Christopher Cross - Is There Something Lyrics

Lately I see clouds of sorrow in your eyes
Some deep sadness you can never quite disguise
Now I'm scared to ask what it's leading to
But I'm more afraid of not asking you

Is there something that you want to tell me
Is there something that I ought to know
Are we something that's still worth fighting for
Or should I simply let you go
Is there something I can do to reach you
Are we something more than history
I'll find some way to convince you to stay
If you just tell me honestly
Is there something left of you and me

You've got secrets you've been keeping for too long
And I'm going crazy acting like there's nothing wrong
I can taste the truth every time we kiss
And I can't go on
At least not like this

I don't want to lose you
But what's the use of holding on
I don't really have you
If the feeling's gone

Is there something I can do to reach you
Are we something more than history
If there's no way to convince you to stay
And be the way we used to be
Then there's something that I want to tell you
And I want you to believe it's true
We had something that I'll never forget
Even if I wanted to
'Cause part of me will always be with you

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Christopher Cross Is There Something Comments
  1. Lorna Bolo

    broken heart song

  2. Coby Sun

    I love this song, really... but it breaks my heart to listen and sing it. Not recommended to dedicate to your loved one who love you back, equally.

  3. RaffyDon Francia

    Nuon parang angvdali dali lang at mabilis ang araw bakit ngayun sobra tagal

  4. Cheska Trinidad

    "Mahal kita pero mas mahal ko siya," sabi ng ex ko. This broke me big time. It has been three years since then, but I still remember that day. Napakasakit. I'm still on the process of healing. Hanggang kailan kaya? 💔

  5. Elena Serrano

    I still love u please my love

  6. Valerie Honey

    We reach out, we beg and lose our self worth. Just because we don’t want to lose them. But i do realised that love is about freedom and respect, let them go be happy for them.

  7. esperanza large

    Relate much 😢😢😢

  8. Vanessa Sadia

    nice song i do really remember the place where the vision is there for thru...

  9. joy laderas

    i remember how he dumped me,i was 3 months pregnant then.. now our son was 8 years old.. still hurts the same way every time im thingking bout my past,my wrong decisions...

  10. Avid Gamer

    mapapa buntog hininga kanalang talaga

  11. Joann Balbin

    Ang sakit nman ng kantang to😓

  12. Gauch Gerold

    ((=. J h nvm. Th

  13. Gauch Gerold

    ((=. J h nvm. Th

  14. daisy pautan

    nice songs..something that has to tell..if there really still something that left of the both

  15. nasus ronquillo


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  17. Sheila's Vlog!

    Nice song

  18. daisy cordial

    It reminds me of my past, and my wrong desicion 😔

  19. Ronel Vinuya

    Habang tumatagal lalo kong nararamdaman ang sakit..habang tumatagal na mimiss kita ung ala ala na lang tanging naiwan sa puso ko sana masaya kna sa piling nya😭😭😭

  20. Jerry Gaudiano

    Nice song 👍

  21. mommylara17


  22. Rhose Alvarado

    In my L💞S
    Sometimes feelings in our heart make us a little bit Confused.. if the Love we felt in our Vulnerable❤ are brotherhood admiration, Crush, infatuation of Lust & Attraction, or Real true Pure Love❤..??
    specially when the One I Love most...
    let go off... and Never show the way to fight for the Love❤ we got inside... bcuz he Give Up & look another Lover, or maybe just simply a Game love lust events for him the matters of all it..

  23. Lhags Sawal

    i really feel and deeply understand whats going on everytime i heard this song...

