Christy Moore - Little Mother Lyrics

Hey, Little Mother, what's in your bag?
Chocolates and sweets

Hey, Mr. Postman, what's in your bag?
A note from your beloved

Hey, Mr. Tailor, what's in your bag?
The finest wedding dress

Hey, Mr. Harvester, what's in your bag?
Solitude and death

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Christy Moore Little Mother Comments
  1. Esther Russell

    Love this ☘

  2. James Osterhoudt

    Only she is from New York State, not Canada


    Yup. Interesting mistake there, on Christys' part.

  3. chriscboland

    I marginally prefer this to Natalie Merchant's version but I don't think it's the best song I've heard from either of them.

  4. harvey blackton

    absolute SHITE ye fucked it

  5. Steven Boyle

    I don't know how I got here.. But I like it.

  6. Rodger Webb

    What does this bloke bring to the song?

    Maurice Higney




    Rosa Lucia

    @@Martin Blumrich I'm not a huge fan of this version but note that Merchant plays it in 3/4 too.

    mal duddy

    A lot more talent than most, you couldn't lace his boots as they say here in Ireland. .

    Charlie Tierney

    Rodger Webb, Christy Moore is a national treasure here in Ireland, a talented musician, singer and songwriter, he can also cover versions of other songs and often make them better than the original, hes a poet and a rebel with a thousand causes, but you would know that already if you were Irish.

  7. Justin Cooper

    Excellent cover

  8. jlohouls

    Christie, Natalie Merchant is a native New Yorker, Natalie McMaster is a Canadian.  I am sure Jamestown, New York is very proud of Natalie & The Maniacs and would fight off any attempt by Canada to claim her, although they are very close neighbors.


    As a Canadian, I offer you Bieber in return for Natalie :-)