Christy Moore - Yellow Triangle Lyrics

Black triangle, pink triangle
Green triangle, red triangle
Blue triangle, lilac triangle
And they wore the yellow triangle

When first they came for the criminals I did not speak
Then they began to take the Jews
When they fetched the people who were members of trade unions I did not speak
When they took the Bible students, rounded up the homosexuals
Then they gathered up the immigrants and the gypsies
I did not speak, I did not speak
Eventually they came for me and there was no one left to speak

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Christy Moore Yellow Triangle Comments
  1. T Magz

    Beautiful song it is as relevant now as it ever was, we let our governments divide us so that the power stays with them

  2. Fred Bush

    this video make's me sad to see man's inhumanity to man.

  3. Broghan Noonan

    Yeah bouy

  4. Kirby Lethbridge

    Even PURPLE triangles..

  5. Jane Cassidy

    When first they came for the people with disabilities ...

  6. Ira Wechsler

    Nice song but factually incorrect. Hitler's first concentration camp prisoners were the communists at Dachau. They were the biggest threat in organizing resistance and revolution. This is the truth that song covered up and the capitalists arse kissers cover up constantly. But that Protestant clergyman who wrote the poem the song is based on told it correctly.

  7. Anne Jenkinson

  8. S. T

    reminds me of our country today.

    Fred Bush

    Alabama should ask their God to forgive them

  9. Markoo


  10. Ray Lawlor

    This song is more important now than it's ever been.

    Snake Plissken

    no its not

  11. Pat O

    "how could it happen?
    no one can answer because that is the wrong question.

    the real question is given what people are like, why does it not happen more often?
    the answer to this question is th sat it does, only in subtler ways"

    from "Hannah and her sisters."

  12. Darja U

    Thank you for the video. A lot of my friends on the social media did not seem to react when I just posted the song.

  13. Peter Ryan


  14. Valkyrie Ziege

    ; Beautiful, Thank You for sharing!


    Thank you for watching. Please share video

  15. John Jobling

    Excellent work!!! Christy was a link on his Newsletter that directed me here!!


    Thank you.Christy has informed,and inspired,many,many people with his work.

  16. Micheal Carney

    The next generation of fascists will call themselves anti-fascists. 

    Maz H

    Anti-fascists have existed since fascism has, and unsurprisingly, are anti-fascist. Saying anti-fascists are fascists, is like saying fire-extinguishers are fires.

    Angry ofTuebrook



    hsut up you fucking dickead

    Micheal Carney

    Angry ofTuebrook
    Churchill would have us believe otherwise.

    Micheal Carney

    Maz H
    Bear in mind that Fascism was formulated, in part, as a means of stemming Communism. To date, the two ideologies killed more human beings in a hundred years that any others collectively in the previous millennia. What's more, the fire extinguisher analogy is bullshit, because fire extinguishers are not defined by the conceptions of the one using them you condescending ass.

  17. Oliver Álain Christie

    For those who might not know, the song "Yellow Triangle" is adapted from Pastor Martin Niemöller's "das Zitat".
    Here's the post on my poetry reading page
    And here's the link to the YouTube page


    Thank you.Thanks for watching.

    Darja U

    +Oliver Álain Christie Thank you so much for the information.

  18. Ophir Rosensaft

    good song!


    Thanks Ophir.

  19. Barry Quinnell

    Music sometimes reminds us of what a fucking horrible this world is when we let vile, corrupt Nazi-ism invade our souls. A magical tune that breaks my heart. Thank you Christy Moore.


    fascism has many faces....


    Absolutely right