Chromatics - Blue Girl Lyrics

Blue girl
Don't hate the world
Your friends will never understand
What it's like for us

Blue bird
Don't say a word
Your voice will never be heard
In this endless night

They never understand
They never understand
They never understand
Why we say goodbye

Blue girl
Don't make a scene
Your eyes say more than they mean
Under flashing light

Blue one
Don't come undone
Make your place inside the sun
And leave this broken world

They never understand
They never understand
They never understand
Why we say goodbye

They never understand
They never understand
They never understand
Why we say goodbye

Blue girl
There's nothing wrong
There's somewhere I know we belong
But it's not this town

Blue thing
They pull the string
They think they own everything
Don't let it get you down

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Chromatics Blue Girl Comments
  1. Fatih Solak

    Simply fascinating

  2. White Witch


  3. Cherry Bomb

    Ellos hacen videoclips fantásticos !

  4. Pranjal6009

    Why this band is so underrated?? Where are the music lovers. Such a nice music in this era..

  5. i'm not cyborg


  6. carol s

    I love chromatics 😭💖

  7. Sidney NY

    Happy Christmas classic
    Blessings to one of the most important legendary bands since the killers playing sams town here in las vegas....
    In the future , the chromatic sound will be the vacine for all the masses that have been missing out on stellar music
    Chromatics you are forever loved here in las vegas
    the culinary union of arts as well as the las vegas industry of servers ,bartenders , and vatos that handle the millions of inebriated alcohol/mmj guests ever day here....

    Dima Aponenko

    Sidney NY thanks from Russia. Appreciate it. Wish you beautiful new year 🥳

    Cyclonic 561 c


    Las Vegas History

    Also listening in Las Vegas!

    Sidney NY

    Blessings to all Merry new year Its going to be epic

  8. Christian Vern

    J.adore se morceau je connaissais pas, cet trop bien Chromatics.

  9. The Little Itty Bitty Pity Show

    Ruth, You make my heart paralyzed for a moment and the breath of life sucked right out
    Then I take a gasp and feel the pains inside my empty chest that can’t take another breath without You!

  10. Harlo Rexxamillion

    Eyes to see

  11. MrJohnnybluejeans

    Don't make a scene.

  12. Jimmy Foppiano

    Italians do it better, alright! Just look at my last name. Lol That woman's voice matches her looks perfectly.

  13. Thauan Kanabs

    Chanel here!!

  14. Werner Mueller


  15. Douglas Greenough

    Ruth darling's your many beautiful COLORS all in one pretty cute girl" sounds good huh, and where are you today, resting drinking coffee, writing song's sing looking for love right now!

  16. Tom Smiley

    Just a Blue Girl in a Red Room in a Black Lodge.

  17. Robert Gabrielian

    I love you chromatics!! вы ЛУЧШИЕ!!

  18. ariunbayar ariuka

    The guy on the thumbnail looks like Hedi Slimane

  19. atsuo suzuki


  20. Dong Johnson

    I just discovered the Chromatics and they are awesome

  21. Paul Lee

    this song is so pure its like a sad story

  22. veincat

    what an AMAZING song !

  23. carlos Rutland

    I love it and u to

  24. Rylemeteph P.A

    I keep loving your work, masterfull.

  25. lydia sanchez

    Me parece a mi o suenan a cocteau twins?

  26. Captain Shadow Banned [formerly kasami bracer]

    Whoaness to wellness my journey continues Into the Blue💃🎵🕺

  27. Tizy

    This is the sort of song that should be in a The Sims game

  28. Trevor Turek

    This is AWESOME 👏👏👏👏!!! I just became a fan!

  29. Renzo Beck

    CHANEL 💖

  30. Jonathan Lay

    Thank you Twin Peaks for discovering this band for me.

  31. TomSkyline24

    your music is so beautiful!!! thought this kind of music died out but this is the proof that this is not so!!!I hope and Im glad of a new album !!!!!

  32. Depressive Tangela

    Maravillosa canción.

  33. Givrine Ono-Wesley-willis

    girl got a heavy heart yeah, she's crazy so amI yeah, your eyes say more than they mean under flashing lights, they never understand

  34. wiinterflowers

    "Why is it blue? It's always blue...."

  35. le_petit_ben_69.0

    Chromatics ... It's not just music ... It's an universe from another World : fantastic music, from genius Johnny Jewel, the singer, Ruth Radelet, is the most beautiful woman of the universe, amazing clip ( like Nicolas RFM movies ) ... I Love, I love, I love !!! 🙈🙉🙊

    Italians Do It Better Music

    more than music. we agree

  36. renzo samuel

    CHANEL 💖😍

    Italians Do It Better Music

    Karl forever

  37. HIM Lustiful1666

    I love You Ruth Radelete.
    You are a Muse.
    Ida No. You too.
    My B-E-Autiful. Muse.

  38. Bruno Fettucini

    For Replicants, By Replicants

  39. le_petit_ben_69.0

    I love this song !!! I search for my blue girl 😍🤩😎

  40. Mitch W

    Sonic Beauty! Please don't stop...

  41. thefatman69fude

    God nothing beats sitting back smoking a fat ass joint and cranking up chromatics

  42. Samuelッ

    Is very cool 👌

  43. Khalid Hamza

    Blue girl need moor love

  44. R A L P H H A L L

    good night

  45. TheEduardopoke

    Chanel 💖

  46. Jose Melendez

    Chromatics fill the empty hole in my soul

  47. Los Peilos

    when on vinyl??? great song!

  48. Robin Abner

    Ethereal otherworldly music. Takes me to another place.

  49. SuperCableDawg


  50. Kyle Nateas

    heard this song for the first time but mmmm kinda like it.

