Christian Akridge - You Lyrics

I can tell it's you
Fallin' fast for you
Brain is spinnin'
And what this is gonna turn into
Love the way you feel right next to me
Love the way your feet feel in my sleep
Don't you see I'm right here?
Can't you see this, my dear?
I lean with my heart
So tear me apart
Come tear me apart

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Christian Akridge You Comments
  1. Headless Mistress

    Calm down, the camera might fall

  2. ur mom


  3. Nevaeh Gobert

    his music gives me prenostalgia

  4. big decent

    Yo touch your hair one more time

  5. CalebPowers

    Imagine if someone was just casually looking out their window and saw him doing this lol

  6. Basic VSCO Girl

    Can I just thank YouTube algorithm for showing me this boy cause his music is beautiful and I just subscribed

  7. Joe Mama

    Hoes mad

  8. laika trbl

    tangina mahal na ata kita

  9. Sunny Badrawy

    Take a shot every time he touches his hair

  10. melaina.xoxoxo

    what are the chords for this 😩

  11. I’m dead OwO

    What’s up with all the manikins?

  12. ash

    you remind me of river pheonix for some reason wftomg

  13. d b

    came back to this song and was so overwhelmed by every type of feeling i started bawling

  14. Destinee Goellnitz

    r u mad bc ur manacan gf died..
    or did u kill her and thats why ur getting rid of the body...
    i mean either way....
    she has a nice butt...

  15. Katy T


  16. trill Suicide


  17. Peppy L

    is the cameraman just chilling on the hood of the car ?

  18. banditø 2113

    that mannequin is dummy thiqq

  19. Briana Ramos

    Just found this :) I love it

  20. Murphyl0v

    Number five??? What did you do with dolores?

  21. Tyler Amadeus

    one of my favorite songs EVER

  22. jahnavi p

    im just so in love with this boy

  23. cutie Qui

    mad respeckt man

  24. roxy garner

    Why can’t this be longer

  25. mVndetta

    oh its over already?🤔

  26. Kimberly Veronica

    give me all your lunch money

  27. moms actual photos for real

    i really love your take on vocal editing in this song, breaking the rules and showing your audience something new and exciting, forever an inspiration

  28. Spaghetti Confetti

    This reminds me of frank ocean

  29. xsaylla m


  30. violet turkington

    his acting, is amazing, his songs are so unqiue, and his vines are lit

  31. Nina Martyn

    I don’t like seeing u upset it hurts my heart

  32. Yussra Elbadri

    All I see is a dude raging while driving with a butt behind him...

  33. Terra Angel1234

    This is so good😭

  34. ? M

    I really like this wtf well shit good job(*´◒`*)

  35. Shawmar Lynch

    I wish this was longer, it's so good!

  36. keenz

    this song makes me cry and shake my ass at the same time

  37. Leag sregoR

    Christian leave! And take your mannequin!!!

  38. AvaJoy House

    Yo man.... I mean this song .. I wish it were longer.

  39. Drea M

    so thats a dead body

  40. Caro

    nice kiddo! every1 should check out my cover of thank u next on the UK;)

  41. Casey

    The mannequin is the guy he killed in the smaller music video (I think?)

  42. Alexis Box

    Now I can say “I met this guy at work, and he’s really good actually.” 😊

  43. sailor rose

    Love this. New BOPS

  44. Elijah

    Do you realize that this is the beginning of the end of the music video “smaller”

  45. arts

    oh my god this is the sequel to smaller

  46. Krriiss Sss

    Yes the nail polish

  47. Kai Henderson

    Everyone watch Smaller first

  48. urno14ngel

    youre giving me sebastian vibe from cruel intentions

  49. Emily

    I wonder why he starts turning around at the end 🤔

  50. Emily

    Can👏🏻we👏🏻get👏🏻christian👏🏻on👏🏻genius👏🏻 bois👏🏻

  51. Alejandra Gonzalez

    ok but click it or ticket

  52. Ana Álvarez

    I feel you bro

  53. Mark Xenon

    this was what happened after the smaller mv

  54. Jorja Baylee


  55. Eduarda Maria

    Everything makes sense now

  56. Kevin Cactus

    #When you try and get ur mannequin girl back but end up hammering her new boo to death, turning him into a mannequin too, the taking the body

  57. Joe Rico

    This is what happens next

  58. Jeje Albert

    here after smaller

  59. Jaysmoove

    Who’s here after watching smaller to follow the story

  60. lisset sesmas

    awe im so proud ily

  61. evan smartt

    this is where it picks up from “smaller”. smart

  62. Dess

    He’s so handsome I love him

  63. c0rpsebr1debutter

    Can’t describe how proud I am of him. Been here since vine and wow

  64. lewkes

    this shit weird as hell n i love it

  65. sans sadness

    Are we allowed to ask

    Lene Pietrusza

    sans sadness bro watch the smaller video now 🤯


    Why you so cool though...

  67. val

    i love YOU

  68. magma marshez

    how do i shoot something like this i love it!!!

  69. Yessenia Rincon

    Omg what type of car is that pls someone tell me

  70. maya l

    i relate to this idk how but i do

  71. tabatha grace

    I love you so much this is so great you’re so talented

  72. Brady Scott

    love you

  73. Sophia Gardenhire

    i feel like you should be friends with tyler the creator

  74. Emma Barron


  75. hollie c

    get a feeling this album is gna be reminisce of blonde by frank ocean. seems to be a story starting

  76. Andrew Turingan

    Leave you? jk

  77. Indah Fatihah

    damn,givin me frank ocean vibes

  78. Max Kleb

    Heavy frank ocean vibes

  79. BP TD

    Ur wiley bro

  80. Joan Mille

    I don't really like this song, but his perfomance is 10/10

  81. Jiyū

    You’re an actual angel

  82. Aldy Bandojo

    He is HOT! my god

  83. Vinícius Akridge

    you’re surreal

  84. Ciaran Pierce

    i hope that one day he explains the meaning behind this video. but for now, i’ve been thinking about it a lot and it could probably be proven otherwise, but i have an idea. however, i believe that things like this can be interpreted in many ways.

    to me, i think the mannequin symbolizes either himself or his lover. i lean more towards the idea that it represents a lover because we all know that mannequins are used to display clothes/jewelry and are therefore built to look like the “perfect” human being. [emphasis on the quotations] meaning that he sees the person he’s talking about in the song as perfect. idk idk.

    when he’s stumbling out of the house, it’s shown that the figure is disassembled. it has fallen apart into many pieces that he has to carry himself. now, coming back to the idea that it’s either a symbol for himself or his lover, he is trying to escape to anywhere else, but forced to mentally carry around the realization that the person he loves (or himself) has completely fallen apart. or perhaps he caused the person to break, making him regret everything??

    this could all be giBbErRISH. maybe christian just likes mannequins- idk lmao. i just thought that the video was so beautiful and interesting at the same time.

    Ciaran Pierce


    Edein M.

    Ciaran Pierce but your shit is kinda good and you should make a story out of it

    Ji Min

    He is also wearing red nail polish which I kind of associate with mannequins, genders, transformations, dressing up. Just a detail.

  85. clementine

    christian always SLAPS!

  86. Carly Burns

    petition for christian to make a 90s inspired art film


    Damn! Wish this was longer

  88. In Oblivion

    Ah I love that

  89. bëshua

    Get on a Brockhampton song NOW

  90. special kay666

    this is beautiful

  91. Pedro Lima

    i wish this song was longer, it's sooooooo good!

  92. jeana balbalosa

    i felt the paiN

  93. jeana balbalosa


  94. and

    I love you

  95. jaelene !

    everything u do is so beautiful