Chris Webby - Go Back Lyrics

Yeah, Chris Webby, Oncue
Sometimes I just wanna go back
Be a kid again ya know, yeah yeah

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
I wanna go back to bein' a kid
Everything was easier, ya had to just live
I was a little dude, chillin' with my nose runny
Eatin' grilled cheese and watchin' Doug Funny
Havin' play dates, buildin' Legos with my boys
And buyin' kids meals just so I could get the toys
Way before Twitter, Wii and PS3
We used to play capture the flag and hide and seek
Freeze tag with them Velcro kicks on my feet
Or them light-up sneaks, on the bus rollin' deep
Back before I ever smoked weed yet
Used to run a 7-minute mile during recess
Now it takes like 9 just to jog like half of that
Wanna go back to that, kick it in the Cabbage Patch
And that's where you can find me
It's Chris Webby dog and I'm a product of the 90's

[Chorus: Oncue]
I'm a go back, I'm a I'm a go back to the very first time
I'm a go back, I'm a I'm a go back when I wrote my first rhyme
I'm a go back, I'm a I'm a go back when I learned this crime
I'm a go back, I'm a I'm a go back and move forward and shine

[Verse 2: Chris Webby]
Bein' a kid was just plain illa
Chillin' havin battles my action figures
I had every Ninja Turtle and every one of the X-Men
Teddy Ruxpin was my muthafuckin' best friend
Mighty Max and G.I. Joes
Goin' home with grass stains, Mama clean my clothes
Roll with Tamagotchis in my pocket
A holographic Charizard card, I got it
The Megazord dope, kill it with the weapons
The Pink Ranger gave me my very first erection
Lion King was the shit yo, enough said
When Rafiki drew Simba got it tatted on my leg
Way before I knew what an e pill was
I used to eat mad candy just to catch a little buzz
Now who could rock like I could
Time goes on but I'll always love childhood (uh)


[Verse 3: Oncue]
Hey big guy, you already said it
No rewindin' tape, no need to edit
Ever since 7 I've been grindin for my lettuce
'Cause my mom and poppa told me no one gon' let us
Get it, so sick I need a medic
At age 8 imagined a Marsialago
Comin in with Donatello and Leonardo
Rocked a mask like Zoro, wanted money like lotto
Summers by the beach house, murdered that gelato
Homerun derby had the hoes screamin' "Bravo! "
Now I grew up I'm the man with the hot flow
Don't know no gangstas, bloods, vatos
You can't see me 'cause it's hazy from the pot smoke
I'm goin' way way back, hey Dad press this record on the 8-track
If you don't let me get 'em I'm a paint my face black
Runnin' in that bitch strapped like "Take that! "


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Chris Webby Go Back Comments
  1. EliteGamer970

    92 baby 25 today

  2. Draven Sieczka

    i'll never understand why this doesnt have more likes. such a dope song.

  3. S-K-I

    building legos with my boys.....that was my shit haha

  4. Audrina Torres

    25 years old and I still yearn for the 90's!

    Wiley Coyote

    Same yo

  5. big meech

    Not even 50000 views, that's fucked up. So many people are missing out on this poetry

  6. Zack

    This song is great! But it gives me a tight chest reminiscing overall the memories

  7. Septonn/Deffeh

    I think it was his fist album -_-

  8. conor13640

    This is some real shit, makes my throat swell up. Makes me think back on all my fond memories of being a child.

  9. life of erik

    This brought my childhood back :-) thanks

  10. Evan Gordon

    it's a mixtape, they don't usually get a lot of publicity, no matter who releases them:( but this should get much more publicity even though it's old!

  11. A7Xisthebest15

    this album dosen't get enough credit its actually sick

  12. Mikey Slattery

    thank you kind sir

  13. Rob Istheman

    guys i just wanna say this song touched me it reminded me of childhood and how life was simple watchin doug playin pokemon and growing up in the 90s i wanna congratulate chris webby for making a white boy from ct feel a real connection to a song as i sit here probly to high to remember this song in 15 min

  14. Mikey Slattery

    this song is very welll made

  15. FlareonBoy136

    dude's awesome

  16. Mikey Slattery

    sample or beat??

  17. Mike Fedorko

    @Jaxman19422 Fer Sher*

  18. kidwreck1632

    good concert last night webby !

  19. Conor Egan

    Ninja swag!!!!!!!! Love you webby!!! Connecticut!!!!!

  20. meganfoxisgiggity123

    @tom3xreaper i like how you just jacked that from some other webby song top comment.

  21. syrusHQ

    the pink ranger was so bangable....

  22. Caitlyn roberts

    webby is amazing n not to mention hot as fuuuuuuuuuck ;)

  23. Ben

    this song is pretty cheesy...

  24. tom3xreaper

    This was so dirty I had to switch to porn when my mom walked in.

  25. Manic Dman

    @Renzythegreat91 Such a simpler time...

  26. Renzythegreat91

    I was born in 91' all I use to do in my childhood was play Sonic the Hedgehog games and watch Pokemon, DragonballZ and all of the great Shows on Nickelodeon, go outside and enjoy life with my friends. Good times.


    how is he not number one on itunes yet?

  28. M Rigo

    raped the replay button

  29. Ryan Kane

    '92 yea buddy!! Gotta love the 90's!

  30. Ryan Kane

    '92 yea buddy!!

  31. SlickthaMC

    96 baby

  32. ryansred2110

    !!!!!!20£ ¡¡¡¡

  33. skitcenter

    Favorite webby song theres some other good ones but this basically describes my childhood loll

  34. david martino

    @AbsentmindSkating kind off i guess?? im 91

  35. jim toby

    @AbsentmindSkating wordd

  36. jim toby

    @AbsentmindSkating the 90s equal 1990-1999

  37. Joe Hoover

    Speaking for all us '90s kids

  38. Royal Extractions

    I'mma product of the 90s ;D
    Chris webby <333youuu

  39. ehoffer23

    best song on ninja rapper. make more or these webby.

  40. FoUr2wEnTy420

    this the only chris webby track i feel

  41. jay bwoy

    dis beat is from jayzs go crazy

  42. Matthew Morris

    oh hell yes

  43. Bricks0973

    good song my dude

  44. crazycrooked

    Haha dude so fucking memories in this song.