Chris Webby - Ignition Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Chris Webby:]
You lookin' bad woman
Head to toe, had to let you know from your facial features to your ass women
This women, that women, cat women
Sratchin' my back and my abdomen
I don't brag to 'em, I just be tellin' 'em how I'm livin'
Like I'm full grown an' messin' around with the kittens
New car smell but already test driven
And I do it like my whip and put my key in the ignition, drop
I'm a do it now, goin' stupid now
Got a cougar in the uber now, ya the rumors out
Backin' it up like I'm juvenile
Got 'em movin' now
Ya I know I'm kinda new in town
They like who an' how
From the bed to the couch, shit
Make the couch flip
Every room up in the house, shit
And she down with goin' until the sweat drip
Workin' out shit
In that pussy till it purrs baby
Call me Meow Mix, yeah

[Hook - Chris Webby:]
I just gettin' how I'm livin'
Cougar sittin' shotty like I'm Ricky Bobby whippin'
See the similarities of vehicles and women
Cause I get that shit purrin' when the keys in the ignition
Like, like [purring noise] when the keys in the ignition
I get that shit purrin' when the keys in the ignition
See the similarities of vehicles and women
Cougar sitting shotty with the key in the ignition, like

[Verse 2 - Dave East:]
Uh, got a bitch from out the country
I only get to visit monthly
She said she want me
Cristal sippers begets hard denim
As soon as I slide got em feelin like God
And I'm emaculate with the packagin
Told me she like 36
Not a BBW, but she curvy, thick
I got a early flight, know I gotta rise up
Feeling faded like Nas, cut your times up
She like lobster, I like my steak prime cut
Tom Ford everything could never get his grind up
She got the foreign whip, condo in Soho
I come around she take her ring off, on the low though
I'm in this other's chick city, doing promo
Instagram I had shit hot, don't take no photos
I'm in the drop with the AC off
Got a cougar on my line tryna taste this sauce, A1

[Hook - Chris Webby:]
I just gettin' how I'm livin'
Cougar sittin' shotty like I'm Ricky Bobby whippin'
See the similarities of vehicles and women
Cause I get that shit purrin' when the keys in the ignition
Like, like [purring noise] when the keys in the ignition
I get that shit purrin' when the keys in the ignition
See the similarities of vehicles and women
Cougar sitting shotty with the key in the ignition, like

[Verse 3 - Chris Webby:]
I'm the cracker with the flavor you ain't seen since town house
Rips with the cheese when I breeze through your town now
Ds with the Es so please
I already got a plate of sword fish waitin' for me at the tele
So just call me when you need some
Throw on Netflix and we fuckin' through the reruns
Yeah, let me breath some
See we banging and she blow my money, baby that's a threesome
They askin' if I'm a kid or not, shit I'm hot
Throwing competition in the litter box
And while your messing with those little thoughts
I just sit and watch
And shake the planet till I sit on top
And I don't care if you got kids or not
As long as shit is tight
Get a baby sitter, come and spend the night
I'm just a different type than your normal tinder swipe
Sayin' hello kitty and get up in it right

[Outro - Chris Webby:]
I just gettin' how I'm livin'
Cougar sittin' shotty like I'm Ricky Bobby whippin'
See the similarities of vehicles and women
Cause I get that shit purrin' when the keys in the ignition
Like, like [purring noise] when the keys in the ignition
I get that shit purrin' when the keys in the ignition
See the similarities of vehicles and women
Cougar sitting shotty with the key in the ignition, like [purring noise]
With the key in the ignition like
With the key in the ignition like

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Chris Webby Ignition Comments
  1. Jesse George

    Love everything about this 🔥

  2. rebel within

    she likes lobster
    I like my steak prime cut

  3. Corbin Longsine

    The teladega nights refrences are the shit

  4. Diecast GuyKid

    Dope song.

  5. invalidname43

    this is what passes for music these days? siigh i fear for yer ears

  6. Vxncy

    Tf is Dave East doing with fucking Chris Webby? 😂

  7. Nicole Murphy

    Yall a bunch of weirdos...

  8. the life of patryk

    what is the beat originally from

    Brittany Smith

    That's what I want to know

  9. itsnon ofurbusiness


    Bobby the kid

    bizzy 567 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Bobby the kid

    bizzy 567 hell yeah keep spreading the word more people need to hear Chris Webby

  10. Steven Hernandez

    Bet y'all didn't catch the "got a plate of swordfish waiting for me at the Tele"

  11. Chris Gutierrez

    Catwoman and swordfish reference. Definitely about Halle berry.

    Chris Gutierrez

    There's no would, I said it with certainty.

  12. newyork07

    shits hootttt kad

  13. EmenatorSP

    What the hell is Steve French doing with that Ricky lookalike?

  14. Mark Paster

    webby kills it

  15. justin miller

    Dave east always bodies🙏🏻🔥🔥

  16. Defender of Earth

    I;m gonna loose my virginity to this song

  17. Anonymous432 stoner420

    The night at the roxbury song sample lol

  18. blake barnhill

    this song should be in the mix everywhere. love it!

