Christian Akridge - Please Notice Lyrics

And baby when you sleep do you dream of me?
And when you're awake do you think of me?
I need to know, how do you feel?

'Cause baby when I sleep I dream of you
And when I'm awake that's all I do
Think about every detail you have

Do you notice when I get mad I clench my jaw?
Do you notice when I get sad I tend to fall?
Look at my words I say to you

'Cause I notice when you get mad you close your eyes
And I notice when you are sad you let out sighs
I need to know are those sighs ever over me?

Do you know how in love with you I am?
Do you see how in love with you I am?
Every thing that you do, it makes my heart stop
Oh, it stops

And baby when you sleep do you dream of me?

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Christian Akridge Please Notice Comments
  1. Sydnee Beitel

    that gulp u swallow and then you can feel your heart just break into a million pieces

  2. Noor Fatimah

    Somebody literally just sang my heart out :’)

  3. Whats Good Its Eri

    "do you know how in love with you I am?"

  4. S S

    this song hurts so much

  5. Liv Truman

    So I'm trying to learn this song because I can relate so well. I'm in love with my best friend it sucks. He is so confusing and the other day I had a ring on and it kinda looks like a promise ring so he thought someone gave it to me like a boyfriend and was like who's the boy, because I'll make sure he treats you with all the respect and love you deserve. He is always jealous of boys I hang out with. Idk

  6. Ella Zeglinski-Spinney

    christian akridge?

  7. Pami D

    Baby when you sleep, do you dream of me?

  8. Riley Smith

    How does he do it 🥺💞 does he even know how sweet he is and how much he means to so many people??💞🥵💘

  9. xoxo maddie

    bro the amount of times i blushed during this video-

  10. Mars Playz

    If this wasn’t a song, this was be in someone’s journal

  11. A Person

    i’m playing this at my wedding no matter what


    this song makes me fucking sad, angry and happy at the same time...why?

  13. Michelle Nickel

    have i replayed this 10 times, YEAH. am i gonna keep replaying it, YEAH. is it making me cry, YEAH. am i gonna stop because of that, NOPE.

  14. Tina Cowell

    Turn that frown upside dow :(:

  15. BTS A.R.M.Y

    I met a boy in a waiting room at the doctor on january 4th in 2019, the second i looked at him my heart skipped a beat and we stared into each other's eyes, he walked to the other side of the room and he kept looking at me, i wanted to talk to him but i was too shy lol, the nurse came out and called my name and he stared at me, i walked out of the waiting room, 2 days later i get a facebook message from the boy i saw in the waiting room, we have so many things in common that it's scary lol but he's 17 and I'm 14 (I'll be 15 in feb) but everything took off from there we have talked every day since january 6th, but we haven't seen each other in person since the day i met him in the waiting room, every day i looked forward to him texting me, and i would get so happy, at that moment everything in my life was perfect, i saw him again on on july 4th (he didn't see me tho lol) i was walking out of a grocery store and i suddenly got a weird feeling, like i needed to look for something, i looked up and he was infront of me walking into the store talking to his dad as i was walking out, the second i saw him i new it was him and my heart skipped a beat and i started uncontrollably shaking and i couldn't think, i ran away into the store and he didn't see me lol but the feeling i had was so strong, I've never felt like that before, he told me he loved me on july 22nd and i let him know that i loved him too, but everything suddenly changed in august, he stopped texting me as much and the only thing he says is "hi" and "hm" and short answers when i try to start a convo, I've asked him to call me and I've told him that i want to see him but he just makes excuses, he keeps pushing me away and it's hurting me, he seems depressed and i try make him happy but he just pushes me away, now most of the time he texts me once a day just saying "hm" or "hi" but sometimes he goes 2 or 3 days without texting me, i don't want to say goodbye but i know i need to set him free, i want to be set free, but i love him so much, it hurts me so bad, i had to walk away from my childhood bestfriend in the beginning of 2019 and my grandfather passed away in 2017 i was close to suicide and i was in such a mess, but when i met him everything was suddenly alright i was so happy, but now it's all falling apart again and i don't want to let go but if he keeps pushing me away i might have to, i want to get my life together and start being more positive and i want to be happy with myself, it's bad when you feel dependent on someone or something to make you happy, so i want to find happiness from within, and i want to spread positivity and inspire people to be the best version of them selves, but i wanted to do all of it with him, i wanted to grow with him emotionally and physically, i think about him everyday and night and i have dreams about him, i honestly don't know if he really ever loved me, but i guess it's better to be on your own, and make your own path in life not waiting for anyone else. the reason i commented this is because this song reminds me of him sooo much, and i plan to send it to him, i hope i at least see him on our anniversary of meeting, thank you if you took the time to read this whole heckin paragraph lol but yeah, thank you❤

