Chris Webby - Hip Hop Lyrics

[Verse One: Bekay]
Bekay Y
Check it out, check it out yo
The music shit used to be makin' my day
Yeah your dream is ya dream till they take it away
Fuck makin' mistakes, I'm makin' a fan
Makin' a fuckin' army while you makin' a band
And you could try to desecrate but I'm takin' a stand
On top of Ground Zero with a shank in my hand
And my peeps screamin' out "Fuck this crap! "
I been gave everything I had to this, please give me somethin' back
All your whips and ice, who the hell knows
I'm more happy with some rope chains and some shell toes
I paint pictures, sculptures
A&R's is a bunch of fuckin' vultures, you ruinin' my culture
So while you make your check, pumpin' bullshit
I spit that real shit that could break ya neck
I'm real hip hop to the death of me
I mean for you this shit is a hobby, but for us it's a destiny

[Chorus: Chris Webby]
This is hip hop
I live it I breathe it I walk it I talk it I crave it I need it
Jot lyrics nonstop every day and night
I'd sell my soul for it, name the price
Stay focused, I know that my aim is right
For that one fuckin' shot I would trade my life
Getting' closer to the edge with every page I write
For that one opportunity to blaze the mic

[Verse 2: Chris Webby]
Rap is my life, always stayin' strapped with a mic
Representin' for all the cats that are actually nice
Which is few, trust son, most of them are fake
Rockin' so many chains they're getting' scoliosis from the weight
Doin' shows and gettin' paid and it's a fact that they suck
Could get tutored by Nas? Still wouldn't be nasty as us
But these the same muthafuckas who be stackin' the bucks
While stuck here in CT like fuck, crack a dutch and it's such
These whack ass rappers think they're tough
With preschool vocab and a whole lotta luck
I'm determined that I can't lose
Take a lead pipe to Soulja Boy's legs, fuck your dance moves
We've been told we got the talent, the devotion and charisma
We just need an opportunity to prove we can deliver
This hip hop and I'm dying to live it (I live this)
And will do every fuckin' thing in my power to get it


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
Hip hop, live it breathe it walk it talk it crave it need it
Never lose focus, or get defeated
Keep talkin' that shit, go and get me heated
But I'm rappin', writin', scrappin', fightin', spittin', rippin'
Mic ignitin', hold my spot down, stand tall like a titan
And stay strikin' you muthafuckas like lightnin' rah

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Chris Webby Hip Hop Comments
  1. Joseph Cassidy

    dude, every song is fire. im investing my part in iTunes right NOW

  2. Anthony L

    Jon connor with some new music.. i like!

  3. Bobby Lol

    made so much moolah I stopped my job today all because of *EZpay100 .c o m*


    Yo, someone sent this to me and said my rap flow is just like JAG, which is hella dope! Much love to Webby killing this shit with both of y’all. 🙏🏻🔥💯

  5. yaknowhoitiz

    Its about time for a collab album with webby and connor

  6. Anonymous Persona

    You are a legend FAM. We all got you brother. ❤

  7. Tobi Won Kanogy

    You Are .

    Tobi Won Kanogy

    A Hip Hop Legend.

  8. S and A fam

    Boy chris webby droppin BOMBS! get em boy!

  9. Vencel-Patrik Kiss

    the flow and the beat reminds me of 'Lucky You' by Joyner Lucas ft Eminem, just saying. Hope Christ didnt became a copycat shit for this song and its just a coincidence

  10. Dom

    Hip hop legend fs

  11. Dragonsin13

    Chris webby and Logic my God untouchables

  12. teej A

    Glad to see him linking with Jag. That was a big surprise & a nice one at that. Y'all both be cooking. Keep serving the goods guys! 💪🤞

  13. Dan J

    I think i have another doctors appointment to pencil in🔥

  14. Bigboss Vf

    Just 500k wtf

  15. Nicholas Vasher

    Everyone be going hard I hit up, shit fire chris I'm send you out when I get up!!!

  16. zacho cracy

    _but where is Jon Connor's album_

  17. Alex Ortiz

    Jon connor mixtape dope

  18. gdogg11219

    That Jordan and Scottie line had me sneezing milk.

  19. chrith Velasquez

    This goes hard who still listing in 2019

    zacho cracy

    Alwaya bro

  20. spaceAlien Rissley


  21. Pfeiffer

    I've lost a lot of respect for dre for shelving connor the he did... but on a side note I've been waiting for Webby's and Connor's collab album unsung heros since I first heard about it in 2012, I guess it's safe to say that it's not happening.

    zacho cracy

    Someone needed to say it. Jon Connor is a sad story. Coulda really been a legend and hope it aint to late.