  51. buzz11

    Your eyes say more than they mean. I love that line. So true! I have seen true and false in the eyes. You will see it too, if you have eyes to see....👀! I hide my eyes so you can't see. Many do. Many do not know. The veil of the bride hides the eyes until the lifting of it. One sided? Perhaps. It is a metaphor of the power in the eyes. In the distant past the woman had the power and so the eyes were hidden in the ritual handed down to us. You have your own thoughts of course.

    cybiotic cybiotic


  52. Love Love

    Like it 🤗

  53. Carlos Alberto Cândido


  54. Catalin Ionut

    "Mamma mia!", this girl is....just too perfect for my ears.

  55. Miguel Mex

    Karl Lagerfeld !!!!

    Italians Do It Better Music


  56. Ramiz Saei

    They have made music for: Drive, Riverdale, Gossip girl, 13 Reasons why, Parenthood, Mr. Robot etc. The singer is Ruth Radelet whose smile is yet to be seen, from Seattle.

  57. Sadvakasov Naza

    Я бы хотел что бы чтобы Chromatics слушали больше в СНГ, тем самым расширив круг слушателей ! поэтому создал страницу вк

  58. Billy Clegg

    This is so bloody good...!!

    Italians Do It Better Music

    beautiful xoxo

  59. Jack

    mind movies

  60. Itana Lima

    Por onde estive todo esse tempo que nunca ouvi essa banda? Better later than never!

  61. David Dial

    Their music makes me miss times that I never experienced.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    future nostalgia


    This is good, perhaps as good as Gucci Mane even

  63. Kirk Ludwig

    Ah ! A REAL new song from Chromatics... fucking cool

  64. Æ N I Ǝ M A

    Damnit man. I clicked on the video because of Ruth’s eyes 👀....stayed 5 minutes because of the music. This band is really good and that’s hard to find nowadays because of all the stupid mainstream crap media keeps flooding our ears with. I really like this band.

  65. just my opinion

    Found this on spotify and got instantly hooked. Super chill

  66. geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz

    Very nice. Makes me feel all nice or something. Well my ears like it & I guess then my brain approves? Really lovely synth. Definitely could listen to this a lot.

  67. Melina Melliz

    The lyrics are soothing to me...

  68. David Rettenmaier

    This is the water
    and this is the well.
    Drink full
    and descend.

    The horse
    is the white of the eyes.
    And dark Within.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    got a light?

  69. Rafał Wójtowicz

    god damn..

  70. CannabinatedFantasy

    winter is coming

    Italians Do It Better Music

    chromatics weather

    Mario Van Dyk

    @Italians Do It Better Music My type of weather :). Love the atmosphere and feelings your music invokes in me!

  71. solar pony

    we are so wrecked here in MI without you

  72. MesszeKas WickThor

    Eraserhead  -> Thanks, Lynch!
    Mulholland Drive  ->  Thanks, Lynch!
    Chromatics  ->  Thanks, Lynch!

  73. Eriberto Quevedo Chávez

    Excelente canción, sonidos geniales. Saludos, Gto; México

  74. psychesoulinthehole

    Hi I’m David Lynch

  75. Givrine Ono-Wesley-willis

    another dimension opens up at 2.43

  76. Emily Sikes

    I wonder if Night in the Woods people listened to this

  77. Campbell road_darren Ang

    psychedelic music!!

  78. Sadvakasov Naza

    Chromatics На пике Не хотелось бы чтобы они слетели с него . Продолжайте ребят Вы велики. Без преувелечения Велики , Аплодисменты

    Italians Do It Better Music

    Спасибо на добром слове. более красивая музыка

  79. Bill W.

    Playing the kit with roses, superb....

  80. Maurizio Esposito

    What a great song. I have it on repeat. 🦋🎽💎💙

  81. marco rossi

    Super Roland SVC-350.

    Italians Do It Better Music

    Spotted! so sick. xo

  82. lNVADER PK

    I am totally into your channel & :)

    Italians Do It Better Music

    thank you for listening. xo

  83. Daniel rios

    Im here beacuse chanel runway!!!

  84. junior third

    Shes easy on the eyes.

  85. Martin Lyons



    Beautiful singer & song

  87. Papa Môlé

    "Don't let it get you down."

    *plays eerily sad music*

  88. Alessandro

    I fiori per suonare la batteria...magnifico🤗🤗🤗🤗

  89. Alessandro

    Piacere di avervi scoperto grazie a twins peaks

  90. Cmmmm

    I loved cassette tapes. You could put a length of silence inbetween songs. I would put about a minute inbetween songs. Suddenly a song would start from complete silence. This song reminds me of that for some reason.

  91. Yazeed

    pretty girl

  92. Corey Crossman

    This is so hypnotic woah where has this style of music been all my life

    Gerard W.

    Corey Crossman Died after new wave fell out of mainstream favor. But the genre is still alive regardless, and it’s artists like this that still make good music like this.

  93. Jason Owen is Visco 242

    I 💘 This Song!!

    Sincerely Visco 242

  94. Adam prentice

    Awesome track

  95. Mr. Mou

    The perfect song

  96. TheJamon74

    I follow you

  97. Sonichu Bootyblast

    La Blue Girl is using a lot less tentacles these days.

  98. Silenthill6120

    At night I'm driving in your car
    Pretending that we'll leave this town
    We're watching all the street lights fade
    And now you're just a stranger's dream
    I took your picture from the frame
    And now you're nothing like you seem
    Your shadow fell like last night's rain

    Cameron Guerra

    First song and part that hooked me to Chromatics, been listening ever since, the rest is history.


    What year it is? Is this a future or is this a past?