Chromatics - Petals Lyrics

She's the angel on
Top of the tree
Sugar heart here she comes
She's gonna fall on me

She's the grace of this world
She's too pure
For the likes of this world
This world is a whore

Tear the petals off of you
And make you tell the truth
Tear the petals off of you
Oh, it's all mine and
Hey it's all mine and
Hey it's all mine

I never knew what I could be
Oh the darling buds of May
They fall with no sound
They carry you down
They carry you down
Tear the petals off of you
And make you tell the truth

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Chromatics Petals Comments

    She's the angel

    On top of the tree
    Sugarheart here she comes
    She's gonna follow me
    She's the grace of this world
    She's too pure
    Pull the lights of this world
    This world. This a whore
    Tear petals off of you
    Then make you tell the truth
    Tear petals off of you
    Oh, it's all mine now
    Hey, it's all mine now
    Hey, it's all mine
    I never knew what I could be
    Pull the darling back to me
    They fall with no sign
    They carry you down
    They carry you down
    Tear petals off of you
    And make you tell the truth

  2. K Loveandpeace

    Gorgeous gorgeous!!! Loved the movie and adored this song!! BRAVO!!!🥰

  3. Speckled Legs

    This song is *perfection*

  4. Zero Dawn

    Dude I'm in Heaven

  5. Velvet Blue

    Amo Chromatics e Hole ❤ Perfeição!

  6. tape80

    My god.... Awesome music

  7. 100 MERCI

    under the spell of petals , chromatics with perfection reminds me of the secret garden's words of bruce springsteen

  8. Chris Burke

    Been waiting to hear a band fronted by a woman to get turned onto. Hasn’t happened since Yeah Yeah Yeahs amazing front Lady. I just have to thank Twin Peaks the Return and most of all David Lynch for bringing this amazing music to light for me. There’s more bands he had on there but this one definitely sticks out

  9. Natalie B

    Dammit, where's the full version already?!

  10. Luis Gomez

    Quién vino por la película?

  11. Geo Korf

    I hope and wonder if one day you're going to be perform in Russia, Moscow! I would be first to go, 16 tonn is perfect place kinda reminds me bang bang bar place!

  12. G T


  13. Matthew Smith

    like this much better

  14. Jimmy Nordlund

    It's available on Apple Music now:

  15. Leah Freeman

    I need this on iTunes 😪😩

  16. Lauren K

    Please put on Spotify 😪

  17. Juliana Monteiro

    Preciso dessa música no Deezer! 😍

  18. Yan Federiko

    Billy Corgan‼️
    God Bless U‼️

  19. Janeth Rocha

    Spotify? :c

  20. Leosimmer

    Dose the girl in the photo remind you of Courtney love it is it just me?

  21. Cerys Evans

    Who’s here from the Perfection?

  22. Krzysztof Grajzer

    Absolutely delicious :)

  23. le_petit_ben_69.0

    I'm so happy !!! I just see the movie " the perfection " and when I heard the music at the end of this movie, I screamed : " it's Chromatics " !!! And I was right !!!
    So happy, so happy, so happy ... Because I was right, and because I heard Chromatics, and the very unique voice of Ruth, my blue girl !!! 🤩😍🥰🙊🙉🙈

  24. Sofy. lsls

    Hate the fact that this isn't on Spotify... Well I didn't find it..
    Mood: angry and sad af ❤️

  25. Siobhan O'Farrell

    I’m sorry, but this cover is 100x better than Hole.

  26. TheOneNo20

    This song was the best part of that film.

  27. Army Edits

    I need a 10 hour version

  28. Diamondlady13 _/_\_

    Anybody else get this from The perfection?

  29. blinkeu

    Make the full version on spotify it's so good

  30. Selin findik

    Love this music

  31. Desmond J

    Just watched perfection

  32. SuperEvilnine *

    Sounds cool

  33. CosmicSchwung

    Why can't I buy this anywhere? Let me give you my money.

  34. jenyeatsworld

    "Who came here for Hole? " the real OGs

  35. buzz11

    Listened to the hole version. It was good. But this is so much better! 🌹

  36. Wolf Cuteness!

    Who came here for The Perfection? ❤

  37. Sk!nny Vinny

    for those of you saying this needs to be on spotify it technically is, considering it's a cover of holes same song

  38. Cringey potato 12

    WHAT THE HELL! This is amazing are you an angel?

  39. Nyc kskkj

    Pq que não tem no Spotify???

  40. Alejandro J. Sotelo

    Please give us a full version!!!

  41. Lillyuana Henderson

    From perfection⁉️💛

  42. K G

    Just watched The Perfection and heard this song. Man I'm a pretty conventional music lover (classic rock ect) but this; this is something else. Something else entirely. It feels like the 80's (which I grew up in) but like something else as well. Just undeniable feeling in this song. It's like a dream in music form. Like a perfect driving song coming on in a memory you have. Just fantastic. This is music in pure form. I don't even know what genre to call it but I don't even care. It's just good music. Thank you for your gift to my ears. Cheers.

    Joseph Harkins

    It’s a cover

    K G

    @Joseph Harkins Yep.

