Christina Aguilera - Twice Lyrics

Sometimes I wonder what is the meaning of this life
I found the price of love and lost my mind
I will forgive them all of my wrongs and my rights
I'd do it all again and won't think twice
Oh, think twice

Are you devil? Are you angel?
Am I heaven? Am I hell?
I can barely find the proof to save myself
Are you water? Are you fire?
Are you filthy? Are you pure?
Oh, I thought by now I'd know
But I'm not sure

Well, you're no angel
I never asked you to be
You're my danger 'cause that's just what I need
But it still hurts me

Well, sometimes I wonder what is the meaning of my life
I found the price of love and lost my mind
I will forgive them all of my wrongs and my rights
I'd do it all again and won't think twice
Oh, think twice

My forever and my end
My forgiveness and my sin
I have sacrificed the most of my youth
Is it treason? Is it true?
That the worst I won't undo
Only enemy I have in love is you

Well, you're no angel
I never asked you to be
You're my danger 'cause that's just what I need
But it still hurts me

Well, sometimes I wonder what is the meaning of my life
I found the price of love and lost my mind
Oh, I will forgive them all of my wrongs and my rights
I'd do it all again and won't think twice, no
Whoah, think twice

Were you devil? Were you angel?
It's too late to change my mind
I would do it all again and not think twice

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Christina Aguilera Twice Comments
  1. wild room

    ”sometimes I wonder what's the meaning of this life”.
    Edited " Always I wonder what's the meaning of this life"

  2. Lwazi Songo

    Why is this song underrated 😑💔

  3. Ashtar C.

    Um, sorry, wordfindingprogramm...haha. Not better, is it😂

  4. Ashtar C.

    Wow, Thank you so much.Simply hope you will find all the joy in life that u missed before by being und er contract with stupid evil people. Wish you all the besteht, and whoever reads this🎶😁😘

  5. Dakota Mae

    Heard this for the first time after trying meditation for guilt... deciding to turn things around & take care of myself is an uncomfortable shift. Xtina is always around in the most fitting times of life.
    Growth is acknowledging mistakes are lessons in disguise, not something to attempt avoiding.

  6. Vitor leao

    eu amo tanto essa musica aaaaa

  7. pedro saul diaz

    Lo volvería a hacer dos veces... ❤️

  8. kate r

    Why has this song not been released

  9. Leo The Sunlight Master

    If this was released as the lead single with a simple beach music video like the thumbnail shows it would've been a triumphant return!
    The perfect ballad to let the world hear what a real voice sounds like!

  10. nicolàs martinez jaurrieta

    Xtina you are the only one! You are fantastic

  11. Melanie Murczak

    This had should played at his funeral.

  12. S C

    She is definitely a diva. Singers like her doesn't exist anymore...

  13. Teresa Osorio

    Gosto Christina Aguilera.fiz comentário peço desculpa esqueci YouTube livre só vê quem quer.nao tenho razão disse retiro quem sou eu dizer comentar perdão.,🙏💚💛🧡💜💞

  14. Cd Unboxing

    Cd Unboxing | Liberation 💿 💙, link :

  15. teox 9

    December 2019!??

  16. Nargis Khan

    Touch complete soul

  17. Andy HC

    The pic on Christina S hair looks as if it all breaks off and fall off from over torturing from highlightning.. And bleaching.. Lol

  18. Ferrer Zorola

    How Liberation should have been promoted:
    1st single: Like I Do
    2nd single: Fall In Line
    1st promo single: Right Moves
    2nd promo single: Deserve

  19. Topanga Wolfe

    love this song



  21. Seth Brolsma

    Search party still hasn’t found my wig and bitch it’s been over a year

  22. lkuukiks


  23. Leon Lee

    If only the entire album was like this. Christina quit the pop, hiphop bullshit and give us a soul record.

  24. LAMOROSI Originals

    I don't know why but the sentence "you're no angel, I never asked you to be" cuts something in my heart

  25. Rachel The Free Spirit

    Christina is really speaking to us through her music

  26. Evan Moyer

    Listen to this as background music with you jerk off to Bobbi Starr getting gang banged in Europe and it makes your orgasm twice as intense.

  27. Ramon Vitorio

    One word! M A R V E L O U S

  28. Sebastian Urdaneta

    My Queen 👑❤❤

  29. Joel Campoverde

    October 2019 ✨

  30. Peta-Gaye Kumar

    Love lyrics and voice

  31. Carlos Campo


  32. Alyssa Gamberella

    Crying so hard

  33. Venus Goldenburg

    she is a legend all her songs have soul I love you xtina been knowing you since i was 5! Went to your back to basics tour on my birthday ❤

  34. alexander sanchez

    Se ve hermosísima y perfecta 😍😍


    (This is only for fans) I made a video for the song "twice" so for anyone who wants to see it, it's on my channel. I did it because I love the song and so unfair that I have no video.

  36. Shaqeera S

    My queen on this dunya

  37. - F o n t a L -

    And once again, Miss Underrated. 💜

  38. Bradley Femrite

    This song gave me the strength to continue on...

