Christian Akridge - Understand Lyrics

Will you be mine?
Do you wanna stay?
I understand your options, girl
If you wanna go away
Will you be mine?
Will you love me 'til the end?
Do I stay on your mind like you do or am I just a friend?
And darling I know
That it's hard to choose
You're afraid of the things in your life that you might just lose
I want you to be mine
I wanna hold your hand
If all I have is tonight
Then I understand, no.

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Christian Akridge Understand Comments
  1. Marina McDonough

    theres literally a zero % chance i don't cry in the first 2 lines ... unreal my dude

  2. Emma Rosen

    Rex Orange County vibes

  3. KamanayRainbow

    after 4 seconds i knew this would be awesome

  4. Brittany's World

    so underrated 🥺❤️

  5. Maddie

    i dont know why but only 10 seconds into the song tears started falling down my face

  6. Amber C

    just found out about him and am def a fan! been listening to him all day, blasting it with the windows down.

  7. Elsh'maya Taylor

    Hey, that is not very nice

  8. Alex .K

    I want this car

  9. Eliška Berešová


  10. andraea brown

    been in love w u since like 2015 🥺🥺 seeing u blossom is so amazing

  11. kaylan s

    this hurts now, thanks christian

  12. Ni Made Ayu Alya Putri Kumara


  13. smenyozza


  14. smenyozza


  15. Lauren Bautista

    anyone know the strumming pattern 🥺🥺

  16. Carolina yay

    Why does he look like my sis's ex

  17. Carolina yay

    Thank you rool

  18. Madison Price

    Does anyone know the outro?

  19. noncenuire

    I really wanna cover this song one day, but I feel like I don't do this justice. it's so beautiful. gives me rex vibes and the video is so beautiful, if somewhat insane.

  20. isa dora

    your voice sounds like tyler joseph

  21. Siddharth Negi

    I think I'm gay

  22. laika trbl

    your music makes me feel loved.

  23. Ericka Estacio

    The rock outburst in the end is sooo fucking badass 🤩

  24. Ailonnie Lorenzana


  25. dkkxjx jjfdjd

    Can someone help me get the outro tab 😔 please and THANK YOU

  26. mneht

    my fav now

  27. georgia davenport

    I wanna cover this so bad but I suck at guitar

  28. Lorena Peña

    I can’t stop listening to this

  29. grace madeline

    oh yes look. another great fucking song. i can’t wait til u beeeeee tourin n come to atl.

  30. Arielle Solares

    i love this song so much lol u inspire me so much ;(

  31. Liza A.

    This song gets me in my feels😭❤️

  32. Honest Thomas

    deserves more hype for his talent🔥, but it’s really dope to have some one that isn’t corrupted by other music star drama

  33. Kitty Hazel

    if you want to get the whole story i guess watch smaller, you then understand i literally just noticed lol its literally all connected

  34. Luci

    heh this song reminds me of my crush,, i cant really get over him..there’s something about him, that i just cant let go. been waiting for a text from him, for a while..

    haha he has the same name as this singer.

  35. Gabriel Roxas

    Omgod ANYONEEE please recommend Me MORE songs liek this please :/

    Makenna parker

    Unbothered by omar apollo

    Makenna parker

    Unbothered by Omar Apollo

  36. Laura Aquino

    Wow. Why are crackheads always the most talented

  37. kessi S.

    Friendzone is sucks

  38. Ummm Ok

    WILL YOU BE MINE, will you love me till the end, do I stay on your mind 😩😩

  39. Nathaniel Killian

    You deserve so much more attention than you're getting. Love this and you so much please keep making music 🙏❤️ and I will continue to support

  40. Destinee Goellnitz

    aaaaaaaaaand its dead

  41. Destinee Goellnitz


  42. Sophia Hoium

    Anyone know what kind of car this is?? :0

  43. Bobbi Dixon

    this is beautiful oh my god the cinematography. the voice. i’m sooo inlove with this

  44. joyshree jim

    Your music makes me feel cosy

  45. Isabella Garcia

    beautiful. amazing. wonderful. perfect. yes.

