Chromatics - Cherry Lyrics

Tells me some things I don't want to know
And I can't see
A light at the end for us anymore
But I can't keep crying
All of the time
No I can't keep crying
All of the time

Can be very sweet when she needs a friend
But it's only
A mask that she wears so she can pretend
And I can't keep running
All of the time
No I can't keep running
All of the time

I hate that it's true but you make me blue
I kept waiting
For you to find what I see in you
And I can't keep quiet
All of the time
No I can't keep quiet
All of the time

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Chromatics Cherry Comments
  1. Aurfojy

    2020 😆

  2. Gregory Love

    Sophomore year 2012-2013

  3. Akuran

    Man of the year 2020;)

  4. Aaron Jenkins

    This got me through losing what I thought was my best friend but really she was just a blockade for my own growth

  5. Neil Haze

    I think I just fell in .......wait what ?

  6. Вероника Науменко

    Крутая вещь 😍

  7. Patrick Nelson

    miss catwoman sings so good in this song

  8. Alberto Einstein

    Song for the soul

  9. San Diago

    Bruh, if we still had 4:3 aspect ratio my damn phone would still fit in my pocket

  10. Mike13


  11. yellowsubmarine7

    It wasn't a song. It was her. She was stuck in my mind.

  12. Robert Gamboa

    I remember when I had ur love but now I'm the one who's crying all the times I will always love u kat

  13. Matthew Bird

    Been looking for this for 2 yrs! Yay

  14. taralo16

    This song is timeless. Listening to it makes you feel as if you're flying and nothing in life can't be overcome. Thanks Chromatics! Italians really do "do it better"! 😉

  15. val val

    c'était il y a 7a..... c loin et si pres a la fois

  16. LosAngeles822

    Amazing music. Cant stop listening

  17. Hubert Finley

    This song came out during the roughest part of my life. I lost all of my children. It was hell everyday. And this dropped. I remember it made me think of better days. Thanks, Chromatics.....


    Hubert Finley in sorry to hear that man I hope your well! You mind if I asked how you lost them?

  18. Jae White

    Chromatics ❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶❤️🎶

  19. Jupiter Halcyon

    If listening to music like this makes me strange, I'm damn glad to be. I don't like music about hookups and drug culture, or meaningless tunes. Otherwise I'm a die-hard musician. It take ears, empathy, and an open perception for a song to reach you deeply.

    Hunter Gunter

    I just started listening to this kind of music and love it. I need more music like this, you guys plz hook me up.

  20. Rubio Alvarez

    I was in the shower and this song played! I was so confused I thought this was schoolboy q 😂

  21. Charlie Murcia

    Even denero farrar

  22. Solange Barros


  23. Lisa Lucas

    I've been looking for this song for months💕💕

  24. GabeSil


  25. jehouse61


  26. chwrt

    I just found out they recorded it in my city (Montreal) !!

  27. Gabriel Venegas Gutiérrez

    yo té amo"

  28. Rekt

    it’s Saint Etienne (crossed with Sterolab) for the modern generation

  29. zBarbie Tingz

    I remember when this came out lol, I had a group of friends we’d just hangout and listen to this

  30. Dust

    this song is good if you just met a nice somebody and your trying to survive the week.... it will catch you off guard.

  31. Deflect

    if you like this, check out Desire - Under your spell

  32. Daniel Gutierrez

    Bitch I’m the man of the year

  33. Manford Deisch

    Dream pop my ass.
    Ghosts of Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder.

  34. Roodski

    I got tipped off on this song/band way early, imagine my face when homie from work throws in a CD and the opening starts playing only for the keys and bass to be interrupted by YE YE YEAH lol

    FanRose FabRose Spencer

    Looool, what a way to throwback huh?

  35. Jon Med

    I paint graffiti to this as its best

  36. MemeBoyExtreme

    Who’s here from nard

  37. Marcus Gonzalez

    Shoutouts too
    Nardwuar I would have never known this exists if I didn't see it on his show slash interview

  38. Michael Martinez

    Remember watching them open up for The XX at the Hollywood Bowl back in 2013 with this tune here... good times.

