Chris Webby - Datpiff (Freeverse) Lyrics

Ye ye ye ye ye ye ye yeah
Webbys lab... 2
Na na na na na nana

[Verse 1:]
I'm Vladamir and Vitali combined in the body of Rowdy Roddy and Colossus usin' karate
So get to movin' your body, see for you it's a hobby
But I've been dropping shit ever since I could poop on the potty
And it's prolly cause I just spent my whole life gettin' stared at
Weirdo with the raw rap goin' bare back
Can I give a fuck? Hmm, maybe, but I swear that...
You'll never see it like Donald Trump on a prayer mat...
While rockin' a turban and swervin' in a Ford Explorer
Bumpin' some reggaeton and helpin' people cross the border
See I'm just tryna do it for my peoples and supporters
Roll so mother fuckin' deep you'd think I'm breathing underwater
Cause see I'm like the author of this autobiography
They call me an oddity, it ain't my fault cause they'll probably
Pick apart my every lyric like a frog in biology
But I'll keep my stock high enough to stall the economy
As I jog through your property, while they tryin' to run it
Take off flyin' and plummet while Webby climb to the summit
Droppin' fire they love it, it's just a drop in the bucket
Only dude still on the mic without a quality budget
I mean fuck it, I rock crowds and I'm makin' my block proud
Even thought I'm still residing at my mom's house
Wait, wait... Aren't I supposed to be on now?
Countin' my money from all the people that supported my songs now?
"Calm down Webby, I been bumpin' you on Spotify"
Well thanks for that, like, one thousandth of a dollar, guy
Maybe if you listen enough then I'll get like eighty cents
And be a step closer to gettin' me that Mercedes Benz
Fuck the latest trends, I'll do the opposite
I'm a do me, middle fingers to the politics
And EDM is all I'm hearin' from the college kids
Maybe I'm just gettin' older man, but it's obvious that...

Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
I'm in the laboratory cookin' up a classic
Go and tell em Webby's back bitch
Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
I'm in the laboratory cookin' up a classic
Go and tell em Webby's back bitch

[Verse 2:]
(Danger!) I run in screamin' like Mystikal, smoother criminal
Than Micheal mixed with Alien Ant Farm, the pivotal
Multi syllable killer my finger itchin' till triggers blow
Minions in the whip cause I'm mother fucking despicable
I'm sick of all these trivial rappers talkin' material possessions and financial status all up on my stereo
All I ever do is go hard, now it's gettin' physical
Until I'm breathin' hard as Seth Rogen doin' 27 miles on an elliptical
... I'm not ballin', I'm just lighting the bong till I'm coughin'
Jamo poured till I'm crawlin'...
If you steppin' to Chris? I'll leave your head on a stick
Like Ned Stark, I just gotta get a pencil and flip
See what I carry and wield? This shits Valerian steel
And any second I'm a blow, call me Derek Forreal
So it's hickory dickory dock, lick on the tip of my cock
In the conversation I'm the pick of the litter to watch
Don't need a mixer, I don't order my shit on the rocks
All I need's a chalice with some whiskey that's filled to the top
The fuck has happened? One minute people rappin'
The next all I'm hearin' is adlibbing over tracks and
The planet is collapsin', economies are crashin'
And Hillary Clinton is dabbin', so I guess that...

Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
I'm in the laboratory cookin' up a classic
Go and tell em Webby's back bitch
Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
Alots changed since I first crashed Datpiff
I'm in the laboratory cookin' up a classic
Go and tell em Webby's back bitch

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Chris Webby Datpiff (Freeverse) Comments
  1. AKunDerDOG11

    Seriously things have changed more now than ever.

  2. I’m beautiful And amazing

    I bump some webby hop dizzy and a few other artists everyday people need to wake up and see the real artists in this game shits wack webby you a real one you touched my heart with your music I resonate with a lot of what you talk about in your music❤️💯🔥

  3. I’m beautiful And amazing

    Always fire af

  4. Vincent Morello

    I got the same steil helmet that thing is awesome

  5. Abdallah Alaiwat


  6. 7Like' zzz

    Wer er halt alle bekannten beats nacheinader zerlegt is mega

  7. Mike Hunt

    Dudes a monster

  8. Randy Savage

    Ain't no body fucking wit the Webster ain't no body fresher

  9. Caelin Cadman


  10. Ryan Joncas

    This is lyrically on a whole different level. It's like a word problem that got high. Sickening! (Kevin McAllister voice)

  11. Buddha Davis

    Stay golden!!

