Chris Webby - That's Life Lyrics

See life’s a crazy thing man
Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down
At least we alive

They tellin’ me, tellin’ me, tellin’ me, "Life is amazin’"
Then why am I runnin’ from all of my problems in bottles of Jameson?
I’m stuck in this cycle of self-medication
Not only me, it’s probably you
We all got our vices, gettin us through
For all the shit life will leave at our shoes
On the door step like the daily news
But what can we do? Just buckle the fuck up, and get to enjoyin’ the ride
At least we alive, even when everything seems like it sucks, just keep that in mind
I know, know, know, that ain’t no one keepin’ me down
Just tryin’ to stay with them positive vibes until I’m six feet in the ground
I don’t even need me a casket, just take all my cremated ashes
Throw ‘em up high, and let the wind take ‘em wherever it pleases whenever it passes
But until that day I’ma keep my head high, live life my way
Through all the frustration, all of the pain, all that you really could say is, “That’s life”

They tellin’ me, tellin’ me, tellin’ me, "Look on the bright side"
But that silver linin’ ain’t easy to see when I’m sittin’ and watchin’ the time fly
So if you feelin’ likewise, just follow me, follow me, follow me down
Shit I don’t know where the fuck that I’m goin’ but nobody’s stoppin’ me now
Whether or not I’m the popular sound
The radio station on public opinions
Nothin’ to me, I’m not stuck in my feelings
Fuck how they feelin’, I grinded for years and got peanuts compared to these others with millions
But uh, I’m not complainin’ man
The thing about problems, dude, we get caught up in
Forget that everyone else has got ‘em too
These dark circles, sittin’ under my eyes
I spark purple, ‘cause I’m stuck in this bind
I’m star searchin’, but there’s nothin’ to find
So when they ask me if it’s worth it, I just tell ‘em, “That’s life”

That’s life man
Fuck it, at least we livin’, right?

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