  39. Darvion Wallace

    Why does this song make me feel like a 14 year old again and I’m hearing this for the first time at 20

    Keelan Murphy

    You probably heard man of the year by school boy q which sampled this song

    DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie

    Same bro😂

  40. Somu Basumatary

    Shayla and Elliot forever.

  41. T. I. N Mateus

    2056 anyone?

  42. Milky Way

    Which album did this song came from?

    Paper Snowflakes

    "After Dark 2"

    Milky Way

    Paper Snowflakes I see they also made an album called Cherry. Ok thanks

  43. Ania C.

    festival of lights by johnny jewel

  44. ECEE Productions

    yeah yeah yeah yeah bruh I see girls everywhere titty ass hands in the air its a party over here

  45. Alejandro Cister

    No los conocia, muy buenos !!!!, ya quiero su disco

  46. kk Iggy

    can't wait for this live xx

  47. Trent Boots

    They totally rock live!!

  48. MrJshaun

    This is AMAZING. Why am I just finding out about the Chromatics? I just found out that they are label mates with Glass Candy who I love.

  49. alfio verdi

    I'm your friend Cherry ♥ ♥ ♥

  50. Luigüi - Mon

    I love this song it make feel verry happy

  51. Shinigami

    Thank god i discovered them from twin peaks

  52. 100 MERCI

    N . I . G . H. T V.I .S .I .O . N

  53. Rolando Woodward

    This song brings me back to a time when everything was simple.

  54. Space


  55. SuperFast

    Ted Bundy vibes

  56. zerowaves


  57. Luís

    Mr Robot

  58. Awakened Baphomet

    Isn't this the start of schoolboy Q song "man of the year?"....

    Claudia Boz

    Yep, he sampled it

  59. Sidney NY

    Great song !!!please come to Vegas and btw enjoy the European tour

  60. Artie Navarre

    This corner of the Tube sends you always a wonderful surprise!

  61. Spiritual Summer

    School Boy Q

  62. Vicarious Vibrations


  63. Сергей Павлов

    Chromatics - you are the genious !

  64. Somu Basumatary

    New season of Mr Robot can't come any sooner. I miss Shayla and Elliot.

  65. no name

    Blog radio on SXMU has more of this

    Tune in Thursday night @ 10 for Gotilla v. Bear

    And tune in Friday night @ 10 for the Carles show

    Again that's SXMU channel 35 on Siriusxm

  66. Sergio Burgos007

    What a soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!

  67. Calvin Saxon

    This is the perfect fricking song. It's just complete in itself.

  68. John Millin


  69. JaKBaLL TV

    this track is Cherry

  70. Sigfreid Slayer of Fafnir

    This is great!

  71. Geezart

    Goose Bumps every time

  72. i'm not cyborg


  73. Andoy33

    Deadmalls music got me here

  74. Fully Tumblr

    only cool people listen to the Chromatics

  75. Iliana Ramirez

    School boy q brought me here

  76. Felipe

    but Chromatics more beautiful and thrilling

  77. Felipe

    Nigga we mobbin!!, Song verse Wiz khalifa is dope,instrumental more Beautiful

  78. The Fashion Cold Wars

    Chromatics and Alberto just doing WORK. Top-notch...

  79. Kacey Long

    I want to cast spells and do drugs to this song

    mason l

    Kacey Long I'm casting no spells but....

    Kacey Long

    lmfao thats how this song makes me feel

  80. Marc Bülow

    I did it twice before.

  81. floridatrails


  82. sid

    Was reading up on that poor girl Bianca from upstate ny that was murdered and this song reminded me of her and her story, this world is so cruel,it’s sad and sickening at the time, may she be at peace and comfort wherever she might be

  83. Antonio Moreno

    Shake it for the man of the year

  84. Artemis

    Lost River ❤️

  85. Joann Miller

    Still listening in 2019!

  86. Elvys Nunez

    She told me her name’ Yes!!!

  87. Oreo oerO

    Schoolboy q is an indie fan

  88. Ignorant Persson

    buffalo exchange

  89. Newell bate

    This band is up there among the top artists beatles kinks bowie marvin miles dylan bolan etc...Chromatics!