blessed EarthStrong Chronixx Oct. 10, 2018 One Love

  36. Annika Campbell

    I know ❤ lifted me...

  37. Marcell Joiner

    You know kids need dad and mom would is good good

  38. Marcell Joiner

    It tee is kill 😥😥😥

  39. Ness Silva

    This album is a pure blessing🌻
    Much love from Mauritius Island💕

  40. Lashelle Thompson

    Completely inlove with this song 😊💯🔥❤

  41. Annika Campbell


  42. Paula Rob

    Just hearing this for the first time. Beautiful!

  43. Lenox Bradshaw

    Real conscious music

  44. Double Zee

    Chronixx you are awesome! You lift my spirit with these conscious music <3 #straightlove

  45. mitchelle yvonne

    Beautiful Album...what wonderful songs,God bless you!Nothing but L.O.V.E for you Chronixx

  46. Shelley Wellington

    This is such a beautiful song!!!! On repeat 💥

  47. Maneesh Sharma

    Pure love, I LOVE this!

  48. Patience Virtue

    Love the messages in this song. Much thanks to you Chronixx, as well as to your team. Keep up the good works, continue Liberating and comforting Jah children with your enlightening music.

  49. Adama Jarju

    Mi fave in the album

  50. Brian Ngali

    Beautiful music Rasta! much love from the +254

  51. Jason Kamara

    Song makes me breakdown...its really a tool for healing...🔥

  52. J BOURNE


  53. teri qanyi

    Oh wow, how did i miss this channel lovevit

  54. Dirk Sammerson

    This man called CHRONIXX i love him soooo muchhhhh ....... jah guide the man!!!!

  55. Salem Shorunke

    Legendary (speaking from the future!). Keep this spirit! Babylon fall.

  56. Fabian Pencel

    DIVINE i had to comment twice..... Man Get Lost.... This song is a Powerful Song. It's a sort of medication, i get high when i hear the trumpet blowing and i get the goosebumpsl i am sent on a spiritual high when i listen this song over and over again....sigh the potency of music.

  57. Christine Lai


  58. Jannick James

    Love has Found I!❤💚💛

  59. Ash Lee

    I just love this man and his music yes ,literally everyone of Chronixx songs is a hit i doh care what nobody say !! This man is a legend

  60. Toth Mate

    I think some people have a job to dislike videos... cant even imagin how can it be disliked? Thanks for Chronixx, GOD!

  61. Fabian Pencel

    Love oh sweet love Jamar i know you since the foundations of this world its all a matter of time before we sit and chat and smile.. Such a DIVINE song...
    Sing Jamar sing...

  62. Verone Frater

    Great song. You are connected with nature bro. Bless.

  63. Neisha Mack

    And I know love lifted me!

  64. Ophelia Brown

    does anybody else gets emotional listenin to this guy....!!?? i do 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ #musicislife

  65. lawrence mc farlane

    Grammy bound so all fans and SUBSCRIBERS SIMPLY just purchase a copy of the next ALBUM one for the money twice get ready triple let's all go get a copy when its out GRAMMY BOUND...

  66. Gerald Ngagwe

    me luv this song

  67. Nadz doll

    So soothing

  68. Kelli-ann MeChelle

    Wow.....just wow!❤❤❤

  69. Milton Mudzengerere

    I know love...

  70. Marsha James

    it was love

  71. Marsha James

    let there be light

  72. Natalie Ogango

    Love never dies✨. It's the answer!

  73. Patrice Lucio

    This song washes over me like a wave taking with it every bad vibe. Ras you a boss!!!

  74. Dale Grafit

    Everything just blessed

  75. Charmaine Evans

    Chronixx experience "PURE LOVE"

  76. beyoutifulinmyskinChar

    This song is everything, soothing to the ears, soft, sweet and conscientious lyrics!! Big up to one of my favourite artist Chronixx

  77. Rojay Nelson

    Great lyrics

  78. dijonay971

    Beautiful song, Chronixx is gifted.

  79. Serenity Child

    Beautiful song

  80. thickness791

    This song just gives me a feeling i cant explain...touch me deep deep deep

  81. André Williams

    Indeed this is a powerful song.
    General Chronixx up!!!

  82. laura nawire

    This album is everything good summed up in one... real talent combined with effort and blessings

  83. Phil-Jay Whyte

    I give this album a 4.7/5 rating

  84. Nevia Spencer

    This album is a healing for my soul...omg thanks chronixx

  85. Rolion Music

    i'll always love chronixx music and he'll always be my number 1 fan.

  86. Mariah Ray

    This album, damn! Wow

  87. JaniceMcIntosh

    Christina could beat herself now. Some of us have no vision.

  88. Aseif Francis

    This is such a good body of work.

  89. Richard Atkins

    Properly on point, it will never end as long as that repeat button exists... bless brethren..

  90. UY SCUTY

    Cool and calm ..natty dread ✌

  91. Anthony Martin

    wow well done Chronixx GREAT music , keep up the great work this is the type of music that can be played any and everywhere thank you Chronixx .

  92. Ali's Dream

    That was BEAUTIFUL and TRUTHFUL❤

  93. CapoMusicOfficiel

    outa saint lucia

  94. Iyepha Biggot

    This man is sending me Madddddd....the best thing thing since Bob Marly.... #MyPharaoh

    Fitzbert Alleyne

    Iyepha Biggot this album mad>💣💣💣💣

  95. Qudian Burke

    This takes the album for me, its the purest representation of the CREATOR and all created

  96. Tami Mia

    if i love this song one more time..jah know i'm hooked

  97. Brown Sugar k

    Wonderful Album from beginning to End

  98. MusiqGenius x

    This is my favorite song in the album behind Smile Jamaica. Thank you. Jah Bless

  99. ChronixxMusic

    Thanks for listening. Chronology album out now

    Anderson.C Greaves

    ChronixxMusic vibes nice, keep up the wonderful work. 🙏🏽 Blessings 🙏🏽

    Nicosie Dummett

    My jr staff bought me this CD knowing I'm a total "fan girl" 🙈 dwl & never getting tickets etc. Best gift I've gotten in ages. Chronixx is gifted. When I get rich I'll hire him for my bday- if he does lowly work such as that! Well done youth! Well proud of u. PS no partiality- listened to both Stony Hill & Chronology back to back- ❤both, but in my mind it wasn't even close. #NoShade #Blessings & keep making good music.

    Nick Gregoire

    Chronixx yu come out HOT!!!!!!

    Josephine Baugh

    God we thank for we have food we have kid and we have mom and dad

    Ras Mamey Flagman Jr

    Beautiful this one Big Bredda 🙏🏽❤️ Jah bless Itinualy. One Love