Christian Kane - The House Rules Lyrics

So you're tired and you're beat
And you worked all week
And you need a place you can let it go
Where the girls go wild
And the boys play hard
And you need a little more than just the radio.
Well here's your open invitation
With just a couple regulations...
Let me warn you son
Only come to have fun
We don't take kindly to serious,
So leave your troubles at the door
Unless you want some in here.

Welcome to my house
Buckle up tight
Everybody sings and drinks and laughs and gets high.
It's a country music
A little soul,
It's a rock 'n roll rodeo.
We don't tolerate no sittin' around
Everybody's dancin', groovin' and gettin' on down.
So before you come in here with some kinda attitude
You better read the house rules.

Around 11 o'clock
When the front door locks
And the boys start raising the bottle,
Where the girls do the thing with the Mardi Gras beads
Yeah you know they're gonna show 'em if they got 'em.
And no matter what your story
A good time is mandatory.
Well rule number 7 says don't touch the women
But they can grab whatever they want to... (hahaha)

Welcome to my house
Buckle up tight
Everybody sings and drinks and laughs and gets high.
It's a country music
A little soul,
It's a rock 'n roll rodeo.
We don't tolerate no sittin' around
Everybody's dancin', groovin' and gettin' on down.
So before you come in here with some kinda attitude
You better read the house rules.

There's no such thing as last call
We pick 'em up when they fall.
We share the same bathroom stall
Says the sign on the wall.

One, two, three!

Welcome to my house
Buckle up tight
Everybody sings and drinks and laughs and gets high.
It's a country music
A little soul,
Man, it's a rock 'n roll rodeo.
We don't tolerate no sittin' around
Everybody's dancin', groovin' and gettin' on down.
So before you come in here with some kinda attitude,
Boy before you come walking in here
With any kinda attitude
Lord, you better read the house rules!
Oh son you better read the house rules!

Two, three, JAY!

You better read the house rules.

'Cuse me,
Excuse me,
I'm gonna need to see some i.d. on that girl right there (hahaha)

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Christian Kane The House Rules Comments
  1. Deena Lynn Julian

    Singer songwriter extroidinaire.. contact me DNA.AKA Stuart.... You name them they perform my songs.... Lets duet... 333 hits most number 1.

  2. Raiza Amanda

    Supernatural 15x07

  3. Maureen Wilson

    blazing mf hot! timothy directed christian jensen jared misha!!!!

  4. Борис Святогор

    You are the best bitch.

  5. biensidhe

    I didn't recognize Aldis Hodge, but I recognized the Portland street. D'oh!

  6. Gabriel Felipe Gonzaga

    Supernatural 15° EP. 07 "Last Call" 👌🏾

  7. vivin tem

    кто пришел сюда после сверхъестественного?

  8. Vadya Zelyk

    Supernatural 15/7

  9. MoB Joseph

    Supernatural family here ✡

  10. Daniel R


  11. Tactical Bacon

    Supernatural sent me and I’m praying for those who are looking for this song

  12. Isaac Bobonis

    Anyone from Supernatural?


    Yea but I wish i knew about him earlier

    Devil’s Daughter


  13. Zim zimmer

    Any time I think of Leverage, I come here for my 5 minute fix.

  14. DeAnne Hilton

    I like this video better.You and T.J. Courtney should play golf and talk.

  15. John Mesic


  16. Jonathan Bingham

    I love your music my wife loves you never stop

  17. Games & Entertainment Animator & Fiddler

    Dang! Two minutes Six seconds for that opening Steadicam shot! Great work on the video all around. The man has so many skills! Some folks spend decades to master any ONE of'em. I've been a fan of Chris Kane's Acting for years, but once I got started in the industry I was putting in a lotta hours & only got to see his work occasionally, sometimes long after initial release. Working on the peripheries of productions w steadicam, cranes, lights & all, makes me ask: How did they get the CRANE into that space?!?!? Disassembled then reassembled?? Then repeat to Exit...

  18. Zachary Williams

    Christian said fuck transphobia with that gender neutral bathroom

  19. Mara natha

    I love this.... I miss Leverage.

  20. t2delan1

    Hmmm the director’s cut looks about the same as the original cut.

  21. Anna Albright

    Met him and he is actually shorter than me and doesn’t talk much lol.


    Yeah, but a total sweetheart, right?

  22. Leaisnotonfire 16

    It should be illegal to be this sexy

  23. Anna Albright

    I love Portland

  24. Denise Hedden

    Awesome video Awesome job guy's 🖤🔥🖤

  25. My Dog Nose

    The fact that the opening shot up to the point that Kane walks on stage is a single, continuous steadicam shot impresses me every time I see this video. Not only was the camera work flawless, to be able to fill up the bar complete with dancers in cages in just a single minute is incredible. This is my favorite Kane song.


