Chronixx - Christina Lyrics

Hey you kids down there, throw your hands in the air

Look what late nights did in the studio did for me
My stupid songs all paid off eventually
So sad you couldn't see this was my destiny
Maybe if you were there in the studio next to me
Then you would seethis is what makes me happy
Instead you look at me like boy you're fast asleep (Nah, girl)

Oh Christina
I still believe in me and I'm a dreamer
But now I'm walking in my dreams
Oh yeah, Christine
Tell me who you see when you turn on your tv

I'm no star and awards nuh mean shit to me
All this time it was not about the money
And listen me honey, I'm where I'm supposed to be, (ah yeah)
Wouldn't it be sweet
If I had gone to that old university
Dispose my verses and versatility
Exchange it for a life in working class society
Nah, girl

Oh dear Christina
I still believe in me and I'm a dreamer
But now I'm walking in my dreams
Oh yeah, Christine
Tell me who you see when you turn on your tv, girl (yeah)

Now listen up young ones and listen up young folks
Don't take talent and your dream for no joke
And a nuff roads to choose so choose the right road
Make the wrong turn and when you grow old
That will come back to haunt you
Tell it to you mother and your father and your aunt too
Tell them you can be anything that you want to
Any love a nuh love if fi your dreams nuh really want you
Mi granny tell me say nuh follow nobody
Chronicle tell me say nuh follow nobody
Him say son be anything jah man weh you want be
And don't go follow no other people pickney
See't deh, Christine gone and fulfill her destiny
And man ah lock down stage down inna every city
Zincfence and Genius in the lab with Tory
Oh gosh, what a happy story, ease

Oh dear Christina
I still believe in me and I'm a dreamer
But now I'm walking in my dreams
Dream long and dream on


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Chronixx Christina Comments
  1. Mlchael Wray


  2. Christina Francis


  3. Wooosh me Ur gay

    Anybody else dad told them ti listen to it
    And lowkey kinda like it

  4. Christine Plummer

    Christine... :)

  5. infinite me

    Love love love this song...Christiana please don't doubt

  6. Christine Ries

    Yeah ... I love him for this song 😘

  7. O.A.C Pet Vault

    I still believe in me and am a dreamer...

  8. Jermarco Britton

    Love this song. I hear Raphael Saadiq all up and through this.

  9. msangieluzu

    The baseline for this song is SICK 🙌🏿🖤✊🏿

    Tiquane Small

    Omg ikr! Impeccable !

  10. Reece Richards

    I believe EVERY man has met his Christina in life, My Christina's name was Britney God bless her heart.

  11. KillUKrue

    my mother passed at 60 and her name was Christina thank you chronixx much love

  12. Gueye Maty

    Chrnoxx God bless you more

  13. pahz place many times as I've listened to this song, I really wasn't listening to his words, as it was the beat that drew me in. But it was a petty mf that brought it to my attention that the song involved him speaking to someone that he was no longer with, or whatever. I actually just heard him say, "my stupid songs paid off eventually".........which was hilarious!!! Personally, I do not know why people are so caught up in making music or incorporating their anger towards whomever in their work that they've invested energy into. I can see if he said this to her face, but to make a whole song about someone that didn't respect what he possessed is a waste of time. As I'm sure that she can see for herself that his stupid songs paid off......eventually. I don't know how anyone can repeatedly think about anyone who was a thorn in their life.......(whether mentally or physically) once they are gone. I find that doing something as such is equivalent to handicapping yourself. Once that bitch is gone, (male or female) let em goooooooooooooo, as whatever occurred to bring about division is a plus! trust

  14. HEARTLESS thugs passion


  15. Victor Gibbs


  16. Luke Quiggan

    had a christina now she wants to come back.wat can i do

  17. martha Kellel


  18. Alan Smith

    Selassie could bring lite to darkest time cum wid it man

  19. Christina Campbell

    🎶Christina....i still believe in me.

  20. marigi

    All this time it was not about the money.

  21. Christina Bekko

    My name..

