Christy Moore - Burning Times Lyrics

In the cold of the evening, they used to gather
Neath the stars in the meadow, circled near the old oak tree
At the times appointed by the seasons
Of the earth, and the phases of the moon

In the center, often stood a woman
Equal with the others, respected for her worth
One of the many we call the witches
The healers, the teachers, of the wisdom of the earth

And the people grew in the knowledge she gave them
Herbs to heal their bodies, smells to make their spirits whole
Hear them chanting healing incantations
Calling for the wise ones, celebrating in dance and song

(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)
(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)

There were those that came to power, through domination
They were bonded in their worship of a dead man on a cross
They sought control of the common people
By demanding allegiance to the church of Rome

And the Pope, he commenced the inquisition
As a war against the women, whose powers they feared
In this holocaust, in this age of evil
Nine million European women, they died

And the tale is told, of those who by the hundreds
Holding hands together, chose their deaths in the sea
While chanting the praises of the Mother Goddess
A refusal of betrayal, women were dying to be free

(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)
(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)

Now the earth is a witch, and we still burn her
Stripping her down with mining, and the poison of our wars
Still to us, the earth is a healer, a teacher, and a mother
A weaver of a web of light, that keeps us all alive

She gives us the vision to see through the chaos
She gives us the courage, it is our will to survive

(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)
(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)
(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)
(...Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali... Inanna...)

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Christy Moore Burning Times Comments
  1. he's a sound cunt

    Mother Earth you provide and you heal
    Nurture and protect

    I am sorry most of my species look to the sky for answers

    I love and respect you

  2. Jim kohler

    Alu Mara

  3. Andrew Henney

    You all will never be forgotten my friends you memory lives on especially to this day have patience my friends I am with you all that has been victims of the burning times.

  4. Andrew Henney

    Incredible song and music sorry what happened to you all innocent or not during the burning times what goes around comes around they will burn those who burned you during the burning times my friends justice will be done because the law and government will burn for what they have done to you all during those times my friends.

  5. Kevin Brown

    Is this not Roy Bailey's song?

  6. dave williams

    Hard to coexist with people whose holy book commands them to make sure you DON'T exist. Read the Q'uran, people, and educate yourselves.

  7. Connie Harding

    Absolutely beautiful <3

  8. he's a sound cunt

    There was always and onlynone to worship and her name is mother earth

  9. nancy droll

    My Dad used to say that people
    Fear that which they do not understand, but that knowledge was power. He also cautioned me knowledge used without foresight was irresponsible and that we must always look to the mistakes of histories past to correct the mistakes in the path of our futures. To all my fellow Practitioners, Peace be with you and yours in this New Year and Blessed Be

    rob coffman

    Sadly we are on a path to repeat our past because humanity is too foolish and stubborn to learn from it and the violence, hate and bigotry continue and spread. I pray every day that the world will wake up and see what is happening hoping things will change. I know sadly it will likely never happen but I do pray that one day this planet will find peace in all of humanity. ~Brother Absalom

  10. Arseanl 2020

    new year,everyone love,love each other,love everyone x

  11. Carole Ballard

    The numbers of nine million has been proved to be inaccurate. Also, most witches where hung not burned. They burned heretics mainly.


    What did it mean to be a heretic?

    IZABELLA Finch

    does it really matter, for the sake of poetry and song?? The killing of women happened for 200 years. how are we ever to truly know to full extent of the murders anyways??

    rob coffman

    correct the number was actually estimated at 30k-40k that were killed though even this number is debatable as records back then were sketchy at best of those that were actually killed as Witches. It's doubtful we will ever know the exact number of people killed. The sad thing as I stated in another post, is most of these people killed weren't even witches and were completely innocent of witchcraft.

    Melody Brown

    so you aren't counting the Inquisitions?

    stewart beddoe

    @homeiswonderland A person whose beliefs are different from the established

  12. FlameMaster173

    I love this song but really wish there wasnt so much made up for the sake of shock value... The truth was bad enough without building it up

  13. hoskinmage

    As above so below to my brothers and sisters stand fast in your beliefs let no one sway you. Only you can decide how to live your life,it is your decision how to live

  14. Jane Doe

    The way I see it is that the witch trials were the result of rising fear in the Catholic Church authority. Reformism accelerated this fear even further, but it started earlier. However, based on historical data, these prosecutions were not only anti-witchcraft, but also anti-semitic, and homophobic. Due to the panic, people who had nothing to do with the accusations, were also sentenced. The rather peaceful religion, which Jesus put forward, changed to a more aggressive version in the Middle Ages due to political factors. It seems that the vices in people (greed, lust, pride, fear etc.) will always manipulate the original meanings and facts to suit their needs.

  15. gav hinds

    Blessed be to my brothers and sisters...)0(.......

    rob coffman

    and Brightest Blessings to you. ~Brother Absalom

  16. Steven Albert Wood

    Met Charley when he first came out with this album over 20 years ago. It was produced by the drummer from Santana. Charley was more dedicated to social work and social change than touring. The Only Green World.

  17. Stefan Gingrich

    Hello to all the people who are online I would like to tell you with no shame that I am a witch and I am proud to say so and I would like to say that I feel so very sorry for the men,woman and even children who were so unjustly persecuted and killed just for their beliefs they had done nothing wrong blessed be to the fallen.

  18. Amara Michaels

    I suspect the original saying was IF it harm none, do as thou wilt, lost over time by those who do not understand the difference between ruling and dominating.