  24. ella palomar

    I love u so much

  25. cora munda

    I like this old song not about the meaning 😊

  26. Soledad Alma

    i really love the song.
    i dont want to lose you. that's why i am holding on baby. i love you ❤😍

  27. cae estrada

    It hurts sobra😭..D nya kayang ireturn bck to u ung love n binigay mo sa kanya..ikaw n umaasa n bibigyan k nya ng konting pagmamahal..😭

  28. Xyn Masdo

    When you know that everything is blurred and theres no way will it be like it used to be. .You need to slowly Accept that fact, even though it hurts like hell 💔

  29. Moneth Y

    This song always reminded me of my wrong decision. 😕

  30. i am DEBORAH

    It only means say what you want to say when you're still with each other or else regrets comes when you can't say because that person you have is gone... Whatever !!! Just say it NOW! OR NEVER!!

  31. Mary Jean Motilla

    Ikaw and dabest. 😭 I miss you! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  32. Ginn Aguila

    mahal mo pa, pero may nakita ng iba.. nganga

  33. pao ozman

    Is there something left for you and me...

    I felt that 💔

  34. pao ozman

    2019 rainy nights

  35. Kayira Bootan

    I am 22 yrs old and i really love this kind of song, they say i have old soul.. But my only reason is it has real feelings than the other songs of todays.

  36. Jonah Merced

    Idont want to lose you....

  37. Maria Laganza

    😢yong iniwan nyang alala sa akin sapat na .Na minsan nyang pinasaya ang puso ko.Hindi ako umaasang maging kami forever pero gusto kolang sabihin nabuhay ako sa alaala mo

  38. Kevin Tersavige

    I love his music especially this song
    Wrenches my heart ....I’ve been thru what he’s singing No matter how much time goes by your heart never really heals

  39. Ginn Aguila

    it's hard to stay when you know it's gone.. it kills you slowly

  40. Aletta Munnik

    Such a sad song. Losing the one you love. Hope that won,t ever happen to me =0=

  41. Miguel Sanrojo

    Love you too the Moon and back 2019😭😭😭😭😭

  42. Sakura Mae

    I don't want to lose you but what's the use of holding on😢😢😢

  43. Anthony Cortel

    04 JUNE 2019
    ☺️☺️☺️ Thanks sir.

  44. Jd Slzr

    A part of me will forever be with you..

  45. Mariela Villar

    We had something that i'll never forget, even if i wanted to..

  46. Juliuslaurence Guzman

    Because, if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back . . . then that love had to be real. It hurt too much to be anything else.

  47. Ma rose ann Labis

    Classics song

  48. Joel george Ruiz

    Is there something?😢

  49. Ruby Neri

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭sakit Ng Lyrics

  50. michael lyons

    All the sadness in the world...

  51. Cel Martin05

    So meaningful lyrics for someone u love that full of secrets

  52. Abby Fortuno

    We had something that I'll never forget, even if I wanted to...11:11

  53. Nick Nebria

    Yun bigla ka iniwan ng walang sapat na dahilan tapos malalaman mo nalang na may iba na sya hahaha gavity..

  54. Cindy Jones

    The only I know is that ilu

  55. zarah jean ramos

    i am sorry for playing ur love mr. J Y hope u understand am just realize that ur not in my heart

  56. zarah jean ramos

    i dont want to loose u but what’s the use of holding on

  57. Jessie Montejo

    I tried to reach him, but theres something that I couldn't do 😢

  58. Keevin Victoria

    christopher cross was the best artist

  59. Sheryl An

    Sometimes I wonder...

  60. Babe Love

    that feeling when you tried your best to let that person stay and holding on to the feelings that you have for that person but sad to know that that person is letting you go. mahirap na isa nalang ang lumalaban. ugghh sad song.💔

  61. Jill Dezsenyi

    Your right Mr cross 🖒

  62. taylor zen

    “I can taste the truth everytime we kiss” .. I felt that on a spiritual level😔

  63. Evelyn Maglines

    Naiiyak lng aq pag pinapakingan ko 2...

  64. Candice

    no guys - find a way , don't give up! :)

    So many things but maybe change yourself to re attract the person

  65. Harris Irving Belleza

    Perfect song to sing when you're torn between trying to hold on or let go of someone. This is truly a heartfelt song. I love it 🎶🎸🎧💕😍

    gladys macaraeg

    so true..(we had something that I'll never forget even if I wanted to)these lines breaks my heart.💔

    Mary Jean Motilla


  66. Rene Tan

    whats the use of holding on?..