    Malcolm Odhiambo

    I still believe in ME

  22. Verone Frater

    I smile at this song. Words are so true. Remind me of the talents given to those in the good book. Some used theirs and gained the one who got one was upset and disposed of it, hence losing it. True words Chron Chron.

  23. bec jol

    Chronnix ,you are awesome!

  24. Delavi

    This one is big

  25. Delavi

    Grammy tune

  26. Peter Muthee

    cant wait fi ur arrival wans again 2 code 254 on 21st dis month
    an awesome album mahn

  27. Joran Voss

    Love this song

  28. Zim Sheldon

    Since chronixx sing this song my x from since primary school days gives i&i talk jah know star dem empress carry feelings for the rastaman still big up chronixx make d empress dem gwan irie for d rastaman

  29. Christine Lai


  30. Jesus come to my lifr Sippi

    please keep doing good music

  31. Fabian Pencel

    Christina .... I wonder if you hear Jamar Mcnaughton... It wasn't about the hype.... It was about you standing next to the brother, but life goes on. Life is a mystery that much i can say i am glad my girl standsby my side on my musical journey. As for you Christina Jamar is a household name both locally and internationally. Such is life..... Keep singing Jamar "KING CHRONIXX" till we meet.

  32. Bea Marie

    Love this song

  33. Lindokuhle Msibi

    *locked on repeat*..every morning preparing myself for the day

  34. lawrence mc farlane

    Actually quarter million subscribers make us all create history everyone buy a copy of the next album and play a ting name walk away with the next grammy simple go get it when its out alright RASTA VIBTATION...

  35. Patty R

    You dropped the ball #christina, you gone learn TODAY!!!

  36. sam gachago

    i listen to you every morning, big up

  37. Pascal Westfield

    2018 n beyond stra88 784

  38. Quidi-Ann King

    One of absolute favourite. Simply amazing

  39. Khemar Reid

    Love da song ya yu fuck!!! This goes out to the girls that didn't think you would amount to anything now they see you shining and want to come back...#djkhalidvoice congratulations you played you self💯🔥

  40. Leopold Di Lion

    Yo mi Vex di man #chronix no get him grammy! #chronology

  41. Tasha Gaye Bailey

    Looove this album, bless up Chronixx

  42. AuthenticBlackBeauty

    Christina gave you a hit dude and great testimony for the rest of us to sure up ourselves when we are pursuing our dreams and the doubters and naysayers try to stop us.

  43. AuthenticBlackBeauty

    This song is so real ... Chronixx is so real. "Look at me now Christina"

  44. Renae Wilson

    Love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ chronixx makes music worth listening to again...

  45. Eric Murphy


  46. I’mian NoLimitHustle Siler

    Free soul love it

  47. laura nawire

    Haaah, imebidi ma-Christina wote wamejitetea

  48. Adrien Richards


  49. JaniceMcIntosh

    Christina a beat herself now

  50. Malaka Youth Official

    sweet song

  51. King Dale

    Big up supercat

  52. King Dale

    song is straight fiyyyaaaa!!!

  53. Oma Am

    Bro Man, like your venture into different music types. Keep up the Iry blessing.

  54. Richard Atkins

    "I still believe in me, and I'm a dreamer now I'm walking in my dream"

  55. Sisters forever Candy

    my name is christina

  56. Real Empress Yudah

    Off to my beautiful island of 🇯🇲and this Chronology album will be blasting from my car 🔊 🔊 👊🏿💚💛❤️

  57. Chris Faisal

    Christ in a man....powers of selassi I rastafarai

  58. thatjahmaicagirl *

    Christina miss out big time Chronixxx.

  59. Gabriella Gabby

    i would die if chronixx and skip marley do a song together

    Real Empress Yudah

    Gabriella Gabby how about a Chronixx and Samory I collab? That would be 🔥

    laura nawire

    Gabriella Gabby I'd be buried right beside you, that's some mad talent

  60. Kemist Rice N Peas Jamaican kitchen

    real words chase the the the dream...

  61. Latoya Frank


  62. Jeremiah Rosado

    FYA AAA!

