Chromatics - Time Rider Lyrics

Nursery stories out of rhyme
Chasing faces lost in time
Seven children dream of sleep
Losing count of hours to keep
Singing songs from yesterday
It's got to feel so good to get away
Lonely hearts club left behind
There's no shame in pain, there's only time
Time rider
He's just a whisper away from you
Paris is burning
We drip like the rain tonight

Broken watches keep the time
Chasing heartbeats just like mine
Every streetlight deep in glow
Blinking blue, green and yellow
Singing songs of yesterday
It's got to feel so good to get away
Lonely hearts club left behind
There's no shame in pain, there's only time
Time rider
He's just a whisper away from you
Paris is burning
We drip like the rain tonight

Broken engines, burning gas
Every moment from my past
Making time for being late
Buried neatly under gates
Singing songs of things to come
It's got to feel so good to come undone
Lonely hearts club left behind
There's no shame in pain, there's only time
Time rider
He's just a whisper away from you
Paris is burning
We drip like the rain tonight
Time rider
Can I take your hand?
I wanna ride with you
Into the storm

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Chromatics Time Rider Comments
  1. 909rhythm

    Fabulous x

  2. Mohammad ghanbari

    Love from Iran to chromatics💙

  3. Sean Gatchell

    For the 7 children left in the remnants. Nice riding with you, team.

  4. Jae White

    Chromatics ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶

  5. Ben Gallia

    Who are you invoking?

  6. 354Entertainment

    this is a Masterpiece of Music!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Michael Williams

    Marvelous artistry. Bravo.

  8. boltspeedman21

    I'm a little late to the party... found Chromatics recently by listening to Cherry... and damn, when I heard Time Rider I knew, this is my FAVORITE reason to listen to new music, I just can't feel the same way I feel when I first hear a new song that just clicks in my brain and I vibe with...... Crazy how some other human created this amazing music that when I, another human listens to it... I fucking love it..... P&H for everyone... Peace and Happiness

  9. zhao qiaoqiao

    好 很好

  10. Matthew Covey

    I love this one. You have no idea how much you have shaped my life. Thank you

  11. Allison VP

    meu deus, e essa produção de clipe? que perfeição!!!

  12. Jo LD


  13. Strange Powers

    is it me or is this basically synthwave? not a complaint, fan since 2011. I love it.

  14. Sadvakasov Naza

    Windswept 2.0

  15. Zoe Stamou

    Chromatics <3

  16. brandon bentley


  17. Игорь Каширин

    Классная тема!!!

  18. zhao qiaoqiao

    好喜欢这位音乐者 喜欢

  19. Billy

    I could listen to them all day and be perfectly happy. So atmospheric and amazing

  20. Ian P

    Dear Tommy, when?

    Italians Do It Better Music

    as soon as johnny hands us the masters we are uploading that monster. what we've heard is absolutely amazing

    Ian P

    Italians Do It Better Music you think it’s gonna happen before this year? I promise I will keep my mouth shut 🤐

  21. Nash's #1 fan

    Missed you guys! I feel like im seeing an old friend after a good amount of time

  22. Zodiac Bride

    Love it, looking forward to the UK tour!

  23. DEE Dee

    Supreme music and Ruth..

  24. Artemis

    Amazing! This is for me, feels like....

  25. Pav

    ... tingles all over my body... I feel alive and in love .... Thank you Chromatics! Love from London. xxx

    Italians Do It Better Music

    see you at the roundhouse in october! xoxo

  26. G T

    I'll said it again this video and song is simply AMaZinG!!!! Luv you guys and Luv Ruth!!! Ouch baby!!!

  27. Jek Lee

    Sick visuals... solid track

  28. Θεραπευτική Κάνναβη

    Be well, as fast as possible baby

  29. Ike Moon

    "there's no shame in pain, there's only time rider" -chromatics

  30. Philippe Cardin

    Absolutly lovely!

  31. Федор Достоевский


  32. Scott Stanley

    I love this little beam light show

  33. snake plissken

    just a whisper away from you

  34. Jérôme Aguas

    Another bomb of chromatics <3 Enjoy! Bisou de Paris <3

  35. lifeanddecay

    "I'm still here... waiting for you"

  36. Sav Rah

    What a song!

  37. sk8urface333

    Chromatics are my biggest inspiration, I hope to be as big and as good as them if not even better, these people changed my life when I saw them live

  38. Shinigami 死神

    I’ve been putting this song on repeat, driving back from work at midnight. Windows down, pedal floored. This song is amazing. This vibe is amazing.

  39. Deep Impact Aykut

    Different. I don't know what it is, but the vibe of chromatics songs is different, it's more than just a song, it's like traveling while sitting.. different...

    Italians Do It Better Music


  40. Lan jacquez


  41. Lan jacquez


  42. Jaclyn Sara

    very interesting

  43. YungSpectroinMTL

    It's 2003, i'm on the highway watching this video on my nokia flip phone. I think this song is going to be the best song of 2003 !

  44. Souhayl A Photographer

    good video !

  45. Riz

    One word - Beautiful

  46. Alan Ordóñez

    Thanks for this, it's beautiful!

  47. j rock d

    Soooo good

  48. J F

    I like this band a lot.

