Christina Aguilera - Searching For Maria Lyrics

How do you solve a problem like Maria?
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Maria?

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Christina Aguilera Searching For Maria Comments
  1. Maxim Maxim1227

    Это же не Christina Aguilera

  2. A Public Affair

    It could be Christina. Beautiful and powerful song.

  3. Elke Lehmann

    Super geiler Song... Wahnsinns Stimme...

  4. Larissa De Araujo Alves

  5. Ivica Bošková

    I love the song this vioce is beautiful:) different than christina but still beatiful come on people:)

  6. Unbreakable Flower

    Who the hell is this Janine ?!?! Everyone talks about here.I really love this song ,but i was confused why Christina sound different,but now all of you talk about that girl ! Whi is she ?!


    Esta canción aunque el título es igual al cd, no es la canción. La verdadera canción es un intro y solo dura menos de dos minutos, y esta dura 4 y no es la voz de Christina. Y Xtina, a pesar de que ya casi pisa los 40 años, su voz es única e inconfundible, se nota enseguida y esta canción no demuestra su voz. Mal por Youtube que se equivocó de reproducir el tema. Debería tener un mix de las canciones de éste álbum así como lo han hecho con Juanes, Shakira, Justin Bieber etc....mas respeto con los usuarios que se confunden.

  8. Abdullah Najjari

    OMG she sounds like Xtina!


    Abdullah Najjari it's not christina

  9. Sammy Varté

    FAKE NEWS!! So glad I stopped subscribing to this account many months back.

  10. maryam mure

    You really think this is xtina omg my ass she don't even come close to the real Christina we know. Her voice not even close 😂😂😂😂

  11. angelo bastardo

    wow excelente la voz perfecta merece grammys ella es la mejor; volvio la reina !!!!


    angelo bastardo esa no es christina aguilera jajjaja la que canta esa canción se llama janine

    angelo bastardo

    si lo se me equivoque !!! ese comentario iba para el verdadero audio de christina aguilera lo pegue aquí sin darme cuenta ..... gracias

  12. Madin Paradis

    Прекрасный трек

  13. Madin Paradis

    Its voice Cristina Agilera?


    Madin Paradis not

  14. Artur Biomédico


  15. Bienvenido Taveras Jr.

    Thrilling me again...edgy inspiring i havnet really read into the words completely yet.....less genie in a bottle more move me the right way ....feeling something about this

  16. Andy Lewis

    Even if this isn’t Christina, this song is amazing.

  17. nina hagen

    Thanks for uploading! Yes, ist not Xtina but I love this song more than xtinas current Music:-/

  18. Bienvenido Taveras Jr.

    Liking this alot

  19. rudebox20071

    Si es Christina Aguilera ..... la cancion pertenece a la lista de su nuevo album ... 😍


    rudebox20071 esa no es christina aguilera jajjaja esa es janine

  20. Ivonne Jamaica

    fake as hell is not our queen

  21. Kim Ullrich

    Besides the song is titled "Searching for Maria" not "Mariah"

  22. Cornelius abdon

    dman, if only christina made a song this god!

  23. marz4450

    Is everyone still bitching about it? Just wait for the album and hear the real 'searching for maria' song. Bam. Now go do something constructive with your lives

  24. Ivan Great

    hateful bitter trolls coming out lile mocking birds my thoughts r that it's very close to her softer voice

    josh Lava

    Ivan Great it is Janine this is not Christina lookup dark mind by Janine , Janine sounds like xtina

  25. Engels Reyes

    Christina sings this and burn it up... Janine will be nothing jjajajajajaja

  26. Ewelina JMK

    This - Janine - Dark Mind

  27. William alvarez

    Christina ft Janine ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Amanda may Nieves

    Rather it's xstina or not it's still good... Really good loving it

  29. Gülsen Inan

    it isn't Xtina!!! she called Janine

  30. Robert Peter

    Haha we wil ll see

  31. Ivan

    Idk this song but its good

  32. Rhody MiniMundos



  33. Elias Palma Romero

    .aún así me encantó esta cancion ajjaajajjajaj


    This is Janine!!!

  35. It is Javi

    Rose's are red, violets are blue. I just got tricked, and so did you.

  36. Frank Z

    FAKE!! This is Janine NOT Christina

  37. Kelli Cook

    Love this song❤ Love the vocals and the song❤

  38. yosshu kan

    Ohhhhhh ESPECTACULAR 😱

  39. Ivonne Jamaica

    is not our queen

  40. josh Lava

    It’s called dark mind

  41. josh Lava

    My apologies it is Janine

  42. josh Lava

    It is xtina

  43. Sandra Rosero

    Lo estaba esperando anciosa la amo

    Maria Fernanda Nuñez

    Sandra Rosero no es xtina

  44. N Xx

    This not Xtina but I like her voice

  45. labellav1103

    Totally not Xtina!

  46. Nico Graell

    No es xtina es janine

  47. Doni Williams

    Not Christina but this is definitely good, it should go to her though. If it's already not on someone else's album.

    Ahmed Beqqal

    Doni Williams this is already on someone's album. This is Dark Mind by Janine and The Mixtape from her EP of the same name

  48. Omar Garcia

    Dark Mine 😍

  49. Yerandy Núñez Hernández

    Best i ever hear from -Xtina

  50. Alexander Schellhase

    Who the fuck is janine?

  51. Victor Triump

    Whether this is Xtina or not, no one should intend or attempt to pose LEAKS of Xtina's upcoming songs.