    Took 4 takes to get it, which everyone said was astonishing given the logistics. But Kaniacs can do a lot when they get together. Lol

  26. Beanie Clapper

    How Christian is not a mega star is beyond me, the dude is amazing

  27. VALERIE Ehrlich

    Then why is not in mainstream country music.......or don't they know talent when they see it any more these days in country music he is fantastic

  28. Lawrence Rosen

    By the way, I absolutely loved "Leverage" including the entire cast.  Thank-you for such a great show.  Wishing you the very best that the world has to offer!  Take care.

  29. Lawrence Rosen

    A Great Video!  Did you ever thought about doing a Christian movie including your singing.  You are indeed multi-talented and an outstanding singer with a lot of passion.  I hope to hear from you. Take care and God Bless!

  30. themushbaby

    timothy hutton aka nate directed th music video

  31. Lawrence Rosen

    You are truly a great artist of all times.  I love your music.  I miss you on "Leverage" that was a fantastic show and you are indeed a very talented actor.  I love you and God Bless.  Please let me know when you come to Arizona, especially Tucson.  Keep it up!  Timothy Hutton is an excellent Director.

  32. Simon J. Worrall

    Rule # 7 I can definitely get on board with :P

  33. Steven

    Just wondered why no one noticed the blond in the daisy dukes and boots is Parker.


    Because it's not. Beth was there, but she was taking photos.

  34. john davis

    I was an extra in this video. Wife and I are down front in the crowd. Took 8 hours to film this. Timothy Hutton directed it. We filmed it at Dantes Sinferno in Portland Oregon. Beth Riesgraf was there taking pictures all day but wasn't in the vid. Got to meet all of them. That night he did a full show after filming was done. It was cool how the Leverage cast spent the day supporting him, and it was cool to work for Tim Hutton for a day.


    I was there too. I was in the middle near the post with the projector. Flew in to do this because we filmed on my birthday.

  35. Proud Father

    Damn I remember when this first came out. I can't believe it's been 7 years holy shit.

  36. bslmbslm

    Sexiest man west of Idris Elba.


    Totally agree, luv them both

  37. Joseph Dixon

    this proves even though they might not be filming leverage they are true friends

  38. Nika Lee

    Was that parker up there dancing? hahaha Love the video!

    draven di angelo

    i think so

  39. Mary-Elizabeth Bandow

    Wasn't that a mix of the Brew Pub and John McRory's???


    You mean the film location? This was shot in Dante's in downtown Portland, OR.

  40. Samara Sena

    Why did the band break up ?

    lisa roloff

    It didn't really break up. He just had other projects to work on. He doesn't put the music. When he did he said it got to be like a business and he started to lose the joy of the music. No worries, he is planning on getting back to it. :)

  41. O N

    I LOVE HIS SONGS he also plays eliet on leverage

  42. Tonya Ripke

    Christain is the TOTAL PACKAGE for sure !!

  43. Darker Shadow

    multi -talented and damn hot!

  44. greeneyedlady01

    omg sooooo hot!!!!!!!! ;)

  45. Patricia Bartlett

    He is AWESOME !

  46. Erica Aufrichtig

    Love him

  47. Erica Aufrichtig

    Love him

  48. carol latham

    reminds me of a bar in new orleans call the wisteria same exact rules!

  49. Kathy Ares

    #ChristianKane is an awsome musician, actor everything he does is golden.

  50. Uday Thambimuthu

    I can't be the only one who really wants to go for a beer or twenty with Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge.

    Charles Goodroe JR

    Uday Thambimuthu Nah brother, I so want to do that too.

    Kimmie D.

    Uday Thambimuthu I think it'd be cool to have a beer or 2 with the whole cast of leverage.

    Yvette Moore

    You guys grab a beer with Aldis and CK, I'll take the director to dinner ;)

  51. Uday Thambimuthu

    Your house sounds like fun bud

  52. Sharolyn Wells

    Christian, I found out you could sing from Leverage. Then I saw you on Second Hand Lions. You are one of my favorites.

  53. Kathy Leake

    My house rule #1 is - you gotta love this man. From Lindsey on Angel to Eliot on Leverage - he could sing the phone book and make it work! And look sexy doing it!

  54. melissa coleman

    loving me some Christian Kane!!

  55. Sandy G.

    Mind blown! Christian I didn't know that you were a singer and a musician too!
    I Loved it and totally rocked out and subscribed!!!


