Chromatics - I Want To Be Alone Lyrics

I want to be alone
I need to touch each stone
Face the grave that I have grown
I want to be

Before all the days are gone
And darker walls are bent and torn
To pass the time of those who mourn
I want to be

Rivers that run anywhere
Are in my hand and just up the stair
Past the eyes of those who care
Who can never be

Changes that were not meant to be
Tow the hours of my memory
Sing a song of love to me
To say you must never
Never be alone
The tears of a silent rain
Seek shelter on my broken pain
And run away
But I remain
To speak the words
That sing
Of alone

I want to be alone
I need to touch each stone
Face the grave that I have grown
I want to be

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Chromatics I Want To Be Alone Comments
  1. Cassandra

    Thank you, I don't know yet what for, but will soon.

  2. Antares Bottia

    Makes a labyrinth of the heart this one, that offers no escape nor resting point.

    Beautifully haunting.

  3. Struggle

    Nice jackson c frank cover i love chromatics since when i heard in to the black cover from neil young , love you guys 🥰

  4. duetodude

    In which mood did you produce this masterpiece? I feel like it connected with my soul, awesome!

  5. Pete Flack

    What if it means I know why?

  6. Pete Flack

    What does it mean to be truly LEFT alone?

  7. Fabiana Silveira

    OMG, this woman is pure perfection.

  8. strangeparallels

    Reminds me very much of Vashti Bunyan - "I Want to be Alone" and I'm ok with that


    I was thinking har song Dark ages:-)

  9. David Bow Wow

    Relationships today

  10. ThugCrys

    This song is my life's anthem. She sounds like an angel 💘

  11. Allison VP

    Ruth is lika an angel

  12. Mauro Carosio

    From Italy with love!!!

  13. gObRoK Music

    Some of these new ones are really old sounding. It shows how much work you put into your music over the years. I will always cherish you all as artists

  14. Mattie Eilers

    Please put on iTunes and Spotify 💓

  15. Phi Phạm

    The world out there is really scary... I want to be alone.

  16. Carmen Hamelmann

    43.000 More views in two days. Congratulation ✌️🍀

  17. mishimi

    LOL, I can almost sense Manson's Family sneaking across my lawn as I listen to this.

  18. Trent Boots

    Pure magic

  19. mishimi

    I wish this song was featured in "Once upon a Time in Hollywood."

  20. Raggon A

    Such a beautiful song.

  21. Laurent Côté

    love ittttt been listening to vashti bunyan lately and i kinda feel the vibe <3


    this song isn't in the new album?

  23. David Gutierrez

    just got it ...and I love it♥️

  24. Vienna

    I missed you... Still got my Dear Tommy poster hanging beside my bed. Hope I will make it to experience you in munich! A wonderful piece❤️

  25. Space Rock

    Well done!

  26. Raggon A

    Can't wait to have it on my Spotify playlist.
    See you at the concert in Warsaw 12.10!

  27. ChristianDeathInJune


  28. agutterfan

    This one skipped by me. Lovely version of the song (such a shame about Jackson's fate). Is Ruth doing a Garbo?

  29. Teabonesteak

    Marry me woman!

  30. Jacqui Slade

    Anyone want 2 free tickets to see The Chromatics in Bristol 26th October I am unable to go and am gutted but shame for them to be wasted

  31. Raggon A

    I was listening to that song in hospital being completly exhausted from severe pneumonia. Thought really been dying back then

  32. Angelo Morales Suárez

    Will it be available on spotify??

    Italians Do It Better Music


    Angelo Morales Suárez

    @Italians Do It Better Music cant wait!

  33. Tre

    Schoolboy Q and TDE bought me here lol

  34. terborch

    When is this gonna be released on Spotify?

    Italians Do It Better Music


  35. Captain Shadow Banned [formerly kasami bracer]

    The path or series of songs which have led me here are more than serendipitous

  36. xo dv

    wish it was on apple music, its so beautiful

  37. Miles Howard

    How is every Chromatics song so sensual?

    Italians Do It Better Music


  38. MrPereza

    In loving memory of Jackson C. Frank

    Italians Do It Better Music

    forever xoxo

  39. Times Dark

    so great!

  40. R A L P H H A L L

    Magnificent magnificent thank you very Much

    Italians Do It Better Music

    music is medicine xoxo

  41. Lover’s Lake88

    Any word on when that Orion debut album is coming out I mean I been absolutely obsessed with time for crime since that single came out beyond excited for a full lp from them

    Italians Do It Better Music

    we are obsessed too. they are working on a full length with johnny as we speak. going to be so great! we heard the rough tapes. you won't be disappointed. xoxo

    Lover’s Lake88

    Italians Do It Better Music AHHHH!!! Anticipating that more then anything right now thanks for replying and again absolutely can not wait ! Love all of you guys so much thanks for everything like always!


    this is a lovely tune

  43. Kolin Evans

    Channeling Vashti Bunyan ? Awesome

  44. Diana Brasilis

    Meu deus! Parece uma nostalgia medieval!!

  45. Rost Rost

    Blue rose. It's happening again ;-)

  46. TheJamon74


  47. Bastien


  48. JadedGems

    Just told some people this. Mirroring me ❤️

  49. Hansel

    My eternal loved ones Ruth and Chromatics always delivering something that touches my soul!

    Italians Do It Better Music


  50. Jim Wilde

    Waiting for you guys in Budapest

  51. Alessandra Boccanera

    Can't miss such an amazing band playing live, see u in Oslo!

    Italians Do It Better Music

    see you soon! xoxo

    Alessandra Boccanera

    @Italians Do It Better Music can't wait ❤️🙏

  52. Ivana Zdravkovic

    Beautiful 😶

  53. Ben Payne

    So damn good, and a beautiful departure from what we are used to! Can't wait for the new record 😍😍

  54. Sticky Substance

    Like a neon folk song about a space age that never arrived

  55. drunkstin

    This is fucking beautiful. I just updated your Wikipedia page. <3 Love Jackson C. Frank.

  56. Michael Belsky

    Beautifully haunting! 💙💜

  57. Arkxam S


  58. Lady Morte

    Wonderful cover of my favorite song by Jackson C. Frank!

  59. Poeta de las calles.

    ¡Me encanta! Sería emocionante conocerlos y escuchar como hablan de lo que mas aman. México la casa de los artistas del mundo 🇲🇽🎨🎼🗽✒📀🎥

  60. the ORO channel

    I love!

  61. Josip Lehpamer

    Beautiful 😍

    Josip Lehpamer

    Melody, voice, licks, video ...

    Josip Lehpamer


  62. I am Spartacus

    You guys never let me down! Thank you for blessing me with those beautiful vocals Ruth! 💙🙏

  63. Oznur Oznur

    Need this on Spotify 😍

    Italians Do It Better Music


  64. Loon Call

    Love Johnny's directing skill. So much mood and so minimalistic.

  65. Jescifer F

    Adding to my shroom playlist

  66. Raggon A

    When will it be on spotify?

    Italians Do It Better Music


  67. gutter snipe

    Something about this i like ..

  68. pecne

    never dissapointed by Chromatics (and Johnny of course)

    Italians Do It Better Music

    work work work. xoxo

  69. TBBMusicBlog

    Always good to know there are others out there that also love Jackson C. Frank!

  70. Wes Hayes

    Call me

  71. Exabella

    This is sublime

  72. Bruno Santos de Menezes

    Lindíssima canção! 💓💛

  73. Martas Parik

    I'm looking forward to the concert in Prague!

    Italians Do It Better Music

    see you at the meetfactory xoxo

  74. Martin Dedron

    I love you The Chromatics. I'd really love to see you alive one day.