    Michael Duran

    I know exactly what you mean, my favorite genre is metal but when I heard this song I was instantly hooked.

  43. Adriana Talavera

    Why isn't this version on Spotify?! I Love it!!

  44. Jamie Paul Hume

    Just shows Courtney's talent... people just need to hear someone else doing it...I reckon more softer covers of Holes stuff will appear thanks to this Chromatics Cover 💎

  45. Luciana Freire


  46. Venus

    Put a longer version on spotify plssss

  47. Vicky Elease

    I can’t stop listening to this song it’s so beautiful

  48. brandon hill

    This is more awesome then an awesome possum! Like everyone else here I'm also looking forward to a full version.

  49. David Gimblett

    AND AGAIN.... @chromatics please extend ... Audio prick teasers x

  50. David Gimblett

    For fecks sake had to come back.... FULLY ADDICTED

  51. David Gimblett

    On repeat.... THANK YOU COURTNEY....

  52. Jake Wood

    Holy shit, this is amazing. Make the full version pls, I need this in my life.

  53. Chris V

    Forgot to also say a happy late birthday to Adam!

  54. nonvegazi

    The Perfection

  55. T Turner

    Please make a longer version. Great song.

  56. Naty Bats

    the beginning of this tho..

  57. Angelo Morales Suárez

    Happy to see that many people are discovering the amazing music by chromatics thanks to the perfection :D

  58. fate mihailoff

    please put this on Apple Music!!!

  59. Chris V

    Just got from the Portland showing and it was amazing as ever! Ruth is just as beautiful in person and sang amazingly! Oregonian represent! It was a fun show everyone and it was a chill time. Thanks Johnny Jewel for the “free.” Posters on the Wall haha. Love you guys

  60. Jacob Stalker

    Is there gonna be a full version released of this? It's sooo good!

  61. Al Payne

    wish they did a full version

  62. Oh Cyrus


  63. Vito Scaletta

    Too short !

  64. It Girl

    Kind of song that sends chills up your spine

  65. ...It's all too wrong to make it right... The Cure Forever!!!!

    This track needs an extended version!

  66. Laila Ender

    Need this on soundcloud...

  67. J Ford

    Love this. amazing cover.

  68. Jane

    I'm buying this when it's released

  69. davis sk


  70. gigi vig

    divine , if u will miss this try Marsheaux | To The End , ull b pleasentry surprised as well , promise

  71. Mehmeh Meh

    I thought it was done by a male singer omfg

  72. Aubrey Millz

    I need this to be on Soundcloud. ❣️

  73. Stephen Braverman

    oh yeah, make pleeease make a full length song from this...New album? You guys put on one of the best shows ive seen in awhile. It was perfect. First time and def not the last. Whats up to Nat...Met hin before Desire went on

  74. Stephen Braverman

    If I had written the setlist myself it woulda been 85% dead on exact. I wish you guys could do a double set lol. Im on fire w Ruth was SIIIICK as well as Runnin Up that hill. Only song I can think of that i thought woulda been played but wasnt was Black Walls

  75. Its_A Dream

    Can’t find this on Spotify or Apple Music! 😩 WTF

  76. Stephen Braverman

    im here simoly because youtube knows my listening habits and if Chromatics have ANYTHING new im def gonna wanna hear it. You guys WERE AMAZING in Boston last month!

  77. Nara Momente


  78. the Thrift store Cowboy

    This song needs to be on Spotify right now 👏👏👏


    Agree! 🥰❤️😍

  79. Sedentary camus

    The intro is soooo fucking good

  80. Ryan Wendland

    Love not the world.

  81. André Poça Suave

    Assisti o filme só pra ouvir a música na cena final... E que filme incrível!

  82. Hugo Rosales

    I need a full version of this song so badly it hurts. PD: here after The Perfection too


    And suddenly it reaches my heart, to be epic in my days 🎧👌💙🔥🔥🔥

  84. James Leahy



    cover QUEENADREENA pretty like drugs...!!!!🤘💋👄💝💜💍👢👑👙👒💄😈💀☻


    Perfect music... i love Courtney love 😍😍😍💜❤💋👠💄💘🎶🎵🎸🎧🌷🌺🌻

  87. OneManStaringContest OMSC


  88. concupiscency

    put this on spotify pls

  89. marmelada

    as a Hole fan, I stan this! Hands down

  90. headfonic

    Incredible....such a important video.

  91. Laroosa Dalabarge

    They should do a soundtrack for a future Zack Snyder film.

  92. ur da

    i’ve fallen in love with all their music

  93. Elliana S

    Its the Perfection baby😉😉

  94. Elaine Thomas

    My fave Chromatics song

  95. Dada Koko

    Maybe somebody knows, what guitar effects Adam used on this song and "Lady"?

    Carlos Viniccius

    I'll try, plenty of some sorta of spring reverb, something like a data corrupter pedal, or a synth pedal, octave maybe e some light drive or just a clean boost/compressor

    Carlos Viniccius

    And some fast delay

  96. Kiana The Great

    this might be the most perfect thing i've ever heard

  97. curryjerk 7-11