    Nikki Milyiori

    Dating someone who is depressed is hard , I’m depressed and have severe anxiety. When me and my ex were together I know it was a lot for him to have to learn how to handle and that it can be overwhelming and heartbreaking seeing someone you love struggling. If you love him and want to stay with him tell him and talk to him about it and about how you’re feeling but also remember that you need to put your happiness first and I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t depend on someone else for happiness you have to be happy with yourself first. I am dating someone new and I’m so happy and he is so supportive and understanding and although I still have my bad days he takes care of me and helps calm me down. I may not know you but I want you to be happy and if you have to remove the toxic people from your life even though you love them you just have to do it so you aren’t drowning.

    BTS A.R.M.Y

    Nikki Milyiori I'm sorry about that❤ but he recently told me that he had a lot going on and that he wanted to be left alone and that he would text me when he felt better and then he told me he loved me, i have a strong feeling that he said that just because he doesn't want to talk to me anymore, idk if I'm just overreacting or what but i haven't talked to him in a week and a half and it hurts

    Nikki Milyiori

    BTS A.R.M.Y I understand that it hurts and I’m always here to talk if you need me

  16. Samantha Henry

    2019 anyone :)

  17. maria azzam

    Yo who's is listining to this in 2019 :)

  18. Cinnamon Cat:3

    This song is a reminder of how single I am. 😂 (Good song though. Love it)

  19. ava lesrou

    I played this at my dads funeral rip papa🥺

  20. ava lesrou

    even after 3 years I'm still listening to it

  21. Laurel Grey

    when it got intense i got chills and that’s on good freaking music

  22. spriteistasty

    isn’t it great when you like this one person but you can’t tell if they feel the same way but you also notice that another girl likes him and she’s way prettier than you and he probably likes her so you lose hope in all love because you felt a different type of connection with this person and it wasn’t just a crush it felt like a soulmate and you try to stop liking them but you keep having dreams about him and you can’t stop thinking about him and now you’re falling in love.

    but you’re falling in love alone.

    BTS A.R.M.Y

    spriteistasty it's gonna be okay❤

    Michelle Nickel

    why are all of us living the same life?

  23. Hannah Bear

    Jo mama

  24. kimsjams

    I need someone to sing me this song

  25. not important

    Im inlove with this guy that doesn't feel the same way and it kills me Everytime we hang out bro..

  26. purple_ clouds_n_rain_inside

    Me not able to get my eyes off this one boy, knowing that he's not gay and still smiling at his gf nice and I'm happy for her, honestly I am

  27. dOyOukNowbTs

    the sad thing is i have nobody to think about while listening to this so ✌😧🤡

    BTS A.R.M.Y

    dOyOukNowbTs lucky lol

  28. KayleeAnna Florence

    I came from @lilhuddy live

  29. J B

    this is so relatable it makes me sad.

  30. BluestVane

    *jo mama*

    im sorry

  31. Sabrine Mejri

    ❣❣❣ I love it

  32. Lucy


  33. young Justice

    Are u gonna come back and upload???

  34. Angelina W

    Jo? Mama😂

  35. Franchezka

    i literally dreamed of this song hdjwkhsjaj I was like wow i love this and i didn’t even know this song existed

  36. alexandra barancianu

    how i confessed to my crush

  37. Yamardean


    Elene Qaldani


  38. Avery Harris

    Do you ever wish someonw would write a song about you? same

  39. LL Look

    I-is this the vine guy?? WAIT-

  40. Me M.

    I did a song lyric pranks with this song on my bf and he said the sweetest things. I love this song and listen to it repeat, its all I think about when im with him❤

  41. C A L M

    So ya know.. I like this boy... I went to his house yesterday cuz it was his bday.. we were with some friends and having fun. So there was this other boy there and my crush whispered to him. His friend motioned me to go over to him and i went over there... he asked, “do you like —“ (my crush) and I said yes... he said, “well he likes you and he kinda wants to go out with you” he had a gf but she was cheating on him, so I said “lemme think ab it” but when I got home, I was the happiest person alive. I still don’t know what to say though, any recommendations??

  42. LA L

    Chase 💜!..

  43. Shelby Black

    This hurts. My heart hurts. My head hurts. My soul hurts.

  44. Smiling fxxl

    And baby when you sleep, do you dream of me?
    And when you're awake, do you think of me?
    I need to know, how do you feel?