  39. ivy anderson

    Just sent this to my man.

  40. ruben diaz

    La mejor de todas!!!! Soprano coloratura, para los que hablan demás intenten cantar como ella!

  41. Graziela Almeida

    Essa musica merece um GRAMMY 😭😢

  42. Anyone Nolza


  43. Thiago Felix

    So forcefull. It's like a Hurricane hit the ground or a Vulcan gets eruption. Im so proud of You girl, If was concerned me the right of be proud. Case the duty it Is.

  44. Dylan Psinakis

    It angers me that Liberation didn’t get recognition it deserves.

  45. zee santosa

    this song cut my heart. its hurt. thank x

  46. José Marquez


  47. Xthian Aubel

    amo este tema no puedo parar de escucharlo con solo un año

  48. XxMyLameUserNamexX

    I know she's not a chart chaser or cares about sales but I really wish she did promote this album. It has so many gems on it.

  49. Octi

    I love the fact that this song is a fan favorite among fighters I think is one of her best songs in this decade

  50. victor villena

    Espectacularrrrr sin palabras esta cancion y los tonos q le da christina aguilera eres increible unica!

  51. Chendler Hoppen

    Still waiting for the video <3

  52. Danny Evergreen

    This song gets a like for that godly intro alone

  53. Leo Asaka

    Parece una versión 2018 de The Voice Within

  54. Alexander Bustos

    Hermosa canción 🎶 amazing..... Esta mujer es única no dejo de escucharte no de coleccionar tu arte musical ❤️😬🇻🇪

  55. N Xx

    Best song 2018 , 2019 , forever queen of pop Christina Aguilera 💪🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌟✨🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Jesus Revelo


  57. XI XI

    Only 7mil? Jeez..

  58. MadMac

    Fucking FLOP


    Una gran obra de arte como siempre una gran voz con un gran tema te amo CHRISTINA AGUILERA MI MAYOR INSPIRACION VOCAL

  60. lkuukiks


  61. Zoltan Muller


  62. Sandra Rosero

    Soy de Ecuador y me siento orgullosa de q cristina aguilera lleve sangre ecuatoriana por parte de padre.

  63. Miriam Maria

    I Love You Christina Aguilera

  64. Caio Vinícius


  65. David da silva ferreira

    Dommage qu’elle ne puisse pas la chanté comme ça en live . La fin d’une époque


    elle la chante encore mieux en live tgl


    David da silva ferreira Tu a regarder son concert elle l'a chanté en plus mieux

  66. Adam Switek

    Masterpiece <3

  67. Katie Cross

    OMG this song came out on my birthday this is an amazing song 💗

  68. JustSabs

    I can't believe, I'm still waiting for the video?

  69. NewHarooBom Park

    Park Bom Xtina bought my Queen

  70. Alesé H

    Angel, pure , no wonder

  71. Edmundo Huamanchumo

    Peru te espera desde hace muchos años, por favor tienes que programar un concierto aqui en Peru, te amooooooooooooo.......

  72. justponx

    Need live version of this song. So... GoT. I wonder why this song could not make to be their theme song.

    Alvaro Calfani

    Omg just watch the xperience or the liberation tour here in YouTube.
    There's live versión of this Masterpiece

  73. Vasileios Tsalkos

    1 year later and only 8 million views??? US is extremely disappointing musically...


    Vasileios Tsalkos Million *

    Vasileios Tsalkos

    Yep right sorry.

  74. silvia calonga

    what we did to deserved this song????¡??¡¡¡¡¡

    silvia calonga


  75. Waylenn F

    I must be the guilty one🙃😍this is pure MAGIC👏🤙❤❤

  76. lkuukiks


  77. grey perry

    I came here right after what she said about the meaning of this song in one of her Liberation tour

  78. Marcin Orlecki

  79. Alicia R

    Christina should get grammy for this album!

  80. Yanto Siringon

    I like your position in what country? I am very Indonesian?

  81. nueschi


  82. Vana Štambuk

    What a voice now i prefer Christina over Brittney

  83. Dreams4Plans

    exelente canción, inspiradora 💙💜💙💜

  84. Zoltan Muller


  85. L J

    This doesn't even seem like her! I miss her from 9 years ago best vocals ever!!!! 💙

  86. xxxTIN0xxx

    She was clearly inspired by Freddie Mercury for this song, the harmonies are very "Bohemian Rhapsody". I think it's my probably my favorite song off Liberation.

  87. Willian Alves de Souza

    Happy bday Twice ♥

  88. Deaner Wes

    Omg it took me so long to find this song

  89. Ailen Jdi


  90. Corinadanae Ca

    I like it. Well written song.

  91. rexha I world

    My absolute favorite track of this amazing album. Miss Legend Aguilera never dissapoints. So sad it didn't do that good in the charts yall are tasteless 😭

  92. nino nino

    B R A V O !!!!

  93. le pantin farceur

    any music video for this master peace ?