Chromatics - Closer To Grey Lyrics

Summer skin
Faded now
Rhythm blocks the lights out
In a dream
Fever breaks
Reaching for the water
You say the world is raining colors
I see you're standing close to grey
You say you'll never kiss another
I see you're running far away

Summer skin
Faded now
Can't seem to remember
Days go by
Chasing nights
Nothing lasts forever
You say the world is raining colors
I see you standing close to grey
You say you'll never kiss another
I see you running far away

Summer skin
Faded now
Touch the sound of silence
Hazel eyes
Full of tears
Searching for the summer
You say you'll never kiss another
I see you standing close to grey

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Chromatics Closer To Grey Comments
  1. OctaviaAt BG

    Holy shit, this band just keeps getting better and better. The instrumentation and production are genius. Cannot wait until this album tours! Thank you so much, and I recommend everyone purchasing something from the ItaliansDoItBetter website!

  2. reck0n3r

    Great album.

  3. DJ N


  4. Joe N

    80s sounds in the second track

  5. Hyena RAZOR

    i spend a long time to find some good music, well im here and i found it...



  7. Douglas Schmalz

    Esplêndido! Amo o trabalho de vocês.

  8. bread boy

    touch red go harddd

  9. Guido Peláez

    Great JAMC cover!

  10. K o p e

    Absolutely magic. A flawless transition from one song to the next. Up there for me as one of the best albums I've* listened to this year.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    the sequencing is immaculate. xoxo

  11. No Name

    Anyone know where can i find this version of wishing well?

    Italians Do It Better Music

    january 10th. on the deluxe version of "closer to grey" with bonus tracks. it will be on 2xCD as well as all digital platforms xoxo

  12. Hater Reps

    Wow amazing!

  13. Molly Baker

    I’m in love so I just bought the vinyl 💕💕
    Hope there’s more soon

  14. Alexander Nachaj

    This is such a magnificent album. Been listening to it at least once a week since it got released here. Really captures the spirit of giallo films and their soundtracks.

    Insert VegetablePunHere

    Made me think of Goblin as soon as I opened it.

  15. culturalised


  16. Alan Paul

    Nice job with Sound of Silence.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    not an easy task. the band paid a very reverent homage. xoxo

    Alan Paul

    @Italians Do It Better Music I'm a big fan of the original. But your style has just a bit more something.....that somehow reaches a depth that the original only hinted at.

  17. Santo Santana

    Wooow just fkn woooow !!!!

  18. Juani

    This whole week I've been rewatching Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist, Halloween... and you came <3

  19. D.B. bossa nova

    I would entertain thoughts that this album was scientifically made and calculated because of how it affects in a good way. It goes at a really good pace, and the quality of the singing - this just sounds like it was really well-thought out.

  20. MagneticElectric454

    I buy it

    Italians Do It Better Music

    thank you for listening. xoxo

  21. Jake Ochsner

    love the giallo cover

  22. Andrea Layne

    I like this

  23. tego bane to se wsadzcie

    directed by dario argento

  24. qap

    is "Closer to Grey" gonna be released as a single on this channel aswell?


    this just inspired us to make a short film..

  26. Sushi

    Please, I can't handle all this good music being released this year it's too much for my heart to handle.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    when it pours xoxo

  27. Stephen Evans

    It's been a while since an album has made me want to lay on the bed with the lights out to just absorb the music. Thanks for reawakening that feeling, IDIB and CHROMATICS. <3

    Italians Do It Better Music

    yes! we agree. once we start it...we are glued to the album xoxo

  28. Mummy Napkin

    I was expecting you to freak out in my ear like machine girl when I clicked on this video. Still, it’s pleasant to listen to

  29. bittelilleskrekk

    This is awsom!! :) where can i by the album ?

  30. TheKromusDevice

    Wasn't sure what to expect, but this is fantastic. Very trip hop with a nice touch of a more melancholic pop sound. Great album to smoke and relax to.

  31. Hubert Finley

    I've been listening to the Chromatics for the last 10 years. They never cease to amaze me with the awesome music!!!

    Italians Do It Better Music

    stay tuned. more beautiful music coming. xo

  32. n3wt15

    Diggin the tunes! $1?? Sold, and sent the link to some friends! Thank you!

  33. That Guy

    (31:30) On The Wall

  34. KingDemitri

    This is perfection

  35. Bobbybobbobkins 66

    Worth the wait
    CD release 13.12.2019?

  36. Gus N.

    i hope my future girlfriend is as attractive as this album sounds

  37. Rodrigo Muñoz Vásquez

    There is nothing better than chromatics on Sunday late <3

    Gary W-l-o-t

    or Saturday morning

  38. Skull And Soda Pøp

    I'm in love with that album cover.
    Love you guys, from Brazil

  39. wik_thorio


  40. Jaslan

    What a rich music!

  41. Titus Sassole

    This has to be some of the best music I have heard in the last couple of years. It's different, organic, and unique. I love it!

  42. Voskos

    Bro did I just time travel?

  43. Aragorn Aragorn



    This is absolutely beautiful. Kudos on the production as well \m/

  45. copioid

    here before this sound goes mainstream

  46. God'sGTOW 2020 Truth jackson

    Twist The Knife. 🔥🔥🔥

  47. Alfred Rivera

    This album was produced by Al Jourgenson

    Andrea Layne

    For real?