    Odax Sobi

    The quote belongs to Aleister Crowley (Golden Dawn). A good description of what it means can be found on wikipedia:

    "DO WHAT THOU WILT" can often be misunderstood to mean "do what you want". When one says "do what thou wilt", this means that the origin of will directs the path. To understand and act upon one's True Will is a sort of "enlightenment" to Thelemites. The ultimate goal of a Thelemite would be to understand and perform their True Will. "

    Katana Hancsicsak

    @Odax Sobi Thank you, too many misunderstandings going around. It's pretty rare to see someone online who actually knows where that came from and what it means. Well, unless I'm dealing with fellow Thelemites. But we tend to be an evasive bunch, notoriously hard to pin down.

    Belinda Carter

    However none of us can say what may actually harm another - we can not know each other’s paths and destinies and we can not be the judge of what is “good” for another

  19. Em McCord

    March 1, 1692.....remembering the brothers and sisters who burned because of religious intolerance. Peace be with you today as we remember you.

    Steven Albert Wood

    The real purge was earlier in Europe. While the rest of the world advanced in medicine the church held us in the dark ages. See the movie The Physician an excellent example of the church's control of knowledge. Ben Kingsley Stellan Skarsgaard. Great movie.

    rob coffman

    The saddest thing was this had NOTHING to do with religious intolerance, that was just an excuse to use paranoia to gain the Church and those in power to remove their enemies by accusing them of being "Witches" when in fact the majority of these people as you know weren't even witches but just Midwives and children that were cruelly slaughtered. This happened again with the Jewish people in World War II because of bigotry. We must NEVER let this happen again! It's time the hate, racism and bigotry ended in this world before it is too late and humanity destroys itself! Brightest Blessings ~Brother Absalom

  20. Thomas Sheridan

    Christy Moore is a supreme idiot when it comes to politics and history. The
    'witches' were all devoted Catholics and Protestants deemed such during
    the Reformation. They would be horrified to think that people today
    thinks they were pagans.

    The actual number of real
    witches killed was tiny and in many cases they were up to no good like
    that bunch in Pendle and the psychopathic serial killer in Kilkenny
    marrying and murdering men for their money.

    amanda sweetpea

    Define 'REAL witches'?? Pre-christian Ireland was Pagan, you make bold claims speaking for millions of dead people, are you sure they were 'devout Catholics and protestants'? Paganism was very much a part of Irish culture, despite being indoctrinated into the church. And yes the church did cast out many Women of the earth, goddess's, with ancient knowledge. not hags that cast evil spells, any willful, powerful woman was considered a witch..... The religious cults (the church) brainwashed people into believing that women were less than we are, they tried to stamp out the ancient knowing, and worshiping of the seasons labeling it satanic. (the jokes on them) You are getting folklore and HISTORY mixed up Thomas.

    Athena Anffinson

    @Thomas Sheridan stop liking your own comments it's kinda sad and for your info, I am true blood Wiccan witch and three of my ancestors were witches two were hung for being nothing more than healer using witchcraft and herbs and the other burned alive for again being a healer so you have no idea what you are talking about and you clearly no nothing about history of wiccans, I am a historian and never were they Catholics and Protestants, those accused were tortured to the point they could not take anymore and had no choice but to confess, many innocent people died at the hand of Christian religion, learn proper history


    Incorrect me little gobshite protestantism didnt come about til martin luther ya see the German martin Luther nor mlk

    he's a sound cunt

    As the druids were also killed òf by romans and their new religon. The witches were not devoyed chatolics gof to think i used to watch your videos ove learbed along time ago your a complete walter mitty that spouts shit Mr sheridan

    IZABELLA Finch

    @Athena Anffinson I'd love to be in contact with you since I am making some research on witches. thanks x

  21. karen

    4 people are brainwashed by organized religion.

    rob coffman

    It is not for us to judge others for the path they walk, everyone has their own path they walk. The difference between Paganism and other religions is we must support the fact that each has their own path to walk whither we agree with it's principles or not as long as they respect us and harm none along the way. (not all people that walk paths different from ours are malicious)

  22. Tonia Hendershot

    Thank you do every much Maxine I listen to this first thing every morning before my day begins. Blessed Be.
    Merry Meet Merry part Merry Meet again. May the God and Goddess Bestow many blessings upon you and yours for eternity.


    Tonia Hendershot it's powerful )0( Blessed Be

  23. Col Johnson

    It is on the "Smoke and Strong Whiskey Album.

  24. Derek Chapman

    Could someone please tell what album this amazing song is on. 


    it is on Smoke And Strong Whiskey


    live at thepoint christie moore


    This version is on Smoke and Strong Whiskey


    @Blondie101010100 the song however comes from live at the point ya see I saw it live


    @d126153abe this version is from 1991 and from the Smoke and Strong Whiskey album. I know the song is on Live at The Point... this version isn't though :)

  25. Teri Baldwin

    What a beautiful song! The words, the music, the voice! Wow!!

  26. ozz miller

    to all that follow the ancient pathways 'blessed be '

    Em McCord

    Blessed Be


    Blessed Be )O(

    Odax Sobi

    to all those who follow any pathway, be blessed (I do not discriminate :) )

    Lula Belle

    ozz miller blessed be

    rob coffman

    Bright Blessings to you brother

  27. darkmooncrone


    Ruthann Amarteifio

    It really is!