  22. ERICK CH

    I’m here cus uv JAG!! 🔥🔥🔥💯🙏🏼

  23. Zack Chambers


    zacho cracy

    Facts. If eminem and webby were out at the same time, people would get tired of listening to a guy talk about killing his girlfriend a lot sooner.

  24. boofin79 boofin79

    I need more jon connor in my life new shit

  25. Kyle Martinez

    Why the hell is this not on YouTube music anymore?

  26. Eddie Garcia


  27. icyunvme15

    They ⛽️ on this joint Jag is a beast

  28. Defy D

    G O A T🎶🎶🎶⚡️⚡️⚡️💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍

  29. P K Slays

    that hype man in the back is dope lol

    Alphabyte Music

    P K Slays Whaddup! Just honestly reading through the comments and seeing who isn't an asshole that is genuinely curious about new music! 🙏🏻 anytime you have the chance you should check out my debut album! 'Far from Average' is the title! It's available here on YouTube and on all other platforms as well🔥

  30. Chris Hall

    Tf is the title though. hiphop legend It's a poor man's rap god.

    Jacob Horner

    Chris Hall rap and hip hop are different tho ??!??

    Chris Hall

    @Jacob Horner and raw thoughts are a cheap imitation of ill mind of hopsin(:

  31. Tyler Suhrada

    True legends never get the recognition they deserve until it's too late

    Tyler Suhrada

    P.S that rift is fucking nasty

  32. Scott Blair

    Really feeling this guy 👍🇬🇧

  33. Rusty Britches

    We need a webby and eminem track right fucking now! Web, all you gotta do is reach out to tech n9ne and he could probably get you in touch with eminem. If you see this just consider it.

  34. Trevor Champagne

    Chris webby

    Trevor Champagne

    Listen to my homie hes blessed

    Trevor Champagne

  35. Adrian Lazar

    Damn, Im gonna break my neck on this album...

  36. Adrian Lazar

    Sorry for sleeping on you for so long, you just got in my top 5 :) glad you respect eminem, this album is so fking lit!

  37. jacob

    Everytime i see my rival i say damn that kid is handsome😂😂😂... Idk why i like that line so much!!!

  38. mike sheneberger

    This shits fucking dope, the beat😍

  39. Raw North

    Elon musk! God damnit webby just gets shit done.

  40. Jeff Reynolds

    Chris bruv...yessssss thank you homie

  41. James Parker

    Good jod Chris webby

  42. Vtec4fun

    This is fucking amazing!

  43. gypsythunder

    Jon Connor's till alive? Where TF is VEHICLE CITY !!! Just cause your signed by Dre doesnt mean you gotta hold an album for 8 years... lets gooooo. Webbys dropping fire weekly . Take notes!

    Alphabyte Music

    gypsythunder Whaddup! Just honestly reading through the comments and seeing who isn't an asshole that is genuinely curious about new music! 🙏🏻 anytime you have the chance you should check out my debut album! 'Far from Average' is the title! It's available here on YouTube and on all other platforms as well🔥

  44. Kay Jay4

    JON CONNOR!!!!!

  45. kyle cowart

    Listen to it @ x1.25

  46. SkullHead28

    Damn Chris Webby killing it🔥🔥

  47. Randy Schweitzer

    Webbys been busting my replay button since he dropped the white noise lp 🔥🔥

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    Webby you beast!

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    Hell yah brah more like this!

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    Who else here waiting for the album drop at 12?

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    When's the album dropping?

  52. Seth Preston

    your da best


    Dude, I love you shit. Right as my friend played Tazmanian Devil at work I fell in love with your music. I'm so hyped about next Wednesday you can't even imagine. Greetings from Poland

  54. Jordan Miller

    Waking up the day this track was released, you bet your ass I replayed this all day 😂🔥

  55. Ryder DaDon

    Got those bars for days flame that 🔥

  56. Ryder DaDon

    Webby has bars he doesn't get the respect he deserves keep it up fam u will blow up soon

  57. Donde esta la ninas Cafe con leche

    Oh I just wanna talk are you writing?

  58. Donde esta la ninas Cafe con leche

    6992, 0112

  59. demi 7861

    Shit's dope.

  60. DevynGuevara


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    Chris Webby #1

  62. Goose Dubby

    I already knew Jon Connor was gonna be the show out on this. Yo SpiTz 4real. ✌

  63. Mark Leighton

    Got that fire loud to puff tonight with you at the show!

