Chromatics - Kill For Love Lyrics

Everybody’s got a secret to hide
Everyone is slipping backwards
I drank the water and I felt alright
I took a pill almost every night
In my mind I was waiting for change
While the world just stayed the same
Everybody’s got a secret to hide
Everyone is slipping backwards

I can’t remember if I like what I said
I can’t remember it went straight to my head
I kept a bottle by the foot of the bed
I put a pillow right on top of my head
But I killed for love

Everybody’s got a secret to hide
Everyone is slipping backwards
You say you see it almost every time
A little number counting back to nine
I can’t remember if I like what I said
I can’t remember it went straight to my head
But I killed for love

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Chromatics Kill For Love Comments
  1. Jon Wick

    Bates Motel brought me here.

  2. Rene Rangel

    She's so ridiculously gorgeous.🤤

  3. Eddie Tavares Jr.

    She is so incredibly beautiful 😍

  4. i'm not cyborg


  5. ntnnot

    'Glasvegas - Geraldine' vibes

  6. Capral Marines

    pIgSkIn aNyOnE ?
    edit: HAHA, thank you for the heart ! Beautiful song !

  7. Jacob Carrillo

    Whoever thumbs downed this song wasnt looking for this song

  8. Eddie Tavares Jr.

    I'm definitely buying this cd

  9. Mighty Mo

    Thanks for coming to Berlin! <3

  10. Window Liberation Brigade

    117 people are slipping backwards

  11. Poetry Hurts

    Gossip girl vibes

  12. Mario Van Dyk

    Is anyone here because of the Chromatics in the end😍?

  13. luke jackson

    Love this band

  14. Risa Diane


  15. Jacqui Slade

    I just love this song so much

  16. Marcel Guerin

    NOS4A2 sent me here....

  17. Hieronymus Baello

    a #Vanlave video clip brought me here. the one particular video which theyre cuddling on the bed. song starts @13:00. can u believe it?! LOL

    Hieronymus Baello

    its an adult video in an adult site tho 😂

  18. Nobody Over Here

    Bates motel is such a good series ♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜

  19. Nobody Over Here

    Pigskin bright me here

  20. Pedro Felipe Pamplona

    This song brings so many good memories. I remember when this album came out back in 2012 and how excited I was for it because I loved the “Night Drive” album. I was introduced to Chromatics thanks to their cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” and I’ve been a fan ever since.

  21. Angel Rodriguez

    Saw Chromatics live last night 5/11/19, @ Emos in Austin, Tx. Wanted to hear this song however their whole set was satisfying to my ears. Check them out if your able because it was a blast. They ROCK.

  22. antislug


  23. Blacc.mp4

    Shaq Attack

  24. Hans Moleman

    holy shit

  25. La Sheguey

    Thank you Bates motel 😍

    Alicja Szczypiorek

    La Sheguey same! Yesterday was the first time when i heard this song<3

  26. Amber Nixon

    Just found this from the horror short "pigskin"! I'm stoked.

    Eddie Tavares Jr.

    I'm stoked to whatever that means lol 🤔

  27. Pisces Marie

    Pigs skin brought me here

    Bakhtawar Mirza

    Also me🙋🙋

    Bakhtawar Mirza

    Also me🙋🙋

    Eddie Tavares Jr.

    Also me it's just a beautiful song and a beautiful woman singing it perfectly !!! 😍

  28. Marcelo Moeller

    Bates Motel

  29. Party Leaver

    Take me fucking back.

  30. Gary Christopher


  31. Jonas Hartmann

    Daewon song 🤘🤘 skate and destroy ‼️🏆‼️

  32. Elyza Marie

    pigskin 2018 took me here

    Eddie Tavares Jr.

    Me too buddy !!! 👍

  33. Mangy Ol' Mutt

    Yay! Finally found the song from Pigskin!

    Bakhtawar Mirza

    Haha i also here it in that film

  34. Ashley Star89

    Just heard this song at the end of "pigskin" the screamfest short film series! My type of music definitely! I'm downloading now

  35. chrisy dant


  36. Carmela Lorenz Mendoza

    Who else heard this in Pigskin?

    Eddie Tavares Jr.

    Me buddy !!! 👍

    Eddie Tavares Jr.

    Your pretty !!!

  37. Alister Augustine

    Here because of short film "Pigskin".

  38. Brodee Sawicki

    "PIGSKIN" anyone?

    no, just me? i thought so.

    Ness Aquarius

    Yep. Just watched it and instantly fell in love with this song

    Angela Castardo

    Me too!

    Bakhtawar Mirza

    Also me🙋

    Eddie Tavares Jr.

    That's where i came from just watching that movie and heard this song wow she is got a voice of an 👼 angel 🙏 and she is so incredibly beautiful 😍

  39. Imon Shaikh


  40. iLLEAGLE6

    memories...the only things that don't change when everything else does...

