Chromatics - Shadow Lyrics

Shadow, take me down
Shadow, take me down with you

For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

You're in the water
I'm standing on the shore
Still thinking that I hear your voice
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

At night I'm driving in your car
Pretending that we'll leave this town
We're watching all the street lights fade
And now you're just a stranger's dream
I took your picture from the frame
And now you're nothing like you seem
Your shadow fell like last night's rain

For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time

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Chromatics Shadow Comments
  1. Joseph Garrison


  2. Matt

    I had chills when this played at the end of the first episode of Twin Peaks The Return.

  3. AJP Graphics

    This is without a doubt the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life.

  4. Michael Delvalle

    fuck i think im gonna have to rewatch twin peaks

  5. Radim Drexler

    Beautiful song from Twin Peaks Return

  6. Eamon Hanka

    Usually my tastes change....I'm quite fickle like that. Music isn't like football (soccer) to me. With football, you choose a team and that's your team. I can't explain it or justify it - it's just the way it is. With music or bands, it's weird, you can love one album and hate the next. All I can say is....I listened to this song two and a half years ago at the end of part 2 of Twin Peaks: The Return, and I thought then - and still do - it is a work of pure, transcendental beauty and I can stay loyal to that for sure. Thank you Chromatics for this.

  7. Xavier Jaramillo

    Luv the song but man is it sad...


    Guitar reef is a gift...


    Lynchissim.... I hear you

  10. James William

    Very Hypnotic.


    Precisely. 🌹❤️🌹

  12. S Rod


  13. Gregg M.

    That’s a work of performance art that is. G

  14. Enrique Jaramillo

    Just awesome, beautiful for a long ride

  15. Stuart Marentette

    Thank you Mr.lynch for inaderventingly introducing me to this.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    the master

  16. The Classic Manila-style

    Michael jordan brought me here, dont known why this is recommended on a bulls vs sonics video

  17. Shannon Lim

    Perfect outro as I watch my boyfriend pack up his sh*t and leave~for the last time~ good riddance!

    Italians Do It Better Music

    bye bye xoxo

  18. majid nogera

    DECADE'S BEST SONG (2010-20)

  19. Janice. Bennett

    Love Twin Peaks and everything about it

  20. Frodo Zorro

    I got a light

  21. Chance

    I envy people who are listening to this for the first time

    Chase Foxwell

    I'm listening for the last time

    Sarah Jane

    I'm here listening for the first time!



  22. Aaron Clements

    Level up the social pyramid

  23. Frodo Zorro

    I am falling in love...

  24. Christopher Diaz

    Who else is here because of the Instagram ad?

  25. かわいい子猫

    Twin peaks love from japan love chromatics!!

  26. IZØKBA - Stay tuned!

    Twin Peaks 3

  27. Archie Good

    Opa Twin Peaks

    In slav counties we luv it!!!!1!

  28. M K

    I unliked this so I could like it again...

  29. Chary junieth Obregon lopez

    Saldra en amoresmodernos

  30. mariages mélancolae

    aurait désiré en Plutôt swings

  31. luigi nicoletta

    L anello del musicista è sempre l anello verde

  32. GarGarComedy

    I hope I'm not just a stranger's dream...but some scientists think we could be, simulations and all that crap🤣


    I wrote this 6 days ago and don't even remember!!!

  33. The WANDARA

    almost there .... you will in fact stay standing and I will just be gone

  34. george sanchez

    instagram ad brought me here...


    My good taste in music brought me here...

  35. Jules Black

    I just started watching Twin Peaks season 3 today, and my god, this song was so breath taking, and has immediately become one of my absolute favorites. I look forward to more Chromatics in my life ❤

  36. Giulia Rossi

    Il testo, il sound.. tutto riporta a Twin peaks! Miglior serie mai creata.. e 25 anni dopo si riconferma la “SERIE” ❤️

  37. Wayne Spence

    Perfect for a relaxing candle lit bath

  38. MrJemoederopeenstokj

    I remember watching Twin Peaks and enjoying this tune in particular, i intended to look it up but didn't. Life was hectic and i forgot, about the show, the music and many other wonderful things. Last night i found Glass Candy, which led me here. Life has come full circle once again. These moments remind me that i can't 'just live in the now'. What lies behind me, will illuminate the path ahead.

  39. Eray Bal

    That was a pornblog in Tumblr :)

  40. Oceansong

    This is a great art thank you for the music

  41. Justafriend

    She looks like Brigitte Bardot.

  42. Joakim Lundgren

    Nico inspired vocals?

