Christy Nockels - Find Me At The Feet Of Jesus Lyrics

Lord, here I am
You have all of me
Take the world
You are all I need
Find me, find me at the feet of Jesus
Savior, find me with my heart bowed down
Find me on my knees
Find me close to Thee
Find me at the feet of Jesus
Lord, I belong to You
You have my heart
My only hope is You
And everything You are
I can almost hear those angels singing, holy, holy
I can almost touch the heavens in their glory, glory

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Christy Nockels Find Me At The Feet Of Jesus Comments
  1. Tessa Whelan

    He IS our Lord and Saviour. May we never forget that He gave His life for us. Glory and praise to you Almighty God & Father.

  2. J. Steven Mann

    Good things always happen at the feet of Jesus. Find a quiet place. Open your Bible. Ask Him to talk to you. When you read your Bible everyday, God will speak to you every day.

  3. Thabitha Mloyi

    Amazing worship song

  4. Laura Waldner


  5. connie valintine

    Beautiful words

    Abigail Delany

    Absolutely! I love this song and her voice. I want to be found at the feet of Jesus. "Come Lord Jesus." \o/

  6. Alicia Sukatee

    what A beautiful song it connects me with God

  7. Steve Wallace

    Thank You Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nomfundo Nonkondlo

    This was my wedding song.💓 I love my Jesus,I love this song.

    Jeru Luke

    God bless you

    J. Steven Mann

    What an awesome wedding song. Herein is the secret to success in marriage. :)

  9. Nocharge Park

    I will buy the all of her album soon.

  10. Nocharge Park

    I love Christy Nockels who always lives in God's Amazing Grace.

  11. Mary Miller

    This song brings me into the presence of GOD in true worship.God bless you.

  12. Lorna

    I love this beautiful worship song. I am listening to it a lot this past while. Video is lovely to accompany it.

    Jeru Luke

    Thank you Lorna

  13. Prince Jacob Cruz

    FEET. OF. JESUS. AMEN🇮🇱👑🇲🇽

  14. Anton du Plooy

    This is such a beautiful song. God bless you.

    Dina Maria Lucas Lucas

    Amen may the Lord bless you too

  15. Jewel4Jesus

    This is such a beautiful song. I LOVE it! Glory!!! Beautiful video. God bless you.

    Jeru Luke

    I am happy to know you liked the video.The song is indeed a blessing.God bless You

    Tracy Cantrell

    Find me at the feet of Jesus... God is our hope 👍

  16. Jeru Luke

    You can find all the songs from this album on this playlist that I have created: