Christy Moore - Cliffs Of Dooneen Lyrics

You may travel far far from your own native home
Far away o'er the mountains, far away o'er the foam
But of all the fine places that I've ever seen
There's none to compare with the cliffs of Dooneen

Take a view o'er the mountains, fine sights you'll see there
You'll see the high rocky mountains on the west coast of Clare
The towns of Kilkee and Kilrush can be seen
From the high Rocky slopes of the Cliffs of Dooneen

Fare thee well to Dooneen, Fare thee well for a while
And to all the fine people I'm leaving behind
To the streams and the meadows where late I have been
And the high rocky slopes of the Cliffs of Dooneen

You may travel for far from your own native home
Far away o'er the mountains, far away o'er the foam
But of all the fine places that I've ever seen
There's none to compare with the Cliffs of Dooneen

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Christy Moore Cliffs Of Dooneen Comments
  1. Christian Grant


  2. kevin lynch

    Obviously Christy Moore was a better singer than my Da (not MUCH better, but still better) but my Da beats him hands down with this song....
    I know people will think I'm being bias or sentimental but it's 100% true!! Everywhere my Da went he would be almost begged to sing it, and he would always decline...... Until he had a few drinks lol... A proud Donegal man who died 4'years ago yesterday age 75 after working from the age of 12yrs old... R.I.P Brendan Lynch.... We all love & miss you 💔. 🇮🇪✊🏻🇮🇪 💚🙏🏻💚🙏🏻💚🙏🏻💚🙏🏻💚

  3. Allyis

    135 thumbs down!
    Don't watch it if you don't like it! Idiots

  4. Noland2

    Beautiful xxx

  5. Ian McGillivray

    If there`s a more beautiful song i`ve yet to hear it

  6. johnny craven

    the fabulous Christy moore

  7. Handsome Squidward

    Where is he playing

  8. R. S.

    Hardly to express in words ...
    Simply THANK YOU!

  9. Philomena Wales

    Great memories of hitching lift to one of his concerts with a friend to one of his concerts....... many moons ago ......and quest what .....Christy picked us down earth.....just a lovely man indeed.

  10. Magz Sara

    My hubby does it better, they share a birthday.. Taurus people got the pipes..lovely!

  11. ian watts

    Welcome to Gladstone Queensland Australia anytime Christy, thank you and Liam O'Flynn and Andy for such wonderful music and bringing irish music to the shores of Australia::::)))

  12. Eochaidh32

    This single line, "You'll see the high rocky mountains on the West coast of Clare" , does me in every time. Only on the west coast of Clare do I feel that Ireland loves us as much as we love her.

  13. FOSbrothers

    The Best

  14. John Mcdonagh

    Gr8 song tbh

  15. mc carthy kevin

    ah jesus lads isint that sound and me demented

  16. bruce deane

    thank you christy moore for your music

  17. Phil Ruane

    Music n poetry in perfect harmony.

  18. crumdoggy

    The pipe solo makes this wonderful song even more special. I need to check if he ever released it on an album.

  19. Dio Santana

    1:34 " and the hare, and lofty pheasant are plain to be seen....building homes for their young...on the Cliffs of Dooneen"

    Incredible. That line brought to me to tears holding my 1 yr old daughter and hearing this...

    Paul Byrne

    That line gets me emotional too, especially when away from home

  20. Roelie Rautenbach

    I am only half Irish but believe it is my better half. I cannot but love the music, it is in my soul. I forever thank my mom for giving me the half. From South Africa

  21. Alan Phelan

    Nothing like a bit of sweaty vest

  22. Joyson Peter

    Who’s watching in 2018?!

  23. Matt Reay

    Oh Christ this has broken me tonight.

  24. Ryan Black

    Good song makes me miss donegal

  25. Andy Friel

    Not only a great song but a great racehorse too 🍀

  26. Johnny Butler

    If our country could sing,, I am sure its Christy Moores unique voice is what we would hear,,,

  27. Mr Celtic Reggae

    Listening today my pal Christy Nolan passed away he sang this for me many a night out , god bless your soul brother the world is a lesser place without you xxx

    rab jameson

    I know how you feel. My closest friend used to sing this beautifully. Drank himself to death 17 years ago and listening to this song is heart piercingly sad for me. I often think of him and wish I could have helped him more to beat his demons.

  28. winus222

    Great music! If you think this is boring I think that you are boring yourself 🍀

  29. PaddyIrishman

    Haha I grew up in Clare. Went to school in Spanish Point doing woodwork classes in Miltown Malbay. Then went to school in Kilkee. And would do the shopping with my mam or dad in Kilrush. Plus I know Christy's nephew Turlough. No cliffs of Dooeen though :)

    Ronan Pender

    PaddyIrishman Spanish point was my school aswell ha ha I lived in Quilty now I’m in oz

  30. gerry gillespie

    where was this recorded?

