Christy Moore - Casey Lyrics

If it's drink you want and plenty of feeding
And you like the bed as well
Grab the wife, throw the kids in the Datsun
Make for Inch and the Strand hotel
If talk of turf drives you crazy
And you can't face a bale of hay
Make for Foley's work the topshelf talk puck, pints and the GAA

Casey, Casey you're the devil
When you get behind the wheel
It was a sad day for the Kerry sheepdogs
When your Firestones they did feel

Oh the low road goes from Killorglin all the way down to Annascaul
When Casey came to guide us he never used his brakes at all
A trail of sheepdogs littered Kerry from Killorglin to Macroom
He might have been all soul's salvation but he also was the sheep dog's doom

From the holy dioceses of Galway Eamonn went to London town
Where the traffic cops out on their duty they overtook and flagged him down
As he was tearing after luncheon around the city like a loon
Regardless to his rank and station they forced him to blow up their auld balloon

Geographically he was in limbo faced with justice true and true
No obligations were accepted he was rightly up the flue
No bolt of lightning from the heaven could remove the boys in blue
Well he wished the force that had worked at Cana would turn his wine into water too

When Ronnie Reagan came to Ireland all the wankers made a great furore
But Eamonn remembered bishop Romero said he'd even up the score
Casey Casey said "God willin' I'll meet Reagan on the road
Niall O'Brien will hear his confessions when I've taught him the Green Cross Code"

Casey Casey you're the right man to teach them Yankees right from wrong
If it wasn't for yourself and Reagan there wouldn't be much to Martin Egan's song

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Christy Moore Casey Comments
  1. DrunkenPostie

    I have never heard this until now. Loved every second of it.

  2. dgrif88

    Narky bollix

  3. Jesus is God MAGA

    A fine example of hate-filled Ireland

    The Grand Review

    What on Earth could you possibly mean by that? Christy Moore is giving Bishop Casey a proper razzberry here for driving drunk and fathering a child who he would not acknowledge. He manages to give it all a wry twist and entertain at the same time. That said, this song was written and performed before much darker charges came to light, and Eamon Casey is now less the object of the comic razz and forever pinned to the wall of the reviled. No such easy rolling tune will ever be written about him again.

  4. The Planxtys

    old ireland - soon to be gone - while ye sit and watch it happen

    Paddy Mac

    The Planxtys sooner better than later

  5. harvey harvey

    the GOBSHITE is full of SHIT

  6. mick harvey

    what a load of SHITE

  7. Ronan FitzGerald

    When Bishops were God!

  8. nivgih

    RIP EC a very good man research before you judge!!!

  9. Alan Kinsella

    Good riddance Casey the hypocrite.

    joe o callaghan

    go and fuck yourself you bollix, casey did more in a month for people than ul ever do in your life

    Shortall Liam

    I have to disagree; the late Casey did a lot of good for his district. He's was not the first "man of cloth" to father children and get arrested for drunk driving (although I will admit he could have handled it better.) All things considered, what he did was nothing compared to the priests, nuns and christian brothers who beat up and sexually abused children in their care.

    Paddy Mac

    joe o callaghan you know theres something wrong when people like you side with scum like casey.

    Jesus is God MAGA

    The hypocrites are the Irish screwing over their own constitution

  10. Christian Grant

    21 who's dislike this song can go fook them selfs

    mick harvey

    fuck you ye BOLLOCKS

  11. James Doyle

    one of the few i like but i like a good few

  12. mrtheoden

    Declan laughing at it was one of those petrol stations. Classic.

  13. peter davies

    the Welsh are with you ...when the shit hits the fan..we will stand together xxx

    Shortall Liam

    We are all Celts!

  14. Lachlan F

    gotta love the story at the start. "it was one of those petrol stations"

  15. Ashley 32

    childhood memories of "Sunday drives" and this blasting. 😂

    Darragh Enright

    +Ashley 32 ikr :D

  16. Robert Ford

    Ireland beat englang

  17. Alex Thompson

    Fucking legend.

  18. John O'Dea

    Not Enda

    becky Moules

    very good


    Christy is da man!

  20. Gillian Lawlor

    A christy classic

  21. paul long

    michael dineen you seem to know fuck all about lyrics,its based on a true storey,at last a prince of the church got done for wrongdoing,nowt wrong with a dose of reality

  22. Beppe Rigotto - Brucevelvet

    un mito!

  23. John O'Dea

    Casey wasnt dat great either but dis is wanna Christys fun songs, enjoy it 4 dat

  24. Paddy Murphy

    Declan sinnot fine guitar player put him christy the musical chemistry is awsome the best

  25. Anomy

    Too many fills in the guitar...

    tony power

    Brian Q shut up

    J C

    Yeah for real shut up

  26. Martin Anthony Egan

    Its a Great Version. M

    Paddy Mac

    Martin Anthony Egan you know how to write them martin

  27. DustyRoundup

    Christy Is awesome !!!!!!!!!

  28. Eoghan O'Dowd

    1 person has serious problems

  29. sinjin480

    I read in the bible once: "Do not drink water exclusively; but take a little wine for your stomach and ailments" Casey took it to heart.