Chris Webby - Mad Bars Lyrics

Yeah. This shit right here is for all the haters (haters). Alright?
Everybody sayin', "Yo dude, you can't spit."
And I'm like, I'm like, "Yo fuck that I can spit! ".
Ha. So uh, let me just lay down mad bars.
(Mad bars) Yeah.

I'll spit a whole bunch of bars
Re-roll up cigars.
I am greater than the rest,
Super nova, the stars.
You're just the common cold
I am sors,
I do not spar,
Every single blow will hit hard.
And I know what you are,
And hm, you're not me.
Outdo you in anything,
Bitch just watch me.

I drop shit on any topic,
Then swap spit with hot chicks
And get my cock licked.
I'm a rot pit
Mixed with a little bijon.
Hugh Heff in a flesh
Stay rollin' with three blondes.
So don't hate this,
I can't help that I'm great bitch.
I spit a rhyme and I'm oudie (Audi),
Like an A6.

I make hits
And I hit the marijuana.
Then beat the shit out of Rihanna
Just because I wanna.
Haha. Nah, I ain't Chris Brown.
I am Chris Web.
CT is listenin' to everything this kid says.
The only time I get bread's
At a meal
Before my main course,
God damn I need a deal.

I'm broke out on bail
And I'm livin' with my parents.
But I spit,
And got these high school girls starin'.
Darin' to be different,
Apparently it's rhythm
That's keeping me goin'
Every moment
That Webby be spittin'.
Spittin' like I got a loogie
Stuck in my throat.
But fuck it
I'm dope.
The ring leader's runnin' the show.

So ring around the rosie,
With a pocket full of OC's.
Pop 'em all at once
And OD,
Oh me!
Oh my!
So high!
I don't even want to land
Contraband in my waistband
Rip it 'cause I can.
Half man,
Half ninja turtle,
Half a fuckin' head case.
If I don't make it on the mic,
I'll make a sex tape.
Me, Kim Kardashian, and Paris
In a three way.
Earn a right to disk
And make a million off of ebay.

I got true blood
Runnin' in my veins.
Sharper than a vampire's fangs,
Sneeze a lightning bolt
'Cause I'm always spitting thunder.
Runnin' shit like Ari
Cause drama like Vince's brother.

Smoother than butter
With a pocket full of rubbers
And skills that'll make your girl
Back up in this mother fucker
With avengence.
Make 'em pause
Like they got a comma in their sentence.
You can tell them this shit
As soon as I hit the entrance.
Fuck the shampoo
We rollin' that Herbal Essense.

'Cause I'm great like Alexander.
Two pokie balls,
Spit flames like charmander.
And I got your chick
Wetter than a blastoise
She said I'm sexy
And she love my raspy ass voice.
I'll turn the stage into a slaughter house
Ask Roise
Fucking with Webby is just a bad choice!

I'm a mother fucking goblin man.
Get the Cablevision,
Rhythm, rippin' on demand.
You can see me with the mic on my sonogram
And the doc was like,
"Hm, I think we've got a problem ma'am".
Had a rattle in my right hand
Dutchie in the other, kid,
Diaper on my ass
Thirty rac up in the fucking crib.

Had 'em sayin,
"What the fuck is up? ".
'Cause all I do is fill up cups
And puff a dutch.
Rollin' with a crew of giants
Like Justin Tucks
So if you really wanna step
Better muscle up
'Cause I really got to show 'em
When enough's enough.

'Cause now these rappers trying to bite me
Like scruff mcgruff.
Gotta get these damn dogs youthinized.
I am back,
I'll as can be,
And super-sized
Like Star Fox
I am truly fly.
Can't do what I do,
Excuse you...

I be runnin' shit with my manager
Younger than me.
When I'm young as fuck,
And still nobody fucking with me.
I am in A&R's wet dream
Ready for the shit
'Cause the games a fucking rap
When they let Webby in this bitch.

Because the game's a fucking rap
When they let Webby in this bitch. [x2]

Yeah, you know.
Mad bars.
Maaaad bars.
Spit straight on any mixtape.
I'm I'll.
Yeah, what.

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Chris Webby Mad Bars Comments
  1. Michael Cobbs

    Excellent track.

  2. Chris Ryan

    Dope as fuck.