  12. Pride in Power cars and life silva

    The monster under the bed is a certified BEAST always has been

  13. Súam Juán

    Still bumpin thiss

  14. Benny Kyle

    Nodded my head through the whole song.

  15. zerper666

    Listen to this hit every day. One of his best personally.

  16. Rusty Britches

    Check out Honey Gold on pornhub.


    Why not instead going to porn sites. Go out there man get it yourself. Reality is better than virtually

    Rusty Britches

    @Miah but a mix of both is like coffee and milk. You can have one separately or you could have both.

  17. gdogg11219

    Bro we are brothers. the references are amazing two years later..... come thru the south loves you

  18. Chris H

    what are you looking at at 2:23 its day time silly.

  19. Lty. Csmithy

    Just another kickass song by the best.

  20. Gary Andrews

    he just keeps getting better and better

  21. Stephen Girty

    thank god your dad paid for the rest!!!!!!

  22. Lil Acog

    I told them you're back Webby they called the firemen

  23. christian livo

    Fucking murderer

  24. R C

    That was some insane shit. hell yea

  25. one shine

    I love how your honest and money isn't your focus in rapping but dropping hot tracks and being a true entertainer

  26. one shine

    Lol I been dropping shit since I could poop on a potty lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. David Holbrook

    Ironically one song that isn't on Spotify 😂

  28. Matthew LaMacchia

    If the word isn't true.....then you know the rest...
    Glad you rocked the Djinn Webby....

  29. cavelvlan25

    Bro i got a dollar for you.

  30. Blasted Rat LLC

    I want some of those eggs.....

  31. David Dewar

    lmao the way you party remind me of my friends. Respect from TBAY Ontario!

  32. I_AhM_BUsH


  33. Real VRG

    cant stop listening

  34. Mike Fisher

    Hickory Dickory dock lick on the tip of my cock🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Mike Fisher

    Chris You’re one of the best rappers that’s ever existed💯 We appreciate the fuck out of you man💯 Real hip-hop just went back underground💯❤️🔥

  36. Rick laughs

    Love to bump this on a day to day basis but neve knew or seen the video until today. Loved it 🔥
    Keep it flowing 🔥

  37. Tom Atz

    Who else been here before he crashed dat piff for the first time 🤔

  38. Bradley Peterson

    Accept Bitcoin for your albums bro.

  39. David Apodaca

    you need to come perform at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA. Dope little venue, see some dope ass artists perform there too. Lol. If you have already performed there well fuq.

  40. Paul austin

    Bro you deserve so much fame!! Been a fan since 2010! Keep it up! This mumble rap bullshit will fade away some day and you'll be on the come up foreal. Living legend!

  41. HylianWulf

    Webby is such a fuckin beast

  42. Matt Foster

    Webby with that 🔥🔥 as usual, siick! !!

  43. Eric D

    I consider myself a pretty big Webby fan. Can’t believe this is the first time I’m bumping this

  44. TheDirtyBird_ 11

    Still timeless

  45. SteadyMurkin 7

    Who's still jamming every Chris webby song new and old let's goooooo

  46. Gamester

    reminds me of so eazy!!!!!!!!!!! both songs are fucking dope

  47. HatelivesNextDoor

    I have a wear circle around where the replay button would be from this track. You killed my phone webby.

  48. MC Smooth Rapper

    Holy shit this came out 2 years ago already ..... dayum

  49. Spencer Sorensen

    Much love from utah

  50. Taco Blaze

    Still play this song to start off my smoke sessions👌

  51. Brenton Torrens

    No words to describe how ill this is ! #represent ! :D

  52. Gloria Armstrong

  53. JaY

    Lol he parties like a Canadian


    243771ful NELK??

    Sarah Zapesocki

    I'm Canadian, and I approve this message. 👍🏻

  54. Rani Other Acc

    What exactly is DatPiff?

  55. Scott Anderson

    U know if we fans start actually paying for his shit he'd finally be able to blow....just a thought

  56. DyNaMiiC Gaming

    Classic 🔥🔥

  57. Chad Nuse

    What is this beat?

  58. The Sufficient God

    Hope for ya Millions Bro Luck Good Yep Keep coughing 👍✳Out of Circle Webb

  59. Alex Amys

    Where's this beat from?? I first heard it on wrekonize waiting room mix tape dropped back in 06.

