Chris Webby - Friend Like Me Lyrics

Yeah, Webby
Never had a friend like me

It's that big bad wolf
'Bout to blow your fuckin' house down
With a quarter pound in my trunk on the south-bound
You can smell me comin' as I'm whippin' it around town
Weed so loud that I'm smokin' in surround sound
Had 'em hooked since I shook Dat Piff
No one handin' me the keys so I took that shit
With Latarian Milton doin' some hood rat shit
On my hustlin' flow I'm a whoop that trick
Got Henny in me and rollin' with plenty bitties
And home town pussy I call it Connetic-Kitty
As animated as Ren & Stimpy, so clever and witty
You'll need a certain level of intelligence to get me
Gimmie gimmie, everything that you got
Everything in your wallet and that ring with the watch
There really ain't no coming at the king for the spot
That's like stepping in the ring with The Rock

It is what it is and that's how it's gon' be
Oil in my pan burn it down low key
Y'all know me, I hit hard like Apollo Creed
You ain't never had a friend like me
(You ain't never had a friend like me)
In it to the end like me
No matter what the end might be
Y'all know me, I hit hard like Apollo Creed
You ain't never had a friend like me
(You ain't never had a friend like me)

Got a sworn bloodline, I was born a leader
People bumping my music from here to North Korea
To Argentina, fans be lining up outside my concert
Like the ticket to my show what's a court subpoena
Yeah I get it up on it like EMT paramedics
No anesthetics, phonetic energetic with alphabetics
I'm spreadin' the fucking vibe like a pathogen epidemic
While I'm sippin' my unleaded and puffin the devil's lettuce
I'm a menice in my whip indicia vapin'
Sippin' whiskey like some sort of liquid dinner replacement
Feel my inner Simba awaken
The prince in the makin'
My ideals of vacation is to sit in my basement and write raps
So I'm 'bout to tell a night gap
I run my lane take a step or five back
If you forget the rest then just memorize that
'Cause at any second Webby might snap

It is what it is and that's how it's gon' be
Oil in my pan burn it down low key
Y'all know me, I hit hard like Apollo Creed
You ain't never had a friend like me
(You ain't never had a friend like me)
In it to the end like me
No matter what the end might be
Y'all know me, I hit hard like Apollo Creed
You ain't never had a friend like me
(You ain't never had a friend like me)

It's like: I was made up in a lab or something
The way I hit 'em with these raps in the tracks you bumpin'
They say I sound like I'm Eminem's rabid cousin
Who's still on drugs, fuck it I'm on acid buggin'
I'm pass 'n puffin' the loud packed passed my limit
I snap and kill it, my syllables I'm mad explicit
Take my enemies and kill 'em on a massive skillet
And as for critics I covered them in gas and lit it
I'm back you bitches (I'm back)
And the crown on my head stay
Get on your knees, bow down to your Sensei
(Bow down to your Sensei)
It's like I'm fuckin' Christina Ricci the way I put it down on a Wednesday
Yeah, Addam's family shit
Always on my hustle 'cause nobody handin' me shit
All I've got is intuiting and a plan to get rich
And when I do the fuckin' planet will flip

It is what it is and that's how it's gon' be
Oil in my pan burn it down low key
Y'all know me, I hit hard like Apollo Creed
You ain't never had a friend like me
(You ain't never had a friend like me)
In it to the end like me
No matter what the end might be
Y'all know me, I hit hard like Apollo Creed
You ain't never had a friend like me
(You ain't never had a friend like me)

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Chris Webby Friend Like Me Comments
  1. illusionaryWaveLength

    Bro after writing your own music is it me or does music get even better

  2. NeedToKnow84

    Genie has that O face, couldn't help it. I've burned that image into several minds now.... lmao "UUUUGggngnnnnnngggghhhhhhhhH!!!!!"

  3. Zack Deris

    Right now

  4. Marshall Newman

    Creative genius and self made legend!!


    more like genie-us

    i'll be here all week

  5. Laura Mac Lean Gray

    Liberata MacLean.l.l.l.l Gray

  6. Brandon Wright

    2020 anyone?

  7. reppin 520

    The new album wed after next dont hit like the older albums damn

  8. the Dank chroniklez

    When he said he sound like eminems rabbid cousin still on drugs was the hardest line ever

  9. Shane Cameron

    Yoooo why don't you make a track with dax

  10. Skylar Brouwer


  11. JobeDavies

    Christina Ricci is fit tho

  12. charissa

    One of my favorite songs, and I like lots and lots of songs. :P

  13. CeCe Enger

    "I'm back you bitches, and the crown on my head stay. Get on your knees, bow down to your sensei." Fucking. Fire. 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Ben Barry

    Lol omg a ct wigger actually got signed 😂

  15. Rich Doe

    If nf could break from obscurity so can webby yall!