  31. Gerald Ward

    When the pipes kick in Makes the song unbelievable! its a beautiful version better than the album version i find

  32. Ian McGillivray

    Love this,think i`ll have played at my funeral

  33. Roman Wolsztyński

    It's beautiful to see , how people love and taking care of their culture and folklore . respect ! :)

  34. Astral Druid

    tingles and goosebumps galore....

  35. John Morrissey

    God bless Liam O Flynn sadly miss

  36. seamus mc kee

    You aer good singer

  37. donald44video

    Very nice irish folk song :).

  38. Michael Crowe ᄊc

    I first heard this song at a Fleadh Cheol in Kilrush around 1963 sung by a great flute player from Kilmihil, .Paddy Been..Of course The Cliffs of Dooneen are not in Clare but are in fact in Kerry. Some people say the original title was The Cliffs of Moveen ..which are in Clare. Anyhow sound man Christy..lovely job..

    Joe Alesi

    Check out Cliffs of Dooneen on Wikipedia it does show the view as described in the song . plus some other interesting information on the song.

  39. Sharky Reilly

    bob reilly and christy are family dont tell no one

  40. Martin Stokes

    Pj Bernie ya handycap dog that's how u sing it

  41. Kelly Killoran

    Christy!!!!! God blessxoxo

  42. MrExuma1

    brilliant :)

  43. Pual Simpson

    Sectarian bastard.

    Handsome Squidward

    Pual Simpson how is he

  44. Andy Sneddon

    The best'

  45. 001Mahler

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  46. terence devine

    This was my Fathers favourite song

  47. Sean R #CliffsOfDooneen #Kerry @christymoore45 Planxty
    cameraman32 #planxty #Donallunny @AndyIrvineNews #LiamOFlynn
    My Memories @RTELateLate of #Lisdoonvarna Festival & @wildatlanticway @Failte_Ireland

  48. Ger Scully

    Love the ullin pipes hh.

  49. Emmet sands

    Lyrics are wrong lol so bad

  50. worryphree

    My mother, Deborah Snow made a recording of her with her band playing this. She used to play in the bars in New York City back in the 1980's. She died with cancer in 1989. I was 15 years old. I didn't even know she was sick, until I got a phone call one night. It was my step dad. I didn't even get to talk to him on the phone. My dad told me what he said, that she had died.

  51. Christian Grant


  52. TheMischieftwin

    I Love You All, Frae a Wee Island In Alba................xxxxxxxxxx

  53. Christian Grant

    legendary love him

  54. X 'Y

    beautiful voice ♡

  55. thehousemonster

    I'm second generation Irish, and I've always felt Irish, I've been raised Irish my my father and I feel like I'm in exile. Every time I see Ireland on the boat coming over from wales I always feel like I'm coming home! I get called and plastic paddy all the time but I don't understand why, but I don't care because you can't take my irishness from me, it's in my blood!


    You are Irish mate. Don't let others ever define you.

    Chris Keane

    me to its in us and nothing plastic about us,probably know OUR HISTORY better than the gobeens that dare to call us plastic

    John Boyle

    thehousemonster like you I’m the son of an Irishman unfortunately born in this god forsaken part of the world our heritage is Irish and these feck all plastic about that.

    Sean South

    You’ll never take my irishness, it’s in me!

    Lochlainn Mac árdaíl


  56. MrStonecold69

    64 people are

  57. Christian Grant

    makes my hairs stand up great tune christy love it

  58. Ed OMalley

    I'll be standing on these cliffs in 4 weeks...can't hardly wait!

  59. harmien torenbeek

    I rather just listen without having to watch that sweat drenched face.

  60. Kees de Geus

    do we need to say moore

  61. Ibbo Bo

    Just glorious - one of the few songs that makes me cry a bit every time. Am English but mam's grandparents were Belfast fenians - but only found that out recently, long before my love of Irish music started - yes Christy a very interesting and excellent man. And the comment below about Irish people singing making it even better is 100% correct.

    Ibbo Bo

    sorry meant "long after" not "long before"...

  62. Patrick G

    To be sung at my funeral ✌ 💚

  63. Paul O Halloran

    well done my fellow Newbridge man.....hon the Christy boiiii

  64. Eileen Nestor

    One of a kind singers unique a lot of passion and heart..Lovely style

  65. Ronan Liddane

    Great song Great singer

  66. 1ferndale1

    from your Irish Descendants in Newfoundland! We still play and love our dear Irish Music...

    Lindsay Mugford

    1ferndale1 I'm a Newfoundlander 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  67. MyaTheSingingWolf

    im not even irish, im native, and i LOOOOOOOVE irish songs <3

  68. Aisha '

    christy is the best, gunna go see him live this christmas in dublin.

    Rudolf Aigner

    Lucky you. Have a good time there.

    Aisha '

    thanks alot! will do lol love that man

    Sophie Poynton

    so am I ha

    fiona hamilton

    Can I come

  69. Chloe Jones

    good man up toopp

  70. Don Carbon

    the most amazing ever

  71. Nathan Miranda Rojas

    I love this song!!!!!

  72. pa mcgeown

    that melts my hart, irish to the core

  73. Bruce Lippman

    Just returned from Ireland. Can't stop listening to Christy Moore sing this ballad

  74. Frank McInerney

    music at it's purest and most beautiful..

