Chris Webby - Get Down Lyrics

Let me get my fresh on,
Next on deck.
I just breeze through easy,
I haven't stopped yet.
People give me damages
Of sign of respect for me.
Doin' my damn thing
Without breaking a sweat.

Look at me now,
I'm doing it,
That's word on my life.
Even this bummy ass white boy
Can clean up nice.
Button up on
Hat crooked to the right.
Don't gotta look in the mirror
'Cause I know that I'm tight.

I'm just here to have a hell of a night
And I'm ready to get twisted
Grab the L and a light.
I know this hip hop game's
Just a roll of the dice.
But I know that I'm nice,
That's why I'm holding the mic.

Flowin' precise,
Whoever knew this stoner could write?
And spit venom,
Get ready for the cobra to strike.
The end of the night,
It ain't nowhere in sight.
So stay rockin' with your boy
'Cause the future look bright.

So we get down,
Bottles in the air,
Dutch full of the kush
And my people everywhere.
And we get down,
Swag on high,
Windows low,
Base bumpin' in the ride.
So we get down,
Ladies lookin' sexy as hell.
You want a good time?
The Webby as well.
So we get down,
Fill another cup.
'Cause we goin' from now
Till the sun come up.

I get down
Like I never wanna get up.
I'll never let up,
But keep my head up,
Dead up,
Fed up,
But not having my bread up.
But still I'm going all in
Put your bed up.

Shred up
Any track given to me.
It ain't hard for all my dogs
And my women to see
That I can't wait to be king
Simba's living in me.
So I'm a roll with it.
Kill 'em all subliminally.

Don't even try gettin' at me
It just ain't worth it.
'Cause I ain't never seen a mother fucker
Beat perfect.
Got my own title
And I damn sure heard
That ain't nothing I got now
I didn't deserve bitch.

My feet left the surface of Earth
'Cause I'm too fly
And I don't ever have to come down,
Do I?
Who I be,
W-E-double B-Y
Now who's fucking with me?

So we get down,
Bottles in the air,
Dutch full of the kush
And my people everywhere.
And we get down,
Swag on high,
Windows low,
Base bumpin' in the ride.
So we get down,
Ladies lookin' sexy as hell.
You want a good time?
The Webby as well.
So we get down,
Fill another cup.
'Cause we goin' from now
Till the sun come up.

Get down,
Like your girl on her knees
And I got it in my car
When we shootin' a breeze
And I wish I can leave
The snow and the leaves
And see the palm trees,
Get blown by mommies.

And if y'all don't say
My dick's bigger than Tom Lee,
And I'm tryin' to get a piece
Like my name's Ghandi.
Got my own shake,
Ridin' behind me
My back seat's big enough
So get inside me.

I murder this rap shit,
Murder this rap shit.
Rollin' out the club like
Stuck in the trap bitch.
Tell all these dudes
Don't jack my tactics.
Bubby, I got you.
You don't got to ask it.

Just wipe 'em off
Like a god damn napkin.
These dudes
Shouldn't even be rapping,
Me and you gotta purpose.
They should be at Mickeys (McDonalds)
Flippin' up burgers.

So we get down,
Bottles in the air,
Dutch full of the kush
And my people everywhere.
And we get down,
Swag on high,
Windows low,
Base bumpin' in the ride.
So we get down,
Ladies lookin' sexy as hell.
You want a good time?
The Webby as well.
So we get down,
Fill another cup.
'Cause we goin' from now
Till the sun come up.

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Chris Webby Get Down Comments
  1. Lil lb

    2019!! Yessir, still fire, proud to be from c.t, brings me back to my highscool years!! Peace and love everyone

    Charlie Wassamire

    Lil lb This mixtape along with Macs K.I.D.S was my hight school. Me and my boys just chilling and smoking. Good times.

  2. Kenneth Dandelski

    2019 still 🔥

  3. Earl T-Shirt

    Major throwback I remember I came here from a World of Warcraft video

  4. Av63PNT0

    Who is this dude better then any mainstream rapper with their elementary school rhymes.

  5. Colineire

    Still listening 2018, first song i ever heard oncue on, now he's one of my favorite artists

  6. david montgomery

    how have i just been introduced to this? his flow is on point

  7. Lexicon 1

    Still bumpin in 2017. Webby will forever be my favorite rapper!

  8. 123 laci

    time less shit, 2017!:)

    Essential Meti

    Gyuri Bodnar facts

  9. Jilly420

    Still dope in 2016

  10. 88K Beats

    still bumpin in 2015 whatsgooood

  11. Crucified cupid

    2014 lol lets go

  12. dylan corrigan

    Cuey did not  ruin this song 

  13. SirBoomMcBoom


  14. Amber Arrigo

    i love this song so much its my ringtone. haters gonna hate yo. thumbs up from me tho

  15. Austin Khoury

    Tyler the Creator CANNOT be thrown in that mix.

