Chromatics - Into The Black Lyrics

My, my
Hey, hey
Rock and Roll
Is here to stay
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away

My, my
Hey, hey
Out of the blue
Into the black
They give you this
But you pay for that
Once you're gone
You can never come back
When you're
Out of the blue
Into the black

The King is gone
But he's not forgotten
This is the story of Johnny Rotten
It's better to burn out than it is to rust
The King is gone but he's not forgotten

Hey, hey
My, my
Rock and Roll
Can never die
There's more to the picture
Than meets the eye
Hey, hey
My, my

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Chromatics Into The Black Comments
  1. Fafián

    Looks like a seventy's porn film

  2. Slyman Collector

    Can't believe it's been 8 years since this was uploaded. Where the hell does time go?

  3. Samuel Woldemichael

    Riverdale brought me here 2/15/2020

  4. Amaranthe Productions

    I love this band so much

  5. tom2197

    Mr. Ribot

  6. Ungraduate youtuber

    In a world full of BRYCE WALKERS be a CLAY JENSEN 💓

  7. jennifer jensen

    Riverdale brought me here

  8. O K

    What a beautiful song! I‘m deeply impressed! Unglaublich tolles und melancholisches Lied! Faszinierend und komplett unterbewertet! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Abraam Cordova

    “The butterfly affect it started with Justin, then on to Jessica, then on to you Alex, Mabye these tapes start a new butterfly affect.”

  10. Miloš Milosavljević

    Best cover

  11. Graciela Nunes

    Riverdale ❤❤❤

  12. Allie Detweiler

    Riverdale? ♥️

  13. Tokim

    great song

  14. Mar10

    Teletubbies brought me here.

  15. Lauryn Cardinali

    Anyone here because of Riverdale?? 💞

  16. Maurizio Esposito

    Song is about the mystery of life and death (out of the blue and into the black) and the immortality of rock and roll. And apparently Johnny Rotten(lead singers of the Sex Pistols)?

  17. Pottsville PA Band Network

    Riverdale brought me here, and I knew I recognized this song. This is a great arrangement and performance of Neil Young's hit ... My compliments.

  18. madwithhats

    Good God, this song is fucking amazing...

  19. Locke Lafleur

    bruh i’m here from Moon by Bones SESH

  20. John Wick

    Многознал вот откуда взял )))

  21. Hugo Castro

    Excelente versión...

  22. Donlans Donlans

    What does "out of the blue, into the black" mean?

  23. Amir Hamza


  24. Diego Winters

    Sonzeira que toca no final do último episódio da primeira temporada da série SIX. Aquele final foi marcante e essa música ajudou muito.

  25. Talia Lewis

    depressing but also calming.


    This songs feels so good if you wanted to disappear ❤️

  27. cesar ramirez

    Six brought me here

  28. Scott Gallant

    Every life is a Greek tragedy in the making.

  29. sunl0unger

    Lazy Sundays vol.3 (mixed by the timewriter)

  30. Takeia Williams

    Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 4 brought me here. Yea, I'm late in the game but better late than never.

  31. Alberick Mendes

    Indo 🌊 waves


    В гостинице космос холод и тьма

  33. Konstantinos Roukas

    Brilliant track.

  34. Jaden Delgobbo

    Revenge brought me here

  35. Durzo

    Never heard them before... I'm too blown away to care what tv show brought me here.

  36. Guilherme ting,leys

    Alex standall

  37. Tito Long

    David Lynch brought me here

  38. Raptor

    Hi there Elliot. It's me your imaginary friend.

  39. Robert Gabrielian

    Chromatics просто божественна

  40. Window Liberation Brigade

    675 people are useless

  41. Olga Iichanovskaya

    В Гостинице "Космос" холод и тьма


    Fuck yeah!!