  43. Mercedes Worrell

    Doll eyes <3

  44. Jose Real del Coco

    Fendi by Karl

  45. Javiera Francisca morales ortiz

    serie favortia <3 viéndola nuevamente el 2019

    Jesus Vargas Aguilar

    Javiera Francisca morales ortiz, amiga, se puede saber de qué serie es?

  46. Lucas França

    David lynch about twin peaks "for the last time..."

  47. BMO

    Spotify said CHROMATICS was the band i listen to the most in 2019 and this song was played ALOOT. thank you CHROMATICS

  48. Becoming Smith

    The best song from 2017...or whatever year it is

  49. dangypsie

    If I looked long in her eyes ...I would have been hypnotized as Ulysses!

  50. Napoleon M.

    If this doesn't go down in history as one of the greatest songs ever released, the. I don't know what will.

    Dhruva Mahajan

    So damn true. Hands down legendary music

  51. South Central Vic

    The more I listen to here melody the more I fall In Love were here Voice

  52. The Last

    Damn what a beauty (of woman and music)

  53. hitgodingman


  54. pharcyde110573

    I really thought Julee Cruise couldn't be topped, I was so wrong! Hypnotising!!!

  55. Christian Vern

    Trop bon se morceau, je découvre.

    Christian Vern

    Merci beaucoup, Tank you.

  56. Jesse Orozco

    I started loathing to chromatics becasuebof Netflix "The perfection" end titles song "petals" and I'm in love.

  57. Stacey Northrup

    Wonderful ❤️

  58. Curi0u50ne

    Angie’s American Sound Canada brought me here, oh why didn’t Rockstar include this in Worldwide FM or Radio Mirror Park ??!

  59. Enrico V.

    Bang bang bar

  60. Stephen Key

    I'm in love with a shadow person/man theme

  61. Stephen Key

    This was uploaded when the iconic twin peaks the return..... Returned

  62. VVL69

    Твин Пикс Форева!

  63. J J C

    ¿Whats the name of this genero?

    Ono Rourke

    good music

  64. dicecontroller187

    The Chromatics are a Tulpa!!!!!

  65. Nifz

    i love Chromatics and this song so much

  66. Uri ­

    This song is just so simple and yet so beautiful, fits perfectly on Twin Peaks, David Lynch, and all the magic around their characters&woods.... fucking brilliant, love it it totally captures me

  67. gaby Pe

    Quien diría que la usaron para el tráiler de "amores modernos"

  68. by Daniel Chiotis

    For some reason I think that the members of the band look like young Abe Lincolns

    by Daniel Chiotis

    Chromaticly Lincolnized Gents
    and a Wineglass Lady

  69. DIABLIN flowres

    Los amo pendejos!!😘
    ( I love you guys )😘

  70. dicecontroller187

    I see that the reality of THE GIUTARIST is wearing the Theresa Russel Owl ring is once again hidden. The Black Lodge is responsible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Anthony Ferrari

    I can't tell if I'm more nostalgic about Chromatics or about Peaks -- although, for obvious reasons, 2:23 until the last chorus really makes me think about Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive

  72. Peter Assennato

    Damn good, damn good

  73. BMO

    WHY HAS JAMES ALWAYS BEEN COOL?!? $? $?!!?!?!?!? $?!?! (!*! £!&!&! £


    He just has

  74. Dark Star King

    I swear i met her in a DMT trip before.

  75. idid shsj

    Great theme

  76. Paladin Stacker

    For the last time ...

  77. Leo Trainor

    Anything Lynch does is perfection, case in point here.

    Isaiah Romero

    He didnt make this song lmaoo

  78. Lukas Redfield

    pretty woman

  79. Syd De Mizar

    2019 saludos desde Peru ☺👍

  80. Cleverton Alves

    Em uma noitada dessa a musica deve mesmo ser cantada como um segredo.

  81. Markus Elias Haakonsen

    italians DO do it better

  82. neverlessification

    I found this song when I needed it the most.

  83. jmpmo03

    Love this. That ring sums it up.

  84. A Men

    Yes Italians, thanks for doing it all with style. You do it the best!

  85. Starring KYLE MacLACHLAN

    In 100 years all robots will look like her

  86. Shane Canning

    The only good thing about season 3

  87. Khazar Milkers

    The ring at 3:04 looks like the ring of the Black Lodge

  88. Gloria Malaguti


  89. Edson Nakamoto

    This song brings me a huge inner peace! So nice... 😌

  90. M Marques

    I miss Twin Peaks so hard!

  91. jay tezzytv

    Still thinking of twin peaks me too x

  92. Werner Mueller


  93. Cak Redi

    I'll make sure whenever this is playing, fire will walk with me.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    the birds sing a pretty song

    Napoleon Solo

    @Italians Do It Better Music and there's always music in the air...