  16. Austin Khoury

    Its his fucking song, why would he not be in it?

  17. Blake Widmer

    Theyre all talented rappers. Theyve all done things that brought them to the level that theyre at now. You also cant really compare them because they all make completely different styles of music.

  18. C Roze

    *Eminem>Oncue+Chris Webby>Hopsin>Tyler the Creator> Mac Miller

  19. Pavel Smrčka

    one of the best songs ever

  20. SirRollAnO

    10 people had to check the mirror

    Nazi Proximity

    SirRollAnO what does that mean?

  21. TheSkylinemusicprod

    he got signed.... but he said no because it would have changed his style :)

  22. The Stuntn

    I listened to this because Chris Webby was in this song. thumbs up.

  23. Dallas Durham

    Cuey and webby bringin rap back

  24. Mikey Slattery

    favorite song right here. my favorite artist in 1 song

  25. Jesse

    He needs to kill Wild young & free for shits and giggles


    let me sum up every comment ever posted on any music link on youtube..... everyone has their own opinion

  27. syrusHQ

    How did i miss this song? im a big fan of webby, been watching forever, just found Oncue the other day, and now he's one of my favorite's, didnt know they collabed back in the day. swag?

  28. Taylor Verville

    More impressive that he has gotten this far without a label. That is how you know someone is talented.

  29. Mikey Slattery

    i listen to this because there both ill, thumbs up?

  30. Juswan

    evo on the beat? beat is definitely bananas... cuey is a beast

  31. Carry Trudel

    @Italiaxfinestt10 Nahhh webby has had the chance of getting signed, just hasn't done it yet, and thank god cause they would change his style.

  32. shay licari

    the only reason webby isnt signed is becausee he is waiting for someone to offer him enough money.. #rep.norwalk.ct.

  33. Calmear

    @Italiaxfinestt10 lil wayne has been round longer plus if WEBBY wanted to get signed he would, and if people havent heard of him yet then its obviously the country song only people

  34. Nate R


  35. Colton Eisan

    @lordibleach yeah well enjoy what webby has to share or get the fuck out and go listen to sam adams or asher roth

  36. Mikey Slattery

    @gottatakeapee i listen for both thumbs up?

  37. Dustin Susor

    @CAEisan @CAEisan Dude I was using the comment section for what its supposed to be used for not every fucking comment needs to be like OHMFUCKINGG CHRIS WEBBY IS GREAT! If that were the case no one would be aloud an opinion so shut up

  38. Dustin Susor

    @EvanJames28 Um try hoodie allen dude chris webby just sounds like every other weed rapper

  39. MrCrazyduck22

    OnCue used the same verse from Walk With Me.
    I think they just put that verse in the song.

  40. Reed Carter

    @Rock8was8here8first why does it matter? respect to all da white boys.

  41. Blake Whitehead

    Whats this instrumental?

  42. DaveLSX

    People are really saying that Mac and oncue r better than webby wtf.

  43. A. Ruff

    @Funnyinternetvideoos you talking to me? thats not my name..

  44. A. Ruff

    @MrOFWGKTA12 dumb shit. i said that chris webby sucks, not oncue. Chris webby sounds and says the same stuff as mac miller. If you want to hear good music, listen to grieves or macklemore. So much better than this bitch chris webby. U DOUCHE B

  45. Wout Taffijn

    @lovenlust92 OneCue lyrically eats that wolf for lunch
    .. not saying that Yela is bad, but OnCue is just good!

  46. A. Ruff

    @EvanJames28 they're almost exactly the same, both suck.


    @downsidekid MAYBE YOU SHUD GET URE FACTS STRAIGHT, cause he is signed to rostrum records...look it up idiot

  48. destroynoob4

    Webby has been offered to be signed before, and he turned it down because he didn't want to be a sell out, and that shows how true of an artist he is


    PLEASE DONT GET SIGNED...i dont want u to change like mac miller

  50. Mikey Slattery

    @ThePurplGorilla ahahaahaahha dive into an empty pool... smh

  51. Derptasticish

    @EvanJames28 mgk>chris>mac

  52. ThePurplGorilla

    @EvanJames28 omg get some cock dude Mac Miller is so better then Webby

  53. John Hyzak

    ok webbys is a massive bum im only on this vid for OnCue

  54. Victor Montoya

    @EvanJames28 yelawolf... no compitition

  55. Ben

    @Xferrari100X ya

  56. Tom Strecker

    @xXBCARLXx that was a great one.. what are you..4?

  57. MopTopRock

    best song ever dawg

  58. Ben

    @Xferrari100X says the moron who says a green bar looks like a blunt LOL you colored blind from all the skeet you got in ur eyes?

  59. Tom Strecker

    @xXBCARLXx im sorry to hear that. hows that dirt schwag taste?

