Christy Moore - Folk Tale Lyrics

A young man fell in love with truth
In searching the wide world for her
He found her in the small house
In the clearing
In the forest
She was old and she was stooped
He pledged himself to her
To chop the wood and carry the water

Years went by until one day
The young man woke up longing, for a child
He went to the old women
And he asked to be released from his oath to her
That he might return, to the world
Certainly she said
On one condition
You must tell them that I am young beautiful
You must tell them that I am young beautiful

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Christy Moore Folk Tale Comments
  1. WillesdenHerald

    Based on the poem of the same name by the wonderful poet, Paula Meehan, with a couple of added lines.

    Kim John Ellis

    please what is the name of the poem?

  2. kiefer roche

    great song

  3. Fintan O'Doherty

    @tonyflors check out 'ride on' - christy moore

  4. Tony Saunders

    This is only the second Christy song I've heard, but I'm sure I'll spend the rest of the night discovering more from him.