  3. Diecast GuyKid

    One of my favorites from Chris Webby.
    Mad bars, for sure. Rhythm.
    Real rap.

  4. Diecast GuyKid

    Yep. Mad bars.

  5. Brainwashed Commercialized Hip-hop Is Dead

    I know what you are, and your not me.

  6. Timmy Brakefield

    Bruh 9 years ago and this nigga rapping better then most rappers tf

  7. Tom Walsh

    Webby is a beast, how does this only have 380K

  8. Leon Noykos

    Been listening for years! Swear to god, favorite rapper ever!

  9. Jacob Boushon

    I could listen to webby for dayysss, I seen him in Minneapolis and he killed it even with a hard cold in the Dead Winter.

  10. Aaron Boyle


  11. g r

    fuck the other rappers all of an black brown yellow white and purple webbys the only one that with lyrics about not raping and killing other gang members

    Joey Maatman


  12. Rya N Bomhoff

    webby is the shit but the way some of his songs start are a bit corny.

    Kenan burger

    just the intro calm down

    John Doe

    Agreed, I tell everyone if they just make it through Webby's intros they will be well rewarded with mad bars!!! Lmfao

  13. dillan .vandusen

    @Christopher Verlander dead wrong fucker. webby has made it so much further than youtube. he is still independent too, fuckin hater.


    He's signed now actually

    Im Buggin

    @LucicAndChong hes independent, has his own label...


    Im Buggin webby was signed by eOne music but he isnt anymore

  14. Isaac Smith

    hahahaah the chris brown part

  15. Dustin Adair

    webby way harder than Mac or Adams

  16. Akpokesmot420

    damn fav song by you bro. pokemon references haha bring back memories

  17. pwop

    Clearly you are a very confused and closeminded individual

  18. Chris Affleck

    It's because Black Rappers rap about shit...

  19. 19blops96

    you can't compare em with those guys

  20. pwop

    lol i like webby but god i hate how people only compare white rappers to other white rappers

  21. Dana

    eminem isn't even in the equation hahah.(x

  22. clinton shafer

    fuck mac miller an sam adams

  23. Romeo Lowkey

    whoever does not like this rap ur a fukin joke dont even comment this is dope as fuk

  24. Thomas Zorbaugh


  25. funnyguy0476

    forgot Yela and Asher

  26. John Baker

    he didn't reply because he broke his computer when he sat on it!! now that was a joke

  27. imTooORiGiNAL K

    sure kid what ever make's you feel better...... hahah what a joke

  28. SectorRhyme

    im sitting here on my computer laughing at how much of a tool you are hahahahahah

  29. SectorRhyme

    how retarded are people these days...

  30. imTooORiGiNAL K

    now it's a joke ahahah

  31. SectorRhyme

    take a joke kid...

  32. imTooORiGiNAL K

    i jus strted hearing to Chris webby's song's today, i got him from "i need a dollar" feat. mac miller and webby isn't that bad

  33. volcomXdiamond

    i know haha. my cousin drives nothing but audi. such a nice car. i just didnt think many other people would know so i wanted to avoid the " wtf is an audi" comments lol

  34. xXSTNXxHawK003

    @whazupsuckafish Hillbilly? He's from the burbs...Take em anyway? Nah, Em is number one but Webby is right next to him on the list. Preteen bitches? I'm 18, going in the service. Yep, youre totally right. Representing us white boys? Kid shut the fuck up. Now let me be you for a second, ROFLZ LMFAO L M F A O O O O O PWNED CUZ I PLAY COD AND USE GAY ASS WORDS PWNED

  35. xXSTNXxHawK003

    @WadeJacob12 You've been rapping for years? Lol you're 12 bro...

  36. volcomXdiamond

    outtie like an A6.

  37. PghDoe

    11 people didnt swap spit with hot chicks and get there cock licked

  38. Meli Ta

    dope cover i haven't heard of any other rapper that raps about cartoons and video games and kill it in every song but need to start noticing how good chris webby is #ninjaswag bitches

    Diecast GuyKid

    VI Seconds raps about cartoons and video games alot.
    Chris Webby and VI Seconds should do a song together for that reason.

  39. PghDoe

    Ninja Swag!

  40. sonny woodard



    i dnt knoe wats up with 11 people but chris goes fuking hard .......

  42. Meli Ta

    no mac is wack he raps about the same thing most of his fans are little kids webby would tear mac apart

  43. Jacob Flinn

    + yelawolf + sam adams + asher roth

  44. C.J. joseph

    hes 1. black 2. wana be, cop calling ganster, case closed

  45. tomas krutsinger

    you guys listing to this, this is better then wayne so how does wayne have more money

  46. yung JIZZLE

    i gotta agree RAP has a white x-mas coming with MGK + MACadelic+WEBBY

  47. Roachclip4pp

    Roach Clip Ummmm Down In History Freestyle Look Fer It :P respect yall much love

  48. Colton Eisan

    Webby>MGK>Macmiller>Sam Adams

  49. tyboy3030

    I am brighter then the rest supernova the stars..

  50. dillan .vandusen

    weed in its purest form is safer than eating most foods 100% true if you dont believe me watch "super high me"

  51. James Hynes

    Dude legit Webby is amazing and i wish i could even try n rap like him

  52. OFWGKTA666999

    this song needs more views

  53. Dave Hagemann

    Haha wet like blastiose XD

  54. Nicholas Abbazia

    no shit u can spit do u see the views dont listen to shit talkers they are their name.......weed is good! is this a top comment i think so u fuckers

  55. gobullsrose1

    @GamingSpartanz ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  56. gobullsrose1

    @drewbykinsey I dont like howard but he is a superbeast

  57. Davin Benfield


  58. drew kinsey

    @gobullsrose1 good idea but not a good analogy

  59. drew kinsey

    @GamingSpartanz mac millers better? yeah ill let u believe that. > retards these days

  60. gobullsrose1

    shady mac miller and webby should do a mixtape together more beastly then diwight howard

  61. MrToostoopid

    alright, Webby is way better then eminems new shit, but marshal from '96 would tear webby apart

  62. Billy94

    @Jakelashomb Did you just say webby would kill eminem lyrically? I love webby, he is one of my favourite rappers alive, HOWEVER, saying webby can beat eminem lyrically? not even big, big pun, or nas can beat eminem lyrically? Eminem has the be one of, if not, the best battle rapper ever.

  63. Mark Moran

    @wazupsuckafish It's "every single blow will hit hard" dumbass

  64. Terry Funk

    Dude talented as fuck. I fucks wit em

  65. Jakelashomb

    Dear kids complaining that eminem's better than webby. are you all smoking hard drugs? ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO HIS LYRICS?! Sorry. i <3 em with a passion, incredible fucking rapper. but just cause he's super famous? doesn't mean webby wouldn't kill him lyrically anyday. sorry guys to ruin your dickriding of eminem? but fuck you all webby's the man.

  66. Alex Rodriguez


  67. bkush13

    whatz good oh yeah it webby witha machete here to come after both jason and freddy

  68. jon Last


  69. piemanlad

    @smurfking12345 your like the only other person i know besides my group of friends that knows hopsin :D i have mad respect

  70. zach coffman

    if you dont like webby then gtfo!!

  71. syrusHQ

    THUMBS UP if every single webby video has a purple title bar :D

  72. Tree Temple

    And I know what you are and heh you aren't me.

  73. MrJuggalo1616

    forgot how sick this was

  74. Reece Weatherford

    @kitkat014335 bitch this is two years old

  75. samuel vargas

    omg this is so fucking sick

  76. sean

    @whazupsuckafish just shut up, your just looking for something to hate on.
    fucking trolls.

  77. Christopher Verlander

    @xPendy lol stfu.....this idiot IS the punchline....shits MAD GARBAGE yo. Str8 TRASH son! LMFAO... ''every single blow we hit hard''? Gay.

  78. LetBygonsBeHexagons

    I come from the 203, same town as Webby, and I'm white and rap. I cant amount to him but i still give it out for free.I DROPPED A FREE MIXTAPE HERE purevolume(dot)com/LetBygonsbe­Hexagons Please check it out because its taken me a whole summer to put it together and I'm giving it out for free. IF YOU UNDERSTAND the struggle that a rapper like me goes through PLEASE GIVE THIS A THUMBS UP! Also listen/watch my AriZona Ice Tea Video on my page. Its to the beat of Black and Yellow. THANKS

  79. sean

    @whazupsuckafish erm no.

  80. sean

    @srh424 ermm, he has fuck all songs just about weed, he only uses them to fill up the bar and then we drops a simile, metaphor or punchline.

  81. Christopher Verlander

    CHRIS WEBBY LICKS BALLS. Thank you. This has been a Public Service Announcement. R O F L M A O. Pwned.

  82. Christopher Verlander

    @Alay04 hes a genius for that simple-ass rhyme? LMFAO, you must be a simple-ass bitch then, lol. From the looks of it you must be a fucking pillhead too.....L O S E R !

  83. Christopher Verlander

    @amic8888 what a stupid comment. ''webb is music''? LMFAO, no. Webster is trash, kid, PERIOD. And if this is the guy thats supposed to be representing us white boys, im ashamed. I'll take Em ANY DAY over this hillbilly wannabe rapper....the only blow this dude is hitting hard is the blow hes giving the dick in his mouth. LMFAO...all you webster fans are gay as fuck....lil preteen bitches.

  84. Christopher Verlander

    To All Of the fanboys who listen to this weak ass shit: I laugh harder and harder every time you guys tell me that this guy is sicker than Em, or even tell me he's one of hip hops greats.....LMFAO! This crap isn't hip hop! This shit is Garbage as fuck! ROFL...Im actually eclectic as a hip hop head comes these days...but i know gimmicky trash when i hear it....and THIS IS IT.....mac miller, ok, em, fosho ...this clown? Hell fuckin NAH! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  85. Christopher Verlander

    @DubbzInTheAir (continued) .....who found out about him by CHANCE, not because hes dope, and has SOOO many people who listen to him. This idiots a gimmick, whos fanbase is limited to wannabe white kids who need someone of their complexion besides EM (who does just fine for us, btw) to represent the white boys in the hip hop culture. This douche = EPIC FAIL, and sounds like ICP's little brother. Hell be completely forgotten by the 1st of the year, an afterthought, at best, so save the speech.

    James AL

    Christopher Verlander webby still here bro

  86. Christopher Verlander

    @DubbzInTheAir and to answer your question, EVERY artist I currently listen to will eat this douchebag for lunch! you act like this crap is setting the standard for the rap game...PLEASE don't make me laugh! the weak delivery and simple rhyme thing has been done before, and got old quick, which is why rappers like this lame ass don't generally make it. to prove my point: after a more than a year of being out, why is this guys MAIN following on youtube? because his following is ALL fanboys....

  87. Christopher Verlander

    @DubbzInTheAir bro, all I need to say right now is if you for ONE SECOND think this guy is dope, you need your fucking head checked. His rhymes are simple, his beats are whack as fuck, and he sounds like a nerdy 2nd grader trying his hardest to ASTOUNDS me that there are people in this world who think ANY of his rhymes are lyrically complex, or even halfway hard is it to rhyme ''bars'' and ''sars'' with ''cars'' and ''mars''? this shits for the birds.

  88. M Rigo

    @whazupsuckafish hahahahahaha go slit your throat

  89. Evan Greensflag

    my baby brother spits all the time...

  90. Christopher Verlander

    @offic3space his fanbase is a bunch of nerds. That was my point. Call me a hater. I don't give two fucks. At the end of the day, I know what REAL hip hop is, and this gay crap doesn't touch it. This faggot will NEVER make it past youtube. When I see a Webby album at best buy, Ill buy one just because I was proven wrong.....but it will never happen, so ill keep that 17 dollars in my wallet and wait for a REAL album to come out. Chris guys make me laugh defending this GARBAGE!

  91. OwenGTA

    Running shit like Ari, cause Drama like Vince's brotha.


  92. Ozzy Cartel

    almost makes me wanna play pokemon

  93. Ozzy Cartel

    almost makes me wanna play pokemon

  94. Christina Hardman

    50 barz >mad bars

  95. adam forrest

    fuck a shampoo cuz we be rollin that herbal eccence god damn doin it big chris

  96. TheChipdaripper

    webby so dope

  97. Christopher Verlander

    @BakedEmotions Wow. Lyrical genius? This guy isn't even a lyrical afterthought.

  98. Christopher Verlander

    @xSCgangstasLPx I'd rather be Chris Brown.