Christon Gray - Connor McDees Lyrics

Swear I suppose, there's nothing left for me in here to expose
Ain't an accolade alive that I ain't claim on my own
I been crowned since forever, been in here with the stones
June bug with the plug, how I weight out the goal
It's nothing new, almost to the point where I be bashful
Double entendres are wondering what the mass do
Double high, caught em and wonder if that'll catch you
It's summersault slaughter so the flow is only natural
Like no shots to it, more so in sense
But I'm less about that, and more so bout a Benz
I'm more so bout a win, and more so bout the end
Being more than we can count, moreover your ten
Talking Russell in the huddle for a W
Instead of serenading the parade, but not enough for attempts
Know I may hear the beat, like the end of the speech
Like the only protocol of what winning should be is right here

[Taelor Gray:]
They gave Langston Hughes a pen, Coltrane a saxophone
Gave me this mic but they ain't give me no chaperones
Just me, just the ghost and the alphabet
Nine years old watching Spike Lee's "Malcolm X"
Yeah, I'm on some different type of energy
Whether hot or cold better save them extremities
Man, the jab got you running like Floyd
If it's money to be made, then the summer got a joint
I ain't running for the coin man I'm tryna keep my promise
Cause if I keep it G I'm selling honesty as product
And it's piracy, all this airing out keep messing up my privacy
Now I'm writing rhymes on papyrus leaves
It's hometown hero, not a hero in my own town
Got my own sound, I experiment with Mo-Town
Yeah, that's the offseason
You fish outta water and we coming after Caesar

[Christon Gray:]
Nah we ain't done
I don't turn my nose up when evil stalks
I can smell em coming, yeah I know I can see it all
This the Ghost Protocol, call me Ethan Hunt
Leave the wicked with a broken jaw, they can't even talk
I tell the Pharisees to each its own
"Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin", read the wall
We all fallen, no desire to embarrass dudes
I offer them a parachute, they trade it for a pair of shoes
Prepare to lose, I ain't claiming the belt
You could never win a game that keeps playing itself
We the fighter and we don't wanna fail
So we put ourselves in prison
Every Christian needs bail, Lord Jesus

I'ma give a little more, I just wanna let go
Give it to the Lord, I'm just gonna let go

I'ma give a little more, I just wanna let go
Give it to the Lord, I'm just gonna let go

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Christon Gray Connor McDees Comments
  1. aidan leddick

    This is dope, love christon Gray music

  2. SunKissNicole

    I'm late - I found this gem

  3. Nikolai-Andre Alexander


  4. Caleb

    Chris, are you sure ya'll aren't related to Tragic Hero? You both look a lot like him.

  5. DerrickMathis3596

    Talkin Ryan (Matt Ryan) in the huddle for a W! #RiseUp

    Thomas Dotinga

    The almost W

  6. Harrison K


  7. carbon273

    Where was I when this was out? I was following W.LA.K at the time why didnt i find this?

  8. thourghgood

    Great song to listen to in the car with window down and volume up!

  9. Reformed1

    Wait...was't Ghost Protocol about Ethan Hunt? Why'd he say ETHAN HAWKE? I don't get christon's lyrics there. Song still goes hard though.

  10. nate23g

    Dont mind me but im a lil surprise that no asked whats skyzoo doin here..... Im not against any artist working together to make good music and spread the word. I came off of another song from skyzoo and the big question was what was christon gray doin here? all i know is this Christian artist need to keep goin. doin stuff like this is working

  11. Lyfeizeal

    Wait I didn't k ow that was Skyzoo wow ! from LB....from Justus league

  12. Andrew Widmer

    I wish he would rap more!

  13. Maranatha 1

    Gass 🔥🔥🔥

  14. art offical intelligence

    "talking Russell in the huddle for a W/ cause they'll serenade at the parade but not a note for attempts" The Great Debater does it again.

  15. Rachael77

    Shoutout to my bestie Giangelo Power for making the beat for this song!!! Christon you rock!

  16. Daryll Joseph Ugpo

    Do you guys see Skyzoo's hat? It's blurred out.


    +Daryll Joseph Ugpo I believe this means they didnt get permission to have that brand in the video or something. They do it to keep from getting sued

    art offical intelligence

    it's a Supreme logo on it

  17. Catherine Sims

    <3 Taelor & Christon Gray collaborations <3

  18. Jared Wallace

    They are on Fire!!!!

  19. Deborah Mebude

    Mark my words: The Grays are taking over CHH.

    B J

    Yup !!✊

  20. Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    dope. straight dopeness.

  21. Lance the Rapper

    Should of Featured Tragic Hero on this!


    Agree. This beat fits him

    Curtis Bowden

    yeah he woulda slayed this beat

  22. IRL Review

    Every Christian needs bail 😥

  23. Gianni Cinelli

    Who is Connor Mcdees?

    Rock Badger Christianity

    Gianni Cinelli Christon Gray stated in an interview that it's based off of Connor McDavid

  24. Lyrical Opposition

    Skyzoo! Ayeeeee

  25. TheGreyshine

    Skyzoo missed you bro I used to hear on the little brother stuff

  26. Speed Akpodiete

    This is fire! It'll take me a while to get all the lyrics, but I'm getting some kind of message about being great with your gift and not playing the game the world's way. Something like that!