  48. DADAMON 99

    Saludos desde Perú uwu

  49. Rowan Erickson

    Time to book a room at the Overlook, pop my headphones on, and give in to the madness

    You're no good started and tears came to my eyes. This is phenomenal

  50. MattyS54

    impeccable production! wow :)

  51. George Trusty

    I also love the album art very retro I thought it was 60s or 70s

  52. George Trusty

    I love it

  53. Daniel Sánchez

    Me: oh shit! This it’s dope! 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Kaia Babyy

    Can I use this audio in my YouTube vids? It's so great!

  55. Rolfis Dreamworld

    wunderful Bass

  56. Kevin Roberts

    Coming to Boise's Treefort in March

    Italians Do It Better Music

    see you there with desire & krakow loves adana xoxo

  57. beel

    the into alone has me *HOOKED*

  58. Xenophagia

    This is a masterpiece. I god I love that voice

  59. none of the nones

    Very beautiful music.

  60. kurzackd

    youtube's recommendation algorithm going crazy again...

  61. BlackLagoon

    i wanna know the name of the font :(

  62. La Sectx

    Suena precioso!

  63. ManinDandism

    BUY THEIR ALBUM ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! and it's only $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Evets366

    Esto es hermoso...

  65. Oscill8

    I wasnt ready... oh wow...

  66. Mr. Pat

    This is beautiful

  67. David Fasano

    0:00 - The Sound of Silence
    3:15 - You're No Good
    8:08 - Closer to Grey
    10:53 - Twist the Knife
    14:20 - Light as a Feather
    17:56 - Move a Mountain
    21:09 - Touch Red
    26:22 - Through the Looking Glass
    28:05 - Whispers in the Hall
    31:29 - On the Wall
    39:50 - Love Theme from Closer to Grey
    42:32 - Wishing Well

  68. Grand Mestre des Poulpes

    I'm in the begining, it feels like a Giallo, but for ears.

    none of the nones

    Agreed. :)

  69. Stephen Craig

    How much I have to thank David Lynch for...

  70. Iron clayah

    Chromatics need a motion picture film like prince did purple rain . 📺💻🎥📡


    Yes. That would be guaranteed beautiful.

    Christopher Shaw

    No they don't.

    Hyena RAZOR

    like drive

  71. Iron clayah

    Chromatics is before and after their time . This album is the S__t a master piece.🎶🎼🎵

  72. G T

    Can't stop praising this album it's just AMAZING!!! 😍 😍 😍 thanks👌

  73. Jean

    what timeline is this

    George Trusty

    Jean the album came out in 2019 but it has a very retro feel I love it

  74. John Smith

    👁 ❤ Chromatics

  75. szczęście jest koloru czarnego

    Okay, I started trusting youtube recommendations :)

    Rad Nagouse

    Youtube recommendations is a gold mine for good music :D

  76. Spikes best suit

    This artwork is insane

    Jacob Van Veit

    Spikes best suit might very well be...

    Jared Combs

    Very Giallo-esque

  77. Action Backing Tracks

    fuckin dope

  78. A V

    What in the world is this masterpiece? Is this 2019? 😳

    szczęście jest koloru czarnego

    I wonder which movie will have it as its soundtrack

    S W

    @szczęście jest koloru czarnego Hopefully, that will be an excellent (or at least very good) film...

    Gary W-l-o-t

    It would've been a good soundtrack to Joker

    S W

    @Gary W-l-o-t Certainly... 😉😁😂🤣



  80. Meu nome é Pedro

    Why this is so good???

  81. Andres Keys

    Sipping Peroni...alone on my deck, embraced by a bean bag, in
    the sun...tears streaming , behind my sunglasses. missing Her and Heroin.
    And It's all Alright

    Italians Do It Better Music

    music is medicine. let it rain on your cheeks. xoxo

  82. Gabe Postle

    pop done right

  83. Blue Poca Erica Faith

    This album is my whole mood right now. XO

  84. Shako Asilashvili

    Forever love <3

  85. huge yuj

    Me encanta que le den una estética del cine giallo a este álbum, es como la cosa más italiana de este año <3

  86. rick spalding

    i have to say im pleasantly pleased, wasnt the biggest fan of most of their single releases over the last 2 years, this a great album though

    Daniil Ryvak

    rick spalding same. Singles were not as good as this whole album turned out to be.

  87. Guyver Fieri

    Loved Chromatics ever since they got into my soul in Twin Peaks Season 3, the music takes you on such a ride!

  88. Tavaline Inimene

    Tough, tough, tough album. Because every single piece is quite a candy, I wouldn't put them into order :) But "Through The Looking Glass"'s melody moves are just fabulous.

  89. Todd Taylor

    Always great to hear this eargasm. I dont care what anyone says ! Music had no. Gender music is for all to. Consume keep up the famtastic. Sounds

  90. Dream State Films

    Thanks to Twin Peaks, I know this wonderful artist.

  91. channeldirty7

    “Hello Darkness my Old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again”

  92. LordofNalicNod

    If I was ever looking for a giallo in album form, I think I found it.

  93. Ty_ teynium

    Usually I just feel the love, but tonight. Here, in this moment, with you; I see it.

    0:00 - Sounds of Silence
    3:16 - You're no good
    8:08 - Closer to Grey
    10:54 - Twist the Knife
    14:20 - Light As A Feather
    17:56 - Move A Mountain
    21:10 - Touch Red
    26:22 - Through The Looking Glasses
    28:05 - Whispers In The Hall
    31:30 - On The Wall
    39:50 - Love Theme From Closer to Grey
    42:32 - Wishing Well

  94. juan Felipe Devia Beltrán

    I love this band!!