  64. Mike Hrynkiw

    W e b b y you about to see whyyyy 💪

    Alphabyte Music

    Mike Hrynkiw Whaddup! Just honestly reading through the comments and seeing who isn't an asshole that is genuinely curious about new music! 🙏🏻 anytime you have the chance you should check out my debut album! 'Far from Average' is the title! It's available here on YouTube and on all other platforms as well🔥

  65. Daniel Dietz

    killing shit Webby!

  66. Matt

    Never really listened to this guy but this song is dope af

  67. Brent Morgan

    BTW I put all I say on both my testicles and all loved ones I will not take responsibility for a human goin crazy if they want to see one

  68. Brent Morgan

    Last time I died I should have not choose to shoot back into my body I've never been more angry that's y I didn't stay dead so I'm here till my works done or I'm fully blind

  69. Brent Morgan

    Can't take my knowledge only I can and I'm almost fully blind when it happens, bye humans love you but I'm going away from Earth there is way scarier planets with all war nothing but war gnarly antities so we are not doing too bad but ppl don't listen to reality so I'm over Earth doin my work till I can leave and not look back

  70. Brent Morgan

    Xrp to the moon, actually fuck the moon/death star to 10 universes away I come

  71. Brent Morgan

    I Kno they don't like me telling truth but hey I do my due diligence and until I'm on the space force permanently or dead I'm living the xrp hodl life

  72. Brent Morgan

    Wen I was broke homeless n down your music savved me from death via spuicide multiple times, I love u Webby and always will I hope we get the chance to kick it at least once ur always in my house finally I am not homeless or brokep, but I ain't rich yet, or am I? Lol long live ripple and xrp and thanks chalrless schwarts for the interledger protocol I put my work in earned all my badges pand now I'm workin the most I ever have for us humans no I do not claim to be AP time traveler yes I hpavepp been to the 1700s for 11.5 hours via non human entities, yes I can prove it and yes I've already been approached by nsa and dod and no they are not all bad ppl but they do keep secrets that I am not afraid to realease

  73. Brent Morgan

    I am one that can prove UFOs are here and have been I've known one for 27 years still it resisides in NorCal Kno they exist but Kno I'm gonna make this shitty society better, that's y I'm lucky to sleep once a week I work hard 24/7 and my brain never stops putting in work real talk

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    Give us a bay area style slapper soon please n kill it I'll give u a quarter ounce pure gold if u do straight up, rip Mac Dre Dre killa keise jacka n all the rest I'm only on this planet a few more years tops n I'm goin down in history I will b the biggest factor of giving war and poverty and greed what if I got a trill already I'm shooting for trillions n at least 1 trill will food cloth apnd shelter luxuryiously ever had on Earth I am Brent Kyle Morgan remember that humans

  75. Steven Hyden

    Webby needs a raise!!!!!! O.G.

  76. Paul Zimarowski

    My man....please get famous deserve it . And that team behind you is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Zoey Wood

    Anytime I'm talking about music it's because of Webby. I ask people if they ever heard of you and they say no (mostly because it's nebraska and people primarily listen to country), then I educate them and say their ears with thank me for this music and I thank you for your music. It's amazing and makes my hair's stand on end everytime without a doubt my favorite musician. Keep it up Webby!!

  78. Unknown User

    Webby will always be at least top 3 rappers of all time for me

  79. SteadyMurkin 7

    Every time i load up youtube im expecting to see webby over a million subs... why is the world not fucksin with him yet. Should be!

  80. Dylan Evans

    I love all verses but what threw me off is that JAG's is my favorite. Jon's fast rap was dope but JAG lyrically murdered it

  81. Lincoln Odle

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  82. Kenny Winkler

    Fuck all people who dislike🔥🤘🏼

  83. Antwowcar YT

    Year ago Joyner Lucas did a song with Chris and that's were I found him out look at him now moving up as a lengend

  84. Douglas Wares

    Hi my name is.. the long version

  85. TheSportiello


    Alphabyte Music

    TheSportiello Whaddup! Just honestly reading through the comments and seeing who isn't an asshole that is genuinely curious about new music! 🙏🏻 anytime you have the chance you should check out my debut album! 'Far from Average' is the title! It's available here on YouTube and on all other platforms as well🔥

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  88. Donde esta la ninas Cafe con leche

    For historical preservation of the 860

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    Check this out man.

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    Yeo webby. Just wanted to say. Been subscribed since my young ass could comrprehend youtube. 21 now. You are the best in the game. Each song has effort, thought, soul, and passion. I feel it. Im gonna die building a car company. Hopefully one day. I can have the honor of building you a one of one car. Youre a beast. love pretty much all your songs.