  16. Alex Groves

    Know your busy but this needs a video

  17. Chris James

    Tupac better

  18. Prime8 the monkey


  19. Esteban Altamirano

    To Argentina!

  20. Laura Mac Lean Gray

    Laura|lll llllllllll Human Services Alberta Health Canada llllll .: lllllllll lllll l ll llllllllll.llllllllll llllllllll.lll 💋🎙☝️

  21. Jesse George

    Love this track🔥

  22. Chase Holderman

    "Its like I'm fucking Christina ricci the way I put it down on a Wednesday " 😂😂😂😂

  23. that_guy_syh


  24. Laura Mac Lean Gray

    ''''''''''''""'''''''""""''"""""""""':''""""'".💋 : : : : 🎙: : llllllllll.lllllllllll : : : : lll.lllllllll """""""""'" : : : : """" ''''''" "'"'""" """"''''''" ''""' """"""""'"''" """""'''''" """""' ""'''''"'''""" : : : : "'"'''""'''"''''''" ""''' "''"'"''''' '''''''" '''''''' ""'''' : : lll.lll ll.llll llll.lll : : ""'"' """"'" """" ""''''' : : : :

  25. Eddie James Jr. Te Papa Tapu TAUKi

    Recreational Only.

    Eddie James Jr. Te Papa Tapu TAUKi

    Run,n it g
    ( \

  26. xUltimatexInstinctx

    Sleeping on Chris Webby

  27. Marijuano Fosho

    This beat goes hard as shit man fuck.. i hope funk flex uses this track

  28. Diego Sastre Fredriksson

    " its like im fuckin Christina ricci, the way i put it down on a wednesday" 🤯🔥

  29. Tim Drake

    I dont always slap Webby, but when I do so does everyone else on the freeway. #sorryaboutyourmirror

  30. Woah, Dude, its me!

    Oh fuq yah, bud!!

  31. David Harding

    Who's here in 2019?

    Dunkin MCcockinher

    13 people😆LOL

    Marijuano Fosho

    Get over yourself their will be someone here every year! Understood moron?

    Jake Jonesy

    I’m brand new 🤣

    Sluuurpie TV

    Webby is timeless


    David Harding im here in 2020

  32. chewbaccagrr

    Love everything about this track- good stuff

  33. Burrknee Δnderson

    This nigga is trash

  34. Miguel Salazar

    I'm That Friend.

  35. martin buvald


  36. Niv Edni


  37. counterthisstrike

    This would of been better than big willys version.

  38. dustin martinez

    Call me Chris webby that put that Jacuzzi back in time

  39. dustin martinez

    Homie this shit is so clean but dirty.. let me help you 9282711881

  40. Andrew Mulholland

    Pumpin this in Australia right now...still underrated

  41. RobinHoodzGamer

    It’s that big bad wolf about to blow your fucking house down , jeezus fire from the first line 🔥🐐

  42. Matthew LaMacchia

    Sorry Mercury I built a massive Dyson sphere covering the real sun....Your devil isn't comeing now watch the first order fall....signed Rey....

  43. Paul James

    Still banging straight fire,weed so loud I can smell it threw the headphones

  44. staletime

    It's like I'm fucking christina richie the way I put it down on a Wednesday

  45. jake pelto

    You're music help me get through this shit 12 hour work day, thanks for keeping me going bro. Keep this dope shit up!!!!!!

  46. al7omed8Ball

    now will smith copied him.. this should have been aladin's theme song

  47. Prod. by MiB.

    Been bumping Next Wednesday; everyday, except Wednesday. Ripped my calendar to shreds and sent ransom letters to the next day

  48. SaveTheDramaForYourLlama

    This is lit tho

  49. Pyry Kolari

    Bass boosted?!?!?!?!

  50. Matt C

    Fuckin love his style. Every song is solid af

  51. Krissy Bousquet

    Love thiz one

  52. Ashbringer

    Seeing this dudes on stage is so good

  53. RC whitewash

    Steals this song from me!! words joking but my words before I heard this

  54. jopdog11

    Tech9 would slap this dude and I love some webby

    David Dewar

    Are they beefing?

