Christy Moore - Sonny's Dream Lyrics

Sonny don't go away, I'm here all alone
Your Daddy's a sailor, never comes home
Nights are so long, silence goes on
I'm feeling so tired and not all that strong

Sonny lives on a farm, in a wide open space
Take off your shoes, stay out of the race
Lay down your head, on a soft river bed
Sonny always remembers the words Mamma says

Sonny don't go away, I'm here all alone
Your Daddy's a sailor, never comes home
Nights are so long, silence goes on
I'm feeling so tired and not all that strong

Sonny works on the land, though he's barely a man
There's not much to do but he does what he can
Sits by his window in his room by the stairs
Watching the waves gently wash on the pier

Many years have rolled on, Sonny's old and alone
His Daddy the sailor, never came home
Sometimes he wonders what his life might have been
But from the grave Mamma still haunts his dreams

Sonny don't go away, I'm here all alone
Your Daddy's a sailor, never comes home
Nights are so long, silence goes on
I'm feeling so tired and not all that strong
Sonny don't go away

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Christy Moore Sonny's Dream Comments
  1. Ernest King

    I absolutely love your voice and I noticed you changed many of the words in the song. You left out a verse but created a new one, that being the last verse...Greetings from the Lovely island Of Newfoundland where "Sonny's Dream" originated...I should know, Sonny was my father.

    Wishing you all the very best sir and the very best of health to you and your family

    The Glastonbury Ferryman

    Hi Ernest,
    That's the problem when a song like this becomes part of the public domain; individual artists put their own touches to a song and embellish it for their own styles.
    I'm sure you appreciate that Christy Moore was not being disrespectful in his deliverance of this lovely song.
    I would love to know more about Sonny and how life treated him because when I perform this song I want to get into his psyche so that I can perform it better.
    The Glastonbury Ferryman.

  2. Linda b

    Listening to this song and thinking of my son who passed away on the 31rst at the age of 27 .
    He loved Christy and I have very fond memories at his concert .
    My dearest son loved Scapegoats God Bless him ☘☘☘💚

  3. William Mckeown

    Such a beautiful song sung by the legend Christy Moore.

  4. MrRocksW

    Sad song / fable. Its hard to know what to do with some people.

  5. ivan kovacevic

    A beautiful song. I came here to listen because I play in Irish pub every night. I dont play much Irish music, just 5 songs. But this one is so beautiful...

    ivan kovacevic

    And yes, Christie has a voice, like Gilmor from P. Floyd

    Too Far

    Canadian song

  6. Nancy Benefiel

    I think this is the saddest song ever written

  7. Sara Thomas

    It a good song big in ireland

  8. Scott Keeping

    great song love it what songs did he have

  9. Scott Keeping

    I miss ron

  10. jim foley

    story to tell about this song. Me and my dad were doing a job for a muslim man in london. We went with the man to go get materials for the job in the van. We were talking along the way and my dad started talking about irish songs me, and suddenly the man goes 'i know an irish song', so my dad tolled him to sing it and out comes the most high pitch voice almost like a womans. And he belted out this song until my dad had to stop him haha.

    paul comerford

    great story!

    Dave Blais

    It is Newfoundland song not Irish. Sorry.

    Rubella Measles.

    Can guarantee you can grace the writers heritage back to Ireland, Newfoundland accent sounds exactly like Co.Waterford accent in Ireland.

    Too Far

    Doesn't matter where you trace his lineage to..Ron Hynes was Canadian...

  11. The Cooper Tech Kid

    Christy Moore. What a legend.

  12. caomhan mc callion

    christy always sings from the heart. feel like I know him 😊

  13. Mini Skrillex

    I love this! ♥♥♥

  14. Philip Doyle

    I love it

  15. Mike O

    a class act

  16. Aidan Healy

    lovely christy

  17. Dublin 17 Anon

    smokeyg1988  100% a Rat enough said in eire if want to see me one on one ill let you  send the 1s home so you can't tout

  18. Yvon Malenfant

    This is a song by Ronnie Hynes that goes back to the mid-70's. It's from Newfoundland. It's not a sad song, just a wee bit of pathos. I love this version.

    shannon Lucas

    It is sad. His mother used her son as a crutch and he was left all alone as a result.