  75. Eire Abu

    Christy moore legend

  76. James Dolan

    Who would have thought that these Planxity musicians principally rooted in Co. Kildare would have such a defining influence on contemporary Irish music. Kildare would not have been regarded as a home of Irish music in the 1970s. Individually and collectively there is non better than Planixty.


    Luke Kelly, Dubliners, Finbar Furey..

  77. The Viking

    There are fools that don't get this. Open your mind and enjoy some fine music.

    Brendan Caines

    Jeff Semper

  78. Jim Hughes

    Smashing version of a great song.

  79. miguel9536

    I am impressed by this group, how I wish I could visit Ireland and  watch the Cliffs of Dooneen, meanwhile I keep on singing this beautiful relaxing song. Ireland is one and for ever. Greetings from the other side of the Atlantic...Argentina :-)

    Gary O'Driscoll

    EP4ever legend 100,000*

    Edel Hand

    @EP4ever legend a hundred thousand, but I totally agree


    Vive Argentina, Vive Malvenas! From Ireland.

    alan riley

    @Ibbo Bo dirty british fuck.


    Hola. The Argentinian Navy are in Ireland now celebrating the founder of the Argentine Navy who is Irish. Google RTÉ NEWS

  80. anne healy

    Great Memories...Happy Paddys Day to everyone .......

  81. Katie Marrinan

    co.clare born and raised and could not be prouder

    Danny Keane

    Born and raised in Clare too but have been away for 5 years love it there 👍🏻


    Hi Katie, my Grandad is a Marrinan from Clare (Kilkee) I guess we're distant relatives :-) Greetings from the Glasgow Marrinans!

    Jack Fletcher

    Dont know why. The cliffs of Dooneen are in Kerry.

    John Irvine

    Beautiful reading these comments.

    I'm a Scots Glasgow Bhoy, with a strong Irish bloodline (having done our Family Tree several years ago). So close, yet so far.

    Cultural and musical heroes like Christy make us feel at home when they come to Scotland.

    Erin go Bragh 🇮🇪 ⚔️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Alba gu Bràth

  82. John Rush

    i am a Dublin man and i love this but we are all from lreland

  83. seanogcarey

    At 2:35 it just gets special. As the crowd joins in, its magic

  84. Noel Goodisson

    Good Man Christy A++++

  85. treama67

    1 of my Dads favourite songs he's from Longford!

  86. Kitty Meekins


  87. james tonge

    No one can sing this like you christy.

    Liam Mcgovern

    james tonge n

  88. curleyteeth

    What a fantastic group Planxty are.

  89. César Vesvre

    Quel être humain ne peut être sensible à cela ? Honnêtement.

  90. Nunov Yurbiznez

    Oh when the crowd join in! Only the Irish can take a beautiful song and make it even more beautiful by singing in unison! My birthpeople!

    Ibbo Bo

    IRA murder squad scum.

    Ciaran Smyth

    Ibbo Bo we didnt kill enough off you brit bastards now fuck up and listen to the song

    Ibbo Bo

    You never will get any of us - the IRA/INLA handed in their weapons -the Paras and SAS never did and the 6 counties are still part of the UK so that means we won. But you know Ciaran - when I was a kid (in Manchester) I helped organise the Manchester Martyrs march for many years - Larkin, Allen, O'Brien - this was dangerous and me and my friends could easily have been battered, gaoled or killed. I bet you never did anything Ciaran as brave as what me and my comrades did - I bet you never helped the Republican cause like we did. There are Brits who supported the 'RA and took risks thaty were very great - I bet you never did. TaL! I x

    Ibbo Bo

    Can't you spell? Your name - which is English not Irish - is Karen Smith. The Brits beat the Ra and Inla - they surrendered their weapons and ended up in gaol - the SAS and Paras never did so we beat your fenian asses 100%. But your not even a fenian bet you are a posh idiot mummy's girl from Southern England.


    @Ibbo Bo proper dickhead you

  91. denis manning

    Who are the Langers who don't like this.

    Dan MacArtain

    +stefan busuleanu

    Translate it, then try to understand.

    A song of emigration, a song of leaving, it is.


    Doesn't need translating.

    Dan MacArtain

    @harsishava Given his/her name, English is not their first language....

    So translation might aid comprehension...

    Steven Starfield

    MI5/MI6 spooks 😂

    Christina Yu

    People with something missing

  92. Patrick Thomas

    Meilleur souvenir aux amis irlandais de L'Derry, de Belfast et de Falls Road in 1978 .
    Patrick , Le mans , France !

    With all my Love for your beautiful united Ireland, a day , I'm sure !

    Ibbo Bo

    Idiot. Je pense que c'est la même chose en français

  93. Hugh Jarce.

    Great tune, great musicians.

  94. MrKaliban66

    Slight glitch at 2:59 on pipes, I think.

    Nunov Yurbiznez

    +MrKaliban66 nah, he just changed its throat so he could pipe the next notes.