  75. Rocío Ruiz

    This song knew before me what I really need.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    music is medicine xoxo

  76. utube4u 2

    Another Great track...
    Thx Italians Do It Better Music.

  77. Raggon A

    Addictive and very interesting song. See you at the concert hopefully.

  78. Bonggita

    Beautiful song! Loving this King Crimson vibe going on :)

  79. Kurt Hauswirth

    Thank the cosmos for Chromatics

  80. Allison VP

    Oh My God, beyond perfection, please come to Brazil!!!

  81. Primitive In The Extreme


  82. Lou Sax

    This is such a beautiful cover. I'd kill to hear you guys or any other artist on idib cover strawberry letter 23 by the brothers Johnson or drivers seat by sniff n the tears or id rather be with you by bootsy Collins

  83. None of Your Business

    Soundtrack to the most mellow giallo ever.


    No such thing as mellow giallo.

    None of Your Business

    @Teabonesteak that was kind of the joke


    Fantastique 💚

  85. Renata Rodrigues


  86. Tr00p3r

    Fantastic melody and song. hits you right in the feels

  87. Heitor Andrade

    Af Eu amo vocês. Corram para o Brasil, please

  88. mawoj93

    Hard to believe I'll be actually seeing them in two months :o Closest I can get to actually be in The Return. Much love x

  89. Marcin Rogalski

    Dear Chromatics. Thank you for a new song and a new poem of mine:

    New Track

    His flowers are
    records. Untouched
    by ritual opening,
    covered with film.

    I don't listen to them.
    I will not give back,
    I won't sell
    I won't refund to labels.

    I keep them in a deposit of silence.

    A new song he didn't send me

    "I Want To Be Alone
    I Need To Touch Each Stone
    Face The Grave That I Have Grown
    I Want To Be

    Beautifully sad.
    I loved it in a poem.

    But I do not tell
    my real reaction
    until we meet again.

  90. number3seven

    She's my favorite Celtic Woman singer.

    Piotr Niedzwiecki

    Sounds more like Scandinavian/Baltic aesthetic. Beautiful.

  91. Laura Lee Lovely

    Beautiful <3333

  92. ken bibi

    This needs to be in Kill Bill 3 OST...

  93. martianmatt82

    Thank you

  94. Captain Shadow Banned [formerly kasami bracer]

    Oh my. What a treat for me today. Multiple treats. Not only did I get to share the wonderfulness that was on the stories today. And I must tell you how many people are connecting with your music through me and my other friends. I've told you already how you've helped me and the better thing to do than just enjoy your music is to share it. I often share it using the audio button on Instagram in the DMs. It seems to sound better when you filter it through but anyway. I also got a number of Glorious screenshots from the video you all provided on Instagram. I got on YouTube to get the link for shadow for a new friend of mine I met in Nepal through Instagram. This one I will allow her to find on her own. Thank you again for all did you guys do. You helped me to be a better father and whatever kind of being I am. My children also love your music as I've told you already but I thought it'd be nice to say again. You guys are really making this existence much better for many people. Thank you for all your kind attention and also for your music and your art and your creativity. I really feel special connection with music and you guys have really made it much more magical that I ever thought. And I've always had a wild imagination thanks to bands like the doors and individuals like Bob Marley and JRR Tolkien. You guys have have shot right up my list of favorite bands to the very top. just know that not only have I found a home and you all with your music your music and you all have found a home within me. well I'm going to get the link for shadow and I'm going to share it with my new friend. Peace and love to you all.

  95. Павел Пискун

    Акустические гитары, скользящие по струнам пальцы, чистый звук записи, мои уши наслаждаются мурашками по коже :-) Acoustic guitar, sliding the strings with fingers, clear audio recordings, my ears are enjoying the goosebumps :-)

  96. Anton Doiron

    A good song with a mix of very creative images. Nice!

  97. Mark De Mesa

    Song of my life.