    Péter István Hegyi

  60. east coast cookies

    He said well thanks for that one thousandth of a dollar guy 😂😂😂😂 💪💪💪

  61. WillGaming

    Am I the only person who thought Kid Cudi was in the thumbnail

  62. chris earle

    Hillary Clinton's dabbing

  63. chris earle

    This fire webbys the man

  64. Keith Calhoun

    "Well thanks for that 1 thousands of a dollar guy, maybe if you listen enough I'll get like 80 cents and I'll be a step closer to getting me that Mercedes Benz"

  65. Angie Guilmette

    why is X-Men the only freeverse without a music video

  66. Marsel Murtazin

    Check my channel! I have link to dl my beat mixtape

  67. Alison Stearman

    calm down webby I've been bumpin you on spotify; Well thanks for that one thousandth of a dollar guy hahaha

  68. Kalish420 Nakov47

    This foolio is the best i swear lol

  69. Bmurkinyou247/BsNasty /Murknasty/Murkalicious

    how does this not have millions of views? Web is always on point

  70. Boundless -Rapper

    way too underated bitch

  71. PolterninjaGaming

    boss flow as always webster!

  72. Dany Bergeron

    love the beat and the lyrics dude you kill the shit just discovered you songs a couple of days ago your the forst new rapper I find that realy respects the classics I lissed to the covers you made to awsome stuff keep up the unique style finally something new!

  73. Dj Skates

    Is this actually his house

  74. Joe C

    dobe shit

    Joe C

    so high spelt it wrong

  75. I_KILL_4_FUN_81

    why isnt this song more popular

  76. Strive 2 Survive

    Minions in the whip
    Kuz I'm motha fuckin Dispicable 😂

  77. Tommy Mccormick

    Webby u destroyed that beat

  78. Salazar Slytherin

    that shit is right kid.

  79. Luzik Arbuzik

    pls name of a beat?

    Colton Bridges

    Luzik Arbuzik whats golden - Jurassic 5

  80. Ben in1080p

    beat is flame

  81. Rob Mollohan

    Just putting it out there Chris Webby is one of the main artists you hear at the parties I go to at my school I'm up in VT but half our students are from CT so it's very common to hear webby and a lot of old school underground rap along with Grateful Dead and Floyd cus there's a lot of stoners here honestly edm is the least common thing to hear around our campus so just know that not all college students conform to those shitty stereotypes

  82. Pfeiffer

    lol at the fact he's bitching about money and his fans listening to him on Spotify. He was such a chump that he released the same cd twice but with extra tracks like 3 months after the original release date... Talk about a money grab... He could have released the regular and the deluxe versions at the same time like every other artist ever but he's a chump trying to get the most money he can get. I'm all for supporting smaller idie artists but after that I'm only copping his shit for free.

  83. THE KIID

    is he canadian

  84. Tonk Seven

    dude got a sick flow

  85. alain gauthier

    j aime vraiment trop bon beat !!!! sa coche :P

  86. Brad Duffy

    yes awesome song, but what pong game is that?? lol


    looks like a mix of pong and flippy cup

  87. Josh Bragg

    any one know where I can get that og kush sweater?

  88. Derek Lovely

    well as much as I listen to you I've made you at least $400 lol my friends are tierd of me bumping you

    jay frandson

    Derek Lovely same with my friends


    Same here bro I'm always bumping webby and Dizzy wright

    Mitch E

    Time cor some new friends 😑

    Tyler Ramsdell

    Derek Lovely I feel you here

    Ryan Joncas

    Same. they hate me

  89. Austin Foster

    573 Onondaga Ozark Outdoors

  90. Covex PvP

    The Original of this song is " Jurassic 5 - What's Golden " I think Webby did a fine job on this remix, but gotta give props to the classic.


    @nunya business muthafucka oh hey it's you

  91. Randall Huts


    Tyler Springstube

    yeah I've heard b4 used to be on a track that was part of atv off-road fury 2 soundtrack

    Ross Kohlhase

    What's Golden- Jurassic 5

    Super dope group

  92. Ty Auz

    shout out Jurassic 5! Webby is golden

  93. Matt Bjarni

    edm is way too fast

  94. BCDopeToker

    Hilary Clinton is dabbin'

  95. BCDopeToker

    I'm not ballllllinnnggg
    I'm just lighting the bong til I'm coughing

  96. BCDopeToker

    where was this filmed? looks like British Columbia

    BCDopeToker CT bro