    Cause baby when I sleep, I dream of you
    And when I'm awake, that's all I do
    Think about every detail you have

    Do you notice when I get mad, I clench my jaw?
    Do you notice when I get sad, I tend to fall?
    Look at my words I say to you

    Cause I notice when you get mad
    You close your eyes
    And I notice when you are sad
    You let out sighs

    I need to know are those sighs ever over me?

    Do you know how in love with you
    I am
    Do you see how in love with you
    I am

    Every thing that you do, it makes my heart stop
    Oh, it stops

    And baby when you sleep, do you dream of me?

  45. Madhu Ponraj

    Taehyung oppa 💜💜💜💜 I purple you 💜💜💜💜✨ from INDIA 😘😘😘😘

  46. Madhu Ponraj

    Thank you oppa for introducing me to this song 🌙♥️🌼

  47. Emanuelly souza tomas

    brasileiross,tu veio por conta do Tae Tae (BTS)

  48. K K

    We need more

  49. goth frog

    this song is too short

  50. Kawaii Kimchaii

    Of taehyungie~
    your style in music warms my heart with happiness and meaning
    this song is everything i feel while loving you
    this is why i love you tae~

  51. sophie

    i’m sobbing this reminds me of him🥺💘

  52. Quinn Rose

    this makes me think of someone, who i know doesnt love me and we Are super good friends and sadly thats as far as we Can get

  53. 수 민박

    Thank you KİM TAEHYUNG👑

  54. Corey Newbigging

    I want to get married to this song

  55. Gianna Rocco

    honest.... i’m here from tik tok 💀

  56. Joycelyn Moritz

    This was really truly adorable mostly because my boyfriend told me to listen to it and it’s just so cute and everything anyone and everyone should have

  57. Lior Harel cover

  58. MegawattBitch 99

    all I want is someone to think of me this way

  59. Goof Ball

    Everyone came here cuz of taehyung while i came because im not noticed

  60. ruimtekaas


  61. yteixna laerrof

    All the bts fans have entered the chat

  62. peyton marrs

    ow stop it hurts

  63. Reta

    1:29 is so beautiful 🖤

  64. Seba Agha

    Tata 💜💜💜💜💜

  65. lily kowatch

    All these ppl talking about being brought here by someone off BTS but I'm here cuz of Ambition's Spotify playlist and an hour of searching

  66. Isaac Galan

    Great song bruv. Touched me when I needed it most keep singing. Sounds like a beautiful Redbird singing!

  67. iris cardenas

    Thanks taehyung for introducing this song to me, it help me alot, love u😘☺️

  68. Jyoti Kumari

    Thank you!!!! Kim taehyung 💜 💜💜 💜

  69. Katelyn Jumique

    I found this because of tae hyungs. Spotify playlist

  70. A-S F.

    love this song so much <333

  71. Raylei Smith

    Thank you Tae Tae. Much love bubba 😭💛

  72. Shrimps

    1:28 ❤️

  73. Peach Scones

    A song has never hit me so hard😔

  74. myozma

    this hits different after not listening to it in 2 years

  75. Linnea Reck

    Thank you Taehyung <3

  76. Taekook Stan

    Who comes after tae vlive
    Thanks taehyung 💜💜💜💜

  77. Sarah P


  78. kimsa ju

    Tae tem um gosto musical mto bom

  79. Jihed

    I wish this song was longer.... i love it so much~ 😞

  80. Nizami Mirzezade

    Super music 😍

  81. Rawanblogs

    I’m so hopeless

  82. Hikaru Akiko

    Thanks taehyung for this song I love it💜💜💜💜💜

  83. amanda !

    one small mistake in my spelling to search something and i saw this, i was curious to see what this is so i decided to play it and cried as i read the lyrics. this is honestly what i needed, my ex broke my heart and i can't move on yet. hopefully this will help my move on.

  84. whoissophie

    This song is so underrated

  85. Kpop Lover

    Thank you Taehyung for this song i purple you 💜

  86. Lisa Du Preez

    thank you Kim Taehyung for this masterpiece😌🥰

  87. Kim Taehyung

    Thanks to my husband, I found this song

  88. Humaira Kahhar

    This is exactly song for taehyung. from army to taehyung. to bts.

  89. tika

    TAE ♡

  90. Darrius Clark

    Who's tae

    Elene Qaldani

    Kim Taehyung aka V from BTS. He loves this song.

  91. Darrius Clark

    1 hour?

  92. Ninna .J

    thanks tae

  93. bangtans baby

    This song is me to Taehyung 😓💜

  94. Dasha Totska

    Do y know all song from his music playlist(also from Vlive)If ya say me please 💚💜💖💝☀️

  95. Brooke Bender

    who broke his heart.♡

  96. Sparrow falls

    Oh, my heart stops.

  97. rainie bxtch