  55. Ks Ok

    Corny flow corny beat nothing original anybody can flow to a beat and rhyme this is like some trailer park white juggalo shit lol

  56. Sky

    Love it

  57. Random Naidz

    Best song ever

  58. Kev Cain

    Webby on a whole diffrent level compared to these mumble rappers and fake gangsters

  59. Mandrell La

    I scared the honey out of the bunny meow his fire ain't so hot cuz he confuzed bout a long eared fox like me like me you ain't ever seen a fox like me 💚💜💚🐱🐲🐺☹☇

  60. Eternity CanWait

    webby kill em

  61. Sandoval bikelife 05

    New faverit

  62. EAGLE*MAN1993-7-11 spiritual

    iam living*death*death*is*living iam tha devil sell your soul to me

    ria Leann

    Yeah bro thanks

  63. EAGLE*MAN1993-7-11 spiritual

    iam living*death+death*is*living or eagle*man tha one who is the living god of starz %100.00 starz of god

  64. Andrew Sholtz

    It's the smoke god chris webby

  65. jeremiah b

    Yo this slaps

  66. Megan Alley SKITZ SHOW

    Love me some chris!!!

  67. cody pedersen

    👁❤️👁 it is what it is. Tic tok

  68. Mike Larson

    He reminds me off biggie

  69. Ruodnoc

    Check out my 69 diss😂👌🏻

  70. SA'medi Gaston

    Squad31 bro, u know tomaneek???

  71. Panos Kwstakis

    addiction to this one

  72. Irma Gabriela

    He reminds me of spm

  73. Sector 23



    Put this on SoundCloud


    Is good

  76. Matthew LaMacchia

    Ultra DARPA I watched how you pick people out of America to expirementing on them through Project Moantak out of New York....Wifi made it easy without doing in person..... as an observer and tweaker of the mind mode😉....Get people to do what you want through words in the temprol lobe through time....Get the results you want score keeper.....Eye-of-Providence glad you made god a joke and not me....If god wasn't created by the government to control the people watchtower..

  77. PhatBlunt

    *On my hustle n flow I'm gonna WHOOP THAT TRICK*

  78. Brandon Wiggins

    Long as webby makes sure his music is this good he will always be one of the best wish i would have heard sooner

  79. Lucky Homewood

    Most of my favorites from Chris are starting to get over a million views! Congrats webby just waiting on a new album or a Wednesday special

  80. Randy Szilay

    786 people never had a friend like webby

  81. Djentleman

    Damn bro, discovered you about a month ago after just hearing crap everytime I look for new hip hop. And everything you put out is PURE FIRE!! Keep doing what you do man, and never give in to the "new style". Shit'll fizzle out soon


    @xXNativeBeastXx 110% true. Gotta show everyone and make this man blow up. Just hope he doesn't start releasing whack shit after 1m followers :P

  82. tommy keaton

    this is straight fire

  83. Dil yo

    Who the fuck disliked this? 😅😂😂

  84. Lorna Gibbons

    Smoking in surround and a hustle and flow reference? Lit. I'm with it

  85. HippieSmashing -

    Just starting to listen to web, this shit is so fire. Damn!

  86. Bass assassins 150

    Asked my google home play rap music

    First song

  87. Brandon Griffin

    Webby stay killin it been bumpin this forever

  88. Dillon Clark

    666th comment ayeee

  89. Cameron James

    I will literally listen to every single song you got webby🤑🤯🤯👍

  90. Taylor Nash

    Always killin it 💯🔥👅

  91. Mandrell La

    I notice how artists seem to have similar song titles. Where did the originality go???

  92. Gregory Wetherington

    Changing comment count

  93. Colin McBurney

    Webby 2019!

  94. TheMonsterenergy321


  95. Adam Deboer

    this whole album was and is still dope af

  96. Chrismi26

    Chris webby is badass!!!!

  97. shadow raids

    2019 anyone?

  98. ForTheBurbs

    🕸 Go out and cop the album now. Thanks to everyone supporting the project so far! 🕸
    --> iTunes:
    --> Google Play:

    Bobby the kid

    CyberBossMatt who cares it's just a song that's so happens it's sample Aladdin, so what.

    Brandon Walker

    This is perfect webby is real

    Brandon Walker

    Yes sir

    Robin Hixenbaugh

    Ya kid you remind me of a homie of mine go ahead fam stuff is tuff from Pittsburgh PA if you come through

    Justin Campbell

    Fuck yeah!!!!