Chris Webby - DJ Booth Freestyle Lyrics

Yeah, It's Chris Webby
203 where you at?
Yeah, it's like that (scratch that) exclusive
Let's get it poppin' (scratch that)

'Cause every time I get on the mic, and I start reciting, or writtin', I'm like a titan, ain't nobody **** with that
Poppin' vicodin, and fighting, striking, and biting, quicker than lightning every time that Webby gets up on the track
'Cause you know I done it, I kick it, pun it, and bun it, step to me and you'll get punished 'cause I'm always spittin' crack
Split a couple dutches, get blunted even though I'm so broke I had to get fronted the money for the twenty sack
Baby, I'm a killa, with microphone's who is realer? I eat em' like quesadillas every time I'm comin' through
My skin may be vanilla, but I'm iller than any other spitta you heard of recently, and that's just how I do
'Cause you know I rap it, cause havoc over the atlas, someone needs to open my brain up and tighten up the screws
Talent, yes I have it I'm magic, puff it and pass it 'cause I'm spittin' on the mic until my face is fully blue
Pick it up and drop it, I rock it no one can stop it, I pop it, lock it, no one can ever copy what he does
Rock on any topic while coppin' exotic product from the tropics that will leave me a very solid buzz
'Cause everyday I'm twistin', it's my mission for Christian to blow up like nuclear fission when I'm pullin' up the rug
From under your feet while hittin' your vision with the rhythm, kick flippin' over you motherfuckers and pullin' bud
'Cause you know I'm going and {stay} showin' you that my flowin' is potent, 'cause I am always spittin' out the truth
{Notoriety known} and white as the ocean, you could try to be...

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Chris Webby DJ Booth Freestyle Comments
  1. Kyle Prendergast

    2019 still bumping webby

  2. JJ Games

    Can I use the instrumental of this song?

    Anthony Sherman

    It's not even his beat


    Eminem - Ill hurt you

    JJ Games

    Thank you for actually helping me instead of being a dick about it dude

  3. CaarterGames

    ForTheBurbs - webbys channel

  4. GriZZerK

    This guy goes HAM on every track. I cant stop listening to his music

  5. NoOnes'sPerfect

    And you haven't heard any webbys freestyles?
    I guess not..

  6. God's Atom

    This is NOT a freestyle. I hate it when muhfuckas be callin their written shit freestyles...

  7. Cody James

    Eat a dictionary or something.

  8. courage7m2

    probly cuz u dont listen to nearly enuff rap...
    this freestyle IZ dope though

  9. swaded777

    ok kid keep talking shit to people on youtube cause your scrawny looking ass will get put out in real life. lmao youtube gangsters make me laugh.

  10. swaded777

    i never said i was better i was just saying he blows and people are crazy to think hes the best rapper. why don't you hop of his dick.

  11. swaded777

    this kid blows you are all crazy to think hes the best rapper any one in slaughterhouse would destroy him. and hes not hard in the least bit

    Chris Caruso

    swaded777 lol

  12. James Holcomb

    Webby has 102 songs from all his Mixtapes and Tour. Plus the tracks from when he was Vindictive and his singles he never put on albums. If you've heard all're a true Ninja.

  13. Xxthejet619Xx

    haha thats what i was thinkin, but still solid

  14. Mario Perretti

    Lol that's how real Webby fans know when he's really freestyling

  15. mike h

    This aint his freestyle lol.. He didnt use comg back.. Bring it back.. He said he alwaysed used thows..BEAST N AWSOME..but not a freestyle...

  16. corniea1

    This shit is so dope


    SYLLABLES ON POINT BRUH BRUH, lol chris webster shits on people

  18. Ryan Forichette

    looks like one person managed to misclick

  19. TheChipdaripper

    Nevermind tht was the most retarded convo ive ever read. Webby is a beast. Tech is a beast. Shut up and enjoy ur music. we all have opinions and may not agree.

  20. TheChipdaripper

    I hate all yall tht replied 1RouGhL1 cause now i gotta look at wht he said and look at yalls reply's haha

  21. Tips&Tricks

    @Dbeast300 good playlist bro

  22. Anthony Daniel

    @DIRTYSOCK1000 chris webby is hard but no ones better then tech

  23. Dbeast300

    @1RouGhL1 bad decision saying that to 19,000 ninjas you holland piece o' shit

  24. Dbeast300

    check out my playlist for over 90 chris webby songs

  25. asaaqas

    @1RouGhL1 this is a freestyle its just not a off the top freestyle its him raping over someone else's beat which is called a freestyle

  26. asaaqas

    @kt268934 no its a busta rims beat its busta ft em- ill hurt you

  27. BigD haviland

    webby your an animal

  28. Elsa Almendarez

    @1RouGhL1 stick to your Holland bullshiit u know nothing about rap

  29. Young Reem

    @SexyIntentions its an eminem beat

  30. 1RouGhL1


    wow your almost hurtin my feelings ..

    but still crhis webby sucks and tech not .. you suck and i not. you gettin it

  31. 1RouGhL1

    @thumpsup4dopeshit Man you guys dont know nothin bout hiphop man
    Im from Holland i listen only oldskool en some sick newskool.
    Bt this webby sucks.. he has no sick delivery or voice...

    Man and how can you say tech nine sucks? wtf ...
    hes like a million times better. in every fucking way... you guys suck man for real

  32. 1RouGhL1

    @thumpsup4dopeshit maan you retarted or what?

    Yes it means its 100% improvised thats a freestyle...
    If you write something it will automaticly become a lyric..

    Almost all people who listen to webby are stupid..
    You better listen bone thugs or tech nine or dmx ..

  33. Tiitto91

    This motherfucker would give Eminem a good freestyle battle

  34. M Rigo

    @1RouGhL1 then go fuck yourself and get off the video

  35. 1RouGhL1

    @Lemonkush4lyfe Yes

  36. Joseph Fouquette

    @1RouGhL1 Who is better? Nobody.

  37. M Rigo

    @1RouGhL1 lol your saying webby is shit?

  38. 1RouGhL1

    @Lemonkush4lyfe Its not a freestyle...
    this cant be a freestyle.. he wrote this 100%
    I can hear when something is freestyle and when its not.

    and novi and webby are both pretty shit

  39. M Rigo

    @1RouGhL1 considering its webby and he kills everything i was preety suree it was

  40. 1RouGhL1

    @Lemonkush4lyfe yeah but dont believe everything you read.
    cuz this ain no freestyle..

  41. M Rigo

    @1RouGhL1 yea i know what a freestyle is and it says freestyle in the title

  42. 1RouGhL1


    This probly the most stupid thing ive ever heard
    a freestyle? do you know what a freestyle is.

  43. Ian Oravetz

    "Ian spittin fire" look it up. White boy heat ya digggg?

  44. Austin Patterson

    and novi novak says hes better then chris webby haha what a joke

  45. 920RapGod

    @mike1600000 you can find it at the funneral hime cus fucken murderd it

  46. Justin Thompson

    Mac miller and asshh roth dontt have shit on webby.

  47. JMcGlothen

    its from ill hurt you

  48. Mike maillew

    Where can i get the instrumental?

  49. M Rigo

    This is the best freestyle i've ever heard probly because hes the best rapper

  50. gbrsc

    Verses sound like the royce and busta song on street hop

  51. sam jacobs

    webby sucks dick