  46. liljimen06

    Ok gn ☹️✌🏼

  47. LALO

    yo i made a music video of one of your songs and you copyright me :(

  48. Alexia

    i'm kinda here because of ruel hahaha

  49. nexico

    shits so good

  50. carA burns

    your hot

  51. MY LEG

    This the guy from vine right?!?

  52. Richelle Aliza

    im so inlove with you

  53. stream two of us

    literally such a underrated singer

  54. stream two of us

    this actually slaps so much

  55. audrey m

    literally rex orange county

  56. Keira Page

    To Do list:
    Buy a manikin
    Put it in my car
    Drive to the middle of nowhere
    Dig a hole
    Smash manikin

  57. Olivia Robertson

    i have no fucking idea what is happening in this video but i’m here for it

  58. bhoujee megan

    yall im done. im done. that's it. i can't even come up with a smart comment im-

  59. Shelby Steele

    thinking about one sided and how we never got an official version 😔🤟

  60. lorna

    Wait what the fuck,,,this was so beautiful

  61. Brayden Rees

    Brooooo you’re gonna pop off with the indie kids and I can guarantee any friend I play your music around will download it. It’s just a matter of time and I can’t wait

  62. bqrhap

    omgsh ur voice!

  63. the official tan show

    looking through i comments i see you don't like or reply to your supporters, thats kinda sad since most of us have been here since vine, i really would like to see you do a q and a since you have been gone for sooo long and i want to know whats been going on in your head

  64. angelina schmahl

    1:39 just listen

  65. Pilar Estévez

    this is amazing

  66. Kaity Arenas

    God this song makes so sad in an instant. I'll take it :)

  67. Hailey Gomez

    I love it

  68. boqak

    i stan 😭😭😭

  69. old account

    Will you be mine?
    Do you wanna stay?
    I understand your options girl
    If you wanna go away
    Will you be mine?
    Will you love me 'til the end?
    Do I stay on your mind like you do or am I just afraid?
    And I know
    That it's hard to choose
    You're afraid of the things in your life that you might just lose
    I want you to be mine
    I wanna hold your hand
    If all I have is tonight
    Then I understand

  70. old account

    i just wanna hold someone to this song

  71. Ellie Schantz


  72. jemma

    Oh my souls he reminds me of Rex Orange County

  73. NOOT Eilish

    He is a genius

  74. olivia whittaker

    sounds just like rex orange county

  75. Rosario Duran

    I need a tour

  76. Maddie Um

    Okay but where’s his Grammy AND his Oscar ???? Umm????

  77. Gabriella H.

    I’m crying I love him so much he’s so perfect

  78. • r o s e •

    This kid is amazing.

  79. grace hemmings

    I deadass have a crush on you

  80. Baes at

    This is the kind of art that I live for

  81. SAD FROG


  82. cam

    rex orange county gives

  83. Phancy

    so underated!!

  84. imman


  85. Ricapeanut

    He sounds a bit like Tyler Joseph

  86. speed

    1 like and my friend sings this song

  87. Natalie Tucker

    holy frickkkk 1:44

  88. Natalie Tucker

    ok i actually love this song sm omg

  89. Chermack Productions

    Only God knows how many times I have listened to this song

  90. Nicholas Bruno

    Bro I just remember you as the ADD vine kid, now I’m just mesmerized by the music.

  91. Sarah Marie

    Been obsessed w ur content since vine and to see you transform into a videographer/musician is absolutely insane. Love your vibe n shit and i really hope u keep creating:) Love u dude

  92. moms actual photos for real

    hey buddy, notice you havent posted in a while. If you need ideas on what to film i'd love to see a video on your personal journal/story on dropping out out high school and following yours dreams in the music industry <3 hope to see you soon

  93. Hafiza

    The lyrics speaks to me

  94. tocamipiel

    1:48 pls sir stomp on my head like that

  95. Carolina Guzman

    Yes I will be yours