  52. Matheus Merotto

    Que hino é esse meu deeeeeeus

  53. Ivan Gjorgjevkj


  54. Jefferson Gonçalo

    Eu gostei da musica, mas não é minha Aguilera :/

  55. Preston Van B

    This isn’t Xtina!!!!

  56. Ed80 Solo

    Fake!!! Why you did this?

  57. Oliver Maid

    and again you wasted my time. i guess i will report you to YouTube now...

    Oliver Maid

    report done

  58. marz4450

    It is, PERIOD!

  59. Mauricio D.

    Dark Mind - Janine and the Mixtape

    William alvarez

    Mauricio D. C

  60. Cesar Velazquez

    Excelente tan creativa como siempre

  61. Tanvir Hossain

    I was super confused until I found the original song. The singer copies Xtina a lot. That crystal voice modulation from chest to falsetto sounds almost like Xtina.
    Damn!! the singer is incredibly super talented

  62. Chris Torres

    Not even a little bit

  63. Santo Diablo

    this is not herself

  64. Maicon Ferreira

    Love Aguilera de paixão

  65. karam maymoun

    this is not xtina this is dark mind by janine....

    Ivan Great

    fuck off hateful bitch this our queen just a lot of jealous bitches here

    Ivan Great

    why because it's not autotune like many of the singers you may admire

    karam maymoun

    bitch.. i have been listening to this song since last year. janine has 2 EPS by now. gtfoh little kid. i aint jeleous when im gonna go see xtina live front row bitch.

    karam maymoun

    dont assume shit you degenerate imbecile.

  66. Dalva Fontenele

    é a Janine zzzz btw adoro tbm mas parem de postar musicas falsas zzz

  67. Sianlu

    Yo didt she confirm a song named maria...

  68. marz4450

    I just heard Janine. Crap voice

  69. marz4450

    How sad that Janine is lonely and without a contract!

  70. marz4450

    How sad that Janine fans- still don't know her. Confused her for the queen

  71. daniel aguilar

    Is Jannine

  72. Joel Bless Hanshing Zuñiga

    Son aweonaossss como comparten esta wea !!

  73. Mighty Mico

    Video reported

  74. Queen Xtina mizo

    Please,stop that

  75. christian Dallas

    I love Christina, but is this really her? 🤔

  76. marz4450

    It's Xtina! Now yalll are stupid

  77. Hilton Gouveia

    Not Christina Aguilera, the music is Janine - Dark Mind.

  78. marz4450

    Who the fuck is Janine? It's her! Sorry if you're tone def

  79. MeowRoof

    You really don't have a life.

  80. Beyoncé Knowles

    O liked it

  81. KurtisLeeSinger

    Hate when people waste my time for clicks 🙄

    Singapore Pearl

    It's literally the point of this channel, dumbass

  82. Angela Chu

    Um either you are dumb or a really fake xtina fan to not recognize that it's not xtina's voice lmao

  83. Puxo Castillo

    Dejen de creer en esta cuenta es puro fake

  84. Puxo Castillo

    De verdad que esta cuenta solo quiere ganar visita este es la cantante original

  85. GarageStudio

    *Xtina's vocal twin*
    P.S. I literally thought this was Xtina till I saw the other comments


    GarageStudio it is Xtina. If your a follower, how sad


    GarageStudio if comments run your life, how sad! It is her

    Младен Манолов

    No,it's not her ! Sad for you...this is Janine and the song is called Dark mind.

  86. Un Tiempo Para Recordar HD

    I love this song 'Searching For Mariah'. Wonder if Mariah already heard it.

  87. Jarel Huard

    yes is totally not christina aguilera its janine
    Fake lol its bad


    Jarel Huard nope! It's Xtina

  88. yuri faxineira

    It's not really xtina.. a true fan knows thst although it's a beautiful song


    Igor Manoel dumb Xtina fan knows her voice! Retards

  89. Noed José Piña Castro

    Super fake!

  90. Taniya Irfan

    That’s janine”s song dark mind lol but I starting love that song ❤️❤️

  91. Stella Bella

    Love Christina but HATE Kanye... can't listen or buy because of his involvement.

    Xavieer Jurban

    Stella Bella always trying to blame females for male's troubles... gosh.

    Xtina&Dimash &Mimi&So-hyang

    Stella Bella youre really gonna xtina because of kanye. He produced the song in 2015 dont let that stop you from supporting xtina

    Carlos Montaña

    Bye bitch.


    Stella Bella can't buy cuz you can't afford it. Don't lie

  92. Elias santos

    Is sim xtna

  93. Elias santos

    Love♥️ Christina Aguilera 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😋

    Flavio Lima

    Elias santos JANINE - DARK MIND
    Não é a xtina 😢

  94. Alexandre Cesar Vieira do Nascimento

    It's not Christina, is Janine. She has vocals that sounds like Christina

    Elias Palma Romero

    es JANINE !!! he usado SHAZAM !!!...NO ES CHRITINA !!

    Alexandre Cesar Vieira do Nascimento

    Elias Palma Romero until finally someone agrees with me about the case

    William alvarez

    Alexandre Cesar Vieira do Nascimento wring it’s both of them Janine doing background vocals


    Report it as fake. I did.

    Migz Cid

    ur ryt.. its not xtina... even her voice before doesnt sound like this...

  95. pablo german marabotto silva

    Es ella o no?

  96. Michel Platiny

    I love this song... Who is?? Pleasee😍😍😍

  97. blu moon

    That's not CHRISTINA bitch she wish