  49. Lan jacquez

    2k19 I am listening .

  50. Jasper Bicknell

    I saw Chromatics live last Tuesday. Absolutely INCREDIBLE live performance, one of the best I've ever seen!! Thanks for the great time 💖

  51. agc

    new music is always good, thanks for the music

  52. DOOM667

    shes gorgeous

  53. Emhyr

    Dang. Love CHROMATICS

    PDX ❤

  54. Jon Durmin

    What the heck happened to "Just Like You"? I miss that track.

  55. Brain Ion

    2:25 T I M E R I D E R 4:00

  56. Sinue Sidarta


  57. Maria Bieniaszewska


  58. R A L P H H A L L


  59. Horváth Gabriella

    This lady is very serious, She has a pain in her eryes - she is really gool, good!

  60. le_petit_ben_69.0

    time rider … love rider … world rider … FANTASTIC SONG !!!

  61. Peter Doyle

    The most underground song/band of the /21st century.

  62. Tav Wiffen

    Can’t wait to see this live/ June 4th in Calgary

  63. Alex Twin

    Descubrí Chromatics por la banda sonora de 'Drive', mi película favorita. 8 años después, es uno de mis grupos favoritos. Su álbum 'Kill for Love' es una p*** maravilla ❤

  64. Jeremy S

    Imagine if this kinda music was mainstream :o

    Bryce Wilson

    That's the beauty of it. If it was mainstream, it would eventually turn to crap.

    Sasha Zoprak

    Please no!

  65. ClamBuster4

    this is about as pure 'chromatics' as you can get

  66. Marcelo Bernardo

    top line!

  67. Renè Galante

    Dear Tommy? Any shows in Italy?

  68. Joanna Galogavrou

    I fucking love you!

  69. Heelloo 94

    I heard that sound in a store.. SHAZAM ! Now i loooove 😍😍❤️❤️

  70. Jay Bee

    Someone please interpret the MV. Is that a candle snuff out mean sleep time,Then color change to blue and pink is it mean dreaming state?

  71. Patrick Nelson

    are the chromatics aware how good theirs songs are?

  72. Travis Kehler

    Finally you’re playing San Diego. It’s good to have something to look forward to. ❤️

    Travis Kehler

    Feel free to add me to your guest list ❤️🤭

  73. Studyroomhk Tutor

    It feels like a novel about time travelling.

    cameron taylor

    It has nothing to do about time travel, it’s about getting high and getting f****d in the ass ... “can I take your hand tonight”

  74. Jerry4050

    This has to be in another Nicolas Winding Refn film

  75. Ethereal Soul

    I want to add this song to my playlist multiple times, I even tried to

  76. Cristi Ion

    After all

  77. LoveREvolution1111


  78. Guillermo López Velarde


  79. Gaby Weirdo

    I was looking for 2019 songs because I was so done with what’s on the radio. I happen to find this song on google and as soon as I listen to it, I fell in love. Ugh, I wish these type of songs were on the radio! 💕

  80. lul zee

    You guys never cease to amaze me. Amazing track and video my friends.

  81. bdockett

    I like the music. I like gazing at Ruth too.. but yeah, the music's good.

  82. Ethan K

    I am tripping ballz

  83. Miraj Joshi

    Woah woah woah my recommendations brought me to this masterpiece. Unbelievable YouTube. Thumbs up !


    THANKS !

  85. Gerald Ewing

    There is movie from 1982 called Time Rider and Muse made a reference to in Knights Of Cydonia. The movie isn't rated R. I am pretty sure this song has nothing to do with the movie but it does work with the movie. You can watch it on You Tube.

  86. Ray W.

    Heard this Great song and band tonight for the first time driving late from a local casino. "Time Rider can I hold your hand and ride with you into the storm". I am again hurled into the world of Driver and Irene. He is the Man with No Name, she no longer hesitates to go with him to that dark place where she needs have no fear. This song IS cinema, from Leone "I knew someone like you once and there was no one there to help" to Brandon Lee "“Mother is the name of god on the lips and hearts of little children" to Driver " I have to go somewhere and I don't think I can come back. But I just wanted you to know. Getting to be around you and Benicio was the best thing that ever happened to me". This beautiful song is to me, the embodiment of the Hero of a Thousand Faces. As I draw nearer to the falling dark and my own days grow short, " I want to ride with you into the storm indeed". Thank you for this treasure!!

  87. Blindfolds And Daggers

    - Blindfolds And Daggers -
    was here

  88. Ding Dong

    She is amazing..

  89. Mister. Magnificent

    this is one of those songs you have to play atleast 5+ times

    Dave Ross

    so pretty much like every other Chromatics song :-)

  90. zos kia

    Excelente canal

  91. Elena Vybornova

    Жгущая, заводная штука!

  92. Yiannis Haloudis

    πολυ ωραιο.............!!!!!!!!!!

  93. agutterfan

    Absolutely beautiful. I adore this.

  94. Christopher Halpin

    Best piece of music Ive heard in about feels like o8 months. Fucking incredible genius music. Oh god take me to her...

  95. iLLEAGLE6

    tronno in may, hell yeah :D

  96. Aman Varindani

    Ideal theme song for "The Sinner - Part 3".