Christina Aguilera - Dreamers Lyrics

When I grow up I want to be a screenwriter
I want to be a journalist
I want to be a lion
I wan to be a lion
I am a lionness
I want to be a superhero
I am a superhero
I want to be a singer
I want to be a singer
I want to be a boss
I want to be a doctor
I want to be the boss
I am strong
I am invincible
I am a leader
I am the boss of my own world
I want to be heard
I want to be heard
I will be heard
I will make myself heard
I create my own rules
I will work hard
I am nobody's princess
I want to grow up and be president
I want to be president

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Christina Aguilera Dreamers Comments
  1. sndanikilador

    Después de escuchar tu audio, y desde Sevilla, ésto es para tí, Christina.

    Vivir en un sueño
    anelando lo que quiero,
    escuece el despertar,

    si ese sueño es verdadero.

    Sueños e ilusiones,
    magia de nuestra mente
    que nos otorga un placer,

    Vivir en un sueño,
    anelando lo que quiero,
    surgen las dudas,
    de dónde estar, yo quiero.

    Sueños e ilusiones
    magia de nuestra mente,
    si realmente quieres vivir,

    Con cariño


  2. KPC Productions.Org

    Hey CA ... As your old boss once said "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them", your album is a stunning work of art and we all love it... personal fav .- unless its with you - gofigure ...Salute!

  3. Liliana Mae Kesse

    Inspired by little me little mix

  4. Андрей Путилов

    Just searched it on Youtube to seek the fat comments and have fun but the comments are... Just not interesting. Poor

  5. Manu_el González

    This Is like the Little Mix's song 'Little Me'

  6. Let's Talk Now

    I wonder which one of them is legendary 2034 voice of their generation Summer Rain Rutlet Aguilera.🔥💯✅🎤🎶😍

  7. Kristine Elizabeth Bate

    Aww. Too short yet your point is made

  8. Rick DMA

    This wonderful, I love so much. ❤️🙃🙃

  9. Isaac Zamora

    Keep on inspiring the girls who become women.
    Their own interpretation is that matters.
    Was that Summer Rain at the end?

  10. VR REAL O

    This is cute. But am i ever going to play it again?

    Shards of Shattered Halos Lacerate My Skin

    no, i think?

  11. Iram Cueto

    first comment