  41. t zam


  42. Chris Butler

    Everybody's got a secret to hide... <3

    Chris Butler

    Everyone is slipping backwards..

  43. Nicholas Whitson

    I'm not crying you're crying.

  44. Terrazas549

    The good neighbor anyone??

  45. comrade hermit

    Theme song of my lonesome life.

  46. Sheila Batista

    Here because of Gossip Girl

  47. Val Gamer


  48. That's Just My View

    What a beautiful voice.

  49. Mustafa Kemal Güneş

    ya sen çok iyisin

  50. won win


  51. Blue Boy

    Man, this would've been terrible in Tales from the Borderlands. Good decision to not use it.


    Shaq's video took me here haha

  53. Safeer Hashmie

    Bates Motel :)

  54. won win


  55. Felipe Hildebrand

    The Good Neighbor

  56. Gina R. Jumper

    Secrets? Yes.

  57. Charly Ed

    Puta madre madre! una de las mejores de Chromatics! ese gran sentido que se necesita para disfrutar esto no cualquiera.
    Fuck this is the very best of Chromatics, Running From Graves too a fuckingbeauty! this sound better drunk.

  58. Sauvanet Romain

    Ça joue o ballon

  59. Rix Morales

    Rare and few are the songs like this that can do both euphoria and melancholy in one song

  60. 80s_kid

    this is a good track, its so 80s.. my era..

  61. daniel linfen

    i'd kill for love

  62. vern hester

    Im gonna re watch Bates Motel this week.

  63. Mark Vetanen

  64. David Taylor

    god damn beautiful

  65. Ξ Ξξ

    What camera is this filmed with? Or filters and effects if it's digital?

  66. EᴀᴛɪɴɢCʜɪᴘsTʀᴏʟʟ

    Everybody gotta a wadlo to hide

  67. Gulácsi Péter

    Superior music! Csúcs! :)❤️🌹

  68. Vixalify

    Almost TFTBL episode 1 intro song

  69. Cecy Flowers

    Cools ass song !!

  70. MyaAllen

    The good neighbor anyone?

  71. 电影钟


  72. Kenneth Ramìrez

    I discovered in the soundtrack of: the good neighboor

  73. Paul Flynn

    dreamy stuff

  74. nickbagelboy

    WHERE DID THE SLOW REMIX GO??!! Re-remembered it only to find out It's not on here anymore :(

  75. jansan jan

    Bates Motel brought me here😺

  76. que jodes

    bates motel!!=)

  77. smartwater S

    Bates motel

  78. Harvey Spectre

    Sick twisted yet addictive Bates Motel brought me here

  79. Ciara Ross

    Good taste in music brought me here 😱😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️💁🏽

  80. doctadrey3000

    i dont know where i heard this song, definitely NOT bates motel haha. probably the dish pit at my work, always hearing new songs they-uh

  81. Vicky Woodson

    I really was pissed that he killed his own mother I was like WTF

  82. Deathless911 Forzaroma

    How much does this song owe to new order's temptation

  83. Kar Cg

    I can just think in one thing ...Gossip Girl last season 😍

  84. RossH2106

    The Good Neighbor🤗


    Rossobud same


    That movie made me dIE

  85. Kashyap Surti

    i guess...
    everybodys got a secret to hide.....:)

  86. MsCrazyKakao

    This song Is old and not trendy. But I really like it.

    Saint Dick

    not really old tbh.

  87. felyn0 00

    recien estoy aprendiendo sobre la buena musica

  88. gabe Salazar

    love her and one of my favorite songs

  89. Photy

    I think wonderful music:-)

  90. Dave Rogers

    so hot!

  91. Maddy Allen

    I heard this song from the movie Bare. Anyone else?

  92. doe boi 9

    I heard it on the master.....bates!

  93. Janny Mikaelson

    I can't explain the feeling while listening to this song... It's like a mixture of sadness and nostalgia but also happiness and contentment.

    Jacob Carrillo

    Yes. This song is happiness,sadness and nostalgia all in one. Its not one or the other. It can kind of be a motivating too in a sense. She doesnt forget that she killed for love. Shes not totally sad cause she knows what she did for lov even if it didnt work out there was no regret cause she did her part and thats a comfort.

    The Little Itty Bitty Pity Show

    Janny Mikaelson right on the money Janny Mikaelson put better than perfect on that!
    I concur and second that and if I couldn’t agree more, I agree way more than just that and beyond
    The most Amazing comment, EVER!

  94. Giulio Fratto

    one of my favourite songs of all time, a unique atmosphere and sound

  95. Katz Zerkowitz

    I haven't heard this song since I was 18....about the time it came out...pdx much nostalgia this one brings