  67. Mij Nobulas

    I LOVE CLASSIC, THE LYRICS of song makes me feel great..every word on it has it own meaning..sad story but meaningful

  68. Ruby anne Fresnoza MAMA

    sobrang ganda song i yak sa sobrang kanta tinig one song kahit kanta sobrang talaga 😄😄😄

  69. lhangskie guisihan

    Thanks to the composer of this song... I do really like song, it makes me cry

  70. Kareen Vim Parami

    when you are single but you feel the pain of the song. Despite the coldness you other half feels on you, you still try to hold on and fight on something you have had.

  71. Herminio Turalde

    I maku ampoy koyang dondon eda ku tutuknangan psnasakitan lourdes miranda turalde sto domingo chapel villa 777707

  72. Yolly Calapano


  73. grace worship songs

    Something else

  74. Coach Mary CYoung Image /Fashion Stylist

    you are my forever no secrets.. just plain clear convo is happiness fr me,

  75. Jv Algo

    Not all that are in love are always meant to be...

  76. Im just a dude Pretending to be a potato

    Im not crying, you're crying.

  77. Keri Hartini

    Nice song ,it seems really i am feeling...oh no..

  78. Morena Gracia

    Is there something left of u and me???😭

  79. Blandy C

    Coz part of me will always be with you .........

  80. Feona Devan

    Is there something???? Please love me back 😭😭😭

    yu mi

    Dont beg him to love you back.. its not a real love its a pity love once he come back and love you tho you know he doesnt love you anymore.. hope someday youll find your real the

  81. John Enojardo

    I remember when my ex fiance told me that she doesn't love me anymore one month before our wedding that was a year ago. It's really sad but that's life you gotta move on... Thanks for the wonderful song Chris..

    i Rish


  82. Gel bacS

    is there something left of you and me?

  83. Im just a dude Pretending to be a potato

    lungkot ng kantaNG TO.

  84. Kristopher Jess Andal

    ...the partner i assume is asking the same question. Not only to him but for herself also... But one thing is for sure. "a part of me will always be with you".

  85. Emmanuel Roosevelt

    It's a melancholy......most times just let go.

  86. Zaldy Salcedo

    15 years oLd nung napakinggan ko tong kanta na to at gustong gusto ku malaman kung anu ang title at ngaun 23 na ako . @ sawakas after 8 years naLaman ku rin ang title .. 😅 😅

  87. Joy susan Cante

    i love my husband so much this song is really makes my feeling so inlove with my husband...

  88. Arturo Arriaga

    I like pizza and burritos

  89. Felidith Famis

    It is really sad if you're not meant for each other. 😯😯

  90. Tin Lorizo

    It's been years since the last time I listened to this song. I've been avoiding this song for so long because I'm afraid it will bring back all the pain and the memories. And as I've listened to it now im happy that it's not that painful anymore. I know I'm healed. It took some time but I'm okay now. 😊

  91. Alonagum Gum

    I really miss you so much "MR 97 Of USA"

  92. Jessie Castillo

    we had something that I'll never forget.Even if i wanted too.😢

  93. anafe tesoro

    Some of my favorate classic😍

  94. Ryan Isidro

    Mahal na mahal kita sorry sa nagawa kong mali

  95. Joe jayson Rabara

    Ai love the song


    the saddest part of any relationship is when you saw the person you love ..HURT,!and its crazy to act like there's nothing wrong just bec. your afraid to ask: "IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN DO"?


    the saddest part of any relationship is when you saw the person you love ..hurt..!and its crazy just bec. your afraid to ask.. " IS THERE SOMETHING I CAN DO TO REACH YOU"??

    RainbowLeme seastres

    it hurt so much for me to hear this song,i know it was a long time ago when i had a broken heart,,but i dont know ,why until now i feel the same.💔💔