Christy Moore - God Woman Lyrics

She spent seven days creating The World, The Sun, The Moon and The Stars
Then The Plough and The Milky Way, Jupiter and Mars
Takin' a bone from her ribcage she carved a fine cut of a man
Dropped him in where The Seven Springs flow into The Pollardstown Fen
'Go forth; sez she, 'me darling boy, go forth in the name of God'
What better place to begin mo bhuachaillin then below in The Yellow Bog

God Woman, God Woman

On a beautiful hill near Clongorey he built a beehive cell
Where he contemplated Limbo as he drank from Saint Bridgid's Well
He recited the Sorrowful Mysteries, said Mass at the High Cross of Moone
Traumatisin' himself with terrible thoughts of eternal damnation and doom
He began to break up the bordellos, to smash all the poitin stills
Frothing at the mouth as he ranted, 'yiz'II all burn in Hell for your sins'

DijxIented by loneliness the poor man could not sleep
All he had for company was altar boys and sheep
'Til one night after devotions he met up with a mot from Coill Dubh
On the bog road down by Clogherinka she whispered the secrets of love
After spendin' all night in the furze bush he emerged a fully fledged man
Took Bedelia back home to the beehive to polish up his auld pots and pans

They danced and danced to the music, to the sound of the Angelus bell
They boogied and jived around the beehive as they danced between Heaven and Hell

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Christy Moore God Woman Comments
  1. Karl Yeomans

    I think this one of his best songs and black is the colour