    If you can find them, you should go collect his CDs. I think some are out of print though.

  56. Greg Thornton


  57. jessica fudge


  58. J Lee

    I don't like country music but I can listen to him all day.

    Beth Field

    +J Lee Me too!

  59. Perla Villar


  60. Lissy London

    Wow, he can act, he can cook and he can SING!!! I don't even like country music and I LOVE THIS SONG!!!


    and he is a hunter

  61. benjiammin

    Christian Kane, he can sing, he does his own stunts, and he's the only guy I would accept to succeed Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

    Jason Garcia

    I agree


    You are soooo on to something there..

  62. KitWinchester2010

    Anybody else catch the Eliot- Hardison bro handshake moment?

  63. Michael Connor

    Christian Kane is on Spotify! :D Yes!

  64. Robbin Randall

    Great song and vidwo!  Love Christian Kane's music - every single song!

  65. pawado

    Love this video and the man <3

  66. lnoergaard

    amazing to see how u all react after leverage. The fact is us kaniacs been around way before leverage!!!!!

    Greg Thornton

    +Bitch74able better late than never - all are welcome


    Can you fight like elite Spencer or not

    draven di angelo

    SHADOE LORD cqn and do

  68. Ilianette cat

    I can't stop hearing this song am not over it 😙😘😍😂😂😄😗😗

    Deborah Lawrence

    Is he not a fucking real cowboy everyway he breathes! I love that man!!!

  69. Ilianette cat

    HE SO HOTTTTT!!!!!! OMG and that smile and he could sing

  70. Michael Connor

    Damn it Hardison! LOL!

  71. rebecca hickerson

    one sexy ass man

  72. mathew stenger

    it took me like 20 times watching this to figure out the security guard was hardison lol love this song 

    Maggie Zhuang

    @mathew stenger I spotted him the first time I saw him! :D

    Michael Connor

    @mathew stenger Crazy part is Elliot would take is ass.

  73. norma dunigan

    Love my Christian Kane Music

  74. Trashy9001

    5 years later...did the hitter's music career ever lift off?

  75. Louise SHIVE

    Christian Kane looks good and can actually sing!

  76. donnalioness

    Love this ~ man i wish i was younger ;) 

  77. randyswazey

    Damn it Hardison !!! Lol

  78. tracybutler951

    I love Christian kane, Into The West,Crossfrire Trail, Angle, Lervrage. I seen the over and over again so many times.

  79. oliviablair93

    The fact that Aldis is Christian's security makes my day.

    Michael Connor

    Me too! Hardison is awesome!

    Derek White

    I know, it's not to bad either! I hope they stay in contact a little even if Leverage is done Sadly!

    Sarah Taylor-Duff

    oliviablair93 I think Timothy Hutton was riding shotgun too.

    Leaisnotonfire 16

    Omg I never noticed that until now


    And Beth Riesgraf did the official photography that day. (source: I was an extra in the video.)

  80. ParanormalLover


    Jason Garcia

    But without the girls so no Parker and no Sophie

  81. Kathryn Wyant

    This version is so much better than the CMTV version.

  82. tina walker

    #ChristianKane  is Amazing!!!

  83. mathew stenger

    damit hardison lol the security guard in the beginning love this song and christian kane his music and everything 

  84. Loki Bane

    damn rule number 7 is my fave :D

    Loki Bane

    lol, i was 12-ish when i first checked this out, i was like the 1,000. my mom busted me like 10 min l8r, but damn good song, and vid >:D

    Loki Bane

    @Loki Bane 1,000 viewer, i meant 

  85. sarah clevenger

    Christian Kane Idk you could Sing dang you kick butt like Elliot Spencer on leverage I am impressed

  86. NobodyTinCan

    Love that he got Hardison to play the security guy!

    Loki Bane


  87. Sonia Shepard


  88. Foofpup

    Just finished another overnight shift; great song to unwind with.
    Thanks, Kane. :)

  89. Cathy Ridings

    Love this alot!!! <3

  90. Cathy Ridings

    Love this song!!! Love me some Christian Kane too!!!!!

  91. Ganesh Sengottaiyan

    leverage,aldis,kane....miss alll of u.... :( :( :(


    I love this song and the singer!!!  Christian Kane is so awesome!!!!

  93. mswashu

    Damn, Aldis and Christian are both so fine.

  94. Nancy Callahan

    Love it!

  95. Vivi Berces

    Hated country music But you have successfully altered my way of thinking =]
    Love your songs and damn Your hair is sooo dang luscious~ I'm jealous  >.<
    hehehe you're Awesome <3

  96. Deisy veronika

    d*mn it Hardison!