  27. Saxy Jojo

    So uh...where can I download this?!

  28. Shadrack A. M.

    Always love Christon's ability to rap and sing. So, so versatile. Can't question his faith, he's been very open about his struggles in the past 2 years, which he reflected in his songs. Just as the Bible says there is a time and season for everything, the same applies to music in growth and feel. Saying this song or that song makes him less Christian is myopic and judgemental. Not everyone who cries Lord, Lord will see the kingdom of God. Unless he personally and explicitly renounced his faith like Jahaziel, then we can only sit back, enjoy his God given talent and let it minister to you (in praise, enjoyment or the absolutely heavy bass it!).
    Point is: You can't go through life pointing at everything and putting it in black and white as Christian or carnal. Otherwise you won't wear clothes propelled by certain artists and foods sponsored by certain people.

  29. Isaiah Strome

    He is back and better than ever bro

  30. A Brown

    For the record I Iove hip hop music that gives glory to God. I met Lacrae a few weeks ago. Bizzle has gotten better as he has has matured in Christ. DreMac is my favorite rapper. I head a youth group and we listen to hip hop often.

  31. Hosea Cuervo

    Need this on the next album or Spotify of something

  32. alex Adair

    who was that first dude yo

    Andrew Bullard

    +alex Adair Skyzoo

    Leah Paauwe

    +Andrew Bullard right. looking like rev run

  33. brainofBrandon

    I have the left only pierced too.
    They at the shop said I'd be back for the right.Never was!

  34. brainofBrandon

    AH! Really digging these flows from you.
    God bless your chests because they're light of stress.

  35. brainofBrandon

    :40 in = Thumbs to the roof

  36. Porsha Love

    Christian Hip Hop Female Cypher! On my channel.. check it out!

  37. Tall And Caramel

    I'm so proud of guys !!!!! I follow you guys for the first time when I see you singing "HOPSICLE" with Elevationists! Christon Gray has a great voice! Love you guys <3 <3 <3 xoxoxo
    My favorite songs from Christon Gray :
    - Crazy

  38. Daniel Clark

    the beat is so dope🔥

  39. Celeste -

    yes brotha

  40. A Brown

    Just because you put Jesus at the end of a a song don't make it a Christian song. I thought I was gonna be a new fan but seems like he Is compromising . So sad

    Gianni Cinelli

    +A Brown My brother you are then more wrong in your argument. I think you fail to se how certain albums ate written for different parts of the body of Christ. Body art was for the whole body of Christ. School of roses, was for those struggling in relationships and lust. It talks about overcoming the past and overcoming depression. Christians are very diverse and need music to meet them at their level. Not all album will resonate with you but it doesn't mean that album isn't Christ centered. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Some people see things differently when they are a different place. Just think about it more like that. Some album I see no point in and don't love but I realize that it's not written for me. Somethings are precise and for a target audience. But I think your right we need to hold artist accountable.

    John KT

    @Gianni Cinelli Good explanation,some people have been blessed by the work Christon has done for the Lord. If someone else doesn't feel the same way,why can't they just move along and listen to something else?
    Oh well.


    +A Brown Heh...listen to the whole album bud.

    A Brown

    I will, but my comment was about this song

    The Man The With Golden Gun

    check out bizzle

  41. Brionna

    christon gray killed this song!!!!! excited.. now

  42. hunter ficarra

    Beast song. Never heard of Skyzoo, he sounds sick

  43. Anton Vitullo

    oh yeah!!!!

  44. Jacqueline Sadberry

    As I find I have to do with A LOT of Christon's songs, I'll have to listen again to even catch the fire I just heard. I! All three of them killed it--bars for DAYS.

  45. BjornFSE

    Great Work Christon!!!
    Still looking to the day I'll get to mix for you

  46. Rob The Moment | A Visual Co

    Itsaiight! I see you CG!

  47. PSLCS

    I'm a person who can be very critical about music because I used to rap and produce. I must say this is a very well put together song. I haven't actually listen to it in other places like a car stereo to hear exactly how the mix sounds but over the internet it seems to be on point. Its good to see him mixing his sound up. I like the slow stuff but dude can rap also and its good to see him do songs like this. All three of these guys went in on the mic and the beat is bangin.

  48. ThatLauraPerson

    can't wait for Christon's next drop

  49. Xave Ras

    Christon nnnaaailed it

  50. Tim Morris

    love it!

  51. Cody Cunard

    He's a BEAST!!!!

  52. SilenThps

    I remember thinking he sounded waaaay too much like drake in this song in his overflow demos. which i didn't like since he's way more talented than drake. I'm soooo happy he don't sound like him in this version this song is fiiiiiiya

  53. AshleySaidItBest

    looking forward to the new project

  54. DeJuan Rosado

    "I offer them a parachute they trade it for a pair of shoes.." DOPE

    Thomas Dotinga

    been there... traded shoes for dope too. Sober now and need positive music to help keep it that way.

  55. That London Guy

    This track is fire Chris! Love the production.Looking forward to your next project. Bless, from the UK.

  56. Terrion

    Ayeee looks like I got here early