  63. John Blaze

    Chronixx you are a blessing to the world

  64. Livingston Davids

    Big tune (Christina)

  65. Roger De Souza


  66. DMOW 93

    Christine oh girl

  67. Bluntest Sweetheart

    Christina is pissed.

    El's Baking and Cooking

    Bluntest Sweetheart lol


    she is prolly rethinking her life. He loves her tho

  68. Oh Sensemilla The Healing Of The Nation

    Am in love with Christina tnq Chronixx for understand me

  69. Stuck in Ohio

    Zincfence sounding like a jamband here! Love it! More please!

  70. Larrybwoy

    Much love from Romania Chronixx !! Keep it up, you bring back good reggae !!

  71. shirleyharriott

    Love this Album 💯👍🏿

  72. Chrissy Samuels

    LOL! loving this song because it has my name in it. Got to love it although he is not using my name positively.

    West Bank

    Chrissy Samuels 😹

  73. K Muse

    I love my Brother Chronixx

  74. Christina Heera

    Some Christina's believe in you Chronixx ❤ Big up to all the Christina's that support your music 👌 #Maddddd

    Lindokuhle Msibi

    Don't just support your mans dreams too 'Christinas'..dreams which might not be music haha

    pahz place




    Kristine sang

    A proud Christine 😊😊😊

  75. Marlakay Henry

    That bassline is dread and terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    pahz place

    I swear that is the only reason I was into this song. I never really listened to the words

  76. Jamaicalove

    Wow! Haha! No more Suzette and Sharon. It's Christine. LOL. Christina. HAHA.

  77. André Campbell

    Di Genius production 👊

    T- Whizz

    best thing since slice bread!!!

  78. T- Whizz

    Big chune!! Bless up #DIGENIUSMUSIC on a awesome production again!!!

  79. Peter Crawford

    Christiana you miss the star LOL

  80. RastA wayz

    yoo its funny how u n joey are my favorites

  81. Gambian Music Art

    Getting this album now!!

  82. Gambian Music Art

    I can't stop listening to this song!!!

  83. ChronixxMusic

    Give thanks for listening. Can get Chronology album here

    Shame Taimu

    Great music. You make us great again.

    Renado Buckley


  84. Tinomudaishe Mabhiza

    whole album on repeat....chronixx u too much my bredda dat..big op to man lyk Jamar.

  85. Ackeem Crandex

    I don't like this riddim with your flow.

    Amut Ragal

    Ackeem Crandex keep it to yourself.


    +Amut Ragal 😂😂ikr

    Omar Whyte

    Sound like something Christina would say to him

  86. CP1 Records


  87. Daniel C


  88. Christina T

    Not all christinas are doubter. believed in u from early. bless up!

    Chrissikins M

    yuh see it! : ) True ting yah.

    duwane allen

    Lmao. Christinas out here clearing their name 😂

    Chaotic Kris


    Chaotic Kris

    A you break the man heart...dwl....a

    Daniel Eugene

    Lol much love Christina ❤

  89. thatjahmaicagirl *

    Listen young folks don't take your talent for no joke

  90. samdigeni mystery tv

    Now not even listen every song and can definitely say this is my fav song #torture ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🇯🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️

    Mark Watson

    samdigeni mystery tv over skankin

  91. Keyboard Viking

    chronixx mad love from the UK... big up and keep em coming!

  92. neversaynever

    from day 1i said this youth not normal time will tell the story

    Amut Ragal

    neversaynever very talented and versatile

    pahz place

    well based on what you've said here. I'm guessing that being normal is not the thing to be. As normal basically describes those that are aiming to mimic and be like others vs being themselves ........and the pattern and interest repeats itself, time after time after time! Producing the same "norm" decade after decade after decade.

    kevonne williams

    neversaynever it

  93. Imran Senior


    FaZe Nun

    mine too.

    Lindokuhle Msibi

    My favorite too..just can't get enough of it

  94. thug Love

    You always make my day for me jamal large up truly blessssssed! !!

  95. soulchild85

    nuff Christina deh bout lol... but even christinas serve a purpose...
    live the vision young Legend. #Anotherhit.


    soulchild85 Real Talk.

  96. lilly & Ella cook show thomas

    yes do it me don