  43. 55SH

    Even in 2019, every single time that I listen to the "it's better to burn out..." line, it's absolutely impossible to me not to think about Kurt. 😞

  44. Mega Bass

    В Гостинице "Космос" холод и тьма
    В Гостинице "Космос" сходят с ума

  45. Sidney NY

    A haunting classic truth is stranger than fiction always

  46. juka l8

    Mój, mój
    Hey, hey
    Rock and Roll
    Zatrzymaj się
    Lepiej jest się wypalić
    Niż zaniknąć

    Mój, mój
    Hey, hey
    Jak grom z jasnego nieba
    Otrzymujesz więcej
    Oni ci to dali
    Ale ty za to zapłacisz
    Gdy raz odejdziesz
    Już nigdy nie możesz wrócić
    Kiedy jesteś
    Jak grom z jasnego nieba
    Otrzymujesz więcej

    Król odszedł
    Ale nie jest zapomniany
    To jest histonia o Johnnym Rottenie
    Lepiej jest się wypalić niż zardzewieć
    Król odszedł ale nie jest zapomniany

    Hey, hey,
    Mój, mój
    Rock and Roll
    Nie może nigdy umrzeć
    Jest więcej w obrazku
    Niż na pierwszy rzut oka
    Hey, hey,
    Mój, mój

  47. Kaivalya Karkare

    Kurt Cobain brought me here...

  48. Faust

    Very nice cover.

  49. Maxine Ellen Rider

    Who else is here after "13 reasons why "

  50. Captain Shadow Banned [formerly kasami bracer]

    This one forever and always

  51. Richard Baczo

    Clay...Helmet....You’re name, does not belong on this list..😔

  52. Matheus Barros

    Cadê os brasileiros que estão curtindo esse som?

  53. Emmanuel Monarc

    Just came here to found out if it was a who is still listening to this in 2019 or a I was brought here by something video

  54. Beckham David

    Depression bought me here !!!!

  55. FanfareT.Loudest

    Wheezy waiter brought me here. Like if u were too!

  56. я не идеал, но и ты не алиша.

    i love this.

  57. HattertheOwl Official

    From blue to black right now.

  58. Ludwig Booth

    This comment section should just shut the fuck up and listen.

  59. Roxy Angel

    13 reasons why brought me here..

  60. Richard Baczo

    I thought alex was gonna die in that pool

  61. Denis Redzepagic

    Nik. 200819, rip brother.

  62. Darren Wulfen

    Riverdale brought me here

  63. Alec Eiffel

    rip kurt cobain

  64. Victoriousin

    Who is here after Mr. Robot? Best show ever created!

    Mats Jo

    I Love it so much!

  65. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    I actually thought that the thumbnail is a wounded leg not a face singing

  66. Sukhwinder Multani

    Alex Standall fell into the pool so hard he teleported me here

  67. Sukhwinder Multani

    Hey Alex Alex Standall

  68. Zees

    Came here from Covert Affairs, stayed for the music

  69. Dorinha Silva

    Alex Standall <3 <3

  70. hysterical

    who fucking cares if it was your "good taste in music" or a tv series that brought you here? let's just fucking chill and enjoy the music. btw alex this hit is for you, thank god you didn't drown in that scene

  71. David Aldridge

    Beyond perfection...

  72. Franklin Hugo


  73. Mani Singh

    Avengers bought me here

  74. Saswata Narayan Roy

    "Six" brought me here <3

  75. Aryan Thakur

    dont forget this was also in riverdale

  76. Stephanie Sharp

    Pret A Manger at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport brought me here.

  77. Drugs lab

    Многознал гостиница космос

  78. Mark Edly

    Haunting and well done.

  79. Family Is the back


  80. WLTN1

    six? <3

  81. Justin Buonvino

    Who TF is this Alex that everyone is clamoring about?!

    Mani Singh

    Watch 13RW

  82. [GH] Winchester

    13 reasons why #RipHannah

  83. Nathan VanMiddlesworth Media

    This is a well done cover!

  84. Med saoudi

    sons of anarchy brought me here

  85. Maria Ochoa

    Got here from Riverdale but heard it first from 13 reasons why

  86. D Pierre

    mr.robot brought me here

  87. Memeilicous

    Hey, it's Hannah baker

  88. Fauzan Pratama

    First, Sons of Anarchy. Then, Riverdale and now 13 Reasons Why brought me to here.

  89. Real Zo

    Riverdale is so underrated

    Ramona Conerly

    Six brought me here

  90. sarah

    riverdale brought me here

  91. Mzoxolo zenani

    13 reason Brought me Here

  92. Hevelyn Renjun's love


  93. Iagoth

    Mr Robot brought me here

  94. Владимир Бородин

    Mnogoznaal - Hotel "Cosmos"

  95. Rion

    SONS OF ANARCHY brought me here, not Riverdale or such other series