  19. Alfa 0964

    Denise Carey RIP....Vicky Bar sessions,Sunday nights x

  20. Cormac Murray

    Is this about sonny the runner? Who committed suicide ?


    Cormac Murray idk but we have the same name 🙂

  21. 321minder

    The best..! ever. (any way your faiths hang...) 

  22. Smokeyg1988

    Somebody give me a rope so I can hang myself after listening to these lyrics

    Dublin 17 Anon


  23. macmurphy1957

    You're an idiot, Stephen Roberts, And by the way, Ron's version is better. By far. If you disagree then your not from the East Coast.

  24. Stephen Roberts

    mary black sings it better i think.....

  25. Stephen Roberts

    haha if you wanna go to work

  26. mullyanne

    Written by Ron Hynes, St Johns, Newfoundland. 1976. A perfect song for Christy Moore to sing!

  27. Matthew Dames


  28. switchitoff1

    Don't forget your shovel........

  29. Caoimhe O'Connell

    leave the young one alone jesus ! read it and youll see what language it is .. its called english but slang! get yourself together

  30. newfiemale25

    It's ok not as good as the original though

  31. James Bingham

    @SiStABB1 Christy took this song and changed around the lyrics to make it more heart filled and emotional, he does this with all of his cover, its what makes him so brilliant

  32. gizzajobla

    I have happy memories of my Da singing this to me as a kid on his acoustic guitar..i don't think i ever appreciated just how beautiful and sad a song it is. Even as a young lad though i knew i would always love this song and that it would remind me of my Father -a great man. Love you Da

  33. JDibden

    Can't believe the comment by Poopoo2u about drink and drugs not doing you harm!! To quote MacEnroe "You can not be serious man!! Shane McG, Ozzie, Steve Earl lovely strong men in their prime oozing with talent reduced to shambling incoherent wrecks - seedy and old before their time.What a waste to man and womankind.
    Like this version also like one by Mary Black and Emmylou Harris.

  34. GreenOkido

    Everyone sings this too me. I wouldnt care if they actually knew more words than "Sonny dont go away".

  35. Identical Gamer

    This version is just extremely boring. I would much rather hear Ron Hynes or just about anyone else perform it.

  36. h8erman

    @randyoram, Ron Hynes is the most overrated performer in Newfoundland. Christy Moore gives this song the justice it deserves. Maybe Ron Hynes should send CHristy a few more of his songs to sing.

  37. scurtin09

    used to sing it as a little girl, still holds a special place!! x

  38. randy oram

    no mention of this being a cover, and no credit given to the origins of the song, for the true version folks check out the original by Ron Hynes, one on Newfoundland's finest who wrote/recorded this song.

  39. tonybrown brown

    @weemanmoffitt u need a wake up call m8 ppl like u keep our country in the stse its in move on ffs

  40. michael vines

    dont know how else to describe it

  41. tonybrown brown

    @larry1eire larry could not of said it better m8

  42. larry1eire

    take it you havent heard of progress gmsr,things r better now m8,been there b4 m8 and dont want to go back again unless necessary,we r not retired m8 just on a vacation untill the need arises,could b to day could b tomorrow,,,who knows

  43. tonybrown brown

    cupla vocail gmscr agus tu fein bhain sultas bod ceaan

  44. tonybrown brown

    gmscr ur afcuking air head if u believe the drug dealesrs of the c i r a will get u wot u want ! up slan go foil oichthe mhaith ! bod ceann

  45. pleuni101

    best version ever...of course Christie Moore.....the best irish singer !

  46. Mary Barry

    luv dis song

  47. tonybrown brown

    sonny still lives the DREAM in belfast we call it ONE IRELAND 32 counties or nowt and i SUPPORT SINN FEIN who will take us 2 the promised land defo not like these so called fighters _ drug dealears etc do us all a fav and fcuk off we r all happy as 1 at the mo back 2 ur RAT HOLES

  48. randomerness85

    my daddy used to sing this to me so that ii would go to sleep

  49. Laura Fallon

    5 Stars ...

  50. Laura Fallon

    i love this song. reminds of my granda nd being a little kid xxx

  51. ANE32

    One of my favourite Christy Moore songs!Sad but lovely.