  60. Ben

    @Xferrari100X never seen a green blunt in my life.

  61. MopTopRock

    best song ever

  62. steve gigliotti

    people just disliked it so it looks like a blunt

  63. austin deright

    for real get signed

  64. Bryan Schmidt

    webby sucks cuey is a fuckin problem

  65. SuperEdwardfan1

    I am McLovin Chicka Chicka Fake Id Fake Id

  66. justin netherland

    @YacubH2961 Wayne sucks ass, but em and Wiz are alright. I'm a huge fan of Webby, Sam, and Mac though.

  67. Mikey Slattery

    @YacubH2961 dude em still kills it... dont say anything bad bout him

  68. Casedilla Rodriguez

    webby is my number one person to lightt one up too :D

  69. nick cassidy

    @Xferrari100X a newly lighted blunt :D

  70. SeverFromWithin

    @AlphaTeamGoatShit Fo sho your right

  71. 23mikemack

    i agree! @evanjames28

  72. Evan Gossman

    Best white rapper out there:D Chris>Mac Miller.

  73. xXJan504Xx

    very good song good rhytm oncue singed good too great!

  74. Eric Campbell

    I got down until my mom got a job lol

  75. Ben

    thumbs up if you think Oncue sounds like a retarded 50 cent

  76. mrbrownboy2121

    Dont gotta look in the mirror cuz know look tight... Beast line

  77. Gary Madden

    La La La n Webbys World are like his best 2 songs

  78. 32Dskin

    Jesus, someone needs to sign this motherfucker. Can they not hear this shit!?!?

  79. G Rok

    Webby you are most dope. you inspired me and my buddy to start rapping. So much inspiration, check us out on my youtube page, keep it coming with the good stuff webster!

  80. Paul Duncan

    Man my friend showed me u and ur and u r so much better than little wayne. U and eminem should make a song. That would be freaking raw.

  81. cheerprincss

    i actually like this one! heard he'll be at toad's place June 3!

  82. Peter Barner

    fucking love cwebb

  83. Cam Keddy

    @1350walton what are you retarded webby is 1000000000000000000000000000 time bether then little wayne is trash you idiot

  84. Hugh Lavelle

    100,000 viewer

  85. Kendra Hauser

    <3 oncue

  86. Wouter Pauw

    @AkimboGunzz ? what why? Dont you mean nadeshot, he has a lot of videos with webby's songs.. :)

  87. YoungElephant

    @FuZioNHD yeah homie lil wayne is shit and chris webby is the shit mofacuuuuu

  88. Tom Strecker

    @SlickLittleFuck true dat

  89. Sam Walden

    @Xferrari100X Chris Webby wouldnt smoke a blunt that small ^.^. hes better than that.

  90. MetaphorRS

    dope lyrics

  91. Tom Strecker

    like bar looks like a blunt.

  92. Mikey Slattery

    @FuZioNHD tell it

  93. Jacob Tuck

    @FuZioNHD helll yeahhh FuZioN likes Chris Webby tooo!

  94. cade mcclaughry

    Huey Mack > All.

  95. Garrett Reeves

    @FuZioNHD "the popular subculture of big-city teenagers, break dancing, and graffiti art. That is what I got from dictionarydotcom... Pray tell how I am ignorant?

  96. fuzi8n

    @1350walton ALSO, I don't need to explain what hip hop is, it's many things, a culture, a genre of music from jazzy to classy beats, westcoast to eastcoast, but you need to have some standards with your punchlines/bars, chris webby has standard ones, lil wayne has awful bars, if you go listen to some Big L, Big Pun, wu-tang, mic geronimo, NWA etc etc 100s of artists..doesn't matter just ask your dad

  97. fuzi8n

    @UseIntellect No, might as well be hip-hop. Hmm..hip-hop isn't a dancing thing, you don't know jack shit. Ignorants

  98. fuzi8n

    @1350walton I'm sorry but how the fuck have I made myself look stupid or even more stupid than the start? Your fucking stupid replying, you obviously give a shit because you looked fucking stupid ever since you said wayne was good so make a fire and stand in it and the whole world will smile. P.S. You didn't ask me to explain what hip-hop is, your a student, you need to learn what real music is. Your so fucking deaf as well

  99. 1350walton

    I guess Lil Wayne is doing 'his own thing' too, and making bank on it... Webby's a little bitter about that. If you werent such an idiot you would be able to explain to me what 'real hiphop is'. To say that your right without proving any point at all makes you look even dumber than you were from the start. Also, to know the term 'english' is a poor phrase in this regard, as all of these rappers know english. A five year old knows english. Lil wayne uses english, and makes bank

  100. Garrett Reeves

    @FuZioNHD This is rap, not hip-hop. Look up "The Casper Slide part 2" for hip hop. Look up garbage for Lil Wayne content.