  19. Jomar Moore

    It there just a instrument

  20. Matty Seabourne

    Webby best rapper out there so under rated pisses me off why so overlooked

  21. Myers Music

    I wonder how much he charges for features..

  22. Hiphopfan

    Jitta did a really good thing on this track

  23. Saint Nick

    Feeling faded like Nas kutt

  24. Joe Brown

    what beat is this from?

    Nate TheGreat

    Joe Brown La Bouche- Wanna Be My Lover

    Brittany Smith

    There is another beat in the song where the bass starts from another song what is it?

  25. Maniak Manny

    I love this track I bump it at least 3 times a day lol Rt I pretty much got the whole track locked down... I knew there was a message behind it by his words lol yes there's a lot of hidden messages and double entendres... cougar sitting shotty... this woman, that woman, cat woman... got a plate of swordfish waiting for me at the telly... lol Genius bro lol Chris Webby is the shit fr, I rap too so it's great to hear some good quality flows, keep up the great work bro

  26. Samuel Dixon

    Dave east went off..... As usual.

  27. Tee Jack

    I fw this so much doe

  28. Cailon Delano

    Look I don't like jitta on the track all that much. but the people hating on this beat need to go. this shit hits harder then anything you've ever done.

  29. Trevin Cade

    anyone catch that the flow and the tune starting at 0:30 is from "back that ass up"?

  30. abe

    never stop making music bro

  31. David Felker

    Webby has to be one of the dopest underrated rappers. Not only is his lyrical content on point, but his beats are generally always fire.

  32. Rice n Beans

    This makes the music on the radio sound like shit

  33. Goran TheBoss

    love dis

  34. Jesse Sorensen-Balazs

    Miley cyrus e= mc²³

  35. The_Vro_Named_Ax


  36. Tyler Parker

    This shit is fucking fire 🔥🔥

  37. Brian De Jong

    This is just "YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSS" more webby more!

  38. James Ghost

    *Checkout The Remix I Just Uploaded On My Channel!*

    Jamal Brown


    Issac Bernardo

    +James Ghost i like your remix

    Goober Studios

    what is thst

  39. Rashaad Ladd

    damn its not on spotify


    That bass..

  41. ItsMr401

    dave east is nice ... ya'll cats are just some haters lol

  42. Vizual Hights

    Jitta cold for this 1! Honestly im not a webby fan but i fuck wit this. An to the niggas hatin on jitta y? Letters 3 is classic he is dope af.

  43. Miles Holbrook

    do people know that there is such a thing called a like button smh.

  44. Prod. by MiB.

    That flow tho. Webby back on that shit. Jitta that beat is dope af

    Michael Cobbs

    +micahT - Word he evolved to a Charizard

    Prod. by MiB.

    +Michael Cobbs #NJEP hahaha. Hopefully web shoots a video for this joint. That Juvenile flow 🔥

    Michael Cobbs

    @micahT - This sounds like album material lol

  45. Legitimacy X

    Who aint loving this and dislike this fuck outta here webby doesn't have one single bad track and i have heard at least 100 prob more actually.

  46. Legitimacy X

    Needing this instrumental Jitta POST IT OR HMU WITH IT

  47. Britney Lacey

    oh my god. this song so dope!! keep it up Chris you just keep getting better and better!!

  48. Moh

    All these people hating on Jitta but this track was pretty dope with the beat

  49. Imreallytall

    Is it me or does this sound like old webby from his White Noise LP. la la la.

  50. Jason Todd

    Not feeling it Web step your game up bro and this is coming from someone who has all your shit

  51. Billy94

    east is a beast. i know why nas signed this dude

  52. Tim Sims

    Fuck wit me Christopher.

  53. Larry greenwood lll

    good shit

  54. david rodmaker

    pulled a iggi ROFL

  55. Alexis Ann

    Webby kills it forever & always 🎧

  56. Luca Connor

    Yo your music is dope. Thx for reppin 203. it seems like we don't get any attention cus "we're all rich" Im from norwalk and am an aspiring rapper. Ur my inspiration

  57. RyanHamsTv

    SO PROUD OF MY BOY WEBBY PIPPING DOWN CATWOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Brett Whitman

    Check out my music if you like Web!

  59. Polecatt

    Webby's fuckin Catwoman!

  60. nathan Gonzalez

    This is pretty good so he's obviously not going down hill

  61. Lexi Spida

    DOPE! Webby on fleek

  62. Gooey Stew

    Webby fuckin tight but fuck man jitta is so shit cut that sponge loose

  63. Charles Richardson

    go back to sap the man behind the science

  64. Zane Manrriquez


  65. Michael Escobar

    cut jitta!!!!!! he wack

  66. Xian

    no. fucking. way... "La la la" is still my favorite song, I listen to it everyday at least 15 times and I know the whole song word for word...

  67. Michael Sossi

    Webby is killing it right now.

  68. andres calderon

    Chris Webby that whitty who spits deadly 😎😎

  69. Jesse James

    ''This woman, that woman , catwoman''
    ''Got a cougar in the uber now , yeah the rumours out''
    Definately about Halle Berry

  70. Landon Arnold

    I think webby is dop3 af but u gotta admit jittas beats are too 😑

  71. jaocb crockford

    fucking right Webby!!! so jacked your doing a Canadian tour been waiting to fucking longgg !!!

  72. FlyHighBurnHigh T

    Dope af

  73. Rusty Potatoe

    Sick fuckin beat

  74. Kid Bizarre

    Yo what's this about Chris Webby and Halle berry? He's 27 and she's 49 lol and isn't she married?? But anyways if it's true then props

    Rice n Beans

    young girls don't know how to fuck at all. older women are the best and make me very happy. I don't want a whiny fucking whore in my life.


    +TwofiddyFourstroke lol, your on point with that one bro!

    R.w. Johns

    +Polecatt who wouldnt

    Lara Magi

    Hahahaha age is the number of trips around the sun...

    Paul Kuzda

    Halle berry a godess bro idc how old she is

  75. Raul Villanueva

    These comments are the first I'm hearing about Chris and Halle. My mind can't even process that. Like HOW do they even link up? They're on two different spectrums. If it's true, then I'm happy for him, and hopefully this will bring even more light to his music.

    Eric Williams

    lol me too

    R.w. Johns

    +Billy Kordecki Willie in the bid bra

    Stormy 717

    craig daub dumb af. Christan isn't of the mindset to start rumors to gain popularity. You don't have a feel for his music if you feel that type way. Jesus Christ & doggy style Mary that was an idiotic comment. If he wanted overnight fans and success, he would've signed with some terrible label and made millions upon millions.

    Olivia Orff

    @stormy717 🙏🙏 preach.

    Darren Egan

    have to be a fuckin idiot to think hes getting halle berry and the idiot that mention dolly wow guys you all are retarded haha hes a good underratted rapper but y'all dellussional

  76. Garzooka

    Youre going downhill because of the people you collab with... So happy to see you kept that ugly knuckle dragging Shitta on the Wack from opening his mouth but letting him make a beat is just as bad if not worse... Such a shame... Lyrics had a great flow... If you wanna make this downhill spiral of yours turn around you need to cut the dead weight and get back to the 2010-2013 Webby that everyone remembers and loves

    Leachy Leachy

    +Garzooka Although I feel Dave East shouldn't have been anywhere this one, I think you're bein' a bit hard on Jitta. He is very hit/miss though. Maybe he should just pursue producing altogether, because this as a first released attempt is pretty fuckin' solid.

    Leachy Leachy

    +Shane Leahy *Anywhere near this

    Justin Danatos

    well fucking said 🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

    Marc Vinyls

    +Garzooka we all want the old webby. Check out my channel for hip-hop/rap music!

    word up

    you crazy for that, this was killed. minus the loop.

  77. Mid-West Troops

    Pumping this shit straight from Australia love ya webby

  78. Johnny Appleseed

    Straight Bars

  79. Bubble Bass

    Finally some new shit

  80. JakeG1120

    Straight fwago

  81. Wade

    keep it up please!

  82. Kevin

    Beat is fire thb!

  83. Nick Kelly

    What's the name of the song he sampled it's bothering the shitnout of me haha

    Kaylee Brown

    +Nick Kelly Be My Lover by La Bouche. Classic 90s song!

  84. AzureWizzard

    wow webby usually im not disapointed but this just isnt on the level of jurassic park you got to raise that bar man

  85. Ryan Leavitt

    black ops 3 and Webby and some green, smoke weed everyday!

    Gadgeh Kon

    my life there man

    Ryan Leavitt

    Nor wrong with that!

    Ryan Leavitt


  86. doobs_402

    webby you the shit, Come back to Nebraska!

  87. BBucky98

    @lizzy Anderson what in the fuck

  88. tyler disch

    webby and Halle berry!!!!!! fuck yess

  89. dazeros

    fuckin dope shit, keep it up👌

  90. TheReav3n

    damn this one is dope! spotify please! <3

  91. Celica Garcia

    Damn Webby this is 🔥🔥

  92. Quiggle

    webby Wednesday

  93. Kyrøn

    reppin webby from Mi! keep up the bars Webster.

  94. adrian Turner

    is this basically webby admitting to the rumours about him and Halle Berry?

    Aggressive Apple

    +adrian Turner what i was thinking

    Byron Mcdonald

    think it might be that and a reference to Talladega heights judging by the cover art

    Diecast GuyKid

    Don't know, don't care.
    I like good music.
    Fuck politics.

  95. quin brooks

    Good shit as always

  96. Avery Hill

    not a fan of the beat. that Da duh duh in the back kills it for me

    Optimal Dab

    +Avery Hill are you slow?

    Avery Hill

    maybe If you shared those dabs I could slow down a bit more

    Optimal Dab

    +Avery Hill the da duh duh is one of the best samples ive heard used in a long time.