Christian Akridge - Milksop Lyrics

I shy away from my own world
And look for who I'm meant to be
I've tried my ways but not hard enough
Maybe I don't wanna know what I'm meant to be, oh

But it's my fault
For never speaking out
And it's my fault
For never searching out
And it's my fault
For never speaking out
And it's my fault
For never searching out

And it's my-
And it's my fault
For never speaking out
And it's my fault
For never searching out

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Christian Akridge Milksop Comments
  1. BlackEye 5

    Hey dude, good song

  2. eat crack91

    he is such a handsome guy

  3. Mina Nader

    Youre my queen

  4. Natalia Zamora

    2:22 is not long enough for a song as mysteriously soothing as this

  5. Marina McDonough

    my god u ever listen to someone's music & just like .. i really won just by the fact that we exist at the same time huh?? imagine if i missed this gem

  6. Qwerty Games 12345

    No cap bro you my favorite artist on Spotify

  7. hey there

    Udh mendung bgt ga ujan2, bang?

  8. Sara She Is

    I loove your voice

  9. Alejandra Alvarez

    there is no way this is the "is that a weed" kid like what?!?


    Alejandra Alvarez it isn’t him tf

  10. Isabella Tellez

    hey christian idk if you remember me it's bella from twitter

  11. James Thomas

    I like the part when he was riding a bike

  12. potato potato


  13. Elena Garcia

    bruh this i gud

  14. grace cadman

    please let me design an album cover for u
    gorgeous song and video 💜

  15. Myriam

    i am here because of the driver era

  16. Makai Smack

    I’m all for this trilogy

  17. Aida Korompot

    Chris pine and brad pitt boom him

  18. Raymond Bahana

    Remember when he used to be a vine legend

  19. Proxyx

    I listened to this while crying

  20. sandra

    i’m so curious to know where this was filmed- LIKE DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THIS IS-

  21. Eileen Plett

    god, ur good in everything you do 😬

  22. Eileen Plett

    oh I love this

  23. Ashley Lang

    you are so underrated what a king

  24. Melancholy Milla

    not to be dramatic or anything but if i saw him in real life id faint.

  25. Haley Alfred

    Lmao why does he look like this kid:

    Haley Alfred

    Like is this really the Gucci flip flops kid

  26. Strawberry Emily

    This was so good 💗

  27. Angel Kaneki

    Im in love you are sooooo fucking AMAZING! Im so honored to even be able to witness your glory!!! You gave birth to art.

  28. Allison Erickson

    So crazy talented. AND STYLISH LIKE WHAT

  29. teabobaya

    Ugh I’m in love lmao

  30. Em Crawford

    The only good part about doing homework is listening to your songs ( mostly just me singing along and dancing in my room procrastinating actually doing the work )

  31. Keto sjhdjsjsj

    yall smell summ

  32. Lola Mooney Taylor

    Here before he blows up button ⬇️

  33. Adwoa Osei

    I need this on spotify PLEASE 😭💕

  34. Aldy Bandojo

    Everything about him is great, even this qwq


    So good

  36. i hate amii- tae on weply

    I will now love you

  37. Jamie Rose

    the aesthetic of this 🤩

  38. Allison Harwood

    found my new obsession

  39. Abby Butera

    i only ride my bike to this song now

  40. Monica Garcia


  41. BTS and ARMY together forever

    Face it the only reason we watched him ride his bike for 2:22 minutes is because he's handsome

  42. Kansas Dias

    luv it bub

  43. - Luzz -

    this song hits different at 1:25am

  44. Zaburgh

    i hope this blows up. holy shit.

  45. Hope Hartline

    i dont have a good comment but fuck ur music is good

  46. خير وش تبي ؟

    Will you marry me?

  47. kari campbell

    when is his music gonna get big?

  48. Javan Smith

    can there be an extended version of this song?????

  49. Addy_ 7

    This gives me hope for the future

  50. luisa paes

    hi baby i love u so much

  51. Devany Suarez

    Wait. The shirt👌

  52. Jeff Pape

    I love this man

  53. Skooter

    Look at this beautiful boy, I love it.

  54. sincere true

    If you see this comment say "reeeeee"

  55. Taylor Miller

    I just found him but omg he is AMAZINGGG like ughhhhh!!!!

  56. Your gurl Jaida

    I listen to this on repeat!❤️🤧

  57. I’m god

    Does anyone know any other songs like this? Likes the beats and voice?

  58. wilma


  59. Kieran Brain


  60. Kyla Danielle

    *uh you can marry me if you want..*

  61. *LisTEn Boi iTS mY FiRst loVe stORy*

    Didn't know Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon had a secret child, but like, ok I guess.

  62. Milo Marz

    Are you the guy from vine?

    Milo Marz

    This is a joke please don't hate me

  63. ariseemo

    my friend introduced me to 'please notice' a few months ago. I thought Christian was a huge artist, I thought everyone knew about him. here I am, a few months later, stumbling opon him again, crying about how talented he is.
    can't wait for you to blow up

  64. Xiri L

    everything that went into this song- the lyrics, the instrumentals, the video- is just pure art and it’s so simplistically beautiful ,, i love it all

  65. A'Bre House

    this song is so beautiful

  66. Water Malone

    Anyone else think it was the kid from on my block

  67. Sabrina Tovar

    christian pls pls pls drop the chords for this song i really wanna learn it

  68. Ugly Rat

    Run me over with your whole fucking car and roast me with a flamethrower. 🙂

  69. penny

    this is beautiful.

  70. amilia m

    what’s with the memes like filthy frank (joji), christian, (and hopefully more) becoming great musicians? no hate, just loving it

  71. gabriella miele

    Idk but Christian is lookin like a *s n a c c*

  72. jessica johnson

    very beautiful christian, love all the progression you continue to make. truly inspiring

  73. Karen Colin

    dad snapped

  74. marisa eckert

    thank you

  75. 1vdon

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

  76. k t !

    *oh my god this is beautiful 🥺*

  77. Emma Doolan

    i just clicked on this cuz the dude in the thumbnail was hot

  78. marsha widyatmodjo

    I knew how this song would sound like before I even watch it just from the thumbnail

  79. Brookwood the band

    joji, oliver tree, bedroom pop, spacey vibe

  80. Lindsey A

    you’re doing amazing honey

  81. Lobsters Pasta

    Can’t believe I have a new favorite artist. *and* I’m hella gay for them.

  82. temo

    i need a 1 hour long version of this

  83. Wixard098

    Y is this song slept on

  84. LokiLaufeyson69

    Getting mad Bon Iver vibes

  85. Dr. Phil’s Forgotten Son

    christian: rides a bike
    everyone: oh my hgod bitch this is literally the most breathtakingly beautiful piece of cinematography I have ever seen in my cursed, god damn hellscape of a fucking life daddy fuck me omg I just sharted

  86. Tidal Wave

    It makes me wanna ride a bicycle

  87. Beatriz

    Fucking awesome

  88. hyuuga03

    2:03 did i just hear???

  89. Kynmemeie

    No Christian, Stay >:(

  90. Un-uh, peeling

    thought the title said "milkshop"

  91. anna strauss

    song fits together perfectly

  92. Lillybeth Randall

    You always bless my ears

  93. ssslimeball

    no drip havin